The demon that was running for the wall didn't seem like it would make it. Why? Because the other demon, the enemy probably, was moving very fast in its way too. Too bad it was in front though. This might be bad. An enemy could try to kill it too.

It wasn't sure what was happening but whatever it was, it wouldn't be able to do whatever the demon going for the wall wanted to do, so instead it could just stop this other maybe spy demon. Which waas easy since its physical body was there in the way and wouldn't be a problem to be breaked.

The spy-maybe didn't seem like it thought it would do that so it hit it. And it felt bad. It went back and hit the wall, almost hitting the demon, but it used its actual body to move the physical body a bit and not hit. Still, the spy wasn't hurt by it, and started moving again, fastly.

It was a good thing the other demon wasn't useless and already did whatever. The spy hit the demon once and it dropped. Was it dead? It was hit in the not-head-but-not-body. Then, the spy did something and its physical body's arms dropped. Its actual body was also hit by a mana and pushed back. After that the spy runned. 

But it seemed like this spy was more important than it thought. There were demons coming in from both sides of the corridor. Even the one that was Vice-Commander. The one that holded it and put it inside this wall. Also the red thing was here. What was happening?

Still, it seemed to have not knowed how strong a spy was, because the spy hit demons everywhere. Some were hit in the body, others just holded and throwed at other demons. Even when hit they went hitting into other demons. The spy went all over almost without being hit, even going and walking on their heads fastly whenever it was looking not able to do anything. 

Soon enough the demons went away from the spy, but still making it so the corridor was full on both ways. The Vice Commander walked out and pulled out a...thing? It looked like a sword but bigger on one side. 

"Vice Commander. Give up. You cannot run away from your duties just because you don't like working."

What? Vice Commander!? Then who was the big demon!? Why were the Vice Commander and demons fighting! And more importantly...then where was the actual spy! Who was who!? It didn't know anymore! Also now that it thought about it...even the General was like this...were all demons that were in these places weird? Then was this big demon the 'Ecromina' of here? That was kind of scary to think of. One Ecromina was a lot. That also did make sense. 

Since the red thing was still here all the time from when it went into the wall and only went away now. Well. That was definitely a...not what it thought. 

The spy Vice Commander, did something and a big mana hit the demons on one side, the one behind it where the pseudo-Ecromina was not and made them all go throwing around. 

The Vice Commander started running, saying something as the demons with the pseudo-Ecromina started running after it, "You'll never catch me alive! Never! I refuse to meet that creep! Go do it yourself! You think I don't know that she's still here!? I can tell! I have been stal - checking in occasionally! Don't underestimate meeeeeee!" 

The demons in the way were hit to the side by the Vice Commander or walked on. Though it didn't seem like it hurt. The big demon and its demons had to move around the demons in the wa - no. No they didn't. They just holded them up and passed them back to the demons behind them who passed them more back and more back until they were dropped on the ground. Some got up and also started running at the back of the big group and others who got up went back the other way. If the whole walls were like probably trying to come in front of the Vice Commander.

One demon was doing something on the wall again. Oh, it was the demon that was with it. There were also demons in front of the Vice Commander who got up but they were throwed away again and the ones who tried to hold the Vice Commander's leg were walked on. 

After the loud group was away, the demon walked back over to it and put its hand on the back of that not-head-but-not-body part. 

"Ok, let's keep cleaning. That's not our problem anymore."

Cleaning...? Oh. Right. 

It looked around and seeed that there were bits of the blood everywhere. Everywhere. 

Even all the way back where it cleaned already. The amount of blood didn't change much. Only some of the demons that came started blooding. 

But it still had to go back and clean those bits now and also it looked bad. 

Vice Commander or not, it would definitely get this demon dropped and then holded by the other demons if it seeed it again...well, the demon was right though. It was not their problem anymore. Not that it was ever really a problem of it anyway, but it had cleaning to do. And finish fast, since then it had to go to sun and Styx and tell them about this fun first time working at something. 

Well, as with all things, it finded that wanting to do it fast and actually doing it fast were different things. It wanted to become able to run faster than the sun but it wasn't able to. It could eat faster when it tried though. Which was also ok since it was useable for killing. 

It gave the demon who was now on the ground and doing something weird with its mana an annoyed look. Not that it was sure if this was something it could see or know was an annoyed look. It didn't really have a eyes and mouth on its physical body. It had them but they were just there. Not on something like demons eyes and mouths were. Its eyes and mouth just were there in the place its head would go if it had one in the helmet-head. They also didn't look as...much things in it. 

Demons eyes and even wolves and bears, had the eye, but the eye had weird bits on top and under. There was a part that moved up and down to cover the eye. There was a part of the eye that was one color on the outest part. Then one that was another color on the more inside. Then another. And then black. The black part was weird since it became different sometimes. 

Its eyes weren't like that. Its eyes were just one color. Was it weird? It didn't think so, but other than the bones, everything seemed to have different eyes then it. Then again, everything looked a little different. Wolves were different from bears. And demons from those. And bones were all same but also not same. To other bones and also the wolves and bears and demons. The bugs were definitely the weirdest. Them and spiders. Slimes were also different. Actually, maybe there wasn't anything weird about it. 

Of course it was more intelligence then them all, but seeing as there were only more different things the more it knowed, then it was actually probably really normal. Maybe. And -

"Hey, don't slack off, just because we're done the corridor doesn't mean you can stop now."

What? Corridor? Oh. It was thinking while cleaning so it didn't really feel the time. After all, there were so many different things for bones even. The way the bones for each part looked, their heads were one of these parts, and the way they moved. The way they kind of acted. And the bones that had the same bones were also different. The colors of the bones and sometimes the bones looked like there parts that should be there not there. 

Well. Things like that. It was a good thing that it knowed how to do something easy like corroding and moving without thinking on it too much. Though it wasn't sure how or why. But it had this since from when it could remember...something. There was definitely something it did before it finded and watched and listened to sun's place with the Chieftain and what they did. Something...but it couldn't remember what it was. There were things before that too. Something about a place with many bodies. 

As it was though, this thinking about random things didn't do anything and it was almost at the door. Those things it couldn't remember couldn't be that important or mean anything anyway. If it were important it would remember. It was too intelligence to just not remember important things. 

Such as...killing all the bones! It almost didn't remember! Those bones! THOSE BONES! 

Oh the door was opening. It could finish this thought some other time. What was next? Was this place also all done?

"This is the Eastern Corridor. It hasn't really been used since it's basically just built into the mountain. Also because its tiring to use. It curls up along the mountain and back down on the other side. Even if the town's built up along the mountain we can't not have walls up at the top right? Or something. I mean we just do whatever Ecro - the General says."

Hmmm. So this was the mountain side wall. Also Ecro-General? Not a bad idea. By putting the names like this it didn't have to say them differently and could be used to remember many demons names. Also talking to them as a group. It was so much less work!

It would have to go tell this whole way to the sun. Why didn't he already use it? It was like its words! Which it would say didn't really have much use after it knowed the actual words for things but still, this was names, and names were always there wherever it went. This way was much better anyway and would definitely be a good idea! 

Also, so the two, Ecro-General did this thinking as a two. Really? It had been thinking that from the way they did, with the General acting like sun, that Ecromina actually did most of the work, like Styx and the General was just the random person there like sun with Styx. Sun was also kind of scared of Styx and General was scared of Ecromina. It worked out. It was so same. 

But it seemed General wasn't useless after all! Good for it. Being useless was definitely the badest thing. It didn't mean much to who, but being useable was good. Since then it wouldn't have to be dead. 

There wasn't a lot of blood or dead demons here. The Vice Commander and other demons were also not here. The wall was actually also not here in front. The demon didn't see it yet since it was still walking up after its physical body while its actual body went in front and cleaned the dirt and things it had cleaned already many times. 

There was a place where the wall was breaked. It was just big enough for a group of demons or the big demon and some less demons to go through. It was almost definitely sure that the Vice Commander and other demons went and made this hole. Probably the Vice Commander. Why? Because it could see more demons dropped around like dead bodies outside. 

As the demon after it came over and seeed the hole it just walked. 

"Not our problem remember? I've had enough action for today. Crazy good cleaning tools and spies and bodies and-"

The demon was still talking but getting less loud as it talked and then stopped. It moved its head side to side and then keeped walking. Well that was fine. They had work to do. No more of this not-cleaning stuff. Though it had arms to get back too. It corroded the ones it dropped. Since that was definitely trash right?

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A note from Dragorule

HAHAHA! You guys thought it was the spy didn't you! 

Or rather, that wasn't even the scene of the crime! My author's note didn't lie, you guys just never caught it! 

Well, that aside. 


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