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Well, looking back. This may have been a bad idea. Just a bit.

"Run away! It's surging again!"

"Wait! We have to grab that idiot somehow! It's dying!"

"How!? The thing's erupting! There's void mana everywhere!"

It was funny to see Styx running around while sun thought about how to get it out of here. Which was also funny since it was fine. Really. Sure, it was slowly becoming lesser, and the burning was more bad than ever before. This all started when it tried to do the whole, trying out ideas thing. 

First, it went into the void mana. That was fine. Everything ok. Normal. 

Then, it pushed some of its mana out. Like when it actually tried to corrode something. That was also ok. The mana going out that is. That, it could still do.

But then. Then the mistake happened. As expected, the mana it pushed out started pushing back the void mana. But the void mana didn't like that. Or it did? Whatever the reason, it started corroding back. Now, in its thoughts, the obvious thing to do here was to hit it back then. No bones getted away with that without dieing and no void mana would either. 

So that worked just fine also. But there was a little not good that it did. There was more void mana than there was its mana. Also, the pseudo-void was less than void. It was eated by the void mana more easy. So then, it needed more mana to fight it. Where was the mana? In the stopping thing at the sides. So, it ate that. When it did...the things happened. 

Void mana went everywhere. And that was what the sun was running around for. In other words, normal. It thought this was fine. 

But. Hey, it was working more. This time it could really feel the void mana becoming part of it. Or it was just its soul burning. That was a possibility. But it could always hope!

Soul Corroding

What? Why now? It was even thinking about how good everything was going. Then this shows up with its stupid explaining. There went hope. Since it didn't feel like it was too much pain it was probably fine.

"No! No it's not! Get out of there!"

Later. This was kind of nice. The burning actually felt good when you getted used to it.

"It's gone loopy! Styx it's up - Styx?" The sun looked at Styx.

He was throwing mana at some void mana going far out. "I have to contain this! Or we'll get in even more trouble than we already are! Also that's your problem. I'm not sticking my hand in there. Actually as the mage type guy, this is on you. Go, I believe in you!"

Sun just looked at Styx. "Nice. Big help."

Haha. Funny. Also funny was the demons far away running around. Oh some of them were coming nearer and doing more to stop the void mana. 

Well, either way this wasn't its problem. Not the void mana out there and not the start of this. The sun should have telled it about this. Right. How was it to know that pushing and pulling the void mana and maybe a little bit eating the mana that was around the void mana and stopping it would do this. It was a normal problem. Anything could have done this. And the stopping part was too unstrong right? Just a bit of eating and it breaked? No, this was the problem of whoever made it. 

"Yeah right! Also Ecromina made it." 

Uh, well, then, it still wasn't its problem. It was sun and Ecromina's problem. Ecromina probably made it good, but Ecromina should have thought more about it. It was just too unstrong for this. The thing itself was good. Right.

"Say that to her face. No wait, I will. Hahahahaha."

Wait what? That, felt like it would be bad. Since the General looked so in fear. Maybe a angry Ecromina wasn't the best idea...right, then, this was sun's problem. He did it. If anyone asked, he did it. 

"What!? Hey! Why is that the kind of skills you're learning from me!"

His problem. 

"Wha - ok, fine. Get out of there yourself." The sun walked away. 

Well, he would be the one who getted talked to by the General...

"I hate you."

It's ok sun. Someone had to be the voice of reason. And here that one was. 

"...I...just...just try to pull back the void mana. Somehow. I can maybe repair the sealing bit."

 Ohhhhh. Ok. Sure. It could try. It's body was kind of mostly not there. But sure. Yes. It could do this. 

"...yeah, you do that." The sun said that but then went away and started helping Styx and the other demons push the void mana. 

Now, how to do this. In the castle, the breaking was done by moving mana around in the sides. If it could move that mana, then this mana should also work? After all...when the void mana went everywhere, some parts of its actual body also went everywhere. It could maybe pull those back and move the void mana on them back with them. 

The problem with that was the body parts were corroding. And not close. Or on it actually. And body parts not on it didn't usually work. Too bad it didn't have spirit bones. Then the bones could touch mana and do this stuff for it...

Or did it? Just think about the bones. If bones were bones, but they were bones even when away. It did not see them moving the bones...but, maybe that was because they were stupid? The bones didn't even always touch so they could do that, why couldn't it? Then, by that reasoning, its body was its body even when not on it right? Right. 

Then it could move around the bones by being in them. Even if they weren't it. Why couldn't it do that with its actual body? That was kind of stupid right? The only reason it couldn't was because it didn't try it. Since it was too intelligence to not do it.

"That logic..."

It heared that! Silent sun! It was thinking things too intelligence for a not very intelligence thing to think. 

"...You're right about it being beyond me; that's for sure."

Styx looked at the sun who keeped talking, "So, is it still alive? Because it would suck if it died. It's, the fourth member of our Order."

"It's alive..." The sun didn't even look at Styx when he said that.

Styx did look at sun though, "Why do you sound disappointed then?"

Sun looked at Styx once, "I have created a monster. It's like me but minus the good looks and genius."

"You're not much better..." Styx looked away when he said that and sun just looked at Styx with a 'angry' expression.

It wasn't not thinking about working or anything. It was just that. This putting itself in body parts thing was hard. So it was looking at the sun and Styx while trying this. 

It didn't work. Very not worked. Which was annoying. And bad. And hurting. Because the void mana was still eating it.

Sun. This wasn't working as good as it thought it would. 

"You're useless! Uselessssssss!"

Useless!? It was? No, right? It could think of this and the sun couldn't! It was more intelligence. It was more use. Sun didn't break a castle, right? Right?

So it could do this! Breaking castles also made much time go by. This was the same. Right. Since it's not like there were many of it. But there could be. If it could do this. Then there could be. Then, it could break castles...faster! And have many bodies to hit things with! And get a new club! This body didn't actually make one. 

So. First, try to move the body. Like it was still on it. it was still its. But how? No, wait. Wasn't that it? The bones did it like that. They had a mana so the bones could be not touching but still not dropping. Some touched, but not all. The ones where there were breaks or parts not there. They unfastly sometimes closed the breaks.

It could close breaks too, so all it needed was mana. Which it also had. Just making the mana go out and touch the other parts of it. How hard could that be? 

Move the mana out. Unfastly. Unfastly. And then, it will touch the body parts. The actual body was already not there though. It would have to wait again. So bad. 

Ok, it was there. Much mana...but there. 

Then to other parts. And other parts. And other parts. And other parts. 

And there. Done. Now it had many little mana parts going out and touching other body parts. All that was not done. Was pulling it...back...?

Why wasn't it working? The mana was definitely its. It was...but was it only like that because the void mana made it close? Was it not part of it no more? No, but it was its mana. It could always move mana, and its own should be easy. 

Part or not, mana was mana, and this was its mana. So, just move more mana, and pull. Make that mana come to it. Come back to the place it should be. Eaten by it. 

And make the void mana come with it. 

Somehow. Because there were places where there was no body, the void mana did not become pulled. But what if there was?

If it was just mana, then putting more into the bodies far away, and making them make going out arms to cover the places. Would work? Right?

And it did. It was almost no mana, but it felt weird. Like it was getting more mana from a thing. The void mana also felt less bad. But still bad. 

It was fine though, since with the pull, the void mana came back, and the demons and sun pushed back the other void manas. 

"You look like one of those slimes. Tentacles everywhere. Nice job though. Or more like, that idiotic reasoning led you to this? That's...strangely skilled mana manipulation." The sun moved around his hands on the stopping thing while talking.

Obviosuly. It was still corroding though so, shouldn't the something? 

"Oh, don't worry I'm not that cruel. Casting a temporary seal is easy, I don't need to focus on it until I do the final touches. Being careless too much is bad after all."

So. Waiting.

"Hold on. Hey, Styx, add some mana here. You guys, add mana to the parts that look like this, ok?" It could see now more better, that while the sun talked he was putting mana in weird moving ways. And after he said it, so were the other demons and Styx. 

"Ok done. Hey come out."

It would have done that before if it could. Did it look like it wanted to corrode that much? Just because it wasn't that bad didn't make it a good idea. Also soul corrosion was more hurting than regular. New learning. 

"I can't touch you. I don't have the mana hand spell figured out. Or more like, it's actually kinda hard."

Well, it was actually corroding faster now that the all void mana was back so he should think faster.

"So. This may hurt, but if magic is the only thing that touches you, I'll just hit you with a spell. If I put ice enchant on my hands...and then...yeah. So this will hurt. Likely. Styx, guys, send me some mana?" 

The other demons did a weird thing and mana went out of them, towards the sun, and the sun pulled it in. Then he put his hand into the void mana. It tried corroding his hand, but he used more mana and fighted it away, then touched it. 

It hurt in a new way. Like burning but different. Then, his hand was moved back and it was out.

It was lesser than before, and it was felt much hurt, and was maybe a little bit of a problem. But it learned more things. Which was fun. 

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A note from Dragorule

Yay! Chap 30! Multiple of ten! 

I felt like it had been a really long time since I posted the last chapter, but then I realized while responding to comments it wasn't actually that long ago. I have a horrible sense of the passage of time. Oh well. I mean good for you guys, made me post another. 

The spirit is indeed...unique? In its blind contradictory confidence if nothing else. 

Also. Writing this while stomach hurts. The struggle. I should sleep. But I have reading to do as well. Onwards!

*Gets up to go grab tablet. Trips. Falls over. Dies*

RIP me. 

Also, thoughts? Am I still having a good non-human MC? Or is it becoming human? I don't know. I personally think not, but progress report? Anybody? Poll up top.

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