Its first think of the Pit inside was that it was like the walls. It was dark, and there were rock walls around it. Basically the same.

Oh sure, this time there were more bugs coming out to fight it, but then there were slimes and spiders in the walls too.

So. All said, aside from this place being pretty big, and obviously not the walls, it was actually not all that different from the walls.

It was almost the same.

The bugs weren't really a problem anyway. These many small ones would be annoying, but it could corrode them all. And get back mana while corroding, so it wouldn't really be using much mana.

No, the problem was going to be these next ones. They were also bugs. But these were bigger. They had parts that looked like armor on the outsides, and then long hitting bits on their...heads? Mouths? It was harder to see on the small bugs, since it didn't usually look that close at them, but bugs had weird...mouth parts.

Even aside from the sword things, their actual mouths looked weird. Something about the weird way they were moving while obviously coming to try and eat it...scared it? No. Annoyed it.

It wanted to corrode or crunch that bugs head. Tell it what acting like it was going to win against it really meaned. Not to add, some more bugs with it.

Good, good. It would kill them all. That would show sun. Also, what about this could be bad? They were just bugs. How did demons - which were almost all strong it thinked, at least when it looked at itself - killed by bugs? These things?

It seeed them kill back then with the Chieftain once, but, these weren't that many. They could come through the way over there yes, but not a lot at a time.

Oh, the first one was here. How hard could this be?

Just move like the Chieftain. Yes, yes, that's right, and hit the hand down onto its head!

Hah, die!


It hit the head as it wanted to.

It didn't do much.

Then, the same bug that it hit moved its head up and hit its arm, and it dropped off.


The bugs covered the dropped arm fastly, but didn't do anything else to it. Though it still now had only one arm.

This...was not going like it thought it would. Why didn't the bug die? Why did its hit make such a unloud sound. It was not even close to the crunch it wanted to hear.

And why were they coming so fast? It didn't seem that fast when looking, and its actual body was fine too. This with its physical body though...unfast! Bugs shouldn't move that fast!

Bugs are just bugs! There was nothing on it for them to eat so they couldn't do anything! Shouldn't be able to!

But they could make it become many. Just hit with those sword things.

It used hand hit, and it was not very good.


There went another arm.

Well. This was not going good at all.

Ok. No. It still had legs. It could hit with those. And it was still corroding them. See? One bug died.

No level for some reason, but at least it got some more mana back. Right, this could work.

It was just...the corroding didn't seem to work as fast or as good against big things. Not unless it made sure to corrode a part like the head. So it changed its corroding to the heads. It was already looking better.

Just that, aside from the legs not working - it did try to hit them, but its leg also got dropped - the bugs were only becoming more instead of less.

It wasn't sure about numbers anymore, but there were more bugs in here then before. It killed one here and there, and then more came. It was like...definitely not becoming less.

The problem with leg hitting was that after the one leg dropped, it dropped too, and, well...that didn't go well. It got hit many, many times. There were now little bits of it all over the ground. But the bugs didn't stop. They were hitting each other now.

It couldn't know why, but it could be because they wanted to get more levels. Maybe.

Still. It's not like it was dead. Being breaked into smaller and smaller parts hurt too. But, it's actual body was actually fine. It was still corroding them. The bugs couldn't do anything about that.

It was also not getting another physical body. It was coming unfaster anyway, because the mana here was starting to be weird, like the bugs and ways were making it different, and so it didn't make another body like normal.

Also, since it was sure that the body would just get breaked again. So the better thing to do now was to act like normal. When things didn't seem to be ok, corrode.

That always worked. If there was enough time.

So then the other thing was, maybe doing that whole body parts thing. Seeing as actually making a body was becoming unfaster and weird, why not just move those parts back and make them into the body?

It always thought it was weird that it started making a new body instead of just pulling the old one back.

There wasn't anything to less by that. It was better that way, less mana and faster than making a new one, right?

This could be a good place to try. Seeing as it wasn't doing anything anyway. The corroding actually taked more work to not do then it did to do.

So here it could kill bugs while training for a body back thing.

First. To move its actual body out in little things. Just like when going back into a body.

That was mostly easy. It did it a lot by now. So, then the next part...well, it could use its actual body to move things. It always thought it only worked with its physical body, because that was the first place where it did it, but it finded that that was actually more because it didn't know before how touch worked

Now that it did...and had time and mana - since the bugs were just mana and mana, even without being dead - it could try this. It did it with small bugs of course. Big ones would likely use much mana and work to do. Small ones though, small ones were much smaller than its physical body and it could move that easy so for a first try with not physical body, should go fine like this.

Which it did. Moving small bugs was fine. Then, it just had to move its body parts back. The hard part was...the bugs seemed to get even more moving when it started moving things around. It was almost sure they didn't like that, if their moving all over the walls and top, and even on top of each other was anything. Actually they were getting to the Pit top, where it came in from now. Was this bad?

Oh, no it was fine.

The bugs died from something when they tried to go to the Pit in. It was ok.

Right, so the moving. Since everything was full of bugs and there was no way to move the parts, then it just had to make way. Easy.

Just corrode all the bugs in the way.

If it was just killing them, it was easy. Since its actual body was really good. The hard part was doing anything with a physical body.

It didn't get how demons got anything done with such useless bodies. Its actual body seemed much better if it was really thinking about it. But well, that was what they did and not its problem. So it didn't mean much.

Soon enough, it had its arms and legs and body back. But the arms and legs and body were back, but only as arms and legs and body. They were not actually back as all yet.

It left the head since it was still getting the new one back anyway, and that always started with the head.

What was annoying was that the bugs hit and breaked the body parts it used so much mana and work to put back. It had to keep backing them again. So it also just keeped corroding the bugs that were being annoying.

It had finded that bugs heads were still good places to kill them from. Kind of. They sometimes still moved after their heads were corroded. And it was weird.

Once, it thought it had its arm and even corroded a bug before it could hit its arm, but then its legs still moved and it went over to and dropped onto its arm. So it had to corrode its way out. It tried moving the arm which was away from its body - it worked of course - but the arm was not able to move good under the bug so it still had to corrode its way out.

Ok, ok. Now it had its parts all close. They weren't actually back though. The arms, and legs, and body, and head, were all still different, and the legs, and arms, and body were actually also still different. They weren't back full, instead it just holded the parts with each other. And moved the head into place.

It wasn't sure what to do now though. The only idea it could think of was to somehow do what it did to make a new body on this body to put it back. Somehow.

The only thing that it really felt itself doing was moving mana. In a weird way. So, probably, maybe, just putting mana into the body would put it back?

But it couldn't do that right now.

The bugs were all dead now, from killing each other, and it corroding them. But, it only got this.

Level Up x 2

Just two? After all that?

This rank thing felt annoying. But what could it do. That was how it was. At least its max mana went up a bit. Most mana it got was used before it could become more though, so it didn't get much. Maybe that was also why it didn't level much?

The moving the parts around, moving bugs, and corroding that fast all used a lot of mana. So with no more bugs to unfastly corrode and get mana from, the only mana it had was in this place, but it could only eat it unfastly. It didn't actually eat that fast. Not when it was using it all.

Ok. So then.

Oh wait, no this might be ok. The bugs were already becoming more. It was corroding many, the small ones also were very fast to corrode, but the good part was that the bugs on the out, were eating and taking away the dead bugs. What this meaned was that it could still get more bugs!

Yes, it would get its physical body back and then it would fight and learn to fight good!


"Hey, Genius. Just wanted to let you know we're waiting outside the Pit."

What. But. But, it just got its physical body back! After all that fighting!

All that trying and working! And this was all it got?

It didn't even kill any bugs with its physical body! The only crunchs it heared were ones the bugs made when other bugs hit them!

This was, this was stupid!

"I mean, did you really not realize how long that took you? Not to mention most of those bugs killed each other. Probably trying to kill you. The invisible invader."

Oh. But, but no! The physical body was finally almost ready to fight! It finally got it back!

"It probably got scattered so many times. And you had to individually move each piece back, while whatever you weren't focusing on got scattered again."

...stupid bugs.

"HAHAHAHA. Yeah. You suck. You got bit into pieces within minutes of entering! I could hear you yelling about it before I even got home! HAHAHAHAHAHA! 'Seemed like fun,' it said! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Fine, whatever, so it didn't do that good. That was normal for a first time.

"For someone of your intelligence!? To fail so horrifically!?"

Fine, fine. Whatever. Silence sun. It had better things to do.

"Like digging yourself out of insect guts?"

Yes. Because it killed a lot.

"I could literally kill the same number in like, an eighth of the time at most."

It didn't know what that was, so hah.

"Alright, alright. I mean, you atleast did a good job managing to clog the whole cavern down there. At least this section'll be quieter for a bit. Come on out."

It...was under too many bugs. And not much mana.

"I'm not touching that mess. I'm not. I refuse."

So? It was fine. It could be just fine under here. It didn't need help at all. Actually, it was just going to ask, that it could wait here, and put its body back, and kill some more bugs. So go, it was fine. This was still normal working.

"...uh, we were going to take you to kill some wolves..."

So why wasn't it out already?

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

It got humbled. By bugs. 

Will it have better luck with wolves?

Maybe? Maybe not?

Actually before, that, will it ever get out of that entombment by insect guts and other assorted body parts. Or just bodies in general?

Oh right, what bugs was it? Wanna guess? (The small ones unrelated. Kinda.)

Also, does this feel like daily updates? Cuz it might be. At least for this week. Maybe. Don't jinx it more than I already did. 

Did the basically instant kill by bugs surprise you in any way? 

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