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The group nodded as one and all the demons except one went down to a leg.

The not down demon walked forwards and hit its weird bone things on the head on the story demon's head.

He didn't have bone things, but the story demon also moved its head a bit.

"We would like to thank you for your aid. Unfortunately, we have not much money with us to reward you with, so instead we will do so at Ragzar's End. If you would come with us..."

The one who was talking looked down, maybe not sure, but the story demon laughed.

"Of course, we were heading that way anyway! The more the merrier! However, if we could know some more...?"

The talking one looked up fast when the story demon said the first part and down with the next. Thinking.

Then it looked back up.

"Thank you. And as for information...they're unlikely to attack again now. We are the Royal Tutor of the Syntrax, Alersa von Trexan. They're just rebels attempting to assassinate us. They will not send anymore that fast though. As we're from off-world so...the risk to you all is low after we part ways."


Or well, a different place at was pretty sure off the world didn't just mean not touching the ground of this world...right?

...It didn't, right?

Anyway, whatever it was, this was new and fun!

So was that touching heads because they were different?

Was that how different places worked?

That made sense. It definitely thought differently than sun did, and sun seemed to be different from Styx. Actually, most people seemed to be so...different.

Even with wolves...some had different teeth. Just a little.

It was fun that even just the same wolves could have new looks sometimes.

But what were rebels? Or an assassinate. Well, assassinate probably just meant kill. But, enemies?

Something like that?

Good enough.

Still. This demon looked very different from the ones it usually saw.

The head was shaped differently. The bone things it had seen before; even sun had some. No, it was different. The head shape was just...different.

That said though, it could still tell it was a demon.

They still 'looked' the same.

St-un were off to the side but the demon walked over to them and touched heads with both.

"Thank you both for stalling our attacker."

St-un acted a bit weird and fastly nodded silently.

Sun made a weird noise from his mouth and then talked. "I-it was our pleasure. Really."

Was it because they were being thanked? If so, it would have been able to understand, but it felt like it was something else...

The demon laughed a bit.

"You may relax. I do not mind a relaxing of protocol from outsiders."

Wait, what was protocol? Was this like...being polite?

Still. It wasn't sure if - oh?

This one was looking at it.

It saw that many demons did that. But usually they looked away when it looked back. This one didn't.

Even sun didn't look into its...eyes.

However it didn't talk to it and looked away after a while.

It walked some before saying to their group, "We must attend to our wounded now. We apologize again for making you wait."

Styx went up and talked before story demon could this time.

"That's only natural. If you need some help, please feel free to ask."

Styx looked to something behind the demon while talking instead of actually looking at it though, which was also weird.

The story demon laughed but only with the mouth changing shape and no sound while watching.

Some of the demons behind were also laughing a bit.

Sun moved away slowly and into the group while Styx looked at the same spot.

The new demon also did the mouth shape for laughing and then went to its group, which was healing the downed demons.

So. Were they going to just stop here like this?

And then move when those ones were ready...?

Well until then, the demon on the ground was being watched by the big - oh?

Wasn't the downed demons mana moving...weirdly?

It fastly moved over to the now probably never fighting again demon and hit its leg, but it made no sound.

Then it pushed the mana that was moving back into the normal way it moved for this demon and it let out a sound.

A small pop came from its body and blood came from the open parts of it.

The big one looked for a while and then hit its arm top lightly.

"Good job."

Thank you.

It nodded back at the big one and then walked back to its place at the rear.

This was fun.

Now it was guarding even more demons!

Something about that felt fun. 

Bigger numbers and things were better. This, it was sure of.

So it was with having more demons to guard.

Still. Now it had to put more focus on demons too.

Since even other demons could be enemies now.

It couldn't be too sure anymore.

Well, it wasn't sure what that weird demon was doing with its mana but letting it do anything would have been bad...maybe  it should look at other people's mana more and all the time.

Oh now that it thought about it...wasn't that one's mana getting weird again?

Wait that was - and then it changed.

It looked different now, with a deer like head but then big one just hit it back down the same as before again.

...Well. That was that?

There was some sounds from some demons, mostly ones from the other group, but then they just looked at the big one who still easily hit that one down.

It was actually kinda sad...but if it was being had an easy way of fixing this.

It once again came over to the big one...and then ate its insides.

There were some parts it was sure were not needed.

It knowed this because of all the dead bodies it had saw, and losing these parts never killed them. 

The blood leaving maybe was bad, but they could heal that.

Sun looked weirded out and covered his mouth.

So did some other demons.

It didn't get it.

The demon it was eating was having its body change shape and move up and down where bits were eaten, but, it wasn't going to go out to them too or anything.

There was no need to cover their mouths.

But still, they could do whatever they wanted. It wasn't like it should be telling them what to do.

"Did you just...remove his abs?"

Then sun pointed and hit lightly with a hand and then went back fast.

"And his bones!?"

What? He wasn't dead.

It didn't even take out all the bones. Just the ones in the legs. And the leg insides for that point, but well, that didn't mean anything, right?

Just, now it couldn't run or do anything annoying again. And the abs or whatever was just because it knowed this part wasn't needed.

It saw a demon get it hit by a monster in the camp and then walk away like nothing happened, though that demon was walking with its head lower.

Still, it was things it was sure were ok. There were still too many parts it didn't know if they were important or not though, so it wasn't able to do too good a job.

Styx slowly walked over but behind sun.

"...that does help I suppose. Er, don't do that randomly though. It's...creepy."


Oh right it could just take his mana too. So it did.

There. It couldn't eat the mana that fast, but moving what mana was still in it, out, was easy.

It made the legs let out more blood, but the mana was pulled out too.

Then the legs just dropped and turned like...not big?

Sun nodded now. He looked okay?

"It's just skin now so that's fine. Having the flesh without bones was creepy since it would be all...squishy. But, just skin is ok."

Well was that it? Was it because they found it weird that they acted like that? Not because they were worried about the bits going out and hitting their faces?

Because it knowed that was also bad.

Most demons didn't seem to like being covered with blood. Especially the mouth and eyes.

It wasn't something it could feel, but that said, it could get it. 

So this was something that shouldn't be done a lot in front of lots of people. 

Well they would be ok with it probably. Even now, it wasn't like they told it to stop...

Still, they were also looking at sun now. 

After some silence, everyone went back to what they were doing before.

They were done again. The group that needed to heal their demons was now ready to move. Well, really, the demons that were healed didn't all walk and instead were pulled along by other demons in different ways. Some could walk though. 

The Tutor person was asked if it wanted to sit in the weird thing by the story demon, but it said no and was walking with the other demons.

They weren't moving too much slower though. 

Actually, could they move faster if it helped?

No. After a fast look, they were moving at the speed for the three demons at the back. They were the most blooded.

To make them all move faster, it would at least have to help those three, which it could but it would use lots of mana to pull them all with it, which might make fighting harder.

That was also maybe why St-un weren't helping. They were moving at the front and needed to fight after all...

Almost all of the other demons were helping though. 

So every guard was important now...right, they could walk slower. Not a problem.

Some more demons had come by, but after a look, none of them came to help their group. 

Instead there were some that asked if it was still dangerous. 

To which the ones said no. 

It wasn't really sure if they could get to the place at this speed. What the story demon said was probably on that speed not this, right?

And that probably didn't mean stopping to rest while the demons healed.

It wasn't all the annoyed by it. Because it would probably be doing the same walking even when they did get to the city so some more walking wasn't too bad.

Most wasn't the one who choosed. The story demon and St-un were doing that, so it would just do what they did.


Just like it trained everyday. 

Not good training. But it still swinged around the club randomly when it wasn't doing much in the mornings. That was because it remembered that when it saw Styx moving around the sword once in the morning.

And it was always slowly eating and using the void mana with its actual body. It had been since it knowed it could do things with it.

It hadn't really changed much yet, but it's eyes on the body definitely looked better. The little bits of them were almost all over its body now. 

Its actual body...was now...still the same, really. 

Some mana went out, some void mana came in.

It felt easier every time it happened though. 

It wanted to have void mana so that it wouldn't run out of food even in the place from before with too much void mana.

Then, it would be even harder to die. 

It was just, in the city there wasn't much except for that one place and there also wasn't much now.

Changing its body was slow.

Well, its body was always being eaten and put back.

Slowly, the actual body was getting smaller but the mana didn't change much.

And that was why it felt Tutor looking.

St-un had seen the swinging, but not the void mana eating slowly. The Tutor did. It could tell. Because the Tutor was looking at its actual body.

So there were others who could see? - And that was why it was having fun right now.

Moving the mana around randomly and seeing if the Tutor was watching.

Once it put it into the shape of the bone things and had them hit sun like a sword. 

The Tutor's face made very small movements but nothing else.

That was enough to tell it was watching though. 

It was when they stopped for a bit as usual to change around who was on the monsters and weird things that the Tutot went over to St-un. They were talking about something and St-un was looking at it.

Styx was laughing and sun was looking very hard at it. 

Sun said something with his mouth moving fastly but the Tutor moved around its hand in a 'whatever' way and said something back.

Then after lots of nodding and then all of them laughing, the Tutor went away to its group when they started moving again.

Somehow, it was sure that sun was going to come get angry later.

Oh well.

Then it kept doing things with the mana but the Tutor didn't look this time so it also went back to normal void mana eating.

The demon without arms was in the same thing as the story demon, and now it was pulled out.

They were at the city.

Or probably the city anyway.

It was kind of...small to be a city though.

Some demons that were probably guards were talking to them and then gave them a weird looking thing, which they put onto the armless demon.

After that, they were moving again.

So that was...probably not the city? It had walls and everything though...

No, it was wrong. That place really could not be thought of as a city.

Not when there was something like this here.

The walls were big. Very big. Bigger then the walls at that city.

There were more guards too.

Even outside the gate this time.

They were in a group now with some other demons. There weren't a lot here.

But when it looked over onto another side, there were many, many, many demons outside of other...were those more gates?

Yes, there were more.

It was just this side with less.

They went into the city slowly, and gave some things, and money, to the demons at the gates.

They gave the thing and sometimes money back and then the group would go into the city.

Theirs did the same, but the Tutor's group went in just by a thing.

When they went there, they even had many more guards come from the inside.

At first it thought they were in danger and about to be killed, but they helped the demons walk in and took them somewhere.

The Tutor talked to them some more and then after the guard went into the walls and got some money, they gave it over to the story demon.

Even as they kept talking, the story demon gave some more over to St-un.

The Tutor touched heads with all four of them - the big one too.

That was funny because the big one had to bring its head down to touch.

Then the Tutor also left.

Their group went in a little after the Tutor's group.

It was really wondering what they talked about that long but after was just here, alone in the back as the rear guard.

After they were in, it started walking after them again, but St-un came back and pulled it over.

What were they doing!

Why weren't they at the front!

And it was in the back still so it was kind of better, but they were being left behind!

St-un this wasn't funny!

Sun laughed, "We're done now. We're splitting up since that was all y'know? Come on, we have things to do."

...Oh. It didn't have to guard now? Well why didn't they say so then!

Sun was silent for a bit, then shook his head. "I thought you would be more...hung up over it. Hahaha."

Styx watched silently and then started walking. "First, we'll need to go and have some maintenance done on our stuff. Or, idiot's stuff anyway. Your club's fine though. Then, we'll have a good meal before heading to the Academy. I mean, it's better to go in at night since...well."

Sun nodded fast. "Yeah, at night is best."

It looked around. They were in a mostly empty place here, but around...

There were many demons. Much more than it had ever seen before. All walking through the streets with all the colors everywhere...

Those weird things in the front doors of buildings that had very...coming out colors on them. 

The demons with different coverings on them. 

That one weird demon that had a thing behind it. 

It was really -



Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

I just had the weirdest dream today.

I was in a gingerbread house with a shotgun that fired rainbows and grenades that left ink blot sad faces and then got attacked by cthulu-type things and then a demon. In the end I also got a dog from somewhere that barfed gold. 

Idk how to feel about that.


Will there be another today? Nobody knows! (Not even me)


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