Now corroding was fun. This was a true thing. But so was having a body. It never really knowed before, even when it used the bones, it was still different. It could see through the bones eyes, and kind of hear, and it could even feel their bodies and used that to move them. 

Even its actual body could hear and see. But the touch? No. It could kind of feel touch, sometimes. But not really. Hard to description. A body though? With a body, the touch was so much more...touchy. 

The ground on its head, and even the...whatever that feeling was touching the rest of its body. Was that what its body felt like? Somehow, that didn't feel right. So then, what was this other thing it couldn't see or hear that was touching it and felt weird? Whatever it was, it was weird...but good!

Good, because it was new and wasn't making it hurt! 

Oh yes, feeling touch at first was hurting. Very hurting. It didn't know what the many feelings from touch were and they felt bad. 

Now though, it could be happy with touch since it could now find and know more about the world in more ways! Not just see and hear, but also touch now!

Oh right, and that touch did feel kind of bad sometimes. 

Once, it let its body go instead of holding it and the body started to drop side way. But that wasn't what hurt. No, when it let go, at that time, it felt like something was hitting its head down and the body hurt before it felt less when it went side way. Still, it fastly used its actual body to hold the body again and ut it like it was before. This time remembering not to let go again.

One of the new things with its phsyical body though was also that the seeing was different. It could still see, but there was more color and the eyes didn't actually look every way. Its actual body could, but this body's eyes only looked the way they were at and where there wasn't anything in front. It couldn't see behind it with its body since the helmet covered that part.

Oh right. And it had a mouth. Kind of. It didn't do anything with it so it wasn't sure how to use it, or what for. Hope was that it could talk maybe and not have to use the projector or talk from sun to talk to other demons. 

Still, when its body was there full, and not just the body, and head, but arms and legs too, then it stilled. Not to corrode or think, but to feel. Just feeling the thing's around it. The unseeable thing, the ground under it and to the sides, and even its own body. Just having a body felt weird. 

It all of a time-not-before-but-now had arms and legs. Moving them different from its actual body didn't take too long to learn. Moving them in a different way did. 

Its actual body just moved however. This body, the arms would not go around it from the back. Its legs could not turn around to walk sideways or back. It Kind of not letting it do everything it wanted...but, it had touch and that was what it wanted to it was whatever. It still had its actual body anyway. 

Stilling and feeling the feelings would be fun too, but after all, it could feel more and better if it didn't corrode everyhting it touched, right? So it went back to corroding and not corroding. It was only when it looked back to corroding though that it realized it wasn't not corroding while it was feeling and thinking so its hole was now much more down than it was before. This was...a more than it thought would happen. Oh well. More feeling was ok! 

Since after all, sometimes while corroding it finded rocks in the ground that felt different than the ground. 

It could hear sounds out, as the every thing became not asleep and started doing things. They were doing things at night too, like talking about how many "flagons of beer" they could "drink." That and fighting each other. Fun stuff basically.

Soon, enough it could hear the sun also move around and get up. 

"Styx," the sun less strong hit Styx with a leg, "get up. It's morning. Time to pratice more magic!"

Styx didn't get up though and instead moved away, saying, "Go away."

"Styxxxxx!" The sun moved and hit Styx with an arm this time, making Styx move around, "I can't practice fireballs as well without a moving target!"

"Go away, or I will gut you." Styx didn't move away again, but turned his face to the sun when he said that. Its eyes were still closed though.

"Ok then. Sooooo, spirit let's - what the - what did you do!?" The sun moved up a bit and his legs weren't touching the ground when he did the up. However, he didn't drop back down.

Styx holded his head with a hand and very unfastly moved side to side on the spot, with his head dropped down, "This better be important, ok, because otherwise, I am going So? Was this what you interrupted my sleep for? Hm?"

"Wait, wait! Isn't my reaction more normal here!? He dug up the ground! Our tent is half-collapsed! And the hole is deeper than the damn walls are high! And it's balancing on its head! What more could you possibly want!? I'm innocent here!" The sun moved around his arms and legs fastly to try and get down, but Styx only dropped him after a time. 

Stilling again, Styx looked like he was thinking again, before finally getting opening his eyes a bit. "Ugh. Sunlight." And that was it.

The sun looked at Styx for a bit with a weird look and then turned to look at it, "What exactly are you doing?"

"Practicing" the school stuff.

"How is this school stuff? How!?"

It just is. 

"What the - alright. Look. I'm not going to question that. Seeing as the only thing that can do this among your abilities - unless you suddenly learned Earth magic - is that corrosion or whatever, I'm gonna guess you were trying to control that. I can even understand why you're doing a headstand. Sure. But. Why did you keep going until the hole was this deep? Are you trying to cause my death by dropping me into this hole?" The sun walked closer to the hole and looked down at it as he talked.

Eh. He said not to go out. It didn't go out. Still angry? What a weirdo. Unreasonable.

"Whatever. Not gonna argue that. I'm moving out soon, so this is whatever. Who cares. I don't. Nope. Not my problem. You do whatever, I'm going to go practice magic. Oh right. Now that you have a body, you should have physical stats too, right? Well, what do they look like?" The sun unfastly moved around the hole to get to the going out way.

5 "Dexterity!"

"That's...that's uh, that's pretty terrible. I have seen crude stone golems with more dexterity." The sun stilled where he was and turned to it to talk, with a weird expression. Though it looked like the laughing expression almost.

What? What was a "golem?" And this was a less?

"Yes. I mean, even I have like 67 dexterity. Then again, I suppose I do use a lot of flexibility related skills. And drawing a good magic circle takes maybe not a fair comparison. But, Styx is like a standard knight kind of guy, and I'm pretty sure he's got dexterity somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30 to 40. With only five you are going to get destroyed by literally anyone in melee combat. At school anyway. You could probably kill an unintelligent monster as long as your other stats are ok..." The sun had a very bored expression now and was walking away. 

10 "strength!" Was this good?

"Uh, kind of? I mean even the average imp usually hits that with some training. I have 46 by the way. Heh. That's 36 more than you!" He put both hands at its head behind and walked out.

It also maked itself try to move up and out the tent but the mana use was a lot so instead it tried to use the legs it had now - after first turning itself back so that the legs touched the ground and not its head.

Using legs was hard as the bones showed it all that time before, but since it always used them from inside it could kind of move its legs. The problem was its legs didn't work the same as the bones and that the thing it was trying to go up with keeped breaking under it and sending it back down. That and it couldn't put a leg up higher than its head, but the sides went up and had no...side thing to move up with unfastly.

So instead, it just moved and walked in the same way the sun went and unfastly corroded the ground in front of it to make it have that side to walk along. It would have to be careful not to corrode too much but it easy made a way under and coming up from the actual going out way of the tent. When its head finally came out of the ground, covered in ground since while it was corroding the ground around it keeped breaking, it seeed the sun making more suns from his hands.

What was that, and how to do it!


The sun maked a sun come at it and it hit very easy not, making it drop.

"Whoa, wait how did you get up!? I thought you were Styx! Are you ok!? You're not dead right?" The sun runned to it and touched the part where the fireball hit, where it made a hole. 

Well, it was fine since it wasn't on the thinking to kill it, since it only hurt a little. There was a hole in its body but it wasn't all the way. And it was unfastly becoming not there on its own anyway as mana went into the around the hole. Still, that was interesting. So that was what a fireball felt like. It was...weird? 

"Your body is pretty fragile for something that looks like a suit of it made of cheap iron or something? A fireball shouldn't have done so much damage to a good suit of armor, I mean mine aren't all that hot or explosive...wait, what's your endurance?" The sun moved back again while he talked and then made another fireball. He looked at it for a bit and then dropped it on the ground, looking back at it.


The sun looked more at the ground after the fireball sound came and then said, "Ah, never mind. Mine seem to have more piercing power. I suppose I unconsciously concentrated it. Still, shouldn't have made that big a hole. And your armor's still smouldering a bit..." The sun walked side to side while thinking, and stilled when it told him its endurance. 


"That's...low? Not low at all for a starting endurance if you were a fleshy thing, but I mean if that's what counts as your armor's defensive ability that's really low. That's only 3 higher than the highest endurance I saw on an untrained imp. It's still better than a human's endurance haha. But yeah that's uh. You can increase it right? A punch from me could probably break your chestplate or head. Not that you're likely to die from that but still, I would recommend you focus you time on endurance training. Your health pool may also be tiny if your other's stats are that bad." The sun looked around for a while as it talked, then stilled, thinking about something. 

Alright. That sounded good. Not breaking was good and breaking was bad. More endurance was less breaking and that was also good. So it should try to make more endurance. Ok. Maked sense. Very much sense actually. Only how did a thing get more endurance? Did it just make more mana go into its body?

"While it would be interesting to test that, how about instead, - I know I'm going to regret this - I give you a couple of magic lessons as repayment?"


"That's what I thought..." The sun put a hand to its head up part and then looked at it again. "So you wanna be a mage, huh?"

Spoiler: Status


A note from Dragorule

So you know that song at the end of last chap? I don't know why but to me it was in the "Wheels of the bus go round and round," tune. Help. And only after I read it again when writing this. Before that it was a different tune but I don't know what it was from. 

Also! Cover! Since I can't pay somebody for one and also suck at editing, this was the best I could make. *cringe* I might even be better off with MS Paint or something, ugh. But! That's that. 


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