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Weeeeelp. Here's a chap!

"Oh, right...well, do you want to pick one later then?"


"Uh...species...spirit. Gender. Er. Asexual-Asexual. World...Aecledolon. Let's see...what else. Residence...dorms. Hm. Oh right, this one...well, you don't really have a Affiliation yet...oh. Club. Order of the Inquisition. There done."

Sun walked over to Excern and gave the form.

It looked over it and then nodded.

"Good enough," it said, and then put out a hand, "that's the standard fee. 1 black gold coin."

Styx pulled out and gave a rock looking coin to Excern, and then it passed over a weird looking thing.

Sun took it and passed it over to it, "Don't lose that and keep it with you. Styx's room isn't full yet so I wrote it in there."

It nodded and then looked at Excern. And nodded again. Thank you couldn't be said, so this was ok...?

Excern laughed, "Alright, see you around."

Then they walked back out.

Sun nodded to Styx and walked towards the black rock looking side, and Styx pulled it over towards the colder side.

Well, it was cold, but only kind of cold. The place next to it was white. And colder.

Styx was walking fast now.

It wasn't sure why. It wanted to stop and look at it the weirdly colored things around, like the trees.

But it couldn't since it also had to follow after Styx.

Soon they went towards one of the big buildings with demons all around.

Styx was taking it in through the door and then after nodding and showing its weird thing to the demon behind the same thing Excern was behind, took it up the going up bit.

Then it went up two more and brought it over to the weird thing.

He walked over to another demon and showed its weird thing.

"I want some elementary language books?"

The weird looking demon, with its very different face pointed over to one place here.

There were these books on every time they came up one, but this had less books.

They were placed in random mountains.

Styx walked over to the place the demon pointed at and took out a book, before putting it to the side.

Then he did it with another and put them to the side again.

Then again, but this time he put the book to a different place.

He did that over and over again, until the whole mountain of books looked like it moved. And got smaller.

He pulled out four books into a different group, which he then holded and brought over to it.

"Hold these."

He pushed them into its arms.

Then he went over and gave the demon some weird coins and gave it its weird thing that Styx took as he gave it the books. Again. He also showed it his own weird thing.

The demon looked at something on them and put some things onto another form looking thing.

Then it just stopped and Styx walked back down the thing.

It went down too, but holding the books with both hands to be careful.

Unlike St-un, and it looked like demons in general, it wasn't very good at keeping the things like this from moving around without its actual body...maybe it should make more arms or something?

They went back out the door and towards another building that was also even bigger!

Styx took it in and was walking when a demon walked up.

"Hey, you're suspended. You shouldn't be in here~. Go die in that crappy city Styx~."

It was...smaller than Styx but looked different. It also had the same clothes as everyone, as some demons did. Except this one was wearing some weird looking thing on its head. It looked like a clothing helmet.

Another big demon was also walking over.

"Styx. You're only on a yellow suspension so I'm not going to penalize you...but you're not allowed into the dorms either."

Styx nodded to the big one and didn't even look at the other demon, "Actually, I've been relieved of it. You can check my badge's color."

The big demon took a look and then hit Styx on the back, making Styx walk forwards a bit.

"Hahaha, welcome back then. Alright head on up. With, your new friend? Its badge?"

Styx was still holding its badge and showed the big one. It took it and then looked at a weird thing. It put the badge on it and then it changed color to red and showed a...number?

"Alright, all clear."

Styx nodded to the big one and went up, with it following.

"Hey wait, don't you - wha?"

The other one that was not cared about looked over very angry and tried to hold its arm, but it used its actual body to move its arm away and then run forwards to Styx instead.

Styx laughed and changed his face to the normal one after that.

"Good job there. Wexel is always trying to pick fights. The losers dad is a Duke too. Well, if he wasn't, his brat here wouldn't have the nerve to pick a fight anyway. Spineless trash that he is though, he might come after you though, so it's fine to kill him."

Ok. It would remember that.

They went to another up thing, but this one went down and up.

Styx took the way down and went down, down, down.

Five times they went down and then stopped before coming out of the up-down rocks and going out onto this one instead, before walking over to another door and going in.

Styx went over to one of the weird things and opened it, before taking out the black clothes that many demons had and put them on after taking off his old ones.

It looked around this new place, at the clothes dropped all over and then the clean, but dusty side that Styx was on.

After doing something to the clothes he was wearing before, he put them into the place the new ones were and closed it, before falling onto another weird thing that made a whumph when he did.

He then got back into a sitting way and moved his hand to tell it to come over, hitting the thing's side.

It put down the books there and then he moved both arms up in a 'whatever.'

He also got off and sitted down on the ground instead, before pushing its legs from where they turned and making it drop.

"Sit. Now, we're going to first teach you some basic language, alright?"

It fastly moved into the same way Styx was sitting and waited.

Styx holded a book and opened it.

"This, is the first lesson. Look at this letter. It is said as Ahk. It looks like this when written, meaning...uh, well, like this. This one is said as uit, and looks like this."

Styx just kept moving over the forms and showing it new letters. A new so new to lake when it didn't even see anything more watery than rain before.

And it remembered. Remembering everything he said and showed.

"Ok. There. That's what is called the alphabet...can't believe I have to read kiddy books at this age..."

Silence Styx. If he wasn't reading then it didn't want to hear it. Or explanationing something it read. Anything else was a bad use of time.

"Uh, so. I can't tell how much you've learned, but uh, here's the next book. This one is about punctuation and grammar ok? So, this sign means? Oh, right..."

"Alright. Now, the next book."

Styx put away the first book, but it holded it and brought it closer to itself. This book, it wanted it. Even if it already remembered what was inside of it.

Styx looked for a bit then did a 'whatever,' and opened the new book.

This one didn't have the same...look as the first one. It looked like a demon killing someone.

"This is reading practice. So. Once upon a time, there was a young demon named Terxim. He lived in the forest in a small cottage with his parents. He really loved adventuring and his parents always told him lots of fun stories of their travels. So when he grew up, he decided to travel the lands as well!"

Styx was turning the forms as he read, but it moved over to be behind Styx and become up so that it could then turn over to look over from behind Styx. Yes, this was better than seeing from the side.

"...He went out and met a goblin. Like any young demon knows, he had of course brought his trusty weapon with him and hacked open its skull."

Ohhhh, good job Terxim!

"After that, he then went out further, ignoring his parent's warnings not to venture far enough from the cottage that he couldn't see it anymore. But he did, and became lost. He met and slew some more goblins but eventually got tired and was killed by a goblin spearing him through the back."

Ohhhh...bad job Terxim!

"After that he was eaten by the goblins."

...Well, this was why Terxim should have listened then. Or been stronger. Or like it. It wouldn't die from being speared through the back.

"Alright, next story."

This was a good book. It even had more than one story!

"Once upon a time. There was a demon named Marcel."

Ohh, Marcel! Hopefully he would be smarter than Terxim. Or stronger.

"He wasn't strong or smart."

Oh...well, then go to a better story. It could already see the ending.


Ohhhhhh, there was a however!

"He was very talented at making things. Not potions, but he could forge very good swords for his friends to play with."

Well that sounded nice. But, so, swords were made too? By forging? How did one forge? And were clubs also forged?

"One day, while he was fixing his father's sword, he realized that there was mana moving through it!"


"And when he tried to hit the metal, he felt the difference in strength, the potential!"


"He put his broke his back messing around with that sword for days. When his father came to see him on the first day, he was turned away by an invested Marcel. Marcel, who was actually very bad with magic was stuck here. Even though he tried everything he could think of, the most he could do was slowly spread the mana throughout the sword by hammering it. Yet even as he did so, he had no control over what kind of strike would move the mana and how or why. Instead, he desperately sought to understand how it worked so that he could make a magic sword! A dream he'd just felt when he saw the mana in the sword!"


"It was when he was despairing over his dream, that hope appeared!"


"It was his friend, Irecer. She was always very good at magic, but had tried to learn forging from Marcel as well. Unfortunately, she didn't have much of a talent for making swords, but instead with using them and magic. Yet, when she saw her friend in despair and asked what was wrong, she was struck by a brilliant idea. While her forging skill wasn't very good, she could make up for Marcel's lack of skill with magic and he her lack of forging skill!"

OHHH! So groups were useful like this...

"Together, they laboured for many days on the project. The original sword was already warped from its original shape and looked like just a flat piece of metal than a sword. Yet they kept at it. For their goal was to first see if they could spread mana through the material. And they did. Eventually, a month after they started, they were able to imbue the metal with mana!"

OHHHHH! Good job Marcel and Irecer.

"Misfortune struck again when the metal broke apart once they stopped tending to it."


"After that, they had many more trials and created a magic sword."

OHHHH - wait what?

Styx also stopped and looked at the book for a bit. He turned the form back anf forwards, looking very closely as he did and then looking hard at the last form of the could see the words there. Hear them in its head again too.

This was definitely the last form. The next form had "once upon a time" on it again.

That was...that was STUPID!

Where was the rest?

What about what they did next? Or how? What was this stupid!

Styx looked over the book carefully and then snorted.

"This is diagnostic. It's just to see your reading level. The first one was a common children's story, this one was...more complicated. Then the next one is...normal again? Oh wait, this author...this was just an ad to make you buy the actual one.... Alright, let's see the next one...once upon a time, there was a demon named Lierta. She very much enjoyed every night of her life, for it was at night that a strange friend met her. Every night, under her bed, there would be an eye that appeared."

WHAT? THAT WAS SO DUMB! GIVE THE FULL STORY THEN! IT WANTED TO HEAR A FULL STORY! Also...why was there just an eye appearing under Lierta's bed every - oh, so the thing the books were on was bed.

"The first time, she was very frightened and called her parents. The eye was gone when they came to check however and so her parents told her to go to bed and stop imagining things. Being an optimistic girl, she of course thought that it would be nice if her parents were right, however, she also thought that the eye was real, for she knew what she saw."

Well, if she saw an eye, then she saw an eye. Lierta was much better than her parents. Since it didn't see her parents. Also because the story was on Lierta. Stupid parents. It knew there was an eye too. It saw too!

"So she watched under her bed and when she blinked, it was there again. She watched it silently for a long while, but never once saw it blink. Nor did it do anything else. It didn't move to look at her either."

Ohh...wait, she was going to somehow die now or make a magic sword. See, it already knew. So smart...unless there were more ways for book stories to end...

That eye looked weird though...and what was it even looking at?

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That's some nice children's picture books huh. Wonder what else they got in that library. 


DO you want to know what happens next? Or will you imagine it? Or will you dream of an eye under your bed? 

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