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It was walking back to the same place it came in now. The Southern Corridor full of blood and the Eastern Corridor having weird up and down and a hole outside with many demons dropped. Oh, and whatever that other corridor was from the first time with the demon that helped everyone know that there was a spy in the place. In a big way, it felt like not much happened but it was fun so it wouldn't feel bad coming back again.

The last corridor it was almost done and moving back to the first from, was the same almost as the first corridor. Just normal spiders and slimes and dust. No spys or blood this time. There was a "master key" it finded that had been "lost" for "ages" because it was covered in so much dust and slime that it became like rock. That part of the corridor went down a bit so when it fulled over and became rock-like, no demons felt anything weird. It did though, and the demon seeed the master key when it was trying to eat it.

It was corroding very unfastly so it seeed it. Which was another learning point for it. That being, it should not think for sure because when it thought something was for sure it usually wasn't. It thought it already knowed now anything it could find and what was or wasn't to be corroded but, it didn't. It was intelligence but not much it could do about things it just didn't know.

Yep. That was all. It was not unintelligence though.

As it had seeed many - kind of many - times by now, the door at the end of the corridor was opened and they went in. Soon, they were there, in front of the same door as it came in from.

"Well, I didn't think I would say this, but you've been a big help. That, and unlike some idiots you're not a pain to be around. You get the job done. If you ever need a job, I'd welcome you back anytime!"

The demon said something that it thought sounded good to remember and then opened the door here again. And then it walked out.

The first thing that hit it when it walked out was definitely the light. The Eastern Corridor had the hole, but not much light. The mountain kind of covered it. But here, there was more light and it was very weird. Very very weird. Because it almost felt used to dark light when now when it came out it was light light.

When it walked out a bit, one of the demons started running towards it and saying something.

"Watch out for the cart!"

The second thing that hit it was another one of the things coming down from the same place it came down from. There was a loud bang it heared since it was near its physical body when it got hit, so it went heared that before the demon's talking. Though it could still hear the demon talking fully. Because its not like it needed the physical body to hear. That was for touch.

Which it felt much of when the "cart" hit it. It went up and back, hitting the wall and dropping. The "cart," the wall, and even the little weird things inside the cart that hit it, all felt different. Touch was really useable.

It could see some demons talking about how if it was dead they would have to go and clean it up. Then others calling them stupid since it didn't put out anything for them to clean up.

Well, it looked like they wanted to talk to it, and usually they did that with their heads looking at each other, so first it had to move its head back to the right way. Right now, its head was looking the wrong way.

So it moved its hands and pulled the head back into place with a screech and then got up.

The demons all looked it up and down and then walked away, with only one demon being there to talk to it. That same demon also holded its arm and moved it back to a place where the things wouldn't come and hit. Not that it had to. It could see now, and wouldn't make the same wrong again. That wasn't its problem either. It just didn't think about having to look for random things hitting it from that way.

Yes things came down from there but the idea that they could hit it didn't really happen to come to it. This was the problem it seeed. It usually only knowed what it knowed. It couldn't know what it knowed but didn't know. Yes things could hit it and yes that place had things coming down from it, but it's not actually like it knowed that they could hit it...

"Er, sir, now that I see your...face, I can see that not possess flesh. But, your helmet is dented and uh, we were wondering if you want to perhaps try to get repair money. Because if you wasn't realy our fault so...yes? You get it right?"

It wasn't sure what this demon was talking about. "Repair money?" What was that? And "dented?" Well, true it was a little hurt, but it was nothing to feel bad about. It got hurt like this so much that there was no way it wasn't normal. This small a hurt couldn't even be thought of as a real hurt anymore. Plus it had things to do and suns to tell to.

How to tell the demon here this though...normally it just walked around and demons seemed to know what it meaned. Or. Kind of knowed. So, the same thing would be fine here then.

And it walked off.

The demon watched it for a bit but after it went back to moving around near the wall. Or started to.

Until it thought of something. Was the sun at the walls right now? Now that it thought about it, it wasn't sure what time the St-un went to the wall, but since the connection was also changed they couldn't talk the same wait they could. It did change the connection so it kind of not remembered and it had not talked from far away yet, but it had not not talked from far away yet either. It worked before the should still work now right? It only changed the conection a bit it thought.

So it tried. To think towards the sun, towards the stupid. Yes, feel out the place where stupid came when it first felt and chanegd the connection. It shouldn't be hard. If it could do it once, it should be able to do it again. That was how it worked after all. There was no reason to not be able to do something again if it happened once. 

And it did. There it was. The stupid. Now to send a talk to the sun...oh. Easy. 

Stupid. Tell me where sun is. 

"'re still alive? I heard the Vice went on a killing spree again. The guards dropped like wolves I heard. And saw. Arnoth looked terrible when he dragged the Vice back in. He had dents all over hahahaha. I thought you got mangled and shredded in the crossfire or something."

Well if anyone was going to die, then it would be more possible for the dead to be the sun. He was stupid after all. 

"Anyway. We're at the gates again. We always are. Just come there again."

That would work for the actual body. Not it. It could not see the gates from here. It could without the physical body but going far from it felt bad...

Well. It could now fight void mana which before was just much hurt, so some weird couldn't be bad. 

Just go up and up and oh. The physical body dropped with a clank and thud. The demons around looked at it while it looked at the gate. When it could see it it came back down and tried to move its physical body...but it wouldn't move. 

That was annoying. Was this what happened when it moved too far from its physical body? This was probably the reason it got a weird feeling when moving away from its physical body. It couldn't keep moving it when it became too far. Now it wasn't moving back easy. 

But! It had done this back then. When it was fighting the void mana in the time when it wasn't its problem. Then, it made its not body anymore but still body move as it wanted. It could so it again now right? This was just its body. Not breaked and no void mana trying to eat it either. 

There was no reason it couldn't.

So it pushed in its actual body to the physical body, like it did that time. Making small going out parts that went onto the physical body. 

As it went back in, it felt something and the physical body was there. 

Not fully. The physical body felt a lot harder to move, but as more of it moved in the body felt less harder to move and became easier to move. The demons that were around started walking again when they seeed it get up. 

Soon, it felt maybe like it did before. Well, not really. But ok enough. This was harder but hard didn't stop it before and wouldn't now. 

It would go back to before at some time. 

For now, it just had to move...well. This might take a bit. 

From up, it looked a lot different then from down. 

After one turn it wasn't sure where to go anymore. 

So. This...might take a while. 

After many, many times dropping its physical body and then going back into it, it got to the gates. It actually felt like maybe this was what dying was like. 

Every time the physical body dropped it felt hurt. But since it had already been through that one time with the void mana it didn't seem as bad though, and after so many drops too, it was starting to think less and less of hurt. It was now just there to tell it what happened. It was just touch now. It shouldn't even say it was hurt anymore actually. It could just say what happened. 

See? Everything was useful. Even though finding the gates was hard, and felt bad. And annoying. Very annoying. It didn't stop and moved. Because of that, now it was still here. It made it. Even the times where it would come back to the body but not remember the turn because of how many turns there were or the demons that were around changing and having to find the same turn again and felt like hitting something. Or all the times it had to take its body back and push away the demons that went to look at it every time it died-not. 

It didn't stop. Now it was here at the gates. And feeling like hitting sun. But. This was learning too. It was now, just a bit better at telling what up looked like when back down. 

When it did this again, which it almost definitely would if it didn't have someone around to tell it where to go, now it would take maybe one or two less dead-nots. 

So it walked up to the wall and looked to the side. Finding that it could have just walked from where it came out in a one way and came all the way here. 

No, it wasn't annoyed. But it knowed something else now. 

When looking for how to get to a place, it didn't mean that it always had to look for one way. There were probably other ways that were maybe easier. 

That and next time it should make sun come get it. 

Or break the buildings that were in the way and just go all the way to the gates. 

Actually both of those two ways were easier than finding the way itself. It would have to talk to sun about this. 

It was thinking of this that it telled the sun to come down and get it and waited. 

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A note from Dragorule

I was originally just going to read something and go off, but then I realized that I might as well take advantage of this solid block of free time (actually it's super late right now for me XD) and write a chapter. 

So here ya go. 

Well. I guess the spirit's learning dark souls style. At some point the deaths stop triggering you. If they even ever triggered you from the start lol. 


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