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You know, I actually appreciate that being pointed out. See, the thing is, if you remember, when it was looking at its evolution choices in previous chapter, it said only one without helmet and that referred to the living armor, because the spirit doesn't actually know what an armor is, so to it the living armor was helmetless, even if it's implied to us that a living armor has a helmet. The shuddering shadow evo it chose actually has a helmet, because, in description, it says

"These spirits make themselves into self-contained zones that can put prey to sleep and then pull them into an illusion. Prey are slowly drained of their vitality and soul, withering away and disappearing unnoticed in the spirit's personal hunting grounds."

So, while it may not be clear here, the spirit expands into the zone. It does not perpetually stay that way. Instead its original shape just becomes a whole lot bigger and floats around until it meets prey and then becomes a formless mass. Its original shape will be from its past evo, so it would in fact still be wearing a helmet. I was sleep deprived and I'm actually kinda a noob at writing so I find it hard to consciously put out what I'm thinking in my head and type it in a way that the reader gets it. I forget that readers do not read my mind. Probably. So big oops on my part. Just imagine a giant insane death blob with a helmet for its current normal mode. Like before but bigger basically. Until it starts eating.

You know, this is probably one of the longest comments I have ever written.

*Stares silently*


End Comment. 

So sorry about that. 

.........wheeeerreeee waaaasss iiiittt? Wwwass iitt nneeeaar thhhee caasstttlllee...? Eeeevveeerryyyyttthhhhhiiiinnnngggg.  HHhHhhhuUUuRrttTT! BBUUUTTT! TTHHHHEEEE CAAAAAAASSSTTTTLLLLEEEEEE-!


Ok. Iiit wouuld waaait. SSooooon....

That felt...fine. Yes. It was fine now. And still in the castle. It was more breaked than before everything happened so it could think maybe in those think-not-think times it did do something, so that was good. But for now, it had to become not-bigger. Even if it happened like would just have to wait again. But the castle would become easier to break. That was all that it needed right now. 

At first, it didn't see much different from before, but it could feel that becoming not-bigger until a certain point was a lot easyer. Until it went to a size that maked it hurt before...but it was ok...more ok, still easy-not, but at least for a less time it could still in a big-not size. 

Right now, it had to do many things, first of them was seeing if what it thinked was good or not. If it was...well, then this castle should become ready to die. And break. Break until it can't break more. 

Yes, not-fastly, move the mana in the part, different from the side, make it...different. Anyway was fine...and it...worked? 

As soon as it moved the mana, the moving mana in the side, became stronger and hit the part where it was on the side and maked the mana move like before again. Which hurt. 

Mental Strain: Low

Well. That wasn't good. Probably. It wasn't even more intelligence...well, what if it black-maked the part on the side before the side maked it like before? Would that work? 

No way to find out but to try, right? Not-fastly. Very, very not-stupidly...almost...NOW! BECOME BLACK-MAKED! 

Almost as it black-maked it, the mana came, but it maked the part break. The black-make became more as the side mana went into it and the part of the side it black-maked maked a puff sound and went everywhere in very, very, very, not-big parts. 

Well then. That was good. For sure. It wasn't even easy-not now...well, what if it did the same thing on bigger parts of the side? It didn't even have to black-make as much, because after black-making, the mana from the side breaked the black-maked part itself. 

Which was only normal. It was the mana-eater. Not some stupid castle. As if a castle could fight it with mana. Heh. Stupid castle. 

Now, become a bigger and then try again. 

Not-fastly, just like before, this would work. It had to, because it was the most good at this now. It was one thing when it didn't know, but now that it knowed, wouldn't it be the stupid and useless one if it still couldn't do this? No way. Ever-not.

Even if it hurt, even if it took a lot of would do this, and ever-not feel that ever again. If it did, that would be that it was useless and should die. No other reason would be. Ever-not.

So, this part was just the way to become the goodest, that no one ever was. To win them was its try, and to kill them was its want. All the parts, then the sides, then the other places in the castle, then the castle. An easy plan. Even a stupid could think of it.

Then. Why was this part not...breaking? Or moving even? The mana was too much to move for it. But. Couldn't it become not-bigger to make more mana moving easyer? It could, right? It didn't have to be big enough to be on the whole part, just enough to touch the sides of the part that were next to the rest of the side. What if it maked its body, like its arms? Long and not-big? Then around like a mountain on the part, but the inside would be empty? 

Yes, this could work. Just a moving the body. It was...easy-not. The head was hurting. It hurt more when it became arms.

Intelligence +1

Mental Strain: Low -> Medium

And it hurt even more when it became a empty mountain.

Mental Strain: Medium -> High

But it did it. And it wasn't at the bad "mental strain" yet. So, it could keep going. The head was hurting it, very much, but that was it. The actual doing wasn't too much easy-notter. 

Now. It wasn't sure if trying to move mana like this would make the bad mental strain happen, but the big hit with mana if it didn't work definitely would make the bad mental strain happen.

But so what? It was just hurt. Not like the bad bad feeling from then. And it would just have to wait before continuing the trying. Like before. After that, didn't the thing work? It finded a way to break parts easyer. So this was fine. A not-big hurt for this? Not a problem. 

Yes, just move - and oh. That hit...should have happened so fast? It didn't even have time to-

Mental Strain: High -> Crippling




Ok. Now. Just try to move the mana. This time, it could try with more, since this time its mental strain was starting lesser. Yes. This would work. This time...again!? Really?

Mental Strain: High -> Crippling




Ok. So. Maybe the castle big parts were...stronger than it thought. By a not-big amount. Just a not-big-part. No problem. That just had to try more. That was all. There was no-things wrong with the way it was trying, this was normal. The problem was that making itself look like that was...easy-not. It maked its head hurt. But when its head hurt, its intelligence was more! So, it could see this as a good thing. Hurt was also the same as stronger! What didn't kill it would only make it stronger. Yes. No fear, no fear at all. 

Just, not-fastly...very not-easy-not move the arm thing onto the part. Move the other arm thing onto the part. Make itself a mountain...yes, this was all easy. More than before. 

Intelligence +1

Make the mana move, and then...BLACK-MAKE! HAH! NOT THIS TIME! HAHAHAHAHAHA STUPID SIDE! Yes, yes! Wait. Why was there...more mana coming? Why was the this much black part still not breaking? It was almost, it could feel it...but not yet! And the mana was coming! The black was becoming not-there and the part was going back to normal! It was not-fast, but a big mana hit was coming! BUT! BUT! If it stopped now-! 

All the work this time would be-! But! BUT! Oh. Right. It was too long. Well, at least -

Mental Strain: High -> Crippling


-oooooo. NNNooooottt eeevvveeeennnn ggggoooooiiiiinnnnggg tttooooo ttthhhiiinnnkkkk. Wwwaaaaiiitttiiiinnnngggg.

Sssssstttiiiiiiiiilllllll wwwwaaaaaiiiitttiiiiinnngg.

Ok. It was back. Again! Yes. 

This time. This time! Ok. Not-fast. Not-fast! This time. This time, it would kill this part. And if it didn't...well, it would try again. After this many times, it didn't feel any different even if it did not work many, many more times. It would wait. If it couldn't be stronger, than it would win in time. That was always work. Just eat the mana in the around more, and fight the mana, move it faster in the part, and hit the hit back. That was all. Easy, right? 

Ok. Same as before. Like when it almost worked. Just like that, it would do it, but fight too. And see how it worked. It could change again if it felt like the not-good way, but if it was just the head-hurt stopping it, then intelligencing maked the head hurt less, so if it keeped doing this and making more intelligence, its work would be easyer. Then, after time, it would win. 

Aaaand, there it was. Hit it back, and well, it worked as well as it thought it would. It didn't. And the mana it moved breaked, and the head hurt came. And there it was, as usually.

Mental Strain: High -> Crippling

Intelligence +1

Intelligence +1

Wwwooowwww, sssoooo nneeewww.


Well, it came back faster than it thought. Maybe not thinking maked getting less hurt faster? Which maked sense since the hurt came from too much thinking. That was good to know. It should think only when it had to, and not else. 

Like this part-killing didn't need as much thinking. Now it did it so many times, that it was easier to do it when it did it. 

Aaaannnd there. It worked. 


The part became not-there when the mana hit came. And that was that. 

Next part!

Who was the stupid who said it worked? Who was it? It wasn't it, that was for sure. No way. It wasn't that stupid. Not now anyway. 

It had learned. Learned what real trying was. 

After it breaked that one part, it went to another...and the castle didn't break. At all. Instead the hurt happened again. Why? What was different? It didn't know, but it tryed a different part and it worked. It tryed a different part again...and it didn't work. Now, it wasn't sure, but maybe...random? Was its happen...only a random?

That would make sense though. It had already done that "crippled" thing like, many times now. Probably more than "10" times. Which was...not hurting?

It didn't really feel as much from it now. Maybe it would have if it was just doing it, but this was for the castle. Some hurt was fine, if it helped to kill the castle. It was hurting, but also becoming gooder. It getted 6 intelligences more. That was a lot. So, it was fine. Since it maked it nearer to the thing it was trying for. 

Now, time to do it again. 

Three more intelligence, but this time only many trys! 

Seven! Wasn't sure about the trys...

Ok. There. Done. It could break parts now. Very good. Bigger parts! 

...or not. Maybe after. At least, break all of this place? Time was fine. Not-fast. Even the things outside were almost there. Most. Some dead. No more mana. But still many. It wasn't sure why, but there was a big mana side-thing around the whole place so the things couldn't go more away. Sometimes, the mana from out was put in. Who, why, it didn't know, or even what time that happened. But. It was fine. If it had the things here, it woud be easyer to find and kill them all when it was done with the castle. Like the - no that didn't important yet. The castle, then things. Its food...was ok. 

That out mana maked the things keep moving too, and maked it eat too. That was good. Having to find food while doing this too would be annoying. 

Ok. The place was breaked. Everything was black-maked. But. After it did that, from up, things came dropping down. Was the castle breaking on its own? Were the places like what happened when the bug hit it? 

Good. It should know hurt too. Well, now it couldn't go to another place. It had to black-make all the things here first. 

This was going good. The place was almost done. Almost. 

This place was did. More things dropped when it was working, but not-fastly, when time happened, no more things dropped from up. So, the next place. This time...that side. That was where the human thing probably came from? It remembered where the body was, and where it had been before it became dead. When it was fighting, the side-down way was that way. So, that way. 

Break everything of its, and feel gooder. That was all that was important. 

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

Notice the difference? In status, other than inteligence. *Devious laughter*

Also, I said stuff already at top, so yeah. And uh, was this boring? 

I thought it was important to show its...insanity in its utter obsession with revenge through some means as a result of hatred with no way to vent it, and never having experienced it before. With the Cheiftain, it was a bit too immature to really get it, but here, its stuck in the same place that made it hurt, so the defense mechanism of forgetting isn't working. Also...I don't think this is considered healthy mental development.

...Or is it? I mean its super patient now. I count that as a plus.

Also, this is why you don't mess with insane death blobs. It never ends well. By the way, I forget where I heard it, but I think it was somebody's quote: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results." 

Too bad the world gives way for the spirit's insanity. Truly 'magical.' 

...I'll show myself out. 

*Stares silently*

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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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