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It was now day.

Would they be reaching the -



It fastly runned over to it and started hitting it with the club, and cracking sounds came from it with each hit.

Slowly, it fell over, throwing around little bits and weird blood. There. It was probably dead now. Whatever it was. Before it even got to attack this time.

Oh sun was here?

Sun should relax now. It killed it already.

"That. Was a sapling." Sun put a hand on his face and looked down as talked.


"That's...well, this one at least, was not a monster." Sun laughed a bit.


"Yes, that's a harmless plant. Normal plants are indeed dangerous but this one was harmless." Sun was looking up now, but still covering his face. Only the mouth though.

Well. It didn't know. Now it did.

"Just, be careful in the future. Harmless plants like this are worth a lot, ok? They are very good for the land."


"Actually, we'll start to see more plants from here on out." Sun had taken the hand off and was looking at it.

"If it doesn't attack you, or anybody here, leave it alone, ok?"


It got that.

"Thanks. By the way, they can look really good, like rain, if you leave them alone."

LIKE RAIN!? Ok. Yes. It would not hurt them if it didn't have to.

It still came before them though.

Then sun left.

Ok. So. Plants were...monsters that weren't really monsters and could be good.

That was...a lot of things.

But, while that was fine...what was this weird stuff on the ground? It had eaten and hit it as it walked but therre was much of it.

In fact, there was almost more of it than there was bugs in numbers from what it saw.

The more they moved, the more of this stuff was on the ground. There was even some of it in the ground from what it could feel.

That was...really weird.

It of course also killed the stuff under the ground, since it was part of the enemy stuff, but...maybe it shouldn't?

The others weren't attacking it...but this wasn't a plant, right?

It looked nothing like a sapling.

So. Was it, just, not a plant and not a monster? Maybe it was like rocks. No one cared if it hit those.

Whatever it still hadn't done anything so...yes, maybe it would leave it alone.

Killing everything wasn't maybe the best thing to wouldn't want to kill rain was one.

And maybe this stuff would be good...well, the color was n..i...ce?

They had a weird spot here.

The ground went up and over and down.

Here when it looked down, it could see....color.

It was the stuff from back there, but not in little little bits. Not spaced out.

Just...lots of it...and all at once, it looked...nice.

There were also some small saplings and even big saplings with weird things on them here.

There were also some small things with colored parts at the tops.

It was...nice. Though it would still look better with some red.

Orange or this was ok. Brown saplings were eh. But, some blood would add nice color to this all.

Yet, even though this place was kind of nice, sun and the others just...kept going. They didn't even look much at it.


Why did they not care about this?

Wasn't this good looking?

But it could only keep running after them. It couldn't stop to look just because it wanted to.

All things said, it didn't feel too bad about not stopping at that old place.

This place was even better. There was water here, in a big hole in the ground. Some deer were eating the water from the hole when wolves attacked and ate them instead.

Blood covered the nice stuff on the ground and the big and small saplings with their brown parts and other color tops looked very nice near the water.

The wolves attacked them when they came but they killed them and kept going.

Yes, such was how it went after all.

The deer ate water, wolves ate deer, and then they all got killed by it.

Very nice.

But they did not even stop at the water.

They want away from there too.

It was almost night.

And by now, aside from the normal ground, there was now actually normally a lot of the weird stuff on the ground too.

Even saplings were much normaller here!

Because these ones even sometimes attacked!

Yes, that was normal. Very normal actually.

It would have felt weird if there wasn't something new trying to kill it even though it was in another different place.

Wasn't that how it worked? There was never an end to the things trying to kill it.

Which was fine.

It was normal and fun.

The enemy sapling was weird though. It had the part normally under the ground come and try to hit it, but it just ate it.

Then hit the brown part a lot as was also normal.

And it...died?

It was hard to tell with these. They didn't really have a head for it to hit or whatever.

Or even a lot of blood.

Most of what came out was water from what its eating told it.

Too weird.

But did that mean these things ate the rain?

That was not ok!

So it was now trying to kill the saplings everytime.

Except, the sapling number three it tried to kill after that time was not ok sun said.

And told it to stop.

Also that apparently, killing many saplings wouldn't actually help it rain more.

And that eating water, and so rain, was something everyone did.


That couldn't say it cared too much about the water but the rain was...

Well, as it was, it couldn't stop them from eating rain. It would wait until it was strong and then make it illegal to eat rain.

Yes, now it had a reason to become the strongest.

Now it really was night. As usual, they stopped and did stuff.

But this time the story demon was taking the talking spot again.

There wasn't really a spot, but there was this spot where the demons moved away from and looked at when the story demon came.

Somehow, it wasn't sure if the spot was magic or not.

The story demon talked loudly, "We are very close to our destination. That is, we should arrive before night falls tomorrow. That being said, as this may be our last campfire together with our travelling companions, a toast."

The demon moved a weird thing in his hand with hideous water in it up to the sky, and so did the other demons. Then it ate it and so did all the other demons.

"I thank you for travelling with us, and it has indeed been wonderful getting to know you. We appreciate greatly your ever aware friend there as well."

The demon opened his arms to the sides, "For now though, let us all relax and enjoy another night of life. And let us part as friends when the time comes."

Then the demon left the spot and went over to St-un. They were talking. The other demons also went there and now everyone was talking.

Weird things.

Like, "remember us later when you're big shots, eh?"

But it couldn't hear more, because it had to look at other things.

Namely, the demons here.

Some were coming to it instead of to where St-un was.


"Thanks for always being the look out!"

They were thanking it for doing guarding? Really?

Was it that...thank needing?

It was told to guard and it guarded.

It didn't do anything...good. Like teach.

Or tell a story.

But they thanked it.

So, did that mean it was to say thanks for everything?

Ok, it would do that.

Thanks for thanking.

But, of course, it couldn't talk, and so the demons didn't hear that.

They seemed to know it couldn't talk though, because after saying what they wanted they would nod to it and leave.

When one went, another one came.

Until, even the story demon came over.

"I do believe I misunderstood you a lot. I apologize for that, and thank you for performing your duties so excellently. I hope to meet again."

With a nod, the story demon left, and the demon with it, always there, also just nodded.

But even though the big demon said nothing, it felt like it understood what this big one was saying better.


Very weird.

It wasn't bad though.

As the demons talked and talked and talked, and then slowly went to sleep; it looked up at the things in the above.

Very, very, very, very, very high up from what it could tell.

Those stars, which looked nice and better than what it had seen before in stories.

They were nice.

The many stars out there, could it number them, even after it went to school?

For that point, could it even number all the little things on the ground?

The world as it felt now more than ever, was a very, very big place.

It was sure now. The up was dangerous.

"What are you on about now."

Sun had come to it in the morning now, to get it to move.

Also, it really did like night better. The stars were better looking at night.

Sun. There was a wolf like star in the up. It's dangerous because it can't kill it yet.

Sun started laughing.

"You idiot. That's not an actual wolf. It's just shapes in the stars. They're not going to come attacking or something."

But. But, it was a wolf.

"That's not how it works okay? Relax. Anyway, today, we're going to see the Academy. Are you ready? Well, the entry will probably work...hopefully. The letter will get you in for the first year at least."

First year?

"Yeah. It goes from first years to eighth years. It's...not bad. You don't have to worry about the other requirements yet. Just focus on learning what you can. Oh yeah. And don't evolve. When you reach level ten again, tell me. But don't evolve again." Sun looked at it properly this time, which meant this was important.

Ok. It would do so.

"Anyway. It'll be fun. I'll experime - I mean, we'll do science experiments together, and then you can go beat up the people who pick a fight with me instead of me...yeah. Good times." Sun was nodding over and over as he talked.

Sure whatever. Fighting was fun.

"Alright let's go. Prepare to be surprised though! Compared to that drab city from before, Ragzar's End is amazing! The Academy at Ragzar Point is even better!" What was sun looking at? Ragzar's End or not, that was definitely just a weird shaped rock over there.

Sure whatever. It wouldn't really know until it saw it though, right?

So. Stop talking, and move.

Sun laughed and then runned up to the front.

As he did, the weird things started moving again.

The rest of the demons were waiting for sun apparently.

He was always such a...useless for others. Oh well. If they didn't care, then it shouldn't too.

Now, the feeling was very different. For some reason...there didn't seem to be too many monsters. Even from before.

It had only killed like...three monsters so far. Just small weird ones like from before.Two of those. And one deer...

There it was. The reason.

There were...other demons.

They were...on the monsters that were pulling the weird things in its group.

What was this?

New demons after so long? And even on these monsters?

This was...weird.

St-un looked like they were talking to them from here.

The demon on the monster was nodding. Then it nodded again and left.

The other demons that stopped when that one did also left.

That was...weird. But the blood on their weapons told it that they were the reason there were less monsters. They killed the monsters around, so of couse there would be less monsters.

It wasn't like the monsters could just come out of nothing...or could they?

Actually, it needed to ask sun where little demons came from too.

How did that even work?

Where did more monsters come from? Or maybe they didn't...?

Maybe there were just a lot of monsters?

This was very weird.

But as they kept moving, it seemed those monster demons weren't the only demons around.

There was other demons on monsters, some different from other monsters.

There were also demons that went on their legs.

They walked and runned. Very fast too.

There was even a demon it saw that was fighting other demons. was killing them.

This wasn't the first time it saw demons fight each other but...demons killed each other too?

The one in the diary did...but. This was really weird to see.

Something about it felt too weird. It would be like if it saw normal wolves around and then they started killing each other, even though they were always in groups, it would find it weird.

This was the same. It was new.

What was also new was that the demons it was with seemed to not like the fighting demon.

They took out their weapons and St-un actually runned towards the fight.

Sun pointed his hand and magic went out and then hit the fighting demon's sword thing before it could hit and kill this other demon.

Then Styx was swinging his sword at it, and sun was already throwing around more magic at its legs.

The other demons around pulled away the dead demons...and the not dead demons.

Though they looked dead, they started healing the almost dead demons while the demons in its group went and helped them.

It was now that it saw there were other dead demons around too.

They were all like the fighting demon more than the running demons.

The running demons were one color and the fighting demon was three. Red, brown, and something else.

Even though Styx was swinging around his sword, he didn't actually go close to the demon and stayed away.

Sun was also just throwing magic at it and stopping any attacks that went for Styx by hitting the weapon or hands and legs of the demon with magic.

Couldn't they was behind by a bit so it couldn't do anything then, but by now it was almost there.

It probably also wouldn't be able to do much, but at least, it could stop its attacks as well.

By getting hit.

It would probably be fine, and this way, maybe they could win.

Yet even as it runned at that demon, the big one that was usually with the story demon was there.

It runned past it easily and then with one swing had the fighting demon's sword go out of its hands.

Then it hit the fighting demon with its leg and dropped it, before swinging the sword down on its arm.

With that, it fell off. Then, when the demon tried to do something, the big one hit it with its leg again and then took off the other arm.

Then it put a hand into the fighting demons mouth and pulled something out, before pulling along the fighting demon by its head behind it towards the story demon who was already waiting there.

It was...somewhat weirded by this.

Wasn't this where it something?

It was almost there too...but the big one already almost killed it.

Why weren't they actually killing it though?

It was blooding from the hits, but not dead yet.

Did the story demon want the levels or something?

But it didn't kill it also. Instead it went down and moved its head closer to the now not fighting demon.

"I do think that's quite enough, don't you?"

This, this was definitely useable. The big one and story demon...

But it was still talking. "Don't worry. You won't die, though I do apologize for any discomfort my bodyguard may have caused. He's quite...thorough in what he does."

So "apologize" after almost killing someone. Yes. This, it could do.

"I believe my friends here would like you to tell them just what you're up to, so when you wake talk."

With that the near-dead demon dropped its head and the running demons from before walked over instead.

It seemed they had things they wanted to say.

What could this be though? This first time seeing demons kill each other...something about was weird, but.

Was it weird that it was fun?

Seeing the demons fight each other was different from monsters.

They used weapons and were smart. They did their fighting as groups. But better groups then the wolves.

Seeing them kill each other, even if this time it was only a group fighting the one demon by the time it saw...this was fun too...

Maybe that was all the reason was for fighting?

Did killing demons also give levels? Then, if they did, why not kill each other, right?

It was weird at first, some points, it did make sense.

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A note from Dragorule

Yes this is a chapter. Is it a fast release? I'd like to think so. I'm feeling bizaarely motivated. 

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Also it's funny the spirit is someone who takes the time to see the sights but is rushed along by everyone else. I mean, it would probably be able to just sit there and stare for a reaaaally long time before it got bored of it.

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