"What kind of unreasonable demand is that?"

Unreasonable? No, it was very reasonable. One does not just tell that there are wolves to kill, and then not let the one that was telled kill them. That is just unreasonable. More than whatever it said.

And what was wrong with telling sun to get it out? It was here because sun didn't tell it right. That there were so many bugs and that it would be hit into parts so easy.

"I assumed you would retreat. Not somehow get stuck in there. It's not like you can't just grow a new body."

Well, it was true that it could, but it couldn't. It maybe, just maybe, did something wrong. And put the back mana into the already breaked body instead. That maybe didn't work like it thought it would. Instead of helping it come back and fight the bugs, it taked much time just to put the body parts back and it didn't come back like it thought, but instead got under this stuff.

It was also not getting a new body, because what little mana it was letting out was going into the breaked body. It was of course, stopping most of its mana from going out, because it was not good with mana right now.

"So, basically, you almost killed yourself. Despite the ants not being able to even see your actual body. Or rather, how did your body, even if it's a low 15 endurance, get chopped up by these guys?"

So it was even weaker than 15 even though that was what it had?

"Somehow yeah."

Well. It could think about this after, first, it was already corroding. A little bit still got more mana than it used. But it was unfast. So, sun had to do something too. Some more mana would be nice.

"Yeah yeah. I mean, we can probably sell these for something. I'll start hauling up the bodies. Just do your thing. Actually, try to fix that body situation. It won't take long on my end so you better have that figured out soon."

What? How? But, if it didn't corrode it also didn't get much more could eat the other mana obviously, but if it remembered right, then its mana getting was faster before it was pseudo-void. The mana use was also less.

But, well, how could it make its mana getting faster? It had tried moving mana around before, but trying to push the mana into itself and eat more usually just made it get hard. It would start to feel like too much and then the mana would be like hitting something and stop coming in as fast.

Like there was a amount of mana that it coud have and no more pulled in at the same time. So, it could try to somehow know how to "fix" that. Or it could just do the easy thing. The get out of the breaked body and get a new one.

It didn't want to though, since if it stopped here and instead went for a new body, it felt like it wouldn't have the same try again. It could of course, try to have sun break it and then learn it less fast. Maybe some other time.

But, it could probably get out of the body easy, with some try, less time. Then it would be doing nothing for a while and trying to get a new body. Or, it could stay here and try to do this. And then, go for a new body if it didn't work. Not to add, it did feel like something was happening.

The mana that went into the body, went into the body parts and then out. It touched the other parts but didn't stop and just went back outside. But what if that was all the problem was? Just making the mana that went into the body, stop in the body?

It could just hold the mana there, and push it back onto the next body part.

Did it do anything?

Kind of. It went into the body part that was next. And then back out. But the mana after that, that it wasn't holding? That just went out.

Ok. But! It did stop in the next body part for a bit. Something changed. The two body parts looked different. Just a little. Something.

But if it could change them with mana, then this was probably what it had to do.

If the sun didn't come, it would have had to first be in fear of the bugs, as in, it couldn't get out. It would have to get them done and also get more mana first. But since sun was doing the work now, it could use all its mana for random things now.

So, this was no problem. The mana being let out and used like that without doing anything? It was fine. Seeing as it didn't know how to fix it, then this was only normal. Instead, it had used it to get a little better at this. So it could be thought of as ok.

Once it knowed how to do this though, then it would not be ok to have this not used right mana.

Still, the problem now was its body that was breaked. That was what it had to do now, so thinking other things was bad. Yes, stop.

Think back on things that need to be done. No other thoughts yet. Right. Ok. Now all it had to do was -


Oh. Well, that made it feel annoyed. Coming after so long and then not even letting it have time to do what it was doing.

"I told you though. I mean, if you take that long to do something so simple...I was wondering what you were messing around with. But it's just a normal self-repair. It's just like normal healing but easier." The sun was already there, next to it. The bugs around it were not there anymore, and sun just dropped into the Pit, walking over to it.

It could see Styx throwing a many bugs up the Pit. Somehow, sun's weird thing was on them and making them stop as one part, so they didn't become many like they actually were. So weird. But useable.

It being easier than normal healing was fine. How about he tell it how to do normal healing then?

"Well, I uh, don't know how to do a repair spell. But, I can heal myself. A-and, I know the theory. Just use the mana to stitch yourself back together. You know, move the mana through every body part until it's one continuous flow. Probably. It's not even a proper healing spell because you don't have to fill in much missing parts."

Ok, so it was doing it right. This "stitch" and "continuous" aside, moving mana through all the body parts? That was what it thought. So it could do this pretty easy.

It worked before. A bit.

"That's fine. Another time. I mean, I don't want to waste time..." Sun didn't look like he wanted to wait but Styx came back and looked at the bugs that were starting to open the way.

They let the bugs there stop where they were, but the bugs still had it easier with all the other dead ones moved away. So they were already breaking through. And there looked to be new bugs there. Many of them. They were all hitting into the dead bugs wall and throwing parts every where towards the place where St-un was.

Styx nodded to himself once and then turned to them, "This may be good too. If we have to teach it, this many targets to show the basics is fine too. Not to mention, looks like the theory is correct. There's likely a Broodmother here. It wasn't attacked by just ants."

Sun looked annoyed. "Well, yeah, but it's nothing new. I mean we have been encountering groups of bugs and they usually don't group like that. I mean, regular Botow ants and Rimors don't just not kill each other. But, again, how's that our problem. Ecromina will just blow them all up if it ever becomes a problem."

Styx looked at sun, "But a good massacre every now and then is fun."

Sun thought and then nodded. "True. Ok, as warm-up."

Well, as that was fine had some things to do too. Actually, as much as St-un got annoyed at it, it was now sure that they were only fighting now since they were ok with waiting for it. So, it could remember this. 

It made sense though. If it could also become strong, then three had a better fighting and killing than just two. So this was like, a after some time getting something. It had not thought about it before, but sometimes it looked like things that were just a not good use of time could also be useable after some time. Like this right now. 

This was...

"An investment."

Yes. Yes it was. 

It could see them fight and use the time to "heal" itself, so first of course would be putting the mana moving right. From the head, to the body, to the other body...or to the arm? It could also go to another body on the side and then down or to the side again and to an arm...but there was many manas so maybe all of them? 

Yes, just make more mana ways and put them through all the body parts. That was more than likely what it had to do. Or else, after coming from the arm top back down to the hands it had to turn it around and back to the arm top and into the body. 

One of those. But, it seemed like doing many ways could make this whole thing done faster. That was true. So, first it would try that. 

If it could even...well, from the head and down was one. Then another to each side. That was two. And...three? Then that same ways to the sides could keep going into the arms. But from the other body sides, it had to go down again. So, two again. And in there, it's arms were also breaked and legs, and body into smaller parts in here and there so there were more and more ways to different the mana into. 

This was...not going to work as well as it thought it would...

But. As long as it had the mana moving into the body parts still, the parts did start to become back into each other. So it was possible that it could just, not move the mana more. And let the parts come back part by part. 

That...would be better. Since it felt like if it did more it could become not able to hold the mana any more and after that it would have to do all of it again.

Ok, for now, since all it had to do was hold the mana in could look back to what St-un was - oh. That was...faster than it, yes. 

They were making the bugs smaller and smaller parts or even using mana to kill the small one and then throwing the parts back. the ones they didn't throw were eated by the bugs around, and then came throwing out when the bugs that ate were killed and breaked. Then those already eaten and new parts, would also still have some be eated. Then, again. And again. 

It seemed like that was bad though, since St-un both tried to not let the parts touch them, and also looked weird with those expressions whenever a part touched them. 

In the back, there were some other demons that were taking the parts and making them together like how sun did and throwing them back again. Then, more demons moved those parts into bigger groups and then even more demons put those parts out of the Pit. 

There were many demons in weird clothes that throwed weird looking things here and there, some dropping into the Pit, and taked the parts. Why, or what the weird things were, it didn't know, but it was thinking it was like the money that sun used before. 

So, these bugs were good for money? Well, if the bugs it killed were also money, and money was something it could get, then it also wanted some money. That seemed a good a reason as any to get to killing even more bugs. After all, having something that was actually its, not just let to have like the sword sun got for it, or the projector that wasn't actually its. 

The money would be its. And could be used to get more things that were its. All the demons had things. Like clothes. Buildings. Weapons. They were theres. All it had was a body. And it was itself so it didn't mean the same. 

What it wanted, was things that were really its. Its, and only its. But not actually it. It didn't need more bodies. Though they would be good for fighting and stuff. So, it wanted them. But, not for having things. 

By now, the body parts using mana were almost back. Kind of. Not really. But kind of. Good enough. 

It was like. Two mana for one health. That was what it looked like. It was almost sure. Its health went up one when its mana was less two. Its body was less breaked with that too. 

The problem was then that it didn't have a lot of mana right now. The mana coming in helped a lot. But it seemed like it was less than what it was using. Somehow. Was that less or a lot? It wasn't sure. 

Its not like it was full though for the amount of mana it could pull in at the same time though. It was only eating enough mana right now that it could get. Holding in the mana fixing it, and also corroding what little it was, and even pushing its mana into its body the right way, was all using much of its thinking. To add pulling in more mana to that...was hard.

The only thing it could think of was somehow getting more thinking. Or using less thinking on something. 

"Just let loose with the corrosion. Point it at the little bugs. The ones getting past us. The workers have to stomp those out. This will be useful and easier for you than trying not to corrode. Go for it. And have some mana. I want to be done with this and out."

Sun didn't even look away from the fight. Was his thinking also actually a lot? He was just hitting around his small sword thing, but he did it so that it killed in one or two hits and didn't get stopped inside a bug like Styx seemed to sometimes. This was...probably important. They were fighting different. 

And not bad. Styx got stopped sometimes but he could then do somehting that pushed back the bugs and move the sword again. Not to add, the sword usually hit many bugs at once before getting stopped in one. 

But, it still got stopped. Sun's way looked better. Just that Styx was not bad. In its thought it was sure, that if they asked it, it could get this right. Styx was definitely fighting badder than sun here right? Even though Styx could beat sun, he wasn't good here. It was different than normal. 

As it was though, ever since sun last think-talked, it had been getting mana somehow. Not a lot. It stopped soon. But it was a good amount. With this much, it could corrode better. 

The mana use when little used more mana than when it was a lot. It was kind of weird. But when the corrosion was big and started, then after that it was less mana than making it big first. 

It had a feel for mana, so this was something it was sure of. Now all it had to do, was corrode enough bugs to get back enough mana to full its health. That looked like more or less like what its body was like. 

So more mana, was better body. 

An easy thing to do. 

Just push past Styx, since he looked like he was fighting harder. And corrode. It was corroding the bugs already, the small ones that sun telled it to, but the bigs ones now were more mana. Styx looked back at it once and nodded, before hitting harder. 

It couldn't corrode some of the bugs as fast normally, but when Styx hit them into smaller parts, they corroded faster. 

As it corroded faster, it used less mana. As it used less mana, it got more mana. And this made the mana even more and more. 

And put the body back even faster. The last problem was just that its mana was now coming back faster, but still not like it had a lot. So this was time. 

Time which it wasn't sure it had. 

St-un couldn't just get up if they got hitted into parts right? 

They cou - SUN! DON'T DIE! 

Sun got hit in one part of his arm and blood came out. While the bug was then killed by sun right after, and the blood was still nice to look at - even if it was from sun - it was pretty sure it would be in a problem if sun died. 

It couldn't talk right without sun and also needed him to go to school. Also, the first friend Chieftain said to help sun or something. Kind of. For some reason, even though usually it remembered everything, some things were harder to remember. But, well, it was something like that. So sun couldn't die here.


Sun, don't die! Just, just get better at healing!


WHAT? It was thinking, don't be annoying. 

"I healed it already."



Well whatever. 

Spoiler: Status 
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