It was a long way to go. Maybe. It couldn't be too sure, but it felt like this was a long bit of time. It was times like this that it felt annoyed about not knowing time and how to number it better. It didn't feel right not knowing how to.

In the first place. It made it hard to understand things like, "in whatever hours." Still. It had to say. This whole moving along the ground thing wasn't bad. It was kind of fun. By now its legs were also kind of back but they didn't work as well with small bits so for now it let them come along behind it.

The red thing looked like it got smaller though and that would be bad. Because if it went it wouldn't know how to get to the walls. And it couldn't talk.

The red thing seemed to think of a better way though. It went into a way that went down. It could see some demons pushing things onto it and letting them go down on their own. They actually got faster as they went down. The red thing...wanted it to do that? Sounded good. Looked fast too. Ok!

Just, how did it start - oh, there it was. It shouldn't have thought too much. It could feel itself dropping forwards a little already. Once it stopped stopping itself...and there!

It felt itself start moving, side over side, and because its shape was different, when it hit the ground with a side, it went up and around instead of just moving like some of the other things.




Some demons turned to look at it and then looked away. Did they not want to know? What it was doing? Or was that it? A look?




Well, whatever. It hurt when it hit the ground and its "health" was going less. But-! It was fast. And that was fine. The red thing moved around even on this way so it had to keep moving its physical body around to go after it. It could kind of see why. There were weird things made along the way where some things went and hit. But as they went towards it, they become unfaster and stopped when they hit the thing. Then demons came and holded the things. 

There were some demons that looked at some weird thing on the things and then put them back out into the way. The red thing was making it move so that it didn't go to the things. Which was ok. But. The problem was, the phsyical body wasn't very good at moving when moving so fast. So-


Clang clang

Bang clang


Oh. There went one leg. The up part of a leg was still there, but the down part where the leg could turn came off. Even the up part of that leg was less on now and went all over whenever it hit the ground.

This wasn't the best, but since the parts just came back, it was fine.

As time passed, its health went less and less, but it stopped. There was a weird thing here. It got less fast as it went and stopped when it hit a thing, that changed shape when it hit instead of hurting. Weird. But whatever.

Now where?

The red thing was already moving to another side. It was already at the "wall" now though. A different place then last time, but still the wall. What was happening now? Was this where the Vice Commander was?

As it went behind the red thing, other demons looked at it. But this time, they didn't just look away. They looked more and some touched their weapons. Or at least it thought those were weapons. They were point-thing-for-hitting enough. And these demons had armor.

Well, it didn't mean much though. Since, it just had to go behind the red thing. They weren't its problem.

"So. You're the spirit? Alright, come on. Follow me."

Somehow, when it wasn't looking a demon came? From where? How? And, why was this demon holding it up by a leg?

Still, when this demon said that, the other demons stopped looking and went away.

Still. "Follow?" How was it going to do that? Why did it even say it, if it was just going to hold it and bring it with it anyway?

Oh, it was doing something.

It moved a hand on a place and showed it its hand.

"Do you see this? This is dust. See what the wall looks like underneath? That's what it should be. Now, get rid of the dust on this door."

Ok. The "dust." Right. Very little corrosion. One actual body arm only. Only little. Eh. Good enough.

"Good enough. Well, that's why you're here."

The demon moved its hand to hold something on the door and pulled it. The door came out and it went in. Only now did it see the red thing was actually still there. It thought it went on to the Vice Commander.

Inside the door, there was more dark, and less light. Everything seemed darker. The sun wasn't here. Since this was...inside the wall. There were also demons. Many demons. They were doing things to the wall-insides.

They stopped when they seeed the demon that was holding it and said nothing. One came forward and its head went up and down, "Sir, is this the...aid?"

The demon holding it, moved its head up and down too. "This one's better too. It can eat the dust and grime. Even in places you can't reach. Make sure to direct it closely and specifically though. Or it might take bites out of the walls."

"Understood." The demon talking holded it too, after the demon that was holding it before put it out.

Then that demon walked back out and moved the door back. And then it was full black. Some places had a little less dark where the holes to outside were. But it was dark now, with the door not pulled out.

The demon holding it walked over to a spot where three demons were doing something on the ground. Hitting it.

"Eat this slime." Then it was dropped on the thing, the "slime."

Eat the slime? Well, did they mean corrode? Ok. That was - wait. Was this slime...eating it? It could feel the slime doing something to its body.

"Alright, maybe only dust - huh?" The demon that dropped it went to hold it again but went back.

Something else was eating it? No, it ate. Not some slime.

So it corroded strong for the first time in a while. And the slime was corroded. Done. No soul. But.

Max Mana +2

Were many slimes here? It would show them who was the real eater. And get mana too. A good deal.

"Well, it works. And mess free. No one likes cleaning that mucus. Well, 'cept those guys. Bleh. Don't know how they eat it. Alright. Let's have it clean the most annoying spots. Wonder if it works on spiders..."

Oh, more food to eat? Mana to get? All was good.

The demon walked towards it and holded it again. What was next? This inside place was fun!

Even the demons here were different!

The ones in the walls right now, were all colored darker. They were also smaller and all had longer arms. It wasn't sure why, but they also had darker armor. The ones that had any anyway. Many didn't have armor. And almost all were doing this away-dust-grim-slimes stuff. 

There were some weird ones though. There were some looking out of the holes and holding weird looking things. Others were pushing some weird looking clothes into the holes.

Then, there were the weirdest. Demons doing something with mana to make weird mana movings on the walls insides. They were probably like the ones in the castle, but these looked different.

"Here we are." Then, the demon throwed it into a thing. There were many small...bugs? Some were bigger too.

Still, whatever they were, if it was put here, it should corrode them? Then, that was it? Still. This was fun. To have things to corrode. Even if it usually had to stop itself from corroding. And, doing only the things and not the walls, was good...what was the word? Training? Yes, that. 

The bugs started running around when it dropped on them, and some went inside of it. Which felt...bad. It didn't like this. 

So it corroded them. The ones that went almost outside of what it could corrode? It corroded them before the ones that were nearer. And when they were all corroded. The moving things, that is. Then, it was done. So it waited. For the demon to take it to the next place. But it didn't. The demon also waited there.

"Is it broken? Hurry it up."

What? It killed all the bugs. Now what? Oh, wait did that mean this thing here was also to be corroded?

That would be why it was waiting. That was annoying though. Why didn't it tell it properly? Did it just think it knowed everything? It was intelligence, yes, but it was definitely sure it didn't know everything. Stupids. Stupids everywhere.

Whatever. It had a thing to corrode. And corrode it did. But, what was weird, was that, there were more bugs inside some of the bigger things. 

Still, after it corroded the thing - and a bit of the wall, since it was still learning - the demon holded it. And taked it to another place. This one was...what was it?

"Here's the trash pit. Eat all that."

The hole in the ground, to one side of the ground, was full of many things. Some were food it remembered seeing sun eating here. Some were...monsters? Bones? There was also other weird things. Like a dead demon. Oh, wait it wasn't dead. It was moving a bit. It was the same as the ones here. Was it to corrode that one too? Well, if it wasn't sure it could wait and see what the demon did, like last time. 

So it did. And the demon dropped when the "trash" around it and obviosuly under it, went away. The demon up didn't do anything. It made much sound in the "pit" while corroding so that was normal. Since instead of just corroding what it touched like it would have to with a wall, in a pit, it could full it with its actual body and corrode everything in it. Some things corroded faster than others so the trash moved around a lot. Still, it wouldn't have to wait too much. The demon didn't seem as ok with time as it was.

"Slow. But well, it's certainly faster than doing it myself...hmm, how much's left?" The demon looked into the pit and stopped when he seeed the demon. 

"What the - HEY! YOU ALIVE!" The demon dropped into the pit and holded the demon. The demon put some mana into the demon and it opened its eyes, looking at the other demon.

"Wha-? Ring the alarm! We have a spy! Set it on lockdown!" 

As soon as the demon said that, the one holding it, dropped it with a thud and went out of the pit. It moved the mana weird and put it into one of the weird mana things on the wall. Then, a loud sound started. No, it wasn't a sound. It was...mana sound?

The mana went out of the thing and hit other of the ones on the walls, and those put out more, and it happened again and again. The demons started running here and the demon telled them the thing. And then those started running too. 

What was happening? What was a spy? Was this its cause? Because it was sure this was its cause. And that was...did it do bad? Because this seemed bad. Was it going to get more wall "cleaning" now from Ecromina? Maybe it should have just corroded the demon...

Spoiler: Status 
A note from Dragorule

Hm. *Casually watches leg snap off*

Apparently foils some poor guy's scheme by discovering a guy disposed of by being thrown in a garbage pit. By eating the trash. 

Yep all in a day's work for the spirit. 

Also, don't you want one? Cleans everything so well. Y'know, as long as you don't mind losing some structural integrity of your house in the process.

Thanks for reaing! And as always, thoughts?

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