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Now that that was done. It was also almost done healing.

This now needed some thinking. If last time it got hit into parts. What did it need to do different?

What could it do to kill the bugs, but not die? Corrosion was easy.

But, seeing as it wasn't sure about physical fighting...maybe the better thing to do here was to not fight the bugs and just help with the demons moving things around. As it was, looking at the St-un was helping it learn much.

While the pseudo-void didn't do much when put into the same ways as what the sun and Styx did with their mana, it was definitely useable.

The way it was done on the sword, made it better for going through little parts and breaking them into smaller bits.

The way it was done with throwing, made it better for hitting things with corrosion. Something it did try with the small bugs it was killing.

When hit by the throwed mana, they were killed easy.

Better actually, than trying to cover the whole place with corrosion mana to get just one bug. Fighting like this was, let it have more mana left over to use for other things or more killing.

But that was also all. They didn't do much different, so for now, it would wait. Until it was healed.

It was healed. Done. All good.

Next It could use this to see what bugs were for. Maybe.

Or, well, it tried. But when it went over and started moving bugs to them, they didn't look at it much. And even when the money dropped in, they taked all the money and didn't give any to it.

But there were also other working demons that got no money. Instead, other times, they pushed away other demons to get money. So the money that dropped in was probably for who ever got it. Which meaned it could just take it. Did it even have to work then? They didn't say anything so this was their problem.

It was taking that money.

The first time went well. Three things dropped near it. The other demons turned to look, but before they could get it, it runned and throwed itself over them.

That was three...and as for where to put didn't want to put them on the ground. That meaned they could take it. Money on the ground was for taking after all.

No, but where could it - oh. Inside itself. It didn't have anything else in there anyway. So there. Money.

The demons looked at it weird when it went for more money. After some time they even started coming in groups to push it away and let other demons take it.

How dumb though. It was using their way before, but it had its actual body. Did they really think they could get money when it was there?

That, and covering the money by throwing itself at it seemed to also work well. And if it didn't work, unlike the other demons who got talked to loudly by the ones up top, it could just look from the side and throw itself at any money that came. Yes, by the time St-un came, it would have much money. Much, much, money.

Ah, they were back.

It walked over with its legs making jingle sounds when it moved. They first looked down at its legs and then at the demons around. They were not looking too happy, probably because there were no more bugs for them to kill.

Styx looked over and around and then back at it, "We're very sorry for our friends we'll recompense two coppers to everybody present. I apologize again and hope everyone can forgive my friend here."

Sun also walked in front of Styx, "Actually, our friend here was responsible for catching any stragglers that got past us and aided in combat with magic so, I hope you can overlook its actions."

The demons looked at each other before going and taking some money from Styx, and walking away fast.

"It's a good thing we're guardsmen or that could've gotten nasty. You, don't just dive for money like that. Especially if you aren't doing anything." Styx went down to its side and put the sword out on his legs. They were one under the other.

Sun also walked over to its other side. "Yup. By the way, how much did you make?"

"Don't encourage it!"

Styx should be less angry. They didn't tell it to work so that was their problem. It seeed money, it taked money. Very easy.

Anyway, taking out the money was easier now. Having moved around its body that much it knowed that there was actually a way to take its body parts off without using a weapon or getting hurt.

It just had to touch them and take them off in a certain way. After some mana changes of course. Though, its body was put in place using almost the same way the healing thing did, so it just had to un do it.

Turning over both legs it let the money drop. Sun looked it over and nodded. "37 coppers. Not bad. Except we'll have to give 34 coppers to the workers. Oh well. Remember that miserliness. It'll serve you well in the adult world..."

"Oh shut up. Well, that was a long wave. We wasted two hours already. If it wasn't for those training drills being just as bad we would've run out of stamina first." Styx got up and then walked over to a weird thing coming down from up top.

Sun also got up and moved over to the weird thing, "I wouldn't say it was a complete waste. I mean, the experience is terrible but the experience is fine."

It was...not very big but very long. Styx holded it and started going up...was it to do that some how too? Because, it didn't think it could...that moving way seemed weird.

"You're gonna have to, because I am not carrying you - oh. Yeah, we'll just pull you up with the rope." Then sun also went up.

Well, that probably meaned it was to stop here and be pulled up after sun was also at the top. Which wouldn't take too long from - ok. Hold the rope. They were up.

Soon, it was also up. It only banged into the side of the Pit and other than that it was good.

But now what?

"We leave in about, two hours. We already got our stuff - not that we have much - and so, for now, we'll just have you fight a wolf or two so you don't embarrass yourself later."

Styx also moved in and passed it something. Its club. "Get used to the weight."

Then he moved up and walked faster. So did sun. Did they mean for it to move faster too? Because it could. It wasn't like it couldn't. It didn't have problems moving its legs that fast. They had problems moving their legs that fast. It could just use the way from before!

"Hey, don't go that way. That's the Fast Track. It's not for people." Sun holded an arm and pulled it back before it could go into the "Fast Track."

Sun didn't know what he was talking about. Sure, it could get a leg or arm dropping off, but it could just hold it and put it back on with its actual body now. There were no problems at all.

"But it's illegal. Stop that."

What? Why?

"You'll be put in jail where there's bad food. And we'll leave you behind. And because no one likes cleaning up the messes that people splatting leave."

Ok, yes, it would just try to walk faster normally. Though it wouldn't splat so it was sure that that wasn't much of a problem.

"No. And if you're going to listen anyway why not listen the first time?" 

Because, it had to think for itself. It wasn't a rock or something. 

"Eh. Well, I suppose that's true. A rock would be smarter than you."

Really? So rocks are actually very "smart?" Then, would that mean sun was actually even lower? First was people who were actually smart. Like Ecromina. Then was rocks apparently. Then it. Then smart demons like Styx. Then not smart demons. And then sun. Below that was things like bugs and wolves though so it wasn't much of a good thing...well, it was a place that was good for sun. At least he was now higher than wolves. He used to be in the same place as them. 

"...says the guy putting rocks higher than himself...pfft hahahaha." 

Styx seemed to have heared what sun said and also let out one laugh. Like a hah. Styx was weird sometimes. 

...the buildings looked very different from each other. They may look like they were almost the same from far, like bones, but actually they had different looking colors and parts. Or things they were for. Some had demons eating in front, and others had weapons and even others had things with really weird colors. 

"Those are plants. They're normally green in most worlds anyway. Our blue and red plants are the weird ones..." 


So...well, it seemed, that it needed to go to other worlds even more now...

"You wanted to?"

If one world is there, then it would be ok to learn everything there. But if there were more, then it had to learn there too obviously. There were too many things it heared that it needed to see for itself. 

"Sure I guess. Though that'll be after your kinda mandatory job."

"Mandatory job?" What was a mandatory job? And why did it not know it had one?

"'ll find out when you're ready. That's all I can say. Just realize that my position was first gained through my connection to you and raised by my own efforts."


That...sounded like it was important. Sun say more!

"Can't. General's orders."

What? Ok, so General was also part of this...fine. It would find out itself. If sun didn't want it to know it wanted to know even more. That was what learning was after all. 

Sun? Sun? Not talking? Fine. Whatever. 


In the end, sun didn't talk again about it. Not even when it called sun stupid for a long time. 

Though they were outside the walls now. Out in the outside. After so long. It felt so weird. So...big. 

But still no one talked. St-un just walked more away from the walls and looked for...wolves probably. 

But no wolves were that near yet. It could feel them coming though. Void mana moved differently when something was moving through it. That could tell it when something was coming. After all, it was out here so long, it was normal to know these things about the mana. If there was one thing it could say it knowed better than sun, even if not more, then it was the mana here. 

It felt different now though. Now, it didn't need to stay in a place with normal mana in it. Though St-un helped with that too. 

No, it could push away the void mana itself. Not for too long but it could. Though it didn't try fighting it again. The one time it did had went bad enough with so less void mana and this much would be very bad. 

Oh, the wolves were here. Styx seeed them first. 

"Got it. Alright, kill the one in the front. The other one...idiot, freeze it." 

So Styx wasn't doing anything? could do it. It had a club this time and the enemy was just one. There was no way this could end as badly as the bugs. There was no way at all. 

Wait, wait, then hit!

Oh, it hit. It didn't work very well just moved the club from its side to the wolf when it was right on top of it, but the hit just made it fall back. It sounded more like a whumph then a thud

Then the wolf jumped at it again, and it hit it again. This time though it just pointed and pushed the club in front of it. Since that seemed the fastest way to -

"No. Don't just only try to hit it! If you don't swing it properly there won't be any force behind it!"

Sun was apparently already done "freezing" the wolf. Its legs were covered in the weird stuff and stopped where it was. It tried to hit the stuff with its mouth but sun looked happy to look at it hurt itself as blood started coming out of its mouth. Now he was looking at it. 

Styx also moved his head from side to side, "Like this." Then, he moved his sword around. Was that a "swing?"

Oh. So. It had to do that whole thing others did? That whole, from one side around and bang? It always thought it looked stupid since it made space for the enemy to come in and hit you before you hit it, but if that was needed then that made more sense then its reason. They probably weren't doing it to look cool after all. The imps always called...that guy...? when he did the big swings. 

It thought that was just their strength stat though, not the swing. 

Well, in that looked at the wolf that was going around and around it. There was some blood in its mouth from where it hit it.

It swinged, but it didn't hit. The wolf just moved to the side and then hit its arm. 

Its arm made sounds and went in, but seeing as the wolf was close now, it just needed to hold it, right?

So it used its other hand to hold the wolf. Now it could corrode it easy, but it was supposed to -

"Kill it. However, you like. But physically." Styx knowed what it was thinking? How? It didn't have a connection to him like sun right? Right? Maybe?

But, that was fine then. It knowed heads were important to normal things. The mouth of this wolf was blooding now. So, with its hand, it could hurt the head more. 

First, the spot that actually, putting its hand into the mouth anymore seemed a bad idea. It could get hit...but if it stopped holding it...oh, it had legs. 

Just like the money. 

It throwed itself onto the wolf and pulled its arm around the wolf's mouth. Now, its hand was...kind of able? 

It could reach the...weird part coming out of its head from here so it pulled that with its hand, and then started hitting its head into the wolf's head over and over. 





Its own head started to come in, but it healed it and then hit the wolf again. It was starting to blood more now. 

That was a good thing, it meaned the wolf would die if it were to keep doing this. 

But to do it faster...well, the wolf was throwing it around by moving like this. It was stronger than it. 

Even when it was holding it, it was only stopped because it also had its arm in its mouth and looked to be waiting for it to break...oh actually. 

It let go of the club from that hand and then holded it with its other hand, and then started hitting the wolf with that instead. But not by hitting it on its head. It needed to swing better right?

So it hit the mouth. From behind its head, around, and then hitting the mouth, again and again. 

The things in its mouth made cracking sounds and more blood came out. 

The club also looked good now. It had blood and some other stuff it didn't know on it. Parts of the white things in its mouth also dropped whenever it hit.

Since it couldn't hold it down anyway, it was using its legs to hit it too, and the arm in its mouth was looking like a sword with its points now so it moved it back and forward. It could feel the wolf's mouth letting it move more as it did it, parts of its mouth coming out when it did. 

Soon, the wolf stopped moving. Its arm was also almost out now. It was in a weird look from all the breaking to it, but that could be healed. 

Styx pulled its mouth open, and it pulled its arm out. 

"That was...violent. You have some nice killer instinct, even if not the stats or skills to support it. I see much potential...well, you've certainly got better with this than before you fought, right?" 

Sun also walked over and laughed. "Slow, but, I thought it was over once it got your arm. To be honest we didn't expect you to win that. Though I suppose having a body made of...whatever that stuff is and no blood to lose...yeah. Ok, now, pratice your swings on this one."

That sounded like a good idea. Though it had a better idea of it after breaking the wolf's mouth. It was sure of that. But, yes, having a place to try it, without the wolf moving was also good. 

It pulled up the club and looked at the wolf. 

St-un moved away and sun laughed a bit. "I mean. It's still kinda disturbing to watch...and it splashes a lot. So. Don't worry, it won't melt."

It wasn't sure what he was talking about but sure. It moved over to the wolf. 

Styx telled it to look over. 

He was holding his sword over his head. Then he dropped it. 

"That's an overhead. Try it. It usually has more power, though it leaves a bigger opening."

Ok. Up.

It looked into the wolf's eyes. It could see itself. What nice eyes. It wanted to take them out and keep them after. If they didn't break...oh, it could just not hit the head. Right. 



The wolf let out what sounded like a normal sound wolves made but not really. Was it because its back was breaked? Whatever. 




It had...many trainings to do. 

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