"Well, first. Let me explain magic. Abridged. Basically. You take mana right? And then, you make it do stuff. Make sense to you?"

The sun was talking to it in a big place that had only some other demons around. They were fighting each other or doing weird things like running around for no reason. No demon really looked at it much, a look or two and that was it. Back to their own thing. Which was weird in its opinion. Why weren't they looking longer at the amazing and cool thing that it was?

"The trick to it, is that first, you convert regular mana into a type - or not if you are using neutral - and then arrange the shape of it as well as the magic circle you want to use. When you're done, you fire it. You can also just brute force it, like you do. That's what your corrosion is. It's not like you're using magic. You're just literally applying the properties of your mana. Makes sense right?"


"Magic in the traditional sense would be...shaping it? Like the difference between say, having a lot of muscle and then just punching the enemy, versus using technique. I mean with ice attribute mana, I could just release it randomly and freeze my surroundings. I don't have to make it into say, a spike or something to attack with it." The sun maked some mana come from its hand and become weird stuff in the...up-space to show it before stilling the mana going out.

Oh, so then magic would be like, instead of just corroding, it would make the corrosion into a sun and go at something?

"Yeah, basically. In your case though, you have pseudo-void. Which I read up on because I'm a good friend. Unlike a certain poison-tongued, er, person. Anyway. You're unstable. If you were a normal living thing you would either be a twisted abomination or dead." The sun walked around while talking and pointed at it with the last part.

Well. That sounded kind of bad. Maybe. What was an "abomination?" And was it bad?

"An abomination is...uh, a really, really, messed up thing. That is typically considered a kill on sight or run away type thing. And yes, typically that's bad."

Oh. Well. Then it was definitely bad things. And good that that didn't happen. Ok. All was well. Since it didn't happen.

"As it is, while your initial affinities are likely intact, void is an aggresive attribute and you went and made the incomplete - and so, very unstable - version of it your main body composition."

Hmmm. Well, at the time it seemed like a good thing. Also, he was the one who telled it to do that. So not its problem.

"Uh. Ahem. Anyway, that's also why you can't control your corrosion properly. In order to do that, all you have to is become an actual void spirit. You know how easy that is?" The sun was looking at it again. Like he thought it could tell.

No? Also...sun was talking very intelligence. And that Since he was being helping, it could think more on being insulting to it. Just a bit.

"Obviously. Well, how did you get pseudo-void?"

Evoluti - oh, so it would just have to evolve again? That didn't sound bad.

"What? No. That would be a waste. You're lucky switching to pseudo-void also ranked you down. You would have cut off some nice opportunities otherwise. Well, evolution is actually a relatively natural phenomenon, the system is more of a crutch. So, you don't need it to evolve, as in, you can do at least small changes on your own y'know. Unless you're completely incompetent." The sun walked over to it and looked down on it.

Wait, what? How? Wasn't he less up then it? When did that happen? Oh, no he just made the weird color stuff he made with the mana on the ground and was on it.

"That's what you're worried about? Ok. I'll guide you through this. Now, normally, this would be a long and complicated procedure. But, there's a simpler way. If you already have the pseudo version, then to get the full thing, just needs a push! Ready?"

That didn't sound good. What was he doing? What? Stay away! NO! Stop that!

The sun moved it towards a place in the open place where there was only the bad mana.

"This is void mana. We contained some here for training purposes. Now, take a shower in it ok? If you start dying I'll pull you out, so don't worry."

Wait! This didn't sound like a good -


The sun holded it by the back of its head and pushed it into the badness. "What doesn't kill you, makes you slightly less likely to die from it later! Sometimes...."

WHY? No, wait actually this wasn't that bad. Also, that did seem pretty true...

"Are you messed up in the - actually no, this makes things easier. Now just do your best to eat the void mana around you. Feel it, and make your own mana like it. Or just replace your body with it. Once it takes root, it should devour the pseudo-void mana and replace it."

That sounded kind of bad...but! It was true that being "incomplete" sounded bad. Hmmm. Wait, could the sun do that too?

"What? No! I would die if I started replacing parts of my body like that." 

What? That was boring. Oh right. Also.


Well, it wasn't sure if this was important or not.

"What? You've never cared before anyway. Just say it. Can't be dumber than your made up words."

Well, it seemed like it was dying and should be pulled out now.


The sun fastly pulled it back with the hand and dropped it on the ground. 

It could know why too. The bad mana and its own mana went all around and fastly corroded the ground. The bad mana didn't usually do that, but it was fighting the mana from it. Also, since that mana was its body it was unfastly being corrroded too. Which was hurt. But, well, it was kind of boring. Since, it could just look and not do anything. It had more mana like this so it would be the winner. 

"Aren't you too casual about this...? Eh, whatever works. So, try to recover before we go for round two. Remember to try to adapt to the void mana." 

"Adapt" he says. How to do that? Eat, right? But that seemed not good? 

It was trying and all that, but it didn't work all that well. The void mana and pseudo-void just hit each other and made its body feel weird. Like hurt, but also a new feeling. 

"That's heat. You're burning up. Not literally."

Oh. How did he know that?

"You're sending the feeling through the link. Because it's intense. Good thing you don't have normal pain reception."

The sun was just looking from a not near place and making his mana do weird things while looking. Like changing the "shape." 

It looked up from the ground where it was dropped down on and turned the head of its body to see when it heared the walking sounds.

Styx was coming here too, probabaly having awaked.

He walked over to it and hit it a bit with his foot, the mana going to his foot but not corroding. "So, you're going with this plan? Looks painful. And ineffective."

The sun looked at Styx and then away again, "I doubt it's smart enough to do the other way. The brute force method is best for it. I mean it'll take like, a month almost to get there again right? Even if it's slow it can keep doing that on its own until it works. I mean, there's nothing stopping it."

"Yeah. Except the debilitating pain and lack of void mana outside of here. Well, I have sword training to do." Styx then walked away a bit and started moving around the sword he had. 

It looked up, just at the sun up above and waited. Its own body, the physical one, was also corroded, just like its actual body, and as it waited it could feel it unfastly becoming like before again. The actual body was unfaster, but it defintely felt different. 

It looked at the sun moving his mana around into shapes, and making it do weird things. What was the point of that thing he did though? The part where before the magic happened, he made a shape which was...not around and filled, and when the mana went into it, some weird thing happened before the mana became a new thing. The new thing looked like a small club, and the sun holded it and then throwed it at Styx. 

"I'm bored. Let's fight!" 

Styx hit the thing and made it drop, "You're going to lose again." Then he runned at the sun and tried to hit him with the sword.

The sun went under it and then hit Styx with the up part of his arm, making him go back a bit, then tried to hit him with another small club he made at some point. 

Styx hit it away fastly with his other hand, then actually moved the sword...away?

No! It went away, then turned and came back faster!

The sun fastly made another thing with his mana that looked like a rock and hit the sword with it, making it go up; BUT THEN Styx used a leg to hit the sun in his body and made him drop back. 

He dropped but then did a weird moving way that made him go even more back and the sword Styx hit back down hit the ground instead. Before Styx pulled the sword out of the ground again, the sun made many clubs go throwing at Styx.

BUT! Styx pushed the sword more into the ground and holded it with both hands, and then made his whole body go up, with his head almost on his sword not-hitting side. Then he dropped back down the other side and pulled the sword out while dropping, hitting down at the sun.

The sun fastly moved at the sword and turned so it went down along his body and made a big magic club to hit Styx with. At the same time, Styx's body changed color and the sword that hit it just went off, and then Styx's sword was at the sun's head. 

"I win." Styx said while still holding the sword to the sun's head. "You can't even cut me anyway."

"Heh. We'll see. That was just an experiment. Look again." The sun had a happy face when saying that, so Styx looked down where the sword hit on his body.

"Ah. You're improving. Not a bad plan."

There was a place there the same color as the weird stuff the sun made with his mana on Styx's body. But it still didn't cut so did it take away mana like it did?

It wanted to do that kind of thing too. It looked fun. And its body wasn't the same as before...but the void mana was gone. And if it was just the same as before...

It getted up and went over to the void mana place. And walked into it. 

The sun and Styx were looking at it since it getted up and when they seeed it go into the place, the sun laughed. "Yeah, you were that type huh. Hey, Styx, let's keep practicing. I'll stick with only dodging now, since I need to work on my proficiency. A dodge a day keeps the next hit away."

Styx also moved back to where he was before the fight and pointed the sword at the sun. "Sure, I needed a target dummy to work on my sword skills too."

While they fighted it felt the void mana start making it "heat up" again. There was the pain it now knowed was "burning" and the usual pain that the bad gave. But, instead of waiting, fighting with the void mana this time, might be better?

Spoiler: Status


A note from Dragorule


Also. Kid's don't try this at home. That's not how it normally works. 

I shudder to imagine this spirit becoming anyone's teacher: "Pain is good. It means you're learning. Now go and throw yourself into that bonfire. It'll help you learn fire magic."

As always, thoughts?

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