A note from Dragorule

So. This would have been yesterday except the page bugged out and deleted the draft (I hadn't saved yet, it bugged out when I pressed save) so then I felt unmotivated to rewrite. 

So there's a part where I go like 'kitchen' but still have it say kicchen normally. Basically, it can memorize what the word actually looks like. Kinda like remembering the symbol for the gents washroom, but can't actually sound it out right. That's where the discrepency is. So while it would recognize the word 'kitchen' in a book, it wouldn't be able to read it right. It gets it somewhat thanks to the pictures that gave it something to associate the word to.

The next thing it did was actually to go to the book orange left for it and start reading.

It had, as orange said, many useful words, which would probably have been more helpful if it had before, but didn't need all that much right about now.

Though it did at least know the things that were in a building. The roof, floor, cyeling, walls, doors, doorcunobs, windowns, and even kicchens and rooms. Also sovas and chaires.

The body had fingers and foots.

And many unreadable words. Shoulder was kind of boulder but read more...different.

Still. It was good to have. Even if it knew that many of the words it read wrong, but it was close enough, right? Though in this building, this room was not the kicchen.

See? Using new words already.


Ok. That was enough from this book.

Most of what it could read it read, and what it couldn't it kind of knew but probably wouldn't be able to say the word right.

Kicchen was 'kitchen' but it wasn't sure how to read it.

Still, it would have Styx and Orange tell it sometime.

The other books would almost definitely have the same problems but it could still try to read.

But the next book was about polite.

It could see 'Don't talk when someone else is talking.'

That was polite stuff.

But the next one?

There was a picture of a demon hitting another demon while they were talking.

'Don't...attack others while talking?'

Ok. Though it would think that was kind of an obvious thing.

 The next one...there was a demon that had a thing between it and another demon.


What is invide? And what does it mean to invide another person's...something space?


If it didn't know, it didn't know. It would need Styx or orange to for sure tell it these ones once it found some time though.

This was important in a way that other words weren't. Polite was good, and not polite was very bad.

Ok. This one was...a demon putting something into another demon's something thing for eating.

'Don't...oh, poison. Don't poison...other people' When in...something talks.'

Well. It didn't even know what poison was so it wasn't in any danger of doing that. Though again, this seemed weird. If it was poison, that killed people right?

If you were killing someone, they were an enemy, and so why would you even be talking to an enemy instead of killing them normally in the first place? It was weird things like this that made it annoyed at not knowing enough.

If it was more...knowing, like sun or Styx, this would definitely make sense to it. More than now at least.

Oh well. 

'Don't...something something?'

This one was weird. Touch? 

What was that one demon doing, touching the other one.

What did that even mean?

Oh. No magic attacks either.

The next form, the touched demon had its head missing.

There was bad colored blood everywhere. Real blood looked better, but well, a book had its bad sides too, didn't it? Real blood would have looked much better,

Ok. That aside, it now had other things to worry about. 

This book was too hard for it and seemed to just mean, in general, stay away from other people and don't kill them randomly.

Something like that.

The next book was the same. It also had many things it said not to do.

But was this polite or...oh, there it was. This word was probably legal.

Well that answered that question.

It fastly looked under both beds again. There was another two beds but it hadn't looked because it didn't see other demons around, but it should check those to - OH NO IT WAS ALREADY TWO EYES!


It used its actual body to push Styx off his bed and make him not asleep along with orange after and runned at the bed with eyes with its physical body, club picked up and held high.


Styx and orange became not asleep and said the same thing almost at the same time, both picking up their weapons and moving fast to look everywhere before seeing it and then following it.

They then saw where it was running and both hit it hard.

"That's just Lexoy. He's not the Watcher, he just looks naturally creepy." 

Styx was pulling it back.

"That's what you woke me up for? Ugh. Don't do that again. I'm pretty sure we'll have to fight the other room's guys if they wake up from this."

Orange just dropped its weapon and went over to the bed.

After Styx pushed it down and made it sit, he picked up the book it was reading and threw it over.

"Relax. But I wonder when we he got back..."

Styx was holding his head as he went and went back to sleep.

That Lexoy or whatever was still watching it though...and what was that Styx said after? He was the one who said it was Lexoy, but he wasn't even sure where he came from?

That wasn't ok. It was really not ok. It was not liking this. Looking with its actual body didn't tell it anything either, it couldn't see under the bed no matter what it tried.

So, it slowly pulled its club near it and held it close while slowly turning the form.

It wasn't going to read. Just act like it was, so that when Lexoy thought it wasn't looking and came to attack, it would kill him with a sudden attack!

It watched this Lexoy carefully, waiting.

Waiting for him to attack.

To move.

Waiting for the time to attack...

The time to attack never came.

Orange and Styx both got up and Lexoy was still there.

 Slowly, he also came out. Then it got why it couldn't see. Lexoy was the reason.

When it came out, it still couldn't see Lexoy with its actual body. It could feel it out though, because not feeling it there was enough to tell it Lexoy was there.

Good enough. Even its physical body couldn't see very well. There was only the eye seeable, the rest was...unseeable.

Styx and orange looked over and nodded at Lexoy. 

Styx went up before both of them.

"I didn't feel up to it yesterday, but let's do basic introductions. Ok. So. He's Lexoy, and he's Retoz. Lexoy, Retoz, this is...well, it didn't pick a name yet. It's our new roommate starting yesterday."

"Yeah yeah. Hey. As you already know now, I am Retoz. Blah blah blah. Ok bye."

With that, Retoz walked out and left. 

It tried to tell Retoz to stay and fight but Retoz just went around it and then left.

Lexoy just looked at it.

Finally, he talked.

"I'm...Lexoy...nice You. Bye."

Lexoy also went out. Apparently being a moving eye with unseeable around it was fine.

Styx moved around his hands. 

"Retoz is...well, you had enough time with him I guess? He's a fairly...generally ok guy. Lexoy is...well, I think he's a vampire? Anyway, he has his cloak's ability active almost all the time. He's shy."

Oh. So was that all? Well, then Lexoy was an ok guy.

Just eyes were kind of cool. After all, it could unsee the rest of itself using...a cloak? That was probably what the cloak's ability was anyway. Unless Styx was talking about something else.

What was a vampire though? 

Styx didn't seem like he was going to explanation though as he also walked over to his bed and started doing things.

Soon the bed looked like it did before he came and became asleep in it the day before.

Then he moved his hand over at it.

"You're joining mid-year so you might have to re-take the first year again but I think the rest of the year will still be beneficial for you to attend. I mean, you're not, knowledgable about a lot of things yet."

He opened the door.

"I'll drop you off at your room. As soon as I," he opened something on the door and looked in it, "check your schedule."

He stopped and read the thing.

"Alright. So. After I drop you off, it's a class with some other special needs students so you shouldn't stick out too much, but just try to listen to what everybody is doing and follow what the professor - and that's like the General of the classroom so listen properly - says. When going between classes, I'll come for you at the end of this one, the fourth one to take you to the next one and here, at the last one to pick you up, ok? So at the end of the fourth and fifth, wait outside the room. The other ones will be the same as your other classmates so follow them, ok? Don't go into any dark streets or corners, don't take food from strangers - people you don't know - and don't accidentally kill yourself. Don't show anybody too many of your abilities and try to keep your ability to survive without your physical body a secret. Don't - well, this could go on forever, so just be careful and use your head, ok? Ok. Let's go."

Well that was a lot of talking. Styx talked fast this time too. 

He looked very worried. 

"Don't take - no wait, I said that...oh yeah! NEVER sign anything without me around to check it ok?"

He was pulling it along.

"Shoot, I forgot your club! Well, it'll be fine, can't go back now."

They were back on the first one, where Wexel was before.

He was here now too. 

He walked up to Styx, "Hah, you better watch your -"

"Don't get infected by stupid, ok? Learn and copy smart people or people who do good. Don't try to copy what the stupid ones do."

Styx pulled it past Wexel without even looking.

As they left other demons looked at Wexel and then Styx. 

 Soon, they were out of that too.

It was all it could do to keep up with Styx. He was moving by places very fast, and it had to put more work into putting its legs down right so that it didn't fall.

One time it did fall and Styx just pulled it up.

Soon they were heading into another building.

Styx went down and down with the demons looking over less and less. 

Then he stopped in front of a room. 

He passed it the thing he read. 

"Show this to the professor if they ask when you go in. Good luck, I gotta run too."

Then Styx was gone, leaving it in front of the door.

He said to open it? It was...opening...the door.

As soon as it did, inside it could see some demons turn to look at it. There were still demons walking around, opening doors, and going in, so it was sure this wasn't bad, and there didn't seem to be a professor around. 

If there was, then it was thinking it would probably sit at that big table (YES!) that was alone. There were some other big tables too, but they were with other tables. 

Some of the tables didn't have chaires either. There were demons sitting here and there, watching it.

It slowly walked over to the nearest chaire and went to sit down when one of the bigger demons walked over.

"That's my seat."


It went over to another one but the big one followed.

"That's mine too."

Some other demons laughed. Was this funny? Oh, because the big one was stupid?

That was obvious. Unless this demon had two bottoms then it didn't need two chaires. So it didn't listen and sat down.

At that it heard some loud breaths and saw the other demons watching. 

Some were laughing more, others looked worried, and then there were some that were getting up and coming over.

Then it felt the big one hold its arm and pull it up.

It hurt a bit as the shoulder went in from the strong hold.

It looked up at the big red demon. It moved its head down to look at it, and then said quietly.

"Was that a joke to you? Picking a fight? Huh?"

Well. A fight? It didn't think it would get a fight in school, but...

It hit the big one in the eye.

It said something loudly and held the eye, moving back, but it went in and hit its leg. It didn't seem to do much as the red looked at it with one now also red eye.

It went to hit it, but it went in close and hit the other eye.

Then it pulled out the nice club in the demon's side and went to hit its neck, but this time a different demon pulled its arm away.

Now the red one had two reddish eyes and looked very angry.

The two demons behind it were also looking angry, and the one that stopped it from killing red and winning the fight was holding its arm very hard.

It kind of hurt.

 Just as it got ready to fight properly, the door opened and another demon came in. 

The others turned to look just a bit and in that time, it used the not held hand to hit the hand holder also in the eye. 

This time, it also tried to use a finger and pull out the eye but the hand holder let go and went back when it did.

Apparently, they were not good with pain and also didn't like having their head attacked.

So obviously it was only attacking the head. 

It held out the club that looked kind of like a sword but not really and got ready to attack red and finish it when the door opened again and a small demon walked in.

At that everyone went to their seats to sit down and even red left after a look at it but then stopped and held out a hand. 

"My knife."

It looked at it and then the...knife.

It wasn't sure of the point of this. 

Why would it give it back? 

It runned forwards and went to 'give' the knife into the red's neck but then felt the small one look at it and make a fireball so it stopped and gave the knife to red.

It could finish this later.

The small one was still looking so it wondered what was wrong and then remembered it needed a seat so it sat down at the seat the fight was started by.

The other seats were soon full as more demons came in. Red looked very angry at it, sitting at the first seat.

There were demons who stopped and gave seats to other demons as they came in. As was possibly normal.

Still, no one asked it so it didn't have to.

There were many demons around. The red one wasn't the biggest, but it was definitely one of the bigger ones.

There were really small ones and going up ones and down. Most though, were just...different from what demons looked like generally. 

Well whatever. There was one that no one was talking to, even though some of the others were talking to each other while the professor - the small one, as no one else went over to behind the table it was sure was only for the professor - read something.

The red one's friends also looked over at it while talking about something. 

It was kind of annoyed that the fight ended before it could kill one of them and see if it levelled but then at the same time, Styx said to keep its abilities secret which they wouldn't be if it was to fight properly. Like corrosion. It was sure that was its best ability.

Oh well. As long as it didn't get into a fight again, or at least, not with a whole group again, then it could ask Styx kind of or hopefully sun about it in more information.

Then it could come at the same time tomorrow and finish red one.


The small professor hit the ground with a tree's arm that it didn't remember seeing it bring in.

"My name is Professor Sarefin, and I will be your teacher for most every subject. No one is to be fighting each other like today again. Since it was the first day for the new one, I'll let you off with a warning, but Rexat, you should know better. Now then, let's begin."

Oh this should be good.  

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

First day of school and it's already been marked by its homeroom teacher. Nice.

Red one better watch its back. The spirit would be more than happy to bathe in its blood.

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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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