That was the sound a big cave side maked when it became black-maked and dropped. It had been a time. The body of the thing had already been black-maked. After that it had moved to the sides, and this was only the first side. Of this place. The cave was a lot bigger than this, and it would be a while before it became dropped. But this was still something. Time, at least, didn't feel like something it had to worry about. Not here where there was still much mana.

No, this was something it had to do. It didn't know what this feeling was, what this strong feeling to hurt really was, the word for it, but it knowed that it had to do something about it.

The one who did it was dead already, so there was nothing to do but this. That was all. Levels? Max Mana? That was not important right now. It would definitely go back an evolution to kill the thing again. Many, many, many times. Then, then it would feel ok. Maybe.

First, it would go ground up, it was going good so far. The sound had been from a thing on the side dropping when the side behind it became not there. After this whole big-not cave-inside-cave was happen, the other places would be next. And if it didn't feel ok after that? Then, the other things like the bones. Most of the things were already dead. They dropped when the thing died. But there were also many still moving. It was too bad this place couldn't just become not here all at now.

This would be as good a reason as any to become strong. To come back and make this place not here. With enough mana, it would be possible. Right, one part at a time.


Everything in here.


It would make become not here. It would become not here ever-more.


A thing from the side dropped on a thing from outside, making it become dead. All those souls outside, would make it stronger...right? More mana was good. More mana meant more killing. More killing was the same as more not thereing.

Was there something to make this not here faster? Gooder?


The other things like that one would be after this too. All of them.


Then, then it would have to...well, it wasn't sure what - oh right, finding that thing's soul. That too. Other than that-





"No. Just no. I'm not getting into that. Looks like whoever else was here did a number on the castle. Don't know what you're trying to do."

Weird humans. They killed the other thing in here. It did a bad thing so it killed this..."castle." Next was the thing's other things like the bones and then its soul.

"Sure. Ok. Now. How's about you come over to me."


"Because the castle is structurally unsound right now and there's an army of undead around it. I'm not suicidal."

No. It had things to do.

"Well, it couldn't have been that-"


"Ok. Ok. Huh? What? Ok. Yeah. Hey, you do whatever you want, 'kay? How about you come over when you're done with the castle. We can help with the undead~"


"Sure, sure. But they scattered all over the place when the necromancer died. Or do you want to let some of them escape?"


"See? Just come back to the camp, that place with the uh, weird clubs."

Just because it was "listening" didn't mean it was listening. It would kill, but the whole no "escape" thing sounded nice. Which way was the "camp?"

"Oh no. You wouldn't know. What a serious problem! Maybe you could get the undead before the castle? Just saying."

It said it would do the castle first so it would. No change. BUT! The sun could tell it about evolution. 

"Wait, already? No, I suppose you are a spirit...ok, sure. What d'ya got."

All have helmets. One is "shadow crawler." One is soul "bewitcher" with arms. One is soul bewitcher with big. One is Living Armor. And one is soul "stealing," with arms. 

"That...doesn't tell me much. But you want to break the castle right? Go with the soul bewitcher that's big or the armor. The big bewitcher to spread that black stuff faster or armor to just punch the stuff. Actually, yeah, go with big bewitcher. I doubt you can punch apart a castle that early on. That black stuff is your best bet."


"I don't think it counts as for it if you're trying to break it..."


Possible Evolution(s):

Pseudo-void Helmeted Lesser Soul Biter (D)

Not too strong, however these spirits follow the traditional evolutionary path of a spirit. And wear a helmet. Safety first? Also eat souls. Better than soul nibblers.

Pseudo-void Helmeted Shadow Crawling Soul Biter (D+)

The evolved version of a shadow creeper who has also chosen to wear a helmet. This evolution is far more terrifying than a creeper, possessing sharpened appendages on a small body to rip things with. There is no fixed shape or number of limbs to identify them by except that they will overall have no more volume than an adult cat. With pointy leg-things all over it. They possess the power to merge somewhat with shadows making them hard to detect and they can often proliferate undetected in a town until they start killing. Then everyone dies in their sleep. Prey is often left with small holes in their body as these creatures try to dig out the soul.

Lesser Pseudo-void Helmeted Sickle-Armed Soul Bewitcher (D)

A spirit with many sicke-like arms that rip and tear apart prey that is attracted near by their soothing aura. They are invisible to the naked eyes of most beings, but will instead, undetected by the individual, lure them towards themselves and then make quick work of unsuspecting prey. Naturally vitimized prey will have their souls deprived and devoured. Also wear a helmet for style.

Pseudo-void Shuddering Helmeted Shadow Soul Bewitcher(D)

These spirits make themselves into self-contained zones that can put prey to sleep and then pull them into an illusion. Prey are slowly drained of their vitality and soul, withering away and disappearing unnoticed in the spirit's personal hunting grounds. Further evolutions will have larger and more realistic zones with higher draining speed. Can add rules to own zones. However, at this stage, the zones are unstable and usually only made when attacking prey rather than constantly active.

Pseudo-void Living Armor Soul Biter (D)

These are a special branch of spirits that have gotten a taste for souls and hunt actively. To that end, they wear a solid set of armor that can be strengthened by adding mana as well as regenerated. They can get more and more elaborate as they grow stronger and often exert a gravitational pressure in their surroundings when fighting, as well as a spiritual pressure that pulls nearby souls towards themselves, fueling the war machine that is a living armor.

Pseudo-void Soul Stealing Helmeted Ripper(D-)

These are spirits who take a different approach to eating souls. Rather than fighting head-on, these spirits act more like their shadow cousins and adopt an assasin's approach. Creeping up undetected on prey and pulling the soul out of their bodies to be eaten at their leisure. They usually possess sickle-like or pointed appendages to impale a soul on and pull it out with, as well as holding it on the appendage to be comfortably nibbled and chewed on. They develop a pseudo-mouth that can solidify somewhat to bite with. Souls they like can be kept as chew toys.

Pseudo-void Shuddering Helmeted Shadow Soul Bewitcher. 

"...this should be fine? Don't wake it up. Angry spirits are even more unstable than happy ones."

What? Who was talking? What was this? Sounded like Ralvath.

"I thought we weren't going in here? You just-"


"Shhh! Thwack. It's up."

"Oh. Hi. What's up. The undead moved and we just happened to come in here to check on you. We'll be going now, don't mind us! Bye!" The sun fastly moved towards the out, but was stilled when Ralvath put his hand on his head. He looked at it, and talked more.

"Hold up. Hey, friend, heard you went missing. Your friend here, came by and told me because he was very worried. I was also worried so we came to find you. And uh, everyone was worried so they're friends too, ok?" 

That sounded good. Right it would talk more after it was done here. And say things. So bye. 

"YES! BYE," the sun said loudly, hitting Ralvath with his arm after, "Right, Ralvath old buddy, old friend, old pal?"

Ralvath picked up the sun and throwed him out, then moved his hand to his body, hitting it not-strongly, "See you soon, right friend?"

Sure. Castle "breaking" first. 

When, Ralvath didn't say anything else it moved to the side and started black-making it. Ralvath also started moving when it did, going out. 

Tap tap tap tap. Ralvath was not-here. 

The first thing it finded, was that castle breaking now was a lot more easy. It could be from its evolution but something felt wrong. Regardless, the castle dropped in parts, then more parts. Sometimes, a little bit would make may parts drop. Which was weird, but it did help. The sides becomed much easyer to break when they were in less big parts. 

Intelligence +1

Was it the mana in them? The mana in the sides it had seeed from the start, but now that it looked at the many parts, the mana moved differently in the parts that were not sides than the sides, and even more different the less big they were. 

What did that do? What did that mean? It could make breaking the castle faster and easyer, so why wouldn't it? This was a good way. 

First, would be trying to move the mana in the sides. It had just black-maked it before, and eated the mana as it black-maked the side. But now it tried to move the mana in the wall, without black-making it. The mana was very annoying. It didn't move they way it wanted it to. Which was...weird. That didn't usually happen. Maybe if it...looked at less mana than it could do? 

After evolving it was bigger, very bigger, and finded that the whole of it could become very big and eat a lot of side at the same time. But, that was easy-not too. More mana was more thinking. This hurt its head.

Intelligence +1

Becoming not-bigger again was also easy-not. Much more so than it was before it evolved. It was...hurting.

Intelligence +1

Hurting in a way different than what the human thing did to it, different from the bad mana, and different from feeling hungry. Different even from when it first tried becoming not-big too, it hurt more than that time. Like it was easy-notter.

Intelligence +1

Mental Strain: Low

But. It could still do it. For this way to break the castle easyer. Even bad mana hurt would be ok. Actually, even the human thing giving hurt would be ok as long as it was just the hurt and it was doing it itself, not any other thing doing that to it. Because, to break the castle, and hurt that human thing back...even in a big-not way...this was very ok. Very good even. 

Where else would it get a deal like this? 

Intelligence +1

Intelligence +1

Intelligence +1

Intelligence +1

Mental Strain: Low -> Medium

Intelligence +1

Intelligence +1 

Intelligence +1

Mental Strain: Medium -> High

Oh, that...really didn't feel good. Like its head was going to break and drop like the sides...but. It was almost there. Just a big-not more-!

Intelligence +1

Mental Strain: High -> Crippling

Spirit's natural tolerance exceeded. All mentally straining tasks impossible. Thinking speed slowed. Reflexes slowed. 

Ttttthhhhhaaaaaaattt...sssssooooouuunnndddeeeddd bbbbaaaaaaaaaddd. Aaaaa bbbbiiiiiiggg-noooott. Mayyyyybbbeeee? Wwwwwhhhhyyyyy wwaaaaaas tthhiinkkiinngg soooo eeeeaassy-nnnoooottt? 



Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule


10 votes only? Idk if I just only have a few readers or a trashy Whatevs, I picked what won out of the 10 people who voted. *scratches head*

Well, the spirit's learning that deus ex machina does not always work. Or help break castle walls apparently. 

Well, was anybody surprised? No? Yes? Probably yes? I actually intended this evolution from the start. Since it's important to have an idea of what you want the main character to end up as. 

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