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A note from Dragorule


Hmm. Technically, this is daily updates, but not really since I'm behind by like a day. I'll do a double release sometime. Also because I want to skip ahead to good ol' normal English (Of which your definition would vary based on where you are...or time period...urgh technicalities...). Should be coming up in another chapter or two. 

"Don't blank out just because no one's talking to you. That's rude. Plus, you could get assassinated with that carelessness of yours." Styx was already waiting again. Sun was talking though.

Really? Well, wouldn't that person have to be pretty good to do that?

It was feeling the mana enough to feel that coming, and if it couldn't feel them coming, then not 'blanking out' wouldn't change much...but rude was...ok.

"I'm going to go to the blacksmith's place, you go with Styx."

But, sun wasn't eating?

"We're going to eat as we walk anyway. You're just buying it."

Then sun walked off fast, and it went after Styx.

It was good that it could feel them out with mana, because in all these demons, in just eyes, Styx was already not here.

Still, it wasn't sure how to do was walking when it could, but it was actually in the same place.

It went forwards when the demons around it did, but then more would come going the other way and push it around.

It was...not moving much. Styx was...already going on.

...This was...kind of bad. Also because it wasn't even monsters or anything but that it couldn't walk here...what could it do?

It wasn't sure about pushing them around, since that would be rude, but they were pushing it...but then not really.

They weren't actually pushing it. Just that, when their bodies went by, it was pushed back by them. It just didn't know how...

The group moved away from it though as a demon in armor came towards it, "Ki - er, I mean, sir, do you...need help there?"

Yes that would be nice.

"Sir?...Madam?" The demon was just waiting there.

What was this demon waiting for? Where was that help?

"...w-where would you like to go?...then, is this someone's golem...?"

Now the demon was looking down and talking to itself. It was not even looking at it anymore.

...It was times like this that talking would be really nice to have. Or just smarter group people. That didn't just leave it when it wasn't able to do anything.

The guard was just pulling it away somewhere when Styx came back.

He pointed his hand at it, "That's with me."

"Oh," the guard nodded. "...Any proof?"

Styx seemed to be thinking but it shook off the guard's hand, who didn't hold it very hard at that point and then went over to Styx.

"Ah, carry on then. But, don't leave it around like that, it inconveniences your fellow pedestrians."

Styx nodded and then pulled it along. The small hole that was made in the street was full of demons again the moment the guard left.

Everyone was really trying to get where they needed to go huh?

Was it that important?

Well, now Styx was pulling it along and through all the people.

This way, it wouldn't be getting lost again.

So it just walked after Styx.

But now that it thought about it, how would sun find them?

Did St-un also have a connection or something that would let them find each other?

They turned and went through many big and small streets before coming to a building that was on the next side of the walls.

It was near a gate and had many demons sitting outside on things and eating, more inside, and even more just outside the door, waiting to get in.

Styx nodded to himself after looking and pushed it forwards a bit.

He pointed at the end of that long group.

"Stand there and move forwards when other people do. I'll be back."

Saying that Styx walked over to some other place and went into the group of people.

It also walked over and into the end of the long group.

Here, it would do what he said. There was no way for this to...why was Styx still here?

He said he was leaving but he was actually just watching from another place.

...He did know that it could see him right?

Ah, but it couldn't leave this spot except to go forwards...or else these other people would go there. That would make Styx get annoyed again.

And it couldn't talk and ask anyway...

Oh well. Maybe he was doing something else.

Oh, yes, now he was talking to another armored demon.

See? He was doing something something else after all.

Oh the line was moving up!

But what was this?

There were sometimes demons who just...went into the line. Not from the back, but from closer to the door. This was...was that ok?

...Styx said to only move forwards when people in front of it went forwards it would not do that.

It would wait - is what it thought.

But then someone else came into a place right in front of it. Just pushed in.

"Sorry sorry."

It nodded to the person in front and it and then stayed there.

The demons behind it were saying things, and then one went forwards to fight the new one, but the new one just put up its arms.

"Guards, guards!"

The demon moved back, but another demon from behind walked up instead.

"And what about the guards? Cheating like that doesn't work here, not in my city!"

The demon hit the sorry demon and dropped it. When it dropped, the other demon who stopped before walked over and also hit the sorry demon.

Then they pulled it out of the group and pushed it away.

The second demon who came laughed, "Those stupid tricks won't work here. We're not domesticated rats."

At that the dropped demon also got up, "Domesticated? You wanna fight?"

The first demon started to walk forwards but then sorry demon made some magic on its hands instead. It went biri biri.

The two stopped and looked hard at each other. Definitely they were thinking about this, when a guard actually came.

He pulled sorry demon over and then nodded to the other two as well.

"Alright that's enough. If you want to kill each other do it outside. Hey you, no cutting in lines here. Them's the rules."

The two demons went back to their spots but the guard looked at them. They then looked very angry at the sorry demon and went back to the end of the line.

Sorry demon laughed but also looked angry.

Though it looked at the guard and left, talking loudly. "Hah! I don't need this. I doubt this garbage-"

Every demon turned to look at it. It stopped talking and left fast.

Oh it was slow...and Styx was back.

He said nothing though. Just walked in and was there.

There were demons looking angry but then Styx lightly hit the top of its head, so it turned to look.

When it turned back after a while Styx said, "I'm with this one."

Then the demons turned back to normal.

After they finally got in the door, Styx walked up to the weird thing behind which a demon was standing. It nodded as they talked and then said something loudly back.

After Styx passed it some money, another demon passed up something else that Styx took and then walked out another door with.

It went after.

They were going towards the gate, but when it turned to look at Styx he just kept walking.

Well it wanted to know how sun was going to find them but...

Oh, why was he outside already?


Styx nodded, and then pulled something out of the thing and throwed it over to sun.

Sun started eating it as they walked. Then he started talking even though no one asked.

"The repairs," sun ate some more, "will take, swallow, a day or so. I'll grab it tomorrow."

They were walking out away from the city already.

There were lots of people outside of this gate though. They looked over as they waited but then away. It looked like they didn't really care much.

They were going back out already? Were they not going to see more of...the city?

The many things like the different buildings and the demons that were taking things out of other demons clothes as they walked, and even the weird clothes that it saw on some other demons that were calling over other demons.

Styx had nodded at them as they passed though. One of them had nodded back and showed the weapon they were holding.

Oh, but now would be the school place where it would learn more, right?

Also what was this sound it was hearing now? It was really loud...and different from anything it heard before...

As they kept walking, the trees became more and more. So many that they had to walk around them and rocks and other things.

There were a few times it fell and then had to get up after its leg bottoms hit into things and were not able to move.

Or when it had to keep lowering itself so it wouldn't hit into the tree's arms.

St-un were still eating normally as they walked through though.

They also moved carefully in some places, but didn't fall or have to stop like it did, which felt kind of bad.

It kept was this one part on its body that was especially annoying...could it lose that part? It wasn't needed and just made it harder.

What if it...took it off?

That was what it did. It ate it. But then, after it fell off, the sides started going back, and so it stopped that and made them come back together without going out to become the bigger shape. 

With that, it was probably -

Dexterity +1


Wasn't that nice. 

So then, maybe the other side too?

Dexterity +1

Yes. That was it. 

Ok, this was good. Really good. So, it just had to drop parts off and put them back...but, better?

It had lost and gotten back arms many times but that didn't seem to make its strength go up...

This was working fine though. Maybe after it tried out some other changes, it could guess how it worked...

Though, one way was maybe bringing the shape closer to a normal demon.

Right now, though it hadn't really cared much before, it was kind of...all over the place.

There were bits that were more out or in than others. Making those more...normal, would maybe be part of it. 

It made sense though. If dexterity was moving, then it got the parts that made it hard to move gone so it moved better.

That meant it got more dexterity. It was kinda making sense. At least, it wasn't running faster or anything. 

Just had better moving.

St-un were still moving through and then slowly they came out onto a long normal ground. It was just that weird stuff on the ground here...and then a long drop down on the side. 

There was the sound - water.

Lots and lots of water was what it was hearing before. The loud way the water came and hit other water and the ground. It was coming up out of the rest of the water. 

Then there were the big walls and gates of the...small city?

It wasn't much smaller than the city down there was almost just another big city. 

The sun was almost down here could still see out that the water went...very very out there.

So much water...

"See? I told you! Surprised aren't you?"

Yes. That was true. It would not lie about that.

But, wasn't this...all the water in the world? Did demons come here to get water?

Sun started laughing very loudly, making it stop thinking about water and look over as well as some other demons that were around. And Styx. He looked angry. 

"All of the water in the world? This is just a lake. There's oceans which are even bigger you know? And deeper. Plus there's still other worlds. Do you know how little this actually is?"

...No? It didn't even ever go out of the old place and see a lake? Oceans sounded stupid but...if they were much water would that be?

And what if it came out? 

"Relax relax. That's nothing to worry about. I mean we could always sacrifice Styx to the God of the Sea or something."

It almost thought sun was being for real here but then he started laughing really hard and holding his body. Until Styx came over and hit him hard on the head before pulling him along by the back of his clothes.

Haha indeed. Sun had just made itself get in a problem because it was laughing at it. 

That was funny. 

The Academy was really very big though. Many demons were just walking around or sitting and talking. Inside the gates, which were open and only looked at a thing St-un pulled out, there were even more demons sitting around on more weird stuff on the ground. 

Many demons were just walking around here and going into the big buildings. Next to it, the ground changed. 

It was black and had lots of fire. 

There were different looking demons here but the same big buildings. 

It could feel different feelings from them.

The black ground was hot, but the weird stuff was normal. Here, Styx also dropped the weird thing and it very fast became on fire. They left it there.

From somewhere else it could feel cold though.

It seemed the middle was the weirdest though. One very big building but small when looking at all the other ones was here.

It went all the way up and had demons doing something at the top of it.

There were also rocks that looked like demons here and there.

There was one that looked a lot like Styx but bigger. 

Styx also looked at that one for a bit. Was it because it was looking like it? Did that mean that...Styx was actually from another group of demons that all looked the same? Or could it be that Styx changed his face to look like that? Because it could change its head at least. 

That was creepy to think of. Demons that looked so...same.

There was no way that was normal right?


But no, they were moving towards the building in the middle.

When they went in, the feeling suddenly became...normal.

There were other doors in and the air was still cold and hot and cold. 

So this still had the different places to make the feeling different?

St-un went over to another demon that was behind a thing.

It laughed when it saw them and hit sun's head lightly but for a longer time than a normal hit and then the same to Styx.

Did they know it? For sure. St-un were looking very happy and so was the demon who looked very weird.

There was normal black clothing, but it had more of those bone things on its head and weird things on its back!

They looked like the things that the weird monsters that moved around in the up had. 

Whatever it was, it seemed ok though and was talking normally with them.

"It's been so long! I'm happy to see the Voidlands didn't claim you."

Sun made himself look bigger. "Obviously. I lived there for almost all my life."

Styx snorted. "Not alone."

Sun didn't seem to care though. "So? Still did."

The back things demon laughed, "Still the same you two. It's nice to see how well you two get along."

Sun and Styx both looked each other up and down, then nodded. 

""Hah. This loser?""

"This idiot doesn't even have a name yet."

"He's just the watered down version of Stix."

The back things demon started laughing again as they went on.

"So? The person himself say's I'm scary."

"That's just to make you feel better. And I'll have you know, that's just because I haven't decided on a suitable name for my greatness yet. I mean, I want to do it the old way."

They were still looking at each other hard when the back things demon made a clap by hitting its hands together.

"Alright alright. While it's nice to see you two again, but we can talk off hours. What're you here for now? You're suspended, remember?"

Styx shook his head. "Not anymore," and pulled out the letter, "we're off of that according to this and also get this one admission."

The back things demon finally looked at it. "Ah, I thought it was just behind you in line."

"No, it's our newest club member," sun said happily. But, when he did, the back things demon seemed to look...weird?

"That's...that's real nice. A-anyway, fill out this form and pass it back to me ok? There's nobody behind you so take your time."

With that, the back things demon passed over some letter looking thing. 

Styx nodded, "Thanks Excern."

"Yeah, thanks Excern." Sun said that after fast too.

Excern nodded and went back to doing something with many letter looking things on the...thing in front of it.

St-un put the letter thing onto another weird thing put near the door they came into and moved its hand to tell it to come over.

When it did it looked at things on the letter. 

What was it to do here? 

"First, your name." 

Spoiler: Status 
A note from Dragorule


So. Er. This should have been done yesterday, but I started binging something and then got lazy so...well, technically there's only that one chapter not here from like...was it Tuesday? And I mean, I never promised daily so...

ANYWAY. I use wordcounter now to catch mistakes. Have for last two chapters. Hurts when aside from one error with somehwere all the red lines were either intentional or armor vs. armour. And names. *Triggered*

YAY SCHOOL ARC! Kinda. It's never smooth with this...thing. It's so...thoroughly insane. Well, by people standards. Imo it's fully functional as an individual. If somewhat lacking in common knowledge. 


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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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