"Retarded Tactician!"

"...I'm sorry? What did you just say? Because. I think I just heard you say you were labeled retarded?"


"NO! NOT YAY! WHAT...ugh."

"cough. Right. Well. That' condolences."

"That's...not the worst title you could get...?"

"Ecromina and Styx telled it weird things and Styx used a word it did not know. Ok. Also, it wasn't...badde-worst. It was just a title. Title was title."

"Hahahaha! I knew it! You even have a title for it! I'm dying! Hahaha. Oh. Uh."

"The sun was laughing a lot even thpugh he was the stupid, and stilled when Styx started laughing at him too. The General went down and holded his head with his hands again. He was doing that a lot. Was he ok? He wasn't going to die right? Then, Ecromina moved it over and hitted the General with a leg. He dropped and looked back at it."

"Ok. Yes. You're indeed...special. Anyway. So. I'm gonna assume that one is also because of the skeletons. Or how you used them I should say. Right. How about you just drop the next couple together. I'm...tired."

"That was ok. It was In the Eye of the Storm, Brother of the Order of the Inquisition, and a Verbal Diarrhea Possessor."


"The sun was laughing a lot for someone who probably didn't even have a lot of titles. Heh. Also, so? At least it was a "possessor" of something. He probably didn't have the other two titles, so he didn't possess anything. Heh. Loser. Also, Styx was laughing again. Maybe the sun's being a loser was funny. It laughed before too, but now more and when the sun talked too but when it talked more. And General was also laughing a little. It didn't know about Ecromina. That one was just still. Still. When was he telling more? The General moved himself back to his down place and looked at it."

"The first one is whatever. Doesn't matter. I can see why you got it, but pretty much everyone here has it. That second one...I know these two idiots are in it and I don't even want to know more. That last one...well, you're talking a lot. Literally everything you're thinking. Which is...less effort to understand than the nonsense and sophistry from the representatives of other worlds. Thankfully. Anyway, until you learn numbers, I can say the rest of your status can wait. How about the race?"

"Pseudo-void Shuddering Helmeted Shadow Soul Bewitcher, Duh."

"Duh? What do you mean duh?"


"Ok. Ecromina...?"

"Probably, its trying to say D. But as a word."

"Ah. Well. That race name has several questionable points...but, HOW are you pseudo-void?"

" evolved?"

"So you got that after evolving?"


"Ok. Sure. Soul eaters are nothing new I suppose. Though a pesudo-void soul eater...alright, you've certainly redeemed yourself there. Ok. Wait, shuddering shadow? Darkness? I don't know, I haven't heard of that one. Alright. Ok. All is well. I'm not stressed at all. So, I will apply to have the suspension lifted, go there with this thing-"

"The General moved a weird looking thing onto the thing in front of it and started moving another thing he was holding on the thing."

"It's a letter, and it's for your admission and their...suspension. Come back when you can hold a proper conversation. And, Ecromina turn that off please, it's commentary is...horrendous."

"Yes sir."

"What about the colors!"

"...may I."

"Eh, whatever, I'm writing anyway."

"Thank you. Though it wasn't a question. Now. These, clothes I am wearing are black and purple. Styx's helmet-"


"-is silver. And yes. It is. Anyway. This desk is brown. The carpet on the floor is red. Yes? Styx's hair, this stuff, is grey. Mine is silver. His is purple. And the General's is dark red. If it was...less...of it? Like grey is to black, that's light black or whatever. That different color on the General's clothes is dark orange. Ok?"

"Yes! The words - thank you for colors!"

Then, Ecromina moved away and the weird feeling from the thing it was doing went away.

"That's fine. Alright then, sir, would you hand me the projector. I have work to do."

"Right, right, here you go. And here you go Styx. I don't trust that one with it. Now, I would like to wish you well, but I will likely see you suspended and back here again soon enough. Unless - Styx, you keep the spirit and yourself out of that idiot's nonsense ok? Farewell. Mm, back to sleep."

The projector was getted to Ecromina and it went, and Styx got the "letter" and then the General went back down.

"Sir! I will do my best!"


After saying their things, the sun and Styx went back too and it followed. It was happy right now since it had fun. Doing all that was fun. And colors! Ecromina was nice. It telled it about colors. And "desks" and "clothes" and "hair!" 

Right. And it was going to school to learn more and be able to talk like everyone else talked! Fun!

Though the whole weird thing about titles and numbers was weird. And it getted many titles from the bones! That was fun too. 

The only thing left now was to go to school. But. It was not sure how this letter was going to help. He said let it into "admission" into school, right? Maybe it had to go into the letter? But that wouldn't work for sun and stuff?

The sun did not still and was still moving when he telled it the not-question for its question. 

"That's uh, not how it works buddy. You just go to the school and show them the letter. Just watch ok?"

"What he means is, the letter is in fact a meaningless piece of paper that can be used to write on, and what matters is that it was the General who wrote on it, and thus when we show it-" Styx was also telling, wasn't very...helping.

"Hold up there. It has absolutely no clue what you're on about."

Yes. That.

"Paper?" "Meaningless?" "Write?" "Wrote?" "Fact?" What is...what? What is word? What is thought? What even was its intelligence...nothing. It knowed nothing. Yes. It was meaning nothing. Ah, so that was meaningless. To be less of meaning. It all made sense now. It too, was meaningless. Indeed.

"You broke its fragile little ego! It's ok! Not everybody is as smart as me! Calm down! It's just a couple words! That's what school is for! Learning from people who are temporarily smarter than you! You become better than them after anyway!"

Oh. Sun maked sense.

"What? That's not-"

"Shhh! It's working!"

Yes. Yes! He was...making a lot of sense. Right. Right now, all of them were smarter than it and so "better" than it. So it should listen when they are talking and learn. But after it would be better and then be able to crush them!

"I'm a spirit whisperer. Is there anything I can't do? As expected of me. I'm such an excellent role model too! Look at how fast it bounced back and gave a response befitting of me. Umu. I am impressive. The be- thwack!"

The sun was going up, up and side, after Styx hit it with a hand. Well, it was wrong. Just because it could crush them didn't mean it had to. Styx and Ecromina and General and sun were ok. They would not be crunched. But well, would see.

"Eh. I'm slightly concerned. Meh. Not my problem though. I'm safe either way, heh heh." Sun was talking about...crunch?


To Styx's question, the sun only said, "Don't worry about it."

Actually, why was sun listening to everything it said? Could it turn him off?

"What? Uh, I suppose? I don't think we could communicate anymore then though."

"What? It wants privacy?" Styx asked the sun and the sun talked back after.


Did Styx have a thought?

"Well, you have a provisional contract right now, right? Just limit it even more. Make it a standby contract instead."

A what?

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh-" Sun didn't know.

"You have no clue what I'm talking about do you." But Styx knowed!

"Nope. I wasn't paying attention during race studies." Sun was talking weird again.

"Whatever. You're able to talk mentally and all that because you have either a contract or a special skill. Clearly, you at least, don't have such a skill or mind magic. So it can only be a contract. If it was a legit contract then you wouldn't be so casual around each other, and so it can only be a provisional contract. So with that, just change it to a standby."

Styx didn't know how to tell did he?

"Hm. Yeah. Sure."

"Just...tell it to push the connection away from itself, do the magic. Just, try to keep the link solid and established while it pushes on it."

Would that still let it talk though?

"Hey, yeah, will it still be able to talk?"

"Yeah. Only if it wants to though."

That sounded fine. So find the feeling - the "connection" and "push." Easy. Since it could feel the sun's stupid coming from it.


And away. 

"Eh, is that it? Wasn't it too easy?"

"Well, in the first place, how did you even make a contract with it? Provisional or not, it's not smart enough to do that. If you didn't do it either...well, whatever. Doesn't matter much now, does it? How is it? Working?" 

"Sa-think something."

Sun was talking weird. He should say something instead.

"Ok. Yep. It's working." Sun? How could he tell? It didn't think much yet?

"How can you tell?" Styx stilled when moving and looked at the sun.

The sun stilled too, and looked at Styx, "Well, usually I have to listen to it think. It can describe a rock as black but it will actually be like, 'oh! A thing! It's a rock? It's a rock! Oh, this is black right? I think? It saw a black rock.' It's painful for me to deal with. Can't help naturally ignoring it to protect my poor, vulnerable mind. That I didn't hear that means it's working."

Styx not-fastly started moving again and then looked at the sun once before looking in front again, "Ouch. That's...well, good for you?"

"Yes. Yes it is." The sun also runned a bit and went near Styx before becoming normal moving. 

How to go to school?

"We're walking. Allll the way." Sun maked the all sound weird. Weird. "Walking" wasn't bad. It just had to keep moving anyway. "You're no fun." What did the sun mean?

"Well, actually, we'll have to tell the Commander first and then wait for a group to travel with since it would still be risky to make the trip even as we are now. That, and we have to stock up on supplies, since otherwise we might be in trouble just casually trying to trek that way."

Styx's explains were better. Sun, learn from Styx. Useless.

"Hey, it was supposed to be a joke, not my fault you don't have a sense of humour."

It did too! It had all the sense! 


"Boy, you finally went loopy huh? Talking to air. Tsk tsk tsk-" A new demon was talking to the sun, and also they were back at the gate. Weird. It didn't feel it. 

"I assure you I am perfectl-" Sun was trying to talk, but went still after hearing the next part.

"-alright you're done for the day."

 "Never mind. I am gravely, seriously mentally ill and must therefore take paid leave. Bye and thanks in adv-geh!"

The sun tried to walk away but Styx holded the back of its clothes and pulled him back, telling the demon different.

"He's just talking to his spirit. He's certainly mentally ill in several ways, but no, he's fine right now."

"What? No! I'm insane! Look at me! Ugagagagaga-thud." The sun tried to get out of the hold, but Styx dropped him and then talked again instead.

"We'll finish today's shift but after that, on the General's orders we must return to school with the spirit and so will be leaving within the week. After we find a group to go with we will inform you."

The new demon looked from sun to Styx and back, then did the side to side head thing. "Sure, Styx. You do what you need to. No problems on my side. As for you...really? Sad. I went way further than that when I was pretending to be crazy. Amateur."

Saying what he needed to, the new demon walked back up the up-thing and went to another demon on the up of the side and started talking to it. 

"So. That went well?" The sun said.


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