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A Void Spirit's Take on Life
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A Void Spirit's Take on How to Live a Good Life
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NO! MORE THINKING! WE HAVE OUR PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES READY FROM LAST TIME! (No, really, if this wins again, I won't even be surprised.)
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Is it Wrong to Pick up Souls _____ (in a dungeon! LOL! But I don't know, if you have an actual idea to add something after that, feel free to in the comments)
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There were many things it had seeed in its time. Many. Mostly dead or not-moving things. But this? This was the most goodest.

The bones were everywhere. It was only three before. But. When it ate them, they were near each other and dropped, becoming all over the ground and making it level up. The near-bones also dropped, and they were not dead, but they were dropped. Then, more bones comed and dropped. Their legs hit the other bones that were moving their arms and legs everywhere and dropped. Maybe they would have become up fast if it wasn't here, but it black-maked the legs of any bones who actually almost becomed up.

Now, it was not sure how many bones there were on the ground, except that they were all very fun moving their arms and legs to try and become up. Which wasn't working at all, because some of their arms and legs were weird and with other arms and legs and maked it easy-not for those arms and legs to move. In other words, without any happen-maybe of them becoming up, they were still trying. Which was fun. Fun to see them not-work.

It could kill them very easy from here. But it was more fun to see this. And it did kill them. Every time and time. So far it had leveled up two times again. There was a problem. The max mana was not as much more from eating souls. Sometimes the souls only getted two or three max mana. Even one. Then again, the bugs were many before the max mana was more, so this was fine. It just had to eat more souls, right? Not a problem. The bones were many.


What was that? The sun maybe sounded? That was annoying. It had many bones to kill. So. It could not have fun more. Now it had to kill more fast and move fast. There were too many bones that needed it to kill them and eat their souls. After all, for the happy of its new fun-things, it would have to kill them and let them become eating by it. Even if they could sound, they would be happy right? To be useful to it as uselesses. As fun and food. Both words even sounded almost same!

Right. First this one.

Then this one.

The this one.

Then this. This. This. This. This. This.

Souls Assimilated x 27

Max Mana + 71

Level Up x 8

Max Level Reached.

Evolve? Y/N

Yes. Good.

It looked again at the many bones it had maked dead, all over the ground. The bones on the sides were moving away while it had fun, so this big-not group's bodies were not over the whole ground. But it still looked good. It would keep this thing remembered so that it could try to do the same thing with enemies in the after-now.

Now, though.



No. Very no. It had many bones to kill. Which it could come back to this place after going back with the sun to do, but it didn't...didn't feel good about it. It felt like killing right now. And there was no reason not to, since the sun was also not about to die and it had many time to do things with.

Like moving away from the sun, so it couldn't sound him and to kill more things after evolving.






There were many things to do and not enough time to do them. First, it would become very away, evolve, then kill more, and evolve again maybe, then find the sun. Probably. If there were no more bones to kill.

First, to the way of the sometimes whump! Since that was where many bones were coming from.

Yes, this was the way. For sure. Because no other reason to have so many bones.

If it moved more, would it find not-more-ever-not bones to kill? To evolve for ever-and-ever? Now that it was probably away enough, it would evolve.


Possible Evolution(s):

Pseudo-void Helmeted Lesser Soul Biter (D)

Not too strong, however these spirits follow the traditional evolutionary path of a spirit. And wear a helmet. Safety first? Also eat souls. Better than soul nibblers.

Pseudo-void Helmeted Shadow Crawling Soul Biter (D+)

The evolved version of a shadow creeper who has also chosen to wear a helmet. This evolution is far more terrifying than a creeper, possessing sharpened appendages on a small body to rip things with. There is no fixed shape or number of limbs to identify them by except that they will overall have no more volume than an adult cat. With pointy leg-things all over it. They possess the power to merge somewhat with shadows making them hard to detect and they can often proliferate undetected in a town until they start killing. Then everyone dies in their sleep. Prey is often left with small holes in their body as these creatures try to dig out the soul.

Lesser Pseudo-void Helmeted Sickle-Armed Soul Bewitcher (D)

A spirit with many sicke-like arms that rip and tear apart prey that is attracted near by their soothing aura. They are invisible to the naked eyes of most beings, but will instead, undetected by the individual, lure them towards themselves and then make quick work of unsuspecting prey. Naturally vitimized prey will have their souls deprived and devoured. Also wear a helmet for style.

Pseudo-void Shuddering Helmeted Shadow Soul Bewitcher(D)

These spirits make themselves into self-contained zones that can put prey to sleep and then pull them into an illusion. Prey are slowly drained of their vitality and soul, withering away and disappearing unnoticed in the spirit's personal hunting grounds. Further evolutions will have larger and more realistic zones with higher draining speed. Can add rules to own zones. However, at this stage, the zones are unstable and usually only made when attacking prey rather than constantly active.

Pseudo-void Living Armor Soul Biter (D)

These are a special branch of spirits that have gotten a taste for souls and hunt actively. To that end, they wear a solid set of armor that can be strengthened by adding mana as well as regenerated. They can get more and more elaborate as they grow stronger and often exert a gravitational pressure in their surroundings when fighting, as well as a spiritual pressure that pulls nearby souls towards themselves, fueling the war machine that is a living armor.

Pseudo-void Soul Stealing Helmeted Ripper(D-)

These are spirits who take a different approach to eating souls. Rather than fighting head-on, these spirits act more like their shadow cousins and adopt an assasin's approach. Creeping up undetected on prey and pulling the soul out of their bodies to be eaten at their leisure. They usually possess sickle-like or pointed appendages to impale a soul on and pull it out with, as well as holding it on the appendage to be comfortably nibbled and chewed on. They develop a pseudo-mouth that can solidify somewhat to bite with. Souls they like can be kept as chew toys.

Well. All of those sounded pretty good, the first one was too not-many words. Since they all had helmets. Except that "living armor" thing. Why was that? Or was armor another word for helmet?

Still. This...maybe wasn't the good thing to do.

Running away from the sun. At least, he could have said about the evolutions...

Right. Then, see what was more that way and go back to think with the sun?

It had really, really, felt like just evolving and evolving before, but all this thinking maked the feeling go away. Now it was thinking right. Now that it thought about it, it had said it would be back. It maybe had becomed away for more time than it thought?

And, maybe, just maybe, it should have at least a big-not sounded what the sun was talking before making a what to do?

Right. For next time. Now, it had to go and see what all this was about.

So, that way?

Now having thought on what to do it felt more happy, and moved towards the whump.

It could feel the whump more the more it moved nearer to it, was it getting near?

More and more bones were here, but so were new and different things.

It seeed a very,very, big moving inside-of-wolves-looking mountain. There were even more than one of those, and around them it could see many, many, bones and things. There were even bone-wolves and bone-bears!

It could see a very big, weird looking cave, and the whump comed from in it. One side of the big cave was open, and things were going in to fight the weird-looking things fighting the...human! It was a human! It was kind of bone-like and making more of a fight than the other humans who killed the chieftain, but it was a human! Or close enough. So were the things fighting it. They were like humans. Somewhat. Well, the weird color of them was very different and well, demons were kind of human-like too, but they weren't humans so it would be rude to think they were. The bones thing was human for sure though. Probably.

Actually. Maybe not? It wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but - why was that human-thing moving its hand towards it?

"HAHAHA EVEN THE GODS SEEK TO HELP ME! Bind to my will, spirit of darkness-!" Something black went out of the human-thing (maybe?)'s hand and into it before it could move.




"Give me your mana! And gather more for me!"


"Uehehehehehehehe, die! <Death bol-gah, my body izzzz buuurrrnnniiiiinnnnggg!" The human was on the ground now.

Hmph. Obviously, the human wasn't good enough to use it even if it was stronger.

"Now! Now's our chance! Kill him! Fused Light Spear!" The weird color humans maked a big weird color club with their mana and moved it to the human.

"NO! LOSING TO SOME ROOKIES-! FLESH JUGGERNAUTS, I COMMAND YOU TO- BEH!" What? When did it get up? Was it like a bones? Not dying until the head was also becomed not-there? Well, whatever it was talking about, one of the color things maked a rock hit into its mouth when it was talking. These ones were fun.

"Damn, if it's come to this-! I need time...the spirit can buy me time. Just a couple seconds. With the undead support-!" The human fast went down and another light spear went over it. Yes, it would die. By its hand...things. If it wasn't telling it what to do-! It could feel a still move!

"Now, kill those worthless-NOT ME! NO! STOP THAT!"

When the human said to kill the worthless, it knowed the time was now. After all, it getted such a good telling, the human was "worthless" or useless as the telling told it the words were and so it could kill it! The human had much mana, and many things everywhere, but it was not a bear. A bear would be easy-not but still become killed by it even before evolving. A human? It should be able to kill?

So it put its arms into its eyes and mouth and all over the head and even body and then put all the mana into black-making.


With a weird sound the inside part not-head or body that sounds comed from becomed not there. Big-not parts all over it also becomed not there.


Weird sounds comed from it, but when it maked mana it ate what it could and the weird color things did something to the more. The other things that comed from out were also killed by them.

"Hey. Uh, so, you're mad and all, but would you mind giving us the kill? It would help us a lot and well, we did do most of the work..."

What? Whatever. It just felt like hurting this human more. They could kill it. It could just make sure to be very fast-not in eating the soul. Yes, it would...wait, why was the human body ok, but the weird inside mouth part was not? And even the soul...it couldn't find it?

"Could you...move?"


"Er, we have to go. Like soon? And there's too many undead for us?"

...fine. They did kind of help it. It would not have become a problem if it didn't come here, but it had become a problem and it had become helped. So, while it did want to hurt this human-thing more...it did also have to go and this would help back the things that helped it? Which was something the Chieftain telled it to do. Still. They could go.

First, it moved away and a thing went and hit it with a club. A thuk and then the club went into the body of the human-thing. It went back and the human thing said, "T..k...y...."

One of the things HAHAHAed, "Thanking us? After all that? Bah, if we had the time, we'd deal with his soul too."

Another thing moved its hand to the HAHA's arm-top, "Probably since he knew that would have tortured him for a long time if we didn't end him early. Spirits can be quite...vindictive. Well, thank you, you helped us a lot. If we were elsewhere we'd probably kill you, but for now whatever. See ya."

Then all the things went out and were not there. Sure that they were not there, it moved back to the corpse and started black-making it. The mana was everywhere for it to eat and get more so the mana use would be whatever, now that it helped back it would feel more good by hurting this human thing. It would black-make his whole body and cave. Then his undead too, since they were his. Next, it would find out how to find souls and find this soul wherever it went and eat it.

Right now...it had a body to black-make.

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

Was anybody able to puzzle out what the sun was saying? (No, each dot does not always represent a character [typing kind, not people kind])

Never underestimate the power of 'I can't hear you.' 

Also, just so we're clear, three chapters a week for sure. Maybe more sometimes. That's my schedule.

Were the evolutions all more attractive this time? I mean, I think they are all good depending on how you personally like, no?

Also, don't piss off our insane death blob. Wise words of the ancients. Kinda. 

Is it becoming a horror movie monster? 




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