Ok. It was now there. Where the sun was. And well, it was...a lot...? Very lot.

Many, many things. And sides. Like the castle, but bigger. They went into the mountain too. Which was...was that normal?

This side of the mountain was like if a castle was maked on the mountain but on its side. There were things maked starting at the down and going up the side of the mountain. With random sides at some places up the side of the mountain and around big space at the ground and around the things not on the mountain.

"Hey, head down to the ground. I'm on gate duty today. Which is fun as heck by the way!"

Ground? Ok. "Gate?" Not ok. What was a gate?

"Oh, uh...see the one place with, really big doo - er things? Like where people are going in and out?"

Ohhhhhhh. Well, now it knowed. So that was a gate. The castle also had one.

"Right, well, hurry up, you're probably gonna get interviewed later too."

What? Ok. Down first. More thinking could wait. The sun talked faster when there. 

Down. Down. Oh, that was weird. What was that weird thing? It had...many over things? And they were not even all overing. Some were too big-not to over everything. And why was that demon calling the other demon a "fraud?"

What even was a fraud? Whatever. It could ask the sun later. Also it still had to ask what the thing that came out of things when they got hit was. 

Oh. And there was the gate. And Styx?

"Hel-oh wow. You look...different. I mean you evolved but you didn't look too different then...darker color and a creepy feeling. Like you're gonna eat me. I feel distinctly! Now that's what it should be!" The sun was looking at it from on the up of the side, on the side of the gate. 

Hmmm. So it was cool? Well, of course it was. Cool was good right?

"Yes. Very good." The sun was making a hand hit Styx and move towards it. 

Alright. Yes, well then it was obvious. It was the coolest thing, that no one ever was. 

"Yes, I'm sure you are. Damn narcissist." 

"What?" Styx was also looking at it now. Not really, though, like the sides of it more. 

"Eh, it's proud of how cool it is."

"...ok?" Styx looked very worked. Like the sun when it was half-dead.

"No, it's called tired." Oh, the sun was talking to it again. Hmmm, so it was "tired," that was good.

"And learn some language or something! Your grammer and horrible naming sense hurts me! At my soul! I, a genius, aknowledged by as many as five people, feel pain when seeing your horrific language skills!" What was the sun talking about? 

"Hey, would you stop bragging? It's like five people. And they're your...intellectually lacking lackies. They failed like every class except physical. Shut up ok?" Styx had a weird expression.

"It's annoyed. See, observe my impressive language skills. This is proud by the way. My expression and posture. Learn from the best." The sun had a we - proud expression. Styx looked...more annoyed?

"Right. Whatever. Can we get it the projector or whatever? Or teach it telepathy? Or something? This is obvious and yet confusing to follow. Also, hello, I believe we haven't met, I'm Styx." Styx moved his head up and down once while looking in the place it was when the sun first moved his hand at it. Too bad he was looking the not-right way. 

"Eh? Who cares?" The sun moved his head a less to a side, but Styx hit him.

"Gefuh!? Ok, go! Sic'em!" The sun moved his hand at Styx, "Well, not really, but sic-" 

What? No. Styx was more intelligence then him, and also it "cared." No one was talking it what a "telepathy" or "projector" was! 

"Oh. Telepathy is the talking we do. Kinda. Ours is from the partial contract we got. Regular one works in general. Kinda. A projector is...some technical stuff. I wasn't really paying attention. Too much work. And making magic circles and stuff is more fun. After all, isn't it cool to blow things up? Especially from far away so you can relax and watch them run in terror. Kuhahahahaha." The sun looked happier and happier as he talked and then started laughing, clearly finding this "blowing things up" very fun. It wanted to know how to do that too. Most things the sun liked were fun to know. Or at least new. 

"Ugh. I don't know why they even let you in the research club. You're a crazy arsonist! Who set the dorms on fire! Multiple times!" Styx looked very happy. Why else would he very fast move his arms up.

"It was for science! And magic! Both! They both demand sacrifice!" The sun fastly moved away from Styx and went in the other side of where it was. "I have a spirit and I'm not afraid to use it! Come at me!"

"Sacrifice? Sacrifice!? You ratted out the peeping incident! It was just one peep! Why!? Traitor! You're just a selfish bastard!" Styx looked very happy now!

"So!? That one is mine! No one gets to it before me!" 

"No one? You blew her up! We both got suspended!" Styx came closer and the sun went away again.

"Look. That magic circle was just asking to be used! I agree. But. There's no way I would let your plan to use it before me succeed! If I can't have it, you definitely can't have it! HehehehehahahahaBWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sucker!"

"Hey! Come back! I won't hurt you! I promise!" Styx fastly moved after the sun who started running after talking. 

Wait, what about it? Well, it looked fun so after them? 

As they runned through the many caves, there was other talking too from random demons, "Oh, did that idiot piss off Styx again?"

"Magic circles, intelligence, or horn length."

"I bet it was intelligence. There's no way he was stupid enough to be bring up that incident."

"Heh. You underestimate the joy he derives from watching other people explode. Sometimes literally."

"Hahaha, yeah, what a funny kid."

Sounded fun"ny" indeed. It was true that looking at angry Styx was fun. This sun might actually be onto something! What was this way of doing knowed as!?

"Hey! Slow down! The faster I catch you, the less I will hu-educate you!" 

"You'll never catch me alive deadbeat! NEVER!" Sun was going faster!? How!? Since when could he move faster than the fastness of 'oh no dead is almost near!' That was much had changed!? Before he could barely go faster than things trying to hurt it! Now-! Times changed indeed. 

"Hey, so this might take a while. By the way, I'll tell you the full story some other day. It's hilarious. I even blew up part of the school. It's already put me into considerations for the Hall of Infamy! Someday, many years from now, demons will know me as the legend who blew up part of the school. They may try to copy me, but they won't be able to! I did it as a first year!"

Yes. Sure. But it had no idea what he was talking about. 

"Damn. I need to get you educated so you can fully comprehend my achievements. Also because I'm a good friend. There's no way to get considered for a good secondary education option if you can't even at least commit arson on the scale of one classroom. That'll be hard to do without some planning ability. I mean if you get caught in the act, you'll just get violently beat up by the student council. Though, the president is cool. She even threatened to murder me if I get caught next time! As expected of a noble. Truly refined in the ways of persuasion."

Hmmm. Sounds like a fun people. Though what was a "murder?"

"Well, basically, school is fun. And there was this one time-"

"Got you!" Styx used his leg to hit the sun and dropped him. Then stilled with a leg on the sun. 

What? One time what!?

"I'll tell ya later. Alright. Styx. Buddy. Let's talk about this?" The sun stopped talking when Styx maked him up.

"Look. I'd fight you again for old times sake. But. This can wait until after we drop off our buddy here at the General's. Yes?"

The sun did the head up and down thing and talked, "Yeah you're right. Annoying you more can wait."

"You're not helping your case." Styx looked at sun again.

"So? I have fun and fun's fun. I learned this from the spirit. He's my spirit guide. Get it? Eh, eh?" 

"...I...let's just go. And not talk about that joke. Ever." Styx didn't look at sun and just moved away.

"Guess he doesn't appreciate my comedic genius. Right spirit?" Sun was looking at it.

It didn't know. What was a "joke" anyway.

"Ok, yep. School for you. Or a library. Or tutor. Something. This hurts. Can't brag about my exploits like this." The sun moved his head side to side and moved after Styx too.


Sure. New was usual good. It also moved after them.

The two did not talk for a time after and then Styx talked again.

"So, how much does it understand anyway?"

Who? It-it?

"Eh. Partially. Lots of words missing and no context. It doesn't even understand my jokes."

"That's normal I'd say. So, wanna like, translate?"

"What? Sure?"

"So. First question. What does it think about killing things."

"Ok, this is you, go." The sun looked at it.



"Hmmm. How about magic?"

What's a magic?

"Oh, I see where you're going with this...alright, answer this seriously. It's very important. Magic is like the uh, suns from hands stuff."

Oh. Yes. Magic is fun and that thing - cool.

"Magic is fun and cool."

"Alright, last question. What do you think is the fate of couples?"

"He means....uhhhhh. Oh! What do we do with people we don't like."

What? Wasn't that obvious? Make them hurt!

"Make them suffer!"

"Ah, I see you are a kindred soul. Or can become one. Alright you're in. Welcome to the Order of the Inquisition. You can learn more when we initiate you. Which will be after we get you a tutor or something."

Hmmm. It didn't know what that was...but ok!

"It says it is elated. Welcome brother."

"Welcome brother. And we're here. Time for more questions, but worry not. As a comrade, I will assist you." Styx sounded very useful. Indeed. Even the sun did. What was a "brother" though? It would need to find this out. And the evolution.

"Ah. You two. Who are you hiding from this time?" The new demon was less up than them, but also more strong feeling. The mana was a lot.

"Actually, we brought the spirit." Sun sounded happy. 

"Huh? So we can stop wasting mana on that barrier? Finally. It's damn tiring to maintain." The new demon...was also happy? It was easy-not since it was new. "Alright come on up. The General wants to meeeeet - you? Right there?"


"Yes. It said." The sun was being useful for once. "Wow. You don't change do you."

No. It went up with them, using the - weird up-thing! So it was for this. They went up a lot easier than the bones...where did it go bad? 


The new demon hit the door with a leg and moved in, "General, interview now."

"Bleh!?" The general looked up from where his head was down and then looked around for a time. "Wha? What's happening? Why am I awake? Why am I here? What's my purpose!? What's the-guh!"

The new demon went there and hit the General with a hand and then walked back to where they were, "Sir. I respectfully remind you to be on your best behaviour."

"I just woke up! Don't blame me! Or rather, why would you ruin someone's nap!? You wouldn't like it if I did that to you now would you? Hmmmmmmmmmm!?" The General looked (probably) happy-not at the new demon.

"Sir. Do you want me to report you again? The Grand Duke does not like being annoyed though so I wonder if being disturbed by another report about you wouldn't be...a problem...?" The new demon looked back, with no change in expression.

"Right. Uh. Anyway. Back to work. Ta ta. Bye. I unsummon you evil god. Secretary, I don't choose you~. Goodbye. Go aw-"


The General went still. Very still. 

"I will go get the projector."

The General was still still.

Tap Tap Tap

And then, the new demon moved away. 

What a fun people. What a fun place! Indeed. Finding the sun was very intelligence of it.

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

I wrote out the pokemon theme song in a long paragraph because it was fun and then deleted it because it was just for fun. No regrets. Like in spirit talk form, the whole thing. It was fun though, but I already did it, like the first four lines, in an older, yeah. Good times. Can you catch where it was originally? There's still the first two lines of the theme song (Spirit adaptation) in there. Hahaha lol. It fits so well sometimes. Usually more in my head...

Seems like the sun's school life with Styx was quite fun so far. Blowing things up. What a model student. 

Also. There's always that one character. Anime, manga. Villain or side. Y'know, that one who always gives off that vibe like they want to graphically murder you. Yeah. We just found ours. 

What could this mysterious order be?

What exactly did the sun do in his away time? 

Why were dormitories set on fire?

Who is the secretary?

What's up with the General?

All this and more in the next episode chapter of Dr*g** B*ll Z A Void Spirit's Slightly Psychotic Tale!

I had to. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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