"So. Let's run away before Ecromina shows up?" Sun, that was a good thought. Even if he was already running without waiting for Styx.


And that was it. Styx and sun runned away from the place, because they were feared of Ecromina. It went after them. Not because it was in fear. It didn't do anything not good. It was all sun. It was just going with them because it was fun, new.

It wasn't in fear of anything. That wasn't what it did. It did good things only. Nothing to be in fear of. Even castles became breaked when it was there.

"I'm going to go meet some guys I found yestarday. Go buy some ropes and a...I don't know. Just arm the spirit. Might as well make use of any war potential we can get. No matter how...much of a rookie it is." Saying that, Styx went down a side way between the many caves.

"Buildings. They're buildings. Caves are different from buildings."

It went after the sun who went a different way than Styx.

How are caves and buildings different? If a buildings is made from rock, since that was definitely rock there on that 'building,' how was a cave and building different? It was the same thing.

"Just call it one. That's confusing."

No. A cave and building, were both a cave. He wasn't giving a good explain.

"A building is smaller than a cave, yes?"

Ok. The buildings.

"Well, as long as we're clear...what weapon do you want to use then."

"Weapon," it was club. Use the right word.

"A club is actually one kind of weapon. Weapons are not all called clubs."

So he says...but then what was a sword.

"...What do you mean? A sword is a sword."

But a sword is just a club that goes whish instead of crunch.

"What, but a sword is a sword. A club is a club."

No. A sword is a whish club. A club is a club.

"We're not agreeing on this are we?"

No. Clubs. Are. Clubs. There was nothing to agree on. This was true. No thinking was needed.

"Sure. Well, bows are out for sure. I don't see that happening. Swords are -"

No swords if he didn't agree that swords were just clubs that went whish.

"Fine. Whatever. No swords. I'm not calling it a club. Ok. Uh. So, do you want to just use a club."

Sure. That sounded fun. It could -

"Crush. Just say crush. I don't need to hear multiple crunching sounds in my head everytime you say that."

Oh. So it was crushing. Yes. Crushing was fun.

"Swords are considered cooler though..."

Cool-! But. Clubs. Swords. Which one. Cool. Or club. Was there a sword club? 

"A greatsword?"

Was that crushing? And cool?

"More than a lame club."

What if it just getted both? A club and a sword? It had two hands. See?

"What kind of...look. You don't wield a club and sword together. It looks stupid and its harder than dual sword wielding."

It looked around. They were already in a different place than before. There were more demons around and lots of that fire stuff. Now that it knew the feeling, this was heat. It could feel it here.

Well, it wanted both. 

"Might as well grab a greatsword too. I bet you'll just grow another pair of arms for it or something..."

Oh right. Its actual body could hold things. Could it do that?

"That's super mana intensive. I wouldn't recommend it."

So? It just needed more mana. That wasn't hard. 

"Yeah. For you. Soul eating isn't normal. It's suicidal. Actually, even that stupid fast mana growth from meditation is...damn spirits."


"Right. So first. Let's find some ropes. Uh, Kralzar's sounds good." The sun pushed away demons and went towards a big building that had many demons going in and out. 

"Hey Krax."

After going into the building through the gates, sun talked to a demon that was talking to another demon, and the demon said something before that demon runned away to some place after. It walked over to the sun.

"Greetings. When are you planning to get named, this is quite inconvenient." 

"Eh. After I do a fitting achievement. I want to name myself something appropriate. By the way, I wanted some ropes. And weapons if you have any." 

Krax looked a little, than went towards one way and the sun walked after, "Lets look at the weapons. I'll get somebody to grab - what? How many ropes?"

The sun thought a little, "Three. Three is fine." 

"Alright. Hey Braz, bring me three of our rock eater waste ropes." Krax turned and said something to a this Braz demon, who was near and doing something with many small rock looking things. 

Braz didn't say anything, just went after putting down the weird thing with many rocks in it.

"So, why us for weapons? You must know we don't stock good weapons. That would put us at odds with those guys."

By now, the things around them were different. Before, it was just many weird looking things, but now there were armors and clubs - weapons as the weirdo said - put everywhere. 

"Well, I don't need a good one. It's just for training purposes. It's probably gonna get ruined anyway." The sun stilled in a place with a lot of swords and started holding them up, then putting them back down. 

Krax also holded some swords, "What kind of sword are you looking for? Training aside, how tall, how heavy, and what are you planning on hitting with it."

Sun stilled with one sword and looked at it nearer, "Eh, he's like, what, a little under two ulems? Not a ulem and a half, closer to two, but...not two? About?"

"Why does that sound like a question? If you don't even know why didn't you just bring the guy." Krax put down the sword and looked at sun. 

"Er. He is here. Like. Right there. See the floating partial helmet?" Sun pointed at it.

Some of its was becoming back after all. It wouldn't just stay as a not there. 

Krax looked where the sun was pointing, "Ah, is it a spirit? I assumed you just had an imaginary friend. Wouldn't be the first time. Nor the strangest use of mana hands I've seen."

Sun looked angry at Krax, "Well, anyway, it's still regenerating. So."

"So you were the cause of that incident earlier?" Krax looked at sun and he looked away.

"Stuff happened. Not my fault. Anyway, I want a sword, a club, and a greatsword. Maybe not that last one."

"Whatever. Not my problem either way. So, I suppose an average length sword will be fine until you get one custom made?" Krax moved over to a different thing with swords on it.

At some time, Braz came back holding some weird looking things and holded them towards the sun, who holded them, and then Braz went. 

Krax looked once, "Thanks," and then looked back at sun. 

The sun talked without saying anything. "Weight-wise, it's at 15 strength. Probably can't apply half of it, but yeah. A random one should be fine. I don't plan on making him hit rocks. Just make sure its hard. Don't bother with the sharpness. It will probably just be used in sparring with us."

Krax moved its hand over some swords and then pulled one up, putting it in sun's hand. "That's one." 

Then, Krax moved around many things with other things on them, and went to a side with many clubs on it. "Here's what we got. Solid rock will be heavy, but how about this? It's just wood with some rock over the outside. It's not much of a product, so I'll just throw that in for free. You come here next time too, eh?"

Krax stopped after. "So, am I finding a greatsword too, or not?"

Sun thought. And thought. "Hey, I don't think that we need one anyway right? How about no?"

It thought. That that made sense. Ok. It could get one when it wanted later, right?

"Right. Ok, yeah, we'll pay for that then." Sun holded the sword and "ropes" and went towards a place, and Krax went after him holding the club. 

Krax moved in the other side of the weird thing. "That's one big silver and three small silvers. And yes, you can pay in Bits."

Sun laughed, "No, I have the regular stuff this time. Here, that's exact. Thanks for the discount."

Krax also laughed, "No, it's fine. We're friends, no? Alright, then. See you around."

"Yeah, see you." Sun put the ropes over a arm up and then holded the sword in one hand and the club in another. 

He walked out, and then looked at it, "You owe me for this. I look stupid carrying these. Especially the club."

 "Owe?" What was an owe? 

"Help me back sometime." The other demons didn't look before, but now they looked. At sun.

Oh. Was that all. Didn't it have to do that anyway? It did kind of say it would before once. 

How come the demons were looking now though? Why not before? Was he that different now?

"Talking to nothing is normal. Plenty of people around here who do that. Why varies, but its not weird. Carrying around such a garbage weapon, is not." 

Clubs were not "garbage." He was. In the first place, what was a garbage weapon? Did it really do anything? As long as it killed things it was good right? 

"I suppose."

Bad answer. But it was whatever. 

Now what were they going to do? 

"I was thinking of just going back and waiting for Styx, but I'd rather he get back - and yelled at - first, so how about I show you the fun stuff?"


The sun stopped in a big space with many demons around a hole in the ground. "Well, first stop, right here. This, is the Pit." 


"That's about it. It was dug as a well, but then monsters burrowed in and it turned out to be a whole lot deeper. There's apparently a cavern down there, underneath the whole city. If it were to be collapsed we'd all fall and maybe die."

Ohhhh. Sounded fun to watch. Breaking things was always fun to watch. Wait, but wasn't that bad? Like, really bad?

"Eh. I don't know the specifics, and didn't bother trying to find out, but there's measures in place. Anyway, since having more monsters coming out of there would be annoying but is great for training, they left it open."

Ah, that made sense. "Training" seemed to be important after all. And what better way to do it then fighing? Fighting and breaking helped to do many problems. 

"See those guys?" The sun pointed at some demons that were wearing armor and had clubs and whish clubs with them. They were around the hole and looking into it.

"They're going down to train. It's mostly weak monsters, but since they're insect type, there's a whole lot of them. It's a good place to learn how to deal with superior numbers. Best of all, the casualty rate's only two for every five for this week. That's pretty good right?"

Well, if he said so. 

The demons about to go down looked back at sun and moved around their hands. Then, they did the same to the other demons. "We will return with minimal deaths!"

Hey, sun, would they? 

"I predict, out of the twenty-three of them, maybe six come back. That's gonna bomb the rate. Too bad. We were going for a record too. Ah well."

Oh, so most were going to die? 

"Yeah. Well, maybe not." The sun started walking away from the place, going around more buildings towards another way, "Next is the Haunted Mansion!"

Ohhh that sounded fun! 

As the Pit unfastly became not seeable, it thought about the ones going in. About how many would die, and how little would come back, and felt sad.

Since, it was going to not see such a fun thing. Monsters, and demons. Many would be dying and it couldn't see them throwing around that nice red. Boring. 

"Hey, don't say that. Purple is a better color than red."

They could go back and back about which color was better the all time, but it would still say red was better. Maybe if purple was a more...dark color. Red was much darker. 

"I think you meant deeper. And that's only fresh blood. Not everything even bleeds red."

What? What? 

"Now who's stupid?"

No, it knowed "blood" became less good looking after time. It just didn't know the word for the fun thing and was happy to know it now. 




Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

Anyway, before it's asked (in case, really), clubs are not stupid weapons. What's stupid/lame is someone in a frontier city, that's a guard, carrying around such a cheap and shoddy club. Just to make it clear.

Also. About the low but now existing stats. Realise that a floating helmet exists and will therefore have an endurance stat. Compared to being completely missing. And while it can throw itself at someone, the helmet can't do it on its own and would be propelled by actual body, so it's not strength. 

Boring stuff out of the way.

Hahaha. Who was fooled and thought that it felt empathy? 

Nope! HehehehehahahahaBWAHAHAHAHAHA. 

What's a Haunted Mansion like for demons?

Find out next time on Dr*gon B*ll 

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