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The sun came down and hit it on the arm top.

"What took you so long! It's been hours since I told you to come!"

Really? It didn't know that. It almost thought that it had been a very little time, and it hadn't been trying to find the way here for a long time.

"Well it was. You took forever." Sun moved his head side to side. "Oh, by the way, how was cleaning duty."

It just looked at sun.

"Was it that bad? Well anyway, you can come up the wall if you want. Should be fine." Then the sun walked up the up-thing and onto the wall.

It wasn't sure if the sun was being actual right now or not, had some hitting to do. If it said it would, then it would. As long as it had a reason.

So it walked up after the sun fastly, then behind, and then put its hand into the back of his head.

Sun walked weird for a bit but didn't drop.

"Hah, nice."

Then he was still walking.

They stopped where Styx was. And he looked over at them once, then turned back to looking at everything outside of the walls.

"Are you sure that was a good idea? If he gets in the way up here, we'll be in for it."

"Uh. It'll be fine! I mean, all he has to do is make way for people patrolling." Sun moved around his hand.

Make way? As in make a way for them? Easy.

It knowed it could do that at least, because when it was cleaning at first, there were many demons around! The demons moved around each other though and didn't make each other stop much.

They just were always moving, going to where they needed to without getting in each other's way. After it had to walk on its own, it also had to move out of the way of demons some times. There would be no problems. No problems at all.

"So, how was it? Our job was terrible. Documents suck. A lot. I'd feel bad for Ecromina but I mean, she's too scary to feel sympathy know she's almost as strong as the General right? The only reason she's just an aide is because she wanted to get some experience first." Sun looked at it, and so did Styx. He looked like he wanted to know too.

So Ecromina was strong? Not weird. It had knowed that from the start. There was no way anyone that it thought was ok could be weak. Though, how strong was the General?

"I mean. He made the mountain here." Sun pointed at the mountain behind them.

Ah, right. Yes, that is pretty strong.

"...anyway. How was yours?"

Ok. It was very normal though. Theirs sounded fun. First it went around the place with a new and better way of walking that it finded and seeed some things on the way. Then after that it went down a weird place and lost a leg while trying to make it to the walls. After that, it was holded and made to do things by a demon that gave it to another demon that made it eat random things. It also finded a demon that telled of a spy, and finded the Vice Commander, seeed them fight, and after that, finded the master key.

"Oh, yeah sounds - wait, that doesn't sound normal at all. Or more like, just what were you doing, to lose a leg on the way?" Sun was looking weirdly at it and the Styx started laughing.

It was getting to the walls of course. What else would it be doing? Unlike a certain sun, it actually did work, and didn't try to run away from doing what it was to do.

"Right. So." After thinking for a bit, sun turned to Styx, and telled him what happened.

"It went and somehow lost a leg while probably crawling through the streets and then got tossed around and discovered a spy plot as well as the master key and Vice Commander that went missing."

"That sounds almost as eventful as our school experience..." Styx moved his head side to side.

Then sun laughed, "Yeah that, we uncovered three spies. I mean they were technically together but still. Not to mention all the other crazy stuff we did. I mean, I even found one of my senior's long lost pets! It was dead already though."

What? Three spies? That spies were actually normal? It would explain why it sounded like having many of them and finding many of them was normal. Maybe it could have finded some more if it were to keep looking back there.

"I...don't think that's how it works."

Clank clank clank clank

A demon was coming.

"Alright, now move out of the - ouch." Sun started telling it what to do but it was already ready. It moved to the side of the demon that was coming so that it could move passing it.

It did not remember it was on a wall though. So, it dropped almost but sun holded one of its legs. Instead of dropping it just came around and hit itself into the wall once, went back and then back down and hit the wall again, and then again.

After that it just was there for a bit until sun pulled it up and back onto the wall. The demon that was passing by gave it a weird look and then unfastly nodded to it before then walking away faster.

So it did a good thing then? Nice. Also, why were these walls made this way? What if someone dropped of a side?

"I don't think you could normally fall over the wall though...or rather, there's plenty of space the other way."

Yes, but that was not as near as this side of the wall. Not to add, it's not like it actually dropped. And the biggest thing was that even if it did drop, it wouldn't die. If it wouldn't die from it, then what did some hurt and a little bit work getting back onto the wall mean?

I was fine to take things more easy. There was no reason to be so fear of little things that didn't mean much. Right?

Sun didn't say anything more and looked at it for a bit and then also became not talking, looking out instead, like Styx.

...Was it something it said?

After that, for a time, they were just there. It wasn't sure what it was that they were doing here, but aside from moving out of the way of demons many more times - though, after the first three times it didn't do anything wrong anymore - not much happened. The second wrong was when it hit into sun who then dropped. Styx holded him that time. Sun also hit the wall a few times like it did and after coming back up holded his head.

He also moved a bit away from it. The third time wasn't as bad. It was holding a sword which after much annoying sun, it got, and then when moving out of the way, it almost hit sun with the sword. The sword was taked away from it after that one and sun moved even more away.

Both times the passing demons runned away faster and when later it seeed them coming back around they runned passing it instead of even walking first.

After that though no more bad things happened. They just were there, looking out at the outside. There were monsters, but was there any need to remember them? They were normal, and their only point of being there was to die anyway.

They did, of course. The demons on the wall killed them. So did sun and Styx. Both used magic to kill them. Sun with his weird things and Styx with even weirder things.

It wanted to kill monsters too, but they didn't make it very near before being killed so there was that. Too bad. Maybe it could try that Pit sometime. Seemed like fun. Not like it could die that easy anyway. Some killing place like that sounded like fun to fight in.

They were still not talking while they walked back - probably to the same place as last time, where they were while it was night.

Sun had been not talking ever since that one time with the sword. It could really know why though. It's not like he got hit, and even if he did, it probably wouldn't kill him right? He was the one who said his stats are higher. He shouldn't die from a little hit to the body with a sword. Who died from that? Not it.

Styx just didn't talk much anyway.

So it was like that that they went back towards the place when it had a very good idea. It was an idea it just had but it had it even better this time. What if, they went to the Pit right now. Or it just stayed there. As it was, its body corroded things too much when it was in one place, right? And it wanted to go to the Pit. So, what if it just had fun in the Pit for now?

"That, is an excellent idea. HehehehehehahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sun started laughing loudly and Styx looked at him like there was a bad thing. Then at it.

"What's happening?"

"We're taking it to the Pit. It said it wants to have fun there." Sun looked very happy at Styx and Styx also nodded.

"It can get some fighting experience. Not like it'll die from having its body shredded anyway."

With both of them thinking its idea was good - which it had to say, was good even by its normal very high intelligence normals - they taked it to the Pit.

The way was different again this time around, just like it had newly learned. That there were different ways to the same place and just remembering one way didn't work. Not to add, usually remembering even one way was hard.

Still, they were here now.

"We'll pick you up in the morning for some void mana acclimation again. Have fun~. HAHAHAHAHA!"

Sun laughed very loudly and runned away, while Styx turned to it. "Remember to think while you fight. Look for ways to kill your enemies. Learn to move, and don't just run at them or something. Well, getting a taste of what actual fighting feels like should be enough for now. Good luck. If it ever feels like too much just annoy the idiot through your contract. Despite what he says he'll probably come back for you."

And then Styx was gone too.

It felt kind of weird. After all, now it was alone. Before that with the cleaning there was the red thing and that demon to tell it what to do. For a time after a while, it was doing things on its own again, but they were things it had no idea of. After all, what happened if it became lost like the keys? But no, it could just use its actual body and the contract then. No problems. Yes, no problems.

It wasn't thinking about this too much because of all the demons looking at it right now or the loud noises coming from the Pit right now. No, it was much different. It was because it was pretty sure this was going to be a lot more times having to go back to its physical body then with the finding its way to the gates.

Was it really a good idea? If its physical body was too hurt, then it taked time for it to come back and it could be training in other ways instead. Was having to take so much time for its body to come back the most intelligence thing? Was it?

Well, then again. It didn't want to ask sun to bring it back now. It felt annoying. It couldn't go to the void mana place on its own fast anyway. So this was better. Right. Into the Pit.

And so, looking back at the demons that looked at it, it walked over to and then dropped, into the Pit.

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A note from Dragorule

It's so dead. XD


So that aside. How do you think its first physical body combat is going to go. Or what it's going to encounter down there? 

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