So. Seeing as the demons were now acting different. Every place but also to it, it was going to take a little thought and say that maybe what it did was good?

They didn't seem to be trying to kill it. Or hurt it. By its thoughts that was already very good. That the demon that holded it now put it down and back up after and before doing something much less harder was probably a good thing. It didn't really mind even if it was hit harder since it got to the places and back faster, but, whatever right?

After that whole spy thing, the demons were more. They were walking around and talking to each other. Well, the ones with armor were. They asked things like, "Where were you at something something" and "When did you last see Garc?"

Actually, right after the mana thing, there were many demons. They were everywhere. Looking everywhere. There was also much mana moving in the walls, and its cleaning was stopped. Instead, it was moved to the side of the place and waited with the demon as other demons runned around. The moving to the side was probably to make more place for the running demons. While it was there, it did nothing. There wasn't anything to do anyway. It did hit its physical body's arms and legs on the walls a bit for fun, but that was all.

Which was weird. But, it was going to say Garc was probably the spy. Why?

"That Garc was actually a spy huh. And he killed Timi too. If I ever see that traitor again-!"

"Yeah, but I mean he was pretty good huh? I never suspected a thing!"

"Oh he's definitely an admirable spy. Still gonna strangle him with his own intestines, but hey. Give respect where respect is due."

Two demons were walking by while talking about this Garc demon. Whoever that was, he was respect-getting and also to be killed. Weird. But was that how it worked? To say what you liked about the other before killing? Should it do that too?

The demon holding it also seemed to listen to the two others but didn't say anything and was still walking. He made it go into another pit.

It eated here too, but this time, even though it looked a lot and many times, there was not another demon to find. Too bad. It wanted to find more of these spy demons. Seemed like fun. It could make this a side thing. Cleaning and find many spys while cleaning! Then it could go and tell sun how much better it was and how many spys it finded. And why stop there? If it seeed Garc it would also kill him!

It would have to find out what "strangle" was and where Garc put his "intestines" but it would do it. If it finded Garc. Now if only it knowed what Garc looked like. Then it could just move around with its actual body and find him. Oh, but it couldn't stop cleaning. If only that many bodys thing from that time worked. It would be so betterer right now.

The demon pulled it out of the pit again. By now it had its own hands and full legs but the demon still holded it. Well, this one was kind of bigger than the other demons in here. Not bigger than the ones outside though. Still. It could walk on its own. But after the hitting on the walls the demon started holding it even though before that it would look at its legs every time before moving it. What was different? It didn't mean much though.

If the demon wanted to do the work, then why not? It had no reason to be more try.

"So. Can't use those legs of yours?"

Yes. It could.

"...Right. Can't talk. Or get leading questions apparently..."


"The next one will probably take longer. We'll be heading into the Southern Walls now, and those are gonna have blood to be cleaned out. It always flows in through the arrow slits and pools on the floor. Slippery. And smelly."

Well, if it was blood, it didn't like it when time passed. But it shouldn't be hard, blood was just...a little usually. What was - it would see when the demon opened the door here.

It stopped in front of the door and did something with its mana before opening the door. As soon as it seeed what the demon meaned.

There was dark red all over the sides, top and bottom. It was kind of more up than the ground than before too. Were the wall inside grounds made different here? Or was that really that much blood?

"It would be worse, but the floors are slanted so it flowed into the pits. Those smell fermented with the trash."

Well, that did sound bad. And a lot of blood. The arrow slits were small and up though, so did the monsters come one by one to put all their blood into the holes or something? That was a lot.

It was sad that it didn't see the actual thing when it was all light red. Well, still dark but lighter than now.

"Could you clean up around the door first? Especially the bits stuck to it and spilling out into the corridor."

The demon sure was talking more now. Was it now that much better for helping with the spy thing?

It did as the demon said and after it was done, the demon closed the door.

While it was cleaning it finded that the blood on the ground was a lot, but not as much as it thought. The ground here was actually a bit more up.

Then, it moved to cleaning the rest of the "corridor" and when it did, it moved its physical body too, to get nearer. It didn't need to have its physical body so near but it did feel weird without it. Though for some reason the demon looked really hard at it while it was moving.

What? What was it looking at? Did he not-ever see a not-full armor move before?

Well, it wasn't here to do all the time just looking at things. It could do that while it worked after all. Unlike some demons. Just there without doing anything.

It tried cleaning with its physical body to see what happened, but other than the corrosion, its physical body made the blood make crack sounds and become very small and go every place. It was annoying more to clean up and looked bad. The blood this way also did not look good, but it liked it in its place like this. Fulling in the ground and having sides where the wall could be seeed as it cleaned the blood. Not these dumb small parts going onto the clean side. That looked bad.

So, it let the actual body do it. It was better for cleaning.

As it did, more and more weird things were there. There were bones, and also weird parts.

It was going to just not eat those but, the demon said.

"You can eat the organ bits and bones that popped in. The stuff we wanted was mostly already retrieved."

Oh. Ok. Then it would eat these "organ bits." But did that mean there were full organs? Now it wanted to see those.

Oh and the other weird thing. There were places in the blood which looked like big things were in the blood but moved out and making the blood bits go every place. But since they were there from before it was whatever. It didn't make that looking bad place.

There were also some dead demons it finded. It was asked to eat those too. Or to just clean off the blood.

It did it one time, and even did a good thing by taking out the blood and organs - yes! Organs! It finded them inside the demon body! It eated those too. But after seeing the weird dropping in body, the demon looking telled it to just eat them all. Unless it could feel blood moving in them. Then it should let the demon know. Or something.

Did that mean only not-dead things had moving blood? Where did it come from though? If they had less blood every time they were hurt, how did they not become no more blood and die? Or maybe they did? That was why they were so not ok with being hurt?

If that was how it was, it sounded bad. It was a good thing it could have the same touch and things like them but not have bad things like becoming dead if its blood or body became too less. It didn't even have blood.

Then again, if it did then it could always hurt itself to see blood...there were good things and bad things to everything it was starting to think. Why couldn't something just be all good and all bad? Why was everything so everywhere?

As it was thinking, it did not stop cleaning, so at some time it came to a pit.

Here was a thing. It was full though. When its actual body went in, there was blood at the up and the whole pit, but the bottom was more things and not blood. There was blood in places where things weren't but the things taked more space.

The weirdest part was probably that there were dead demons here too, at the bottom of the pit, under the things, but it probably didn't mean anything. They weren't not dead and it was telled to eat dead demons so whatever.

The pit looked kind of nice though. The blood there made a nice look. Better than the other places it seeed until now.

When it was done, it walked more. It still hadn't finded a place done cleaning so the demon would hold it and take it to the next place when it was done the corridor probably.

The demon was still there. It went after it and looked from back. It was nearer before but after it made the blood crack it stopped and just looked at it for a bit so the demon probably knowed what it meaned. That that was not ok. So from then it looked from more away.

The annoying part though was even after all the working there wasn't much to find. This corridor was almost the same as the corridor from before. What was the point of that? Why wasn't there anything different and new to see?

Oh. No, there was.

It seeed this new thing after much cleaning. It didn't feel how long the corridors were before, because now that it thought, the last corridor had demons doing most of the cleaning. Here it was doing the whole corridor. And now it felt long. After almost three more pits. Maybe more, but it wasn't very good at numbers. Not yet. It didn't feel like finding numbers when it didn't even know that many. It made it feel bad.

Still. This new thing was...a not dead demon! This demon was actually very good. It didn't seem hurt and had food with it down in the pit. On top was still blood. It made a stopping point. It looked nice. But, it could see that that place, the blood was very nicely made into a different part. One that was moved from what it could see. Probably the demon in there. Well, it just had to clean so whatever.

And it did. But as soon as it did the cleaning, the demon inside started moving. Still, it was not dead so the demon outside would do what it did. It was just the cleaning spirit. The not cleaning or killing things were not its problem. Or in what it knowed. Yet.

It also ate the food the demon had. It didn't need it now right? And when it did, the demon fastly came out of the pit.

But when the demon outside seeed the demon that came out of the pit it stopped and then started running at the wall. What was it doing now?

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A note from Dragorule

Hmmmmmmm. I wonder who it is. 

Also. Wouldn't it be funny if the spy was back at the crime scene. 


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