The side-way was annoying. It had to break everything of course, but every time it did, random parts dropped from everywhere! It was annoying! The stupid castle wouldn't even break right.

It was going place by place, so each castle place should be breaked one at a time. Not random parts from other places dropping in! That was not...not grouped right! That was dumb! An-and weird! That maked no sense!

Stupid castle.

Oh, what was this? Very good looking?


What was this? A look-still of the human thing?


This thing that looked like dead body with weird over-things?


That random weird thing that dropped?


Why were there words on it? What was this?

This was - this was like the boxes!

Words on not talking! Learn! Learn! Learn!

It wasn't working. Why? The boxes told it what the words were. It didn't always know what the words were for, but it could...listen them. In a weird way. Like when the sun talked weird to it.

So, why was this thing with words everywhere not...telling? It wasn't telling it the words! What did the words mean! They even looked different than the box words!

Fine. Stupid thing also wasn't working right? And was that things - right! It was that thing's thing! Words or not -

It black-maked the stupid thing, not even moving as its body was bigger now and easy-very was on the all the sides and things in the side-way. Even the word-thing.

- thing's things would die and break. Right. That was with...'I?'

Right. With I, it decided to do the things like that, it shouldn't get not thinking like that so easy. It had to still its mind to the thing it was doing now, so that even something as goodest as word-things for learning would not make it change its thinking.

No change. No changes. No changes!

The sound the castle maked and the things maked when they dropped to the ground?

Not even that sound to remember, even if it sounded a big-not good to listen to. No thing's things were good. They were all bad. Needing to be becomed not-there from the world.

This stupid-looking club? With the weird color-big-not things in it? Breaked!

It looked to the out from the holes that were there - there were many, because it breaked a lot of the castle. And the mana was still there. Maybe, killing some things and evolving again would be good? To break things again? Faster?

It was important to do things useful to what it was doing now if it could. And evolution would be good...yes, after this up and down until the other side. That wouldn't be a lot. At least not longer than now.

In the first place, that place still had weird mana in the sides, but after it, the more it went away from there, the less mana moving in the sides. And it was weird too. Not just weird that there wasn't that mana moving everywhere - because if it was it, then it would do it everywhere so that its things were very easy-not to break - but that the mana moving felt changed. Changed in a way that maked it like this, and not just normal like this.

Which was weird. Had the human thing did this? It could have. That maked a lot of sense. Since, human thing choosed to fight with it after all, and was stupid and dumb and stupid. So maybe it also maked the castle become bad. For some stupid reason. Yes, that maked sense. More and more sense the more it thought actually. After all, it was the most intelligence.

It could break this castle decided on easyer than it thought. Soon, it would have the deal with I dided, and would then evolve after killing more things, and then break more of the castle. And maybe evolve again. If it could. Maybe. To break the castle even more gooder! Also to go on and kill the other things. Those would be annoying if it wasn't good enough.

Time would still help it. Probably. But the easy more it would be to kill the things if it was stronger and it didn't want to not use time good. This was one thing. Not evolving and making itself not faster because no reason would be stupid. Killing was killing when it was fast and good. Or fun. Not dumb and not-fast. Any stupid could kill a bones, but only it killed them with such...good-look and fun. And it was still faster than it was when it was not-stronger. Yes, it could still kill fast and be fun as long as it was strong enough to be ok with not-using time good.

So, getting stronger would make it easyer to have fun! Also, evolution maked things fun too. The how big it was now, it could go and eat and see so much more and faster too. Plus eat souls easyer, kill things easyer, black-make easyer...when it learned how...after many hurts with the parts...and even, look gooder. The arms, the big and not-not-strong-looking, was all evolution. It was good. Soon, even clubs and over-things would be its! Like that bones! The very annoying one!

Oh, and bigger. It could go up and try eating the sun! The up-sun, not the sun, that one would probably be useless anyway. And if it went very up, wouldn't it be able to see more of the world? To see and feel more, wasn't that the goodest? Except bad things. Those weren't ok. Like what the - that thing did.

Oh. When had that happened? The castle sides breaked and had weird place in it. There were weird looking things on the ground and sides and up, they had mana going through them. Like the sides. But the feeling was that they were different.

Like this thing felt like Weird. Well, the only thing to do was break it like a part!

First, mana mov - why was it changing? What was happen-mana! Its mana was becoming into the ground-thing! That was not-good! Bad! Very bad! Mana! Stop!

Oh, actually not it wasn't that bad. It felt bad, but not a lot of mana was eated by the thing. The Max Mana in the status still said 288/313. That was...more than zero? That was good. Very good actually. The parts learning usually went until mental crippling or even all the way to zero. Which was...a bad feeling. It was like hungry but badder. Hungry maked it not-fastly mana go bye, but the hungry felt badder and badder the more mana it was not-having.

Not fun. But! This was still 288/313. It wasn't sure, but that was probably very more than zero. At least more than 16. That was a lot.

Also, mana not-having to the mind-side, the thing on the ground eated its mana and...maked a bone appear.

That was...weird. Weird...and fun. It had its own bones! And it could feel it! Like another body! Which was hurting because it was new and weird, and doing many things right now...

For one, this stupid bones was eating its mana. Only a big-not, but it was going to the bones, and that was...well, not bad...the thing's things were bad...but this bone was its, right? Sure, the ground thing was - well, even the ground thing could be from before. The human thing could be too stupid to do it on its own. So, this was fine. Yes, not that it wanted its own bones to make do funny things. 

First, would be a very funny thing. 

Hit head on side. 

This wasn't just for fun. This was to see how good bones were to sides. If bones could break sides too, they could make the sides into lesser parts for it, and make the actual breaking faster! Yes, not for fun. This was...learning. Learning and fun. 

This wasn't no using time good. This was learning to break things gooder, so this was fine. Very good. 


Well, that was a no. 

The bones head breaked and it dropped. Which hurt. Because it felt the bones hitting the side and becoming dead. But, it wasn't all that badder feeling than the mental crippling and other hurts. 

So, instead it was fun. Because looking at a bones hitting its head on a side so much and than becoming dead because of its own stupid was funny. 

Now. It was gone. Weird. When it deaded, it didn't just go still, and stay there like other things. It became not-there. Some mana was there too. Not a lot. It came back to it. 

...Could it use the ground thing again...? 

The answer: yes. Yes it could.

The new bones was told to go and go up, with the weird things in the wall. To see if it could see when it went away.

And it could. Except not very far. Because the bones couldn't move its legs like it told it to and dropped down the weird thing and hit the ground with a crunch

It was dead. 


This one also dropped. With a crack, and the head went up and around. Which was fun to look at.

So it maked the next bones do the same. 

And again. 

And again.

And again. 

And again.

They didn't always drop or become dead the same way, but it was fun to look at every way.

So it just maked a bones come and drop, over and over and over. 

Maybe if they stayed, it would have to black-make them to make space for more dropping, but they even became not-there on their own. 

They were the goodest fun things!

Right now, it was thinking of making not one, but two bones. Then making them kill each other. 

Now the problem was if that worked. It hadn't tried yet, but if it worked...then, there would be more fun. 

Also, it had learned how legs moved gooder after all the fun. If it wanted, it could make the bones go up the weird thing without becoming dead, but that wouldn't be fun. Killing them was. 

But what about making a bone go up to the uppest, and then making another bones make it drop. Like with a hit. 

Go go bones things! 

Hit! Kill! Dead! And again! 

Right, but first, try the two.

It would first have one bone. Then, make more mana into the ground thing...and it worked! Too good. The new bones was looking different from the other bones and it. Two looks were one thing. Three was...weirder. 

It was used to looking with all its body if it tried, but this was just weird. 

And stupid. The bones had to use their eye-holes to look. What was the reason for that?

It could see much gooder. But they were just bones. Too bad. Not sad. 


Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Smack. Thud. 

...Was that all? The fighting was usually fun. But when it maked the bones fight, it had to tell them what to do. Each one. One at a time. So one hit, then the other. Not...not like...hit and hit. It was...not fun like this.

And it wasn't the couldn't tell fast enough. So it had to do this a lot and get gooder, keeping the hitting.

And, the bones used mana, but like this it eated back more mana than it used, so it could keep having fu-learning. Learning. Not fun. Learning. Using time good, not bad. 

The bones being funny was just a...not important part, not the actually thing. Just a side-thing. 

Hit and hit and hit and hit. That was all it had to do and then after time it could do it good! Probably. Maybe. 

Well, hitting each other faster was at least easy. It just had to think faster. Which was easyer than the parts black-making. At least it wasn't mental crippled. Probably. 

Unless it used more bones. And maked them all move at the same time. 

But, many bones dropping and becoming dead and crunched would be more fun-learning. Very learning. And mental crippling wasn't that bad. So. For fu-learning. Many bones. Yes. Many bones. 

It moved much mana into the thing, and then a new bones came. It was one. But it was black and big and very clubby.  

Well, that was a good drop. It didn't even become dead from one. It did it two times. 

Yes. Dropping would always be funny. Every time. 

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

I dunno. Well, it hasn't said how much of the castle it destroyed already, but think about it this way: A line from the fight all the way to the other end, and disposing of any debris that dropped as the castle collapsed due to large chuncks of it just going bye-bye. And reaching where the human thing kept his the ground things (I would think most people can guess what those are?). 

Poor castle.

Also a special fighting game for bones. Super Slow Edition. Who will win!?

How would fatalities even work. They're just bones...and the spirit certainly isn't about to pull off a complex martial arts maneuver. 

Lastly...I dunno, I feel like I'm having fun with this, are you guys? Should I cut to the 'leaving castle' faster? I don't mind just summarizing the next bit. It wouldn't matter too much. Also, I dunno if it was a good idea to forsake working for this...oh well. I'll pull through with last minute powers. My only high-level skill. Other than procrastination and Sloth. 

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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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