Now there were many things it didn't know. Like how to eat colors. It saw other things eating foods of different colors. It did not know the words for all the colors, but it could see them and that annoyed it. Mana was only two things. Bad or good. There weren't colors. Sure after becoming the now-thing it could see one mana some different from what it had before, but that was it.

It did not feel as if it was doing anything different and there was the problem. The demons and even monsters probably ate more different foods than it did. It just had two manas, and the bad one was not-eat. So really just one.

That was still ok. It had getted these things and become ok with them. Then this happened.

The thing with the other things was not just different in what it had on it, but also, it could see a different color mana going into its mouth...thing. Was it still a mouth if it was just bone? It wasn't too sure, but that wasn't the problem.

How come that thing getted different mana and all it had was one mana? It could see the thing had the one mana it had, but was also making the other mana! That was two! Two! One more than one! That was not ok!

If anything should get more manas it should be it, not a stupid bones! Bones! Not even demons! BONES! It was-it was, well, it didn't know how to word-out this feeling, this-this dislike, but it was not ok. There were only two ways it could see to fix this. Get more mana and kill the thing. OR, kill the thing and get more mana. It was a easy-not thing to do one only, but it couldn't do both...right? Right. Probably. For now. One day...

No, right now what was to do was killing this thing. Which was easy-not because the thing on it was very mana-more to black-make. Which would be easy still, but the thing was on its legs and a lot of the head. That maked the head do-able, but it felt like that would be bad. Why? Because the thing was seeing at. It wasn't sure how, except it was, and really, if the sun and Ralvath and more could see it, why couldn't some bones? They were all moving things. Even the bug could do it. All of that still wouldn't be a problem but the thing was actually trying to hit it with the club. That was also where the new mana was and why it knew this was bad.

The new mana could hurt it. Not hurt-hurt, but the club could hit it because of the mana. Not a good way to find out but better than finding out by actually getting hit. As it was, it only hurt a big-not when the arm was maked not on it.

All in all, a bad place. It also needed to eat and the mana from the thing could food it, but not hurt the thing. It was too big-not of a mana take. Though, it could feel the bones would become no more mana before it, that would mean time. Time it would not let a dumb bones that was for sure doing something to annoy it have. 

No, wait. There was a way. What if it maked itself big-not enough to go into the bones? There was places to do that. The eyes, and from down the on-thing-thing go up. All it had to do was become big-not and not get hit. A very easy thing. Since it was the killing of things. 

Wisdom +1

True, it ever-not before becomed this big-not or moved that fast before, but that was then and this was now. The normal couldn't make it not happen. Yes, first, do the in-become and then move faster. 

In-become. In-become. In-become. In-become. In-becom- oh it was getting not ok feeling. But it was still too big. In-become. In-become. In-become. IIIIIIIIINNNNNN-BEEEECCCCCOOOOOMMMMMEEEEEE! 


Intelligence +1

Wisdom +1

Size: 76 lems -> 27 lems

Good. Very good. Hehehehehehehehehe. Yes, yessssss, now, the stupid bones would die! DIE AND HURT! HURT FOR DOING BAD TO IT! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. Yes, even its good-things-happen sound was becoming gooder. 

Now. Now it just had to go into the eye. Ready. Good. Gooder...good! GOOD! NOW! 

It felt the club go just near it, passing by the side and going down as it went towards one of the thing's eye holes and with after a big-not feel-not-forwards-anymore it was in. Now then. It looked at the soul in the head. Time to eat. 

The stupid soul didn't even move and it very easy maked it go inside. Here, it finded, the soul didn't try to move and go running. Instead, here, the soul stayed still and it could eat it very more easy. Even the mana in the thing, it could make come up into the head and eat. A good eat. 

Soon, the same thing happened as before.

Soul Assimilated

Max Mana +10

Level Up x 3


Max Level Achieved

Evolve? Y/N

Also good. Good things happened when it killed things. EVOLVE! But. Before, the sun maked it know what to evolve? And it was looking good so far? Then again, it had also evolved before and that wasn't so bad. Right. The other evolutions were good too probably, so now too, it just had to do it whatever. 


Possible Evolution(s):

Pseudo-void Wisp (E)

Not particularly strong, however these spirits follow the traditional evolutionary path of a spirit.

Pseudo-void Greater Wisp (E+)

It is still just a wisp, usually having somehow amassed more mana than should be possible for it under normal conditions. Naturally greater mana and pseudo-void affinity.

Lesser Pseudo-void Many-Armed Burrower (D-)

A spirit with many arms that specializes in corroding enemies from the inside, with each arm concentrating the natural corrosion to cause greater damage and a small size to get into enemies through small openings.

Pseudo-void Shadow Creeper(E-)

A low threat-rating in exchange for a higher latent potential. The shadow creepers do not have the ability to submerge themselves in shadows as their names may suggest, but they possess a natural tendency to hide in darker places and attack unsuspecting prey. They go straight for the vitals and if allowed to grow, can become highly dangerous.

Pseudo-void Soul Nipper (E-)

These are a special branch of spirits that have gotten a taste for souls. They do not typically inflict large amounts of damage on a soul, however can easily eat an undefended soul, especially if given the time to wear it down.

Pseudo-void Soul Nipping Helm Spirit(E)

For some inexplicable reason, these are soul nippers who mainpulate their shape to look as if they wear a helmet. While it has no effect to those spirits just doing it for fun, those who are of this species can infuse and compact mana to the 'helmet' to let it function much like an actual helmet. Though why a spirit would even have a helmet is questionable.

Well. Wisp was no. It did that already.

A "greater" wisp? Also no. The sun had maked it know that it was a bad one, because it was useless.

The arms one though, well it liked arms. It also liked eating from inside. That maked everything so more easy. In fact, it was thinking of doing this for other things too now. It was also more easy to eat the soul that way.

"Shadow creeper" was no. What even was a shadow? And "hide?" It didn't need to hide! It killed things easy anyway it did! This thing? It went from the there to here! Moving away from the club! It didn't even need to hide! Also, it didn't know what a vital was. If it was something useless like the hands, then it would be bad right?

Soul "nipper?" It liked eating souls. This-this was a good one.


Ok. So. It wasn't sure how much time happened. It wasn't sure what the sun was doing. But. BUT!


Yes. Everything was good. Happy even. Because now? Now it had a helmet. Not even the Chieftain's helmet, it's helmet. One that would be the gooder killing thing ever. Right. Now. If only it could see. It could feel the helmet and know what it looked like, but it wasn't the same. The same as actually seeing it. Like the way it seeed the things. It couldn't just tell that. It just seeed it. 

Like right now. There were many, many, many of the bones here. As far as it could see, there were bones. And things too. But they were away. Where it was, there were bones more. Also, it was good. Good that it had not become killed while not seeing. Because now that it thinked. That was very happenable. Maybe more thinking next time. Just a more-some. 

Still. It was evolved. Evolved and in a many bones. Bones that were souls. There was only one thing to do in this place. Kill and eat. Kill the bones and eat the souls and mana too. Oh, and level up. 

As it went up, there was a tick and it couldn't go up. Looking it seeed that its helmet getted hit. How? When the thing was moving the mana maked it not go throughable but now it should be able to? And the eyes were also looking up with the way the thing dropped, going out should have becomed easy? No. 

No, it wasn't. It couldn't be. Was it helmet. Actually able to hit things!? That would be very good. But it could feel a lot less mana. The mana use was big for hitting with the helmet. For now, it would make the mana in the helmet more-not so it could go through and out. 

As soon as it was out, it went to the next thing and into the eye, eating the soul. Something it finded went even faster and more easy now. Weird. Was it the soul nibbler thing? Was that why? If the down of evolutions things were actually useful, then it would have to be more look at it next time too. This soul nibblering was useful after all, and souls were also good. And it was big-not. Like an eye-size. This was good. 

With the big-not size it could easy go into the heads of bones and with the soul nibbler it could eat the souls faster. This maked killing very fast, and the bones were killed in what it feeled was maybe same as killing some more bones and it would be the same time as killing a thing? Actually, maybe that was because it maked them dropped and fun before.

Actually. Why wasn't it doing that now? Just because it could kill faster didn't mean it had to? Fun was fun after all. This bones everywhere? It would make them into a bone-color ground. All of them. If doable, all black too. To look good. 

Since it was starting to like this black color. And the look of dead bodies everywhere. Very good feeling.

Spoiler: Status 
A note from Dragorule

Hmm. Yea. So, our little insane death blob looks to be shaping up as a sadist. Idk how to feel. They grow up so fast *sniffle.* Whelp, the damage it may/may not cause to everyone else as a crazy sadist aside, it looks like ________ (no, I won't tell you)

Also, this still counts as yestradays promise being fulfilled. I don't know about you guys, but this is a couple minutes before midnight for me. Still the right day though! HAHAHA!

Last but not least. Should I leave cliffhangers?  To troll? Should I? 

*stares silently*



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