Now. Now was the time. It had learned with bones long enough. Very long actually. Until the mental crippling happened again. Turns out ten bones at the same time was not ok.

After that it also tried the other ground-things, but none of them seemed to do anything. Sure they maked a weird black mist thing that it eated, but it just maked it get some mana, less than it used. So that was useless.

Then, it was just a breaking of the castle. And making bones go out and fight the other things around. They died almost every time, but it was still fun to look at. Even from their eyes, when it could see and feel the dead. Was still fun. More fun actually, than just looking from where it was. And it did win. Kind of. When it used many bones for one other thing.

Which actually got it some levels. It killed many bones, enough that it couldn't find a number for it, but still only got three levels. And the souls weren't even eated. They just went away. The bones it used didn't get souls for it. Which was dumb. But it could break the castle while still killing things so it was ok.

That last part with the ground things could wait until it was dided with the castle and things.


With a loud sound, the last side went on to the ground, and as it eated the side, it looked around at the many things around it. Mostly its own.

All the bones appearing and not appearing and killing maked its Max Mana increase a lot. And intelligence. As the boxes told it, it got another +23 intelligence. The bones many now, and used less mana when it maked them come. Even the level was already for evolution good. But it hadn't yet because it still had things to do. With this castle side dided, then an evolution. Next would be killing the things and then finding the sun. There was still many things to do. Now that it thought about it, where was the sun? It hadn't thought about him much while it was having fun. Maybe he was dead?

It sure hoped not. That would be bad. It had been talked to by the Chieftain to keep him not-dead...and he was stupid. It would need to go faster.

Clack clack clack

The bones was trying to talk again. It wasn't sure when, but some of the bones were more intelligence. They just became that way. Probably. It didn't really notice before. Even now, it couldn't really tell how intelligence they were, or they could just have learned to make those clacking sounds and thought it was fun.

It could know that. Black-making was also fun.

Clack clack clack

Yes. Sure. No. All of them.


Clack Clack

What? Were they intelligence after all? Could making them fight all of the things and seeing so many other bones die have maked them more intelligence? Were they reall? The seeing and moving them didn't tell much. It could feel a weirdness there but that could just be them being weird. Nothing new. One time, it seeed a bones hitting the going up thing with a club. It stopped when it looked though so it could have just been a one time thing. It never seeed another bones doing it again.

The one who did it died. It was hit by the very big thing and went crunch and went everywhere. As expected of a weak bones.

Well, it probably got new bones every time it used the thing, so maybe this was normal? It just sometimes got more intelligence ones.

Though even when moving them it couldn't feel anything. Weird. Even the sun had that annoying feeling when he talked.

It could tell somewhat what he was thinking, even not the words he was talking. Like a fortress. It wasn't sure if that was what a fortress looked like but it was weird alright.

It looked like a castle, but since it was a fortress it was probably different so no need to kill it.

Aaaaand dided. Right evolution.

Possible Evolution(s):

Helmeted Pseudo-void Soul Crunching Spirit Fog (C ) 

Just your regular every-day soul-eating pseudo-void spirit that wears a helmet. Nothing to see here. Except that it is a giant patch of moving fog that devours the souls that get caught inside it. These are considered major threats to public safety due to high intelligence and the fact that soul damage is hard to resist, leading to even stronger individuals falling uncoscious and losing their souls in their sleep.

Helmeted Pseudo-void Zone Soul Vortex (C-)

A special kind of crazy; a long-dead archmage thought it would be a good idea to force an intelligent, soul-eating, mini-sub-realm spirit to forcibly pull in surrounding souls and strengthen its power as a realm. Said archmage succeeded, creating this monstrosity, and promptly had his soul eaten by it. These things have lost the ability to call themselves spirits - losing much of their sentience - in exchange for becoming what are essentially moving space pockets that eat souls. Genius. Oh and this one wears a helmet. For style. Why or how? Nobody knows.

Helmeted Pseudo-void Spirit Bewitching Shadow Lake of Souls (C-)

A moving lake made up of shadows. It can hide itself in shadows, even smaller ones, and then flow out and engulf prey. They capture souls and let them be slowly corroded by the waves, and are able to enslave souls that fall in. The first stories of evil sirens likely originate from here, as the enslaved souls evolved seperately to attract more food into the lake, for their master and themselves. The lake on its own also has a strange attractive force. For some inexplicable reason, there is a shaodwy helmet floating in the middle of the lake.

Helmeted Pseudo-void Soul Bewitching Shadow Unholy Fort Spirit (C+)

A creepy-looking fort constructed of only shadow, it possesses the ability to attract prey into itself, to be killed by the undead inside. It can passively and actively create undead, even from scratch and - though slowly - move. It is rated highly as - especially with age - these are essentially mobile fortresses with tireless and fearless soldiers manning the walls. And a dilapidated-looking helmet in place of a flag on the flagpole.

Helmeted Pseudo-void Soul Stealing Territory Spirit (C )

A spirit that decides to take the guise of a noble by laying claim to the land. No particular tendencies, except that it likes to collect taxes in the form of souls. The largest and only known successful one of these is The Grand Bazaar. The massive inter-dimensional marketplace is a highly evolved territory spirit, that is paid by the merchants who use it in souls.

Baldness? Hearing loss? Spontaneous combustion when using magic? Sounds familiar? Well look no further! I, Zezzal, have made a cure that will work even for all kinds of illnesses and diseases! To order, come to The Grand Bazaar, stall #34512454550785966705H3T6K05394574930 (Brought to you by: The Inter-Dimensional Bazaar Company. There is no place out of our reach! Use our products now! We're watching you...Sponsored by: Death God's Amusement Park of Doom. Come here now. Or else.)


Helmeted Pseudo-void Wandering Reaper's Will Spirit (C )

The name of this species is largely inaccurate, coming to be known as 'Reaper's Will' as a result of its natural tendencies and abilities. These spirits act much like soul bewitchers in their pursuit of souls, however they can detect souls, even from large distances, and track them down. While their shapes vary, the default form is generally a cloud. Rather obvious in general as it is a cloud floating along on the ground, but you can never escape on of these. Not if they are intent on you. Short of killing them or moving to a different world, these spirits will mark their prey and track their soul to eat it. They may take time to accomplish this if you can run far enough as they can easily change targets when they come across new prey. That's why they are not more infamous, however even so, these spirits are not called reaper's for no reason. They possess the ability to drain vitality and mana in a domain effect in addition to their ability to pull souls.

Pseudo-void Armor Avatar of Soul Bewitching Shadow Domain Spirit (C-)

These spirits take a halfway compromise and do not become too impressive as far as domain abilities go, but instead, as a result of a strong desire for the ability to interfere physically with the world, they build armored avatars for themselves. They are disposable and can be remade from scratch over time, but the spirit needs to spend considerable time training to accomplish detailed control and maneuvering of the body. As well, the body is unable to fool anyone, as it is an empty, moving suit of armor. The spirit can compress itself to fit inside of the armor - like flesh - in order to protect itself better.

Pseudo-void Wandering Spirit Avatar of Gluttonous Consumption (C+)

A massive spirit, these soul-eaters move around devouring souls, and can end worlds if not stopped in time. Their gluttony is endless and they possess a heightened ability to absorb mana, and memories from souls they devour, even devouring solid materials over time to further enhance themselves and fuel their rampage.

Pseudo-void Wandering Spirit Avatar of Wrathful Consumption (C+)

Fueled by rage and an enjoyment for destruction, these spirits tend to float along while happily crushing anything that gets in their way and devouring it. Once started, these war machines kill and eat every enemy they see. They are known to prefer having a physical organ (that looks and functions like a normal living body) to truly enjoy the sensation of bones breaking under their fists. A fatal miscalculation most make when fighting one of these is relaxing once they destroy the physical component, not knowing that the true body is the blackish fog that lingers around the body.

Hm. That was all good, but what was with the weird color thing in there?

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Ah. Well, that told it nothing. As expected of a not very talking box-thing.

Oh well. Now, the real issue would be what to had many things to kill.

But all of these evolutions sounded like they were ok with killing...

Ok. It would have to find the sun. It should see how he was doing anyway.

It moved to the sides of mana that were all around the place and found that it could go through easy. The side tried to move it to the way it came from, but it moved the other way and the feeling went away when it was far enough away from the big sides.

"Hey! Long time no see."

Yes. So he was not dead. Very good, especially since it was the sun.

"We're already back to that? Really? Well, I'm assuming you're done with the you-know-what?"


"I assumed you wouldn't want to be reminded."

Oh, well that was...good of him...? Where was he, anyway? It looked around and could see many, many nothing.

"Other side of the mountain."


"Are you serious right now."

Oh. That mountain. Since when was that there?

"Since General Vogras decided he wanted some shade."

...Was every "general" doing that? And why did they even need a fortress then?

"Oh, that was for fun. And for people other than Generals. Y'know weaklings like us. Also, for character building. Got to admit, nothing builds comradery like fighting off waves of monsters and breaking your back making a menaingless fortress."

Sounded fun to look at. It was almost there, moving through the mountain. Some of its mana was getted by the mountain, but it could feel a lot of mana in the mountain. Was this how the monsters got mana? The mana was in the ground? Where the bad didn't go?

"Well, we have things to catch on. Also, sadly, not everyone is as straight-forward and honest, even if crazy, like you are. You have no idea how much I missed you. Styx is my only other friend."

WHAT!? That meaned...if the sun had it and Styx, that was two. It had the Chieftain and Shaman. That was two. HE HAD THE SAME NUMBER OF FRIENDS AS IT! NO WAY!

"Heh. Wait what do you mean 'if' I counted you."

Obviously. It didn't see him as a friend. Heh, useless.

"Go die. Hahahaha."

Heh. The talking after so long wasn't bad.

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

Yay! Castle shenanigans done! The remaining undead cleaned up in next chap! Life is good! Also, I don't think it gets tactics. Throwing skeletons at a _____ isn't gonna work. 

Also, don't be suspicious of that other novel. Its just for when I'm bored but don't wanna write this. 

Procrastination is my bloooood!

That chant was fun, I'll say that much (the one in last chapter's comments). 

And, what did the sun accomplish in that timespan! Mysteries! 

And, also more not doing what I should be doing! So productive!


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