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So, before I get to the chapter, just want to say thanks again to everybody for reading, and especially to Azurus, Agriope, TigerCannon, and Racc for their comments last chapter. 

On an unrelated note.

Not sure what to call a swing from below to up. Overhead is fairly common, but wasn't sure about whether to call a swing from feet up an underhand or upswing. Googling it a bit said upswing. But underhand also seemed correct. Seeing as I wasn't sure, I decided to go with underhand until/unless someone corrects me. That's because underhand sounds...more correct? I'm pretty sure that's used more commonly than upswing. 

After the overhead swings, it had also tried the normal swings from its side but a bit more back to the forwards and even from down to up.

That was "underhand" apparently. It didn't work so well on the wolf - which didn't look much like a wolf at this point - but well, that was all fine and good. Styx had said that it was better to know it at least, since it worked better than other swings in some "situations." Like if the club was already below, than instead of moving it to the side or up for a swing, it was faster to just swing up.

Though in its thought, that seemed pretty obvious. The overhead might not have come to it until the situation happened, but it already knowed when it needed to get the hit down fast or not.

But, it had more...choice in that. It could let an enemy come in and hit it if it helped to hit them good. It wouldn't die and at the most would feel some hurt or have its physical body needing to be healed again. Not something that taked a whole lot of time. Not now that it was better at it.

That did still make it think of what to do with its level still not going up. And actually, it didn't feel like training anymore with hitting with a club seeming to do nothing. What was even the point of that?

If it knowed how to hit now, then wouldn't having more stats be better than so many swings anyway?

"Yeah, but I mean, for us, training like that also increases your stats...I don't know why yours aren't going up at all. It's like they're fixed, and I would be lying if I said I knew why. You'd think that would have gone up one or two points at least. If I had to say though, it's probably to do with your physical body being disposable." Sun made some good points there.

Why wasn't its stats going up now? The intelligence and wisdom didn't seem to do anything, but seeing as it actually used its physical body now, having more physical stats would help it a lot. It had thought about it a lot, because even the wolves here were too strong to deal with easily. 

Oh yes, it could kill them a lot, but that was in like one at a time. Maybe two. Not, just one. It could still remember being swinged around by that wolf it killed. Though, it could just get up again even if it was breaked into parts, and it didn't use its corrosion so actually, it could probably be fine even with lots and lots of wolves. That didn't mean it liked that though.

It felt annoyed that it, still couldn't easily kill wolves. Not in those numbers. It would take time. It was the same reason why it wasn't actually ok with being just a head when it had to walk to some place. Just because it could didn't mean it wanted to take so much time on it. 

That would be...dumb. If it could, then doing it faster was better. If it was the body that was the problem then it couldn't do much about it now. Waiting would be for the best. 

So, anyway. When could it stop?

The wolf was already just...some red thing. It didn't look like a once moving thing at all. It was almost fully just...down.

It felt itself hit rock instead of wolf now.

"Just go hit the other wolf."

It did. This was it.

"Oh. Styx. Do something." Sun turned to Styx and hit his leg with his own leg.

Styx turned and hit sun's head with one hand, and then nodded while looking at it. "Check your skills. There should be some interesting things there. The other wolves were probably scared off by the wolves here. They were making some uh, sad sounds. Though they'll probably come rushing as soon as they forget. The wolves here aren't very smart."

Skills? And why weren't wolves here smart, as in, were other wolves smart? Did it need to be said? But...'skills?' Like what was -


- Basic Blunt Weapon Use ( F ): Possesses the basic knowledge of the use of blunt weapons

- Mana Absorbtion ( Racial - B ): Able to absorb mana at a significant rate and efficiency. Loss at 30%

- Mana Weaving ( C ): Able to manipulate mana to a greater degree than just manipulation, weaving it into more complex shapes and structures

- Pseudo-void Consumption ( Racial - C ): The void devours all, and the pseudo-void possesses similer characteristics. Unrestrained consumption of surrounding mana and matter, all eaten is converted to mana. More mana is used than contained in object

- Self-Repair ( Racial - D ): Able to repair self given time. Efficiency is 50% and can only put together existing components

- Reconstruction ( Racial - C ): Able to slowly repair self given enough mana. Missing components can be created, but requires detailed knowledge of materials to make new ones. Efficiency is 33.3333(Redacted)%

- Limited Self-Contained Domain ( Racial - C ): The body possesses an ability to restrain and rapidly digest those inside itself. Unable to expand domain to size larger than body or pull in substances without significant decrease in strength

- Mana Connection ( E ): Mana connections can be formed in limited situations to attach to surfaces

- Soul Digestion ( Racial - D ): Captured souls placed in appropriate location, can be broken down and absorbed as mana. Components other than mana are lost and digestion can take time based on size and quality of soul

- Soul Attraction ( E ): To a limited extent, detached souls will slowly be drawn in

- Mana Hands ( D ): Hands of mana can be used to grab objects. Mana consumption may vary

- Mana Compression: Mana can be compressed into a higher concentration and density

- Sense Mana (Racial - A): Able to percieve mana to high degree, and substitute for hearing

- Mana Sight (Racial): Substitutes for sight

- Split Input (D): Accept information from multiple sources 

Ah, so that was what skills were. Though most of the words didn't make all that much sense to it, from what it could see, these were everything it could do.

"Never everything. Never think that. A summary, yes, but not everything. Mentally limiting yourself is always a bad idea."

Sure sun. Ok. But then what was even the use of skills? This was just things it could do?

"Only certain things actually. Cooking isn't a skill. Well, it doesn't have a rating anyway. Not all skills will be given ratings. Ratings help you tell if there's still easy ways to grow the skill. Cooking can't really be calculated with a rating because of that. I mean most people only care about combat related stuff anwyay."

Well, wasn't that obvious? Cooking or...walking. Right, that, was also not a skill. Those two things were just there. But...actually, its point didn't make sense. it was going to say only "combat" skills were useful, but it couldn't fight if it couldn't walk to the place and around during the fight. That would be weird. It could move differently with its actual body though, but...that didn't look like it was a skill also. 

No, it wasn't going to think about things it didn't know that well so much. It wouldn't help and just used time...

Styx started walking away. Why? No wolves and sword trai - oh he was talking. 

"It's getting late. Sword training can wait, but it's not polite to be late to a meeting."

Sun also followed Styx after taking a look at the sun - the other one - and it went after while looking at the new thing. 

Step Four: Open the shop!

Sun. What was What did it do? Or mean? 

"Don't open that scam! Forget it exists. You never saw that box okay?"

...well, that made it want to open it more though. 

An annoyed sun was fun for it. But this "polite" sounded important too. Was it like those legal and illegal things? Would it get put in a place on its own without food? Dying slowly without food didn't sound fun. Not bad, but definitely something to be away from if it could. 

Ok. So. This would need to be remembered. Be polite. The first one was to not be...too much time after the time that it was supposed to be for a "meeting." 

Now it wouldn't be "late." Not to a meeting. But was it fine in other places? Not to "mention," what if it was unpolite without trying to be? 

Or what if it was eated by a group of bugs and had to first fight them off and heal so that was why it was late. But if late was bad...for a reason like that it would be killed?

Polite was scary. 

They were almost back at the walls when it seeed them. These meeting demons. The ones who could kill it slowly for being late.

Were they late? Would now be the time it and St-un died? 

"Ah, nice to see you again Styx! These are the friends you mentioned?"

A small but big demon walked over to Styx and after the demon gave a fast look and nod to each of them, it turned back to Styx. Apparently, they weren't important enough. 

"Indeed, and so I presume we are ready to set off then? We have all our belongings with us of course." 

Well, it looked like in talking with each other, a demon was only supposed to talk to the important ones who were important for whatever they were talking about. Or else, they could just act like they weren't there. Good to know. 

These kinds of things were probably not meant to be asked about. Learning on its own was definitely better than being unpolite somehow. St-un could do this. So long as it went along with whatever they did, nothing bad would happen. 

The Pit was its idea after all. 

Whatever it was though, it could tell sun was trying to stop his expression from changing though. He was moving a bit while standing there. The mana around him was being pushed around. Was he dying or hurting? 

Its thought was done though when it finded out the problem though. 

"Of course, of course! I'll go ahead then." The demon left and as soon as he did, sun started laughing very unloudly. 

"You certainly sound like a noble. The same Styx who gets drunk under the table acting all prim and proper haha. Oh, I wish I could see their faces if they ever found out." Styx made a fast moving with his hands, probably...telling him to stop? 

Seeing as he wasn't saying anything it was to make sure the demon didn't hear or look over. Was it important? Could it be that...sun was being unpolite!? 


Sun stopped and looked over at it. 

Sun could go and die on his own if he wanted to. It couldn't help stupid minds after all. But taking it with him was not ok. The words the Chieftain said only worked while it was fair. Any pushing there and it would hit the sun and hide the body before it went to this "jail."


If sun was put to sleep and the body was in its body, no one would ever know and he couldn't be unpolite!

"Oh, ok, I was worried for a second."

Well, killing was a bit much after all. It didn't say it wouldn't listen to Chieftain's words at all sun. 

It looked out. They were all moving towards a new way. The school was in this way, a place with many new things to see, and hear, and learn. 

Would there be new monsters too? New things to kill? 

For now though...this group was slow. They were at the back right now, but were slowly moving up. 

Well, St-un were. It was still back here...

Moving fast was hard. Were they already going away, now that they had a bigger, better group? 

"You can't move fast anyway, so be the rearguard. I doubt you'll have much trouble. Try practicing when you can, but your job now is to protect the rest of the people here, ok? Don't let any monsters attack them. You only have to watch for monsters from behind us, but that means if you need to you can use all your abilities." Styx! It was Styx! Hm, ok, new job? Yes, it would do this. But, really, sun didn't come back. Styx was much more useful than sun. Sun was smart sometimes though...but no. Job!

No monsters would hurt the people. Even if it had to lose body parts for it. 

It didn't get why so many words for the same thing were a thing though. Like pratice, train, and learn. They were for the same thing as a whole. What even was the point of having different words for that? 

Oh. Bug! It was under the ground and too near the demons! 

Die! Wait, no, it couldn't hit it there...fine, it would have to watch it for now. To make sure it didn't do anything 

Was it moving away? Yes, that's right bug. Move away. Nothing to do here, not for you. 

It seemed that the bug knowed it was there and what was good for it. Knowing to go away from it. 

It was already doing a bad job though. The bug had almost come close to it, and after that, when it died, it would have only been a small run to the rest of the group! 

If it could stop them for a bit, St-un could probably fix it though. So long as it did it while ready to die. 

A bug would not kill it that easy. Not agai -

What was that!? A rock! Why was it moving though? 

That was maybe an enemy! Normal rocks didn't just move like that!

Die rock!

It hit the rock with the club. Not much happened, but if it were to keep hitting it - a demon from the group looked back at it and then a rock its leg was about to hit. 

So. It was...not a monster. Ok. But. It would still do it again. Every hit was important, and getting the first hit could be the thing that made sure who winned. Like if it put a sword through sun's head when he didn't move, it could win in one attack. 

No possible enemies could be...what about the ground? It somewhat remembered a demon moving rocks around with mana. Like the fire they could throw around. 

Couldn't the ground become its enemy too, if a demon moved it? Like the General made the mountain right? 

Wasn't that...really dangerous? 

Was its group stupid? 

Without even bringing the General with them, they were coming out to a place where they could die so would be fine normally anyway. 

But this group? Well, no, St-un were also strong. They were maybe fine...ok, it couldn't be that bad, right?

It hadn't had too many...dangerous things...outside...

Way back was them dying. 

Then sun almost dying and becoming shattered. 

Then there was the weird humans and necromancer the next time it went out.

...It wouldn't fight something weird again now, right?

Maybe being in the walls all the time was, no, it couldn't get strong without going out, and also couldn't have new things without going out. 

If it got stronger, than even if something bad did happen, it would be ok. General seemed strong enough. Getting at least that strong seemed to be a good way to go about -


Oh. Rock. 


Well. This whole going to school thing was being boring. There were wolves. But St-un killed them. It didn't get much to do at the back. 

That was not to say there was nothing though. Three wolves it killed. 

They came as a group, all around their group, and it killed three. St-un were fighting the others so it didn't see a need to use corrosion more. 

The three it killed were a hard fight. The first one was stopped in place with its actual body and then an overhead to the place behind the head made a crack and killed it.

The second one was corroded fast while it then did the way it had used before when training on the third one. 

Hitting each other many times.

It throwed itself onto the wolf to stop it from moving while the other was corroded and then after it was dead it corroded the one it was holding, even as it hit it. 

The demon group also did some fighting actually. They made weird looking things come out of still more weird looking things that made thunk sounds when hitting wolves. 

They were throwing those things from not just the ground but also their places on top of these big things that they were pulling behind them. 

The big things were pulled by weird looking monsters but seeing as St-un didn't try to kill them it also left them as is. 

Other than that though it was sure now that talking rules were around who was important to the thing being talked about. 

That small and big demon acted important then, but during the fight, it just stayed inside the big thing and ate something. 

It was useless in fighting. That was its thought on the point. It was what it was though. 

It killed three wolves, and that was good. Better than it would have thought. 

At least, it felt like it was getting stronger. More useful. 

Aside from killing rocks that is. They were a real problem. The big things and monsters pulling them also throwed around rocks as they moved. It had attacked more than 10 rocks already. 

At least for now that was done though. Night was coming and the demons were doing something weird now. 

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

Throws shoe at wall. I thought I saw it move. 


Well. Aside from the spirit being overly motivated in its job, it seems we are in for a *deep breath* road trip!

*Cue horror stories around the campfire*

So, next chap will be a PoV chapter. Can you guess who? It's someone from this chapter.

Anyway, again, thanks for reading! 


Now I'm off to read as well! 

Last thing before I forget, yes, the two rankless skills are intentional. Not an error. 

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