"Went well? No thanks to you." Styx maked a annoyed look to the sun. Then, Styx turned and went up the up thing.

It looked at the sun, and then went up after Styx. The sun would follow on his own anyway.

"Am I a joke to you?"

Yes. Oh yes. It just remembered. Should it evolve?

"You can? Already? Well yeah go for it."

What to pick? Crunchy Spirit fog, eating souls while moving around. Soul vortex, eating souls by making them come to it. "Lake" of souls, where it would do some weird eating or something and make souls come to it also. "Unholy fort," and make the bones to kill things. "Territory," and make things give "taxes." "Reaper's will," and make "prey" run from it but go after it and then find other prey. "Shadow domain," and make body for itself to go in and fight with. "Gluttonous," eat lots. Then also "wrathful," and get a "physical" to kill things more fun way. 

"Wrath. Go for wrath! Always sins! The other ones sound cool, but wrath! Wrath is cool you know. Well, I wouldn't trust you with wrath-wrath, but wrathful isn't legit wrath right? So yea. Also gluttony is hard to feed. Also because again...wrath!"

Sure. It would get a "physical component."

"But wait! The shadow domain one. It also makes a body right? And its not not psychotic. As much. Urgh, wrath or shadow. So difficult."

The shadow domain can be "remade" and the wrath probably can too.

"Well, that doesn't help much. Honestly, they all sound pretty good. Especially the fort. And territory. I mean being a independent but also match for many is cool. I mean they all kinda are. Damn. Evolutions are hard. Mine are usually much easier."


"Well, the standard ones I just ignore. Then, I pick the one with the most appealing name and description. Like last time. I had to pick between Greater Ice Demon, Hellfire Demonling, Dragon Blood Demonling, Demonling of Whispered Death, Demonling of Uproarius Death or Darkstalker Demonling Champion. It was obvious what to pick."

The one with death in the name? Because...death? And then between the two...the first one because first. It would pick that.

"No! Well yes, but no. The other ones were cool, but the Whispered Death was best. Why? Because Styx got a champion option as well and because the other ones didn't fit me that well. If Styx picks his champion option, he gets to be at the front killing stuff as a leader. I shouldn't get something overlapping since then the usefulness is limited. I usually go headhunting for leaders or special types in the battle. I also want to keep my magic option. The Darkstalker Champion would have me wading through my enemies and killing them physically. Which I can, obviously, or else the option wouldn't be there. But I want to keep my magic. Uproarious and Whispered are the types of magic. Uproarious would mean loud and noisy, like dropping explosions and really obvious magic like that. Now that's fun and all, but impractical in battle. In my opinion anyway. I would rather quietly kill them off with wind blades and physical enchants plus actual assasination skills than make myself a target. That's Styx's job."

Wow. So much thinking. For something that should be easy. 

"It was easy though. It really boiled down to me wanting to have fun. Pretty much any option except the Greater Ice Demon was fine since that was just boring. But I wanted magic and being an assasin. Doing something that makes you happy is important too. But well, you seem fine regardless of what you pick huh?"

Well, the physical fighting was sounding fun.

"Eh, well how about the shadow domain. That way you can keep developing the domain as well and don't have to give up entirely on territory type stuff. Also because you as a berserk war machine sounds scary. I would rather you not be motivated by your wrath because you sure as heck aren't going to keep a leash on it."

Ok. So, the shadow domain one. Go!

"Wait, what? You're doing that here? Hold o-!"


Well. That felt better.

"Hahahahaha. Oh wow. I don't know what I expected. Physical component indeed! Hilarious!"

What? What was so funny? Was it not cool?

"COOL! Hahahahaha. Well. I mean I guess. Eventually. Not now though! Your 'body' is literally just a floating head! A creepy head, but still."

Hmmmm. Indeed. Its head was now here. It was...easy-not. To make up and to move. The mana use was a lot. It was in a weird cave and Styx was doing the down and not talking thing. 

"Our shift ended and you were still evolving, so we were wondering what to do. Also because you were messing up the mana around you and I mean, even if you're small a random head slowly forming in midair is rather...noticeable. So I suggested we carry your head back to our tent. Styx said it would never work but not only were you touchable - kind of, I had to use mana to protect my hands - but your actual body floated after your head! So we brought you here and left you. Styx and I did some looking around for fellow travellers and then he went to sleep. I was waiting for you since I felt like you were kind of thinking again from the connection."

Oh. It looked down at the sun who was still on the ground and looking at it as he think-talked. Then, what was it supposed to do now?

"For one, I would appreciate you learning to control that crazy corrosion of yours first. Otherwise you won't be able to touch anything without corroding it away. Maybe really good materials but even they will probably lose durability. So go smack your head into the ground and practice not corroding the ground while the rest of your body Out? Whatever. See you in the morning, I'm going to sleep now. Oh also. DON'T randomly wander around even if your body or out while we're asleep. Wait until we wake up."

Ok. Whatever. After all, he did give it something useful to do. Kind of. It had learned how not to do the black-making, or "corrosion" a long time ago. But, it wasn't really working with this body. For one, it felt different and was harder to control. When it moved around it was very unfast or very fast. When it was very fast it almost hit the side of the "tent" and breaked it. It used a lot of mana but it stilled itself before it actually hit.

This whole body actually felt like part of itself. Which it should. It was its body. But what that meaned was also that it was the corrosion. The body corroded anything it "touched." It didn't have to try to do it. It just did. Which was bad. It had to make itself not do that, or it would not be able to do this school "stuff" probably!

The first try was making the mana not corrode. 

Try...and not work. It just maked the helmet change look. Very unfastly, but it did. That was a no. Also changing the helmet/body/head thing maked it feel bad. Very bad. Like it should not do it. So that trying was a no then.

The next try was making the thing it touched not corrode. 

It was sounding the same, but it knowed this was different. Very different. Making the mana do something different was easy. Making the thing it touched do something different was very uneasy. When it touched the thing, the thing itself changed and corroded. It didn't really just happen. Something else in it changed. So then what could it do to change what the thing did when it was touched?

That was obvious. It just changed what happened when the mana went into the thing. If changing the mana before the corrosion didn't work, maybe during-before it would? So that was what it did.

It still didn't work like it wanted it to. But, the corrosion taked longer to happen now. It made the mana...not corrode. Which was easy-not. Because the mana wanted to corrode. Or at least that was what it felt like. It wasn't like the mana was a thing that was...was it? It moved kinda, and it did rest. For it anyway. When it used mana it went away and had to wait to get more. Was it a not-dead thing? Well, as long as it was doable it was fine, right?

It was very easy-not but if it could make the corrosion unfaster, than it just had to keep making it unfast every bit of time and the corrosion wouldn't happen. Which was easier to talk about than do. 

It tried, it really did, but, the best it could do was make the corrosion much unfaster to happen. But then its head got tired - the actual one, not the physical one - and it couldn't make the mana not corrode anymore. Then it would corrode the ground and it would have to take over again after a unbig rest time. Very bitty rest time, but still enough to corrode the ground.

A good thing though was that while it was trying to do the not corroding, the body was becoming more! Its head was now on a body that was very unfastly also getting arms and legs. Well, the arms were becoming but the legs under were not there yet. First it had to get the down part of the body also.

The bad thing was that now it had to try to still more of itself all the time so the time it could go without corroding actually got lesser instead of longer by many tryings. There was more of the ground it was corroding each time too and it was starting to get a bit, just a bit, bad. Because the tent sides were moving around and looked like they would drop. But it also couldn't just go out, because it was telled to wait here. So, for now, it could keep trying by using its actual body to move the physical one and make it in the up but down way so the head up was the only part touching the ground. That was what it started with anyway.

So, instead of making the hole bigger side ways, only in the one place it was going more down. That also had a bad part though. It had to very much think to make its actual body move the phsyical one and with also trying the corrosion still, it used a lot of thinkingness. And mana. Especially the moving the physical body part. That was easy-not.

It was ok kind of, but it was going to be annoying that was for sure. Since it could already hear the sun talking and talking about making such a big hole in his tent. Since it looked like the sun was going to drop over the side of the ground and into the hole in a soon time. Since...well, since it was so much bad anyway, maybe just keep going? It was going to get talked at by the sun anyway, so a bigger hole wouldn't change anything. Just like how a bitty hole in a demons head, or a big one, or even the whole head becoming splat, still killed the demon. The bigness of the hole didn't matter after it was made, right? Yes, that was probably right.

Corroding, corroding. Corroding holes in the grouuuund, corroding, corroding, making many big holes in the ground. Making the tent move, and sun talk loudly, corroding, corroding, holes in the ground. Making the sun angry, and all for the school~

Hm. This was fun. It could get used to this too.


Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

Yay! A chapter! Wheeeeeeeee

Anywho. Wanna guess if its physical stats are low or high?

Also, as always thoughts? 

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