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A note from Dragorule


I'm surprised I made it.

It was now the day...five. Yes. See? It could do this. As long as the numbers didn't get too big...

They were moving again.

Now the place was starting to look even weirder. Just as little the light was during the night now, it was even more when the morning came.

The light change was a lot basically.

Not something it liked, but something it would have to get used to.

That being said, the walking itself didn't change much, but the feeling sure did. Aside from the light, the ground under its feet felt different too, when its feet came down on the ground, the ground went down a little and felt...like when it stopped on the bloody parts of a moving thing. Less like rock and more like for example the body of a wolf.

The color became lighter, closer to brown.

Even the sun seemed a different color here. Lighter.

Before, the light seemed blackish. Now though...it was more like it was whiter.

Where before walking was easy, now it felt like...like hard work. Like it was already ready for it to just end.

It would be happy if it did.

This was no fun to do for a long time...even hurt usually ended faster. At worst, it would hurt just when it was hit...this? This was much longer. It would have to feel like this until night. Even during the night actually.

Just less bad.

There were still only a few monsters, but this time, it throwed itself at them with much more happiness.

It wasn't just for being a guard now. At least in that small time when it hit those monsters, when they throwed blood around where it hurt them, when they let out sounds as they fell and hurt. At least then, it could stop thinking about the light. bout how it didn't like it.

At least when those monsters hit it back, when its hands and legs, when its body and head broke, they light wasn't the biggest thing it felt.

Hideous. That was what light was.

The ground broke when it hit it now. A little. Just a little. But that felt good too.

Yes it could definitely find fun in killing. That was something it was sure of now...since even though everything was bad, it made it to the end of the day.

It did it once. So it could do it again, something it was sure of now. No more worry at all.

If before it was still not sure, now it was. Light was fine too. It wouldn't die from it.

If one day could work then more would work too.

It did decide to move closer to the weird things though. This wasn't a not win from the light. This was just smarter. If it didn't have to be out in the light...

Its actual body was also moved into the cover of the weird thing. Where it was darker near it for some reason. The light couldn't come through it as far as it could tell.

This time it didn't care enough to go out and listen to what the demons were doing.

It would instead just stay here. Where it was dark.

It was the morning. But they weren't moving...the rest day? Did it happen?

It didn't hear them talking about it.

Also the weird thing it was outside of was actually the one the story demon used. Which was funny because when the story demon first came back at night to rest, it looked at it and then very slowly went around it to the door of the weird thing.

The other demon who was always with the story one also had its sword out and went around.

Then that sword demon stayed outside the weird thing, in front of the door, and watched it.

It watched until the morning came, where it was still here.

The story demon also opened the door and looked out slowly at it some times before going back inside and then using the door on the other side of the weird thing.

It wondered what they were doing as it waited in the nice dark.

Yes yes. On this rest day...it would get used to the light. The light it could walk around in. Just...as soon as...it moved one of its legs out.

Just...one. Or an arm. Actually yes, a hand. One hand could be used, right?

It slowly put a hand out. As it knowed it didn't feel like anything. But, just being in the light felt...wrong.

This...would be a long - oh, Styx.

"Hey, idiot says calm down. And go kill that herd of deer or something."

Deer? What? A new monster? That it could kill?

"It's right there. Go have fun."



And as it thought, as long as it was for killing, something that felt good, being out in the light was ok.

Deers, it would see and kill them for the first time today.

Even if they were strong, it would fight. It needed to.

...Actually. What was a deer? What did a deer look like? What was a herd of them?

Well. It would probably know when it saw them, just, which way was that?

Even the mana here...there was still void mana around but, it was so less, that it didn't feel like it would be attacked by it.

There was more normal mana here. The kind it liked eating.

The void mana...was also eatable here. It didn't have enough to fight back.

Not well anyway. Not nearly as bad as that one time...

Here was good.

And were those deers? It couldn't feel the mana as well here, but there were something like...hideous wolves the color of bears over there. They were even in a group just like wolves. These were deers probably. Something to kill.

It started running towards them, but after some time, when the sun was going down and it still hadn't even gotten nearer to the deer, it thought there was probably a problem here.

The deer were faster than it. By a lot. Instead of getting closer, they were actually getting more away from it.

It would have to run faster even just to be at the same speed...and this was...bad...how to kill something faster than it?

Yet even as it worried it saw that one of the deers was slowing down. It was...behind the other deers.

That's right. Other things...got tired. They couldn't just keep running, keep moving. They couldn't just keep fighting like it could.

It was fine as long as there was mana, and mana there was. Here, there was normal mana. Not enough for forever...but. For a long time, yes.

Wasn't this good.

Laughing to itself, it started running again, keeping after the deer. Right. It had time, and since it did, it could just wait until they were tired. It didn't have to be faster or stronger. Just better.

Here, it was better. So it would win. With time.

It was after some time that it finally made it to the slowest deer. It tried hitting it with its head, but it stopped that easily. Just a light hit to the legs with its club and it dropped.

Then a hit to the head and it was dead.

It couldn't just stop to eat it or something though. The other deer were still moving. Towards it actually. The ones that couldn't run anymore were coming to fight it.

They came and hit it hard, sending parts dropping, but only its head and body.

Its arm was still ok. Stupid deer. Its body did not need a head to move.

A good hit with the club and they died.

It was the same for all deer.

With that done, it put itself back into one, and then while still eating the deer, broke off parts and throwed them inside itself to eat as it runned after the other deer. They couldn't rest or else they would just run again, right?

More deer slowed down. They died too. Just like before, some were big and some small, some had different colors too. These deers were more different from each other then wolves had been.

There were still other deers but after running for a bit they were coming back around to attack it.

Did they finally think that they weren't going to get away? It would never let them go. These deer were coming to fight though. Something that was both funny, and boring. Boring, because making them slow down and killing them one by one was more fun. Funny, because killing was killing and killing was fun.

So that.

There was one thing it saw though, with all this trying.

The killing of enemies, the blood, the way its club felt when hitting things. The mana it ate. All these things were still the same. At least a bit.

Just because it was in a very different place then it was used to, didn't change the fact that its club could kill stuff. That it like killing. That blood was nice. Or that mana could be eaten; that mana moved when it moved it.

Some things were different but...it was nothing to be in fe - no worr - no, thinking too much about.

Yes. All, was well.

It was running back the way it came. It could tell because there were dead deer on the way. It could at least find its way to the dead deer.

There were some wolves and other weird looking monsters but it killed them when it could and didn't run after the ones that runned. The deers were done, and now was back to the guarding. Now that it...felt better.

It didn't want to say, but sun had helped a lot. Even if he didn't actually mean to. If he did...well, it would try to do something to help sun as well.

It still took parts of the deers inside itself though. They were good for mana as they were slowly eaten.

It was a smart way of being in its thought. It could run and eat at the same time. What could be better than this? A way to carry more dead ones with it to eat.

Like on of those weird things. If it had one of those...

It was back to the first dead deers.

That was good. It did not know which way was back though from here. That was...bad.

What to do now?

...well, the connection was kinda of good for this.

Good thing it had one...or else it would have been lost like the master key. Then it would have walked around before getting covered in dust and then being found by another spirit or cleaner somewhere.

What weirdness that would be.

So it started its slow run back.

It had lots of blood on it, which was maybe why monsters kept coming to it. All of the deer was slowly eaten, but, still, as it was, wolves and some other weird monsters kept attacking it. The weird monsters were actually small and hard to hit, but died easily.

Once it stopped them with its actual body, then even one hit made their whole body go splat.

The wolves, well, it was good at killing them now.

And, the wolves were usually going in the same way it was, in other words, if it had to say what it was...it would think that maybe these were the same wolves that went and attacked the weird things normally. If it was fighting them then it was going the right way!

So it was going the right way. It was sure now, because now, it was already near the weird things. It could feel the manas again. There were already some demons sleeping. Others were sitting down and eating as they talked. 

They were definitely resting. Though if it was resting, instead of talking, wouldn't be better to just eat and then sleep only? Talking also could make you tired maybe? And it was time they could be sleeping. If sleeping was good, then more sleep was even better!

So why were they not sleeping but talking instead on a rest day? 

Still. Maybe they knowed better? Maybe for them, this was enough rest? 

As it was, it would just have to guard as usual and make it to...the...what was that? Up high above?

What was this weird thing that fell on it?

What was...this nice thing? It didn't hurt it or feel wrong, instead, it felt...ok. It looked nice too. Small things falling from the above, pit patting on the ground. 

It was weird. Weird and new...but very good.

Sun was walking over. "Feeling better now? The rain's nice isn't it? Even if it's a pathetic amount like this."

What was that? This amount of rain was...pathetic? 

This was...little?

"Oh yeah. When it really rains, there's larger droplets, you know each of those, and a lot of them. So many that you can't even see properly. So many that the water starts to pool around your feet and flood if you're in a valley."

Valleys...floods...rain. Rain was...nice. 

It was so...quiet. Cold. So...color.

"Watch it while you can. It will end soon."

End...soon? Why? Why did this end? 

It was better than light. It was dark when it rained, and it looked nice...yes, it would watch while it could. 

It DIDN'T WANT IT TO END! But, it could still know that feeling bad about it wouldn't help. That now, it could watch.

So it didn't really know when sun left. It didn't really know when the other demons went to sleep. It just looked up, and watched it rain.


Listened to the sound it made. 

Pit pat. Pit pat. Pit pat.

It was with much surprise that it stopped thinking. 

The rain had stopped some time after night. But it still watched the above, waiting for the rain to come again. 

Because it would, right? The way sun said it, it would definitely come. 

And when it did, it would be just as quiet, just as...not bad as it was today. So it would watch now, for the day it rained again.

It didn't come again that night but it hit lightly by sun to stop thinking. The weird things were starting to move. 

"Let's go. There's more things like that to see you know?"

Sun started running, moving back to where Styx was. "Hurry up! You haven't even seen a lake yet!"

Yes, that was right. That was why it left. 

This was what it wanted. 

It started running after the weird things. Maybe it wasn't that fast, but, that didn't mean much.

Yes, because it still kept up, and that was enough to get where it was going. 

A place with new things. That was what it wanted, right? To learn? And it didn't feel bad about the choice yet. Maybe one day.

But now, at least. With St-un, stories, and now rain, the choice was definitely, a good one. 

The light didn't feel as bad now. The light meant...new things. The light was...not as bad as it thought before. 

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

It has adapted to life under the hideous light! It felt fun having the spirit feel discomfort due to unfamiliarity with the world around it and then come to terms with it. 

More than I can say for myself...


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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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