It would have to rethink this whole 'hunting' thing. Why? Well, wolves were...bad. It didn't like them. What kind of monster didn't come running towards it so it could eat it? And that was before. Now, it was a evolved. More monsters should be coming to become levels, not not-more. That and it couldn't feel any wolves around either.

Wolves...were bad. Not killing when it wanted to was also bad. Not as bad. But bad. Its arms were here to kill stuff! To slaughter! Not...move around and make rocks black. More black anyway. The sun already here was, there in the up. It was not there when it became not-here. Well that here. Not this here. This was a different here. Like the new-not tribe place.

Were all the wolves dead? Maybe the wolves that runned at the demons and got killed were just all of the wolves. And now the wolves were not here anymore. Maybe if it went up, then-


Suddenly everything was everywhere. The up and down became down and up and then up and down and then left and right and more. It wasn't sure where it was now. Or what had just become done. Except that it was somewhere. Somewhere weird and new. Not-not-new, a place where it would be...not know where to go back to the here.

Whatever the weird sound was, it was ok. Since now there were many things to kill. There was a wolf - oh, it was dead already. There were some bugs - dead-like. T-there was...there was a...bones thing? It was like moving bones but, it had more on it. It was moving, so it could kill it though, right?

Yes, after all. As long as it was moving, then it could kill it. No moving thing had ever not died before. Except the times they hadn't. That was different though. Very different. Like the sun and moon. Now, to see in the now time what its arms could do to a moving thing.


Ok. So. The sound was annoying. Meaning, this thing should die.

Not-fast, very not-fast, it could see its arms slowly moving towards the the thing. Not-fast it moved all the arms at its head part, because the sounds in a moving thing usually came from there and it didn't like the sound this thing was making. It would become not-sound. One way or another.

The black-becoming was not-fast. It could see the things head become black very, very not-fast. At first, only the places it had arms became black and more black. Then even other places on its head near the arms became black. The thing was still moving though. And groaning. What even was that sound. Like making all monsters know it was there. Dumb. Very dumb. It saw a small thing inside the sound-hole and when that became black the sound became not.

It started to move its arms away when it seeed two things. First, its level did not become more. That was not very weird. It happened before too, when it killed but didn't have a more level. Second, the thing was still moving. It would not say that it was very knowing about what dead was like, but it was pretty sure that dead things didn't move. And this thing was still moving. The first was weird too, really. The bugs were big-not and did not always make levels. But wolves were big and usually getted it levels. Then, this thing was big and new, and it didn't give levels? And it was a fragment. Fragment was before, and that became level more with more easy.

All of the things made it pretty sure that even though the thing's head was black now, it was not dead. So, how did this thing die? It wasn't sure what to do at this point, and it could feel its own mana becoming not when it did the become black thing. Should it keep making black and try to kill it? Or run away? Though, it could also just eat it. Like it did with most things. It was just...not killing it after so much time and its first attack with its new arms...

Ok. It would kill it. If the head wasn't enough, then making black the rest of it would be. First, the legs. Without legs it wouldn't move and be more easy to kill. 

Intelligence +1

Ok. So it was a good thing to do? Good a reason as any, really. First it would have to move down and black its leg. Which so far was going - why was it becoming not-more? The moving made black things come from the leg and go away. Why did its head not do the same? Weird. Annoying weird. Well. Something was more than not something? 

As time happened, the leg became more and more not-more, until it maked a snap. Then the thing dropped and with a thud the leg and head became weird black big-not-not things everywhere. When the things were gone it could see the head-bone part still there. And the thing still moving. Was this why? 

Seeing this thing it could remember moving bones becoming dead when the head part became not one. Maybe the black just didn't do the black to this head-bone and that was why it didn't die? It looked like a moving bones from here too.

Wisdom +1

Ok. That? That was help. That was good. It actually maked it know it was was-not good. Now. This could probably take time. But it could kill it. 

So it waited, with its arms on the thing's head-bone. It moved around, probably trying to become up again, but dropping when the leg was not there. The head-bone was actually faster to become black than it thought and so soon enough it was black. When the thing dropped down again, the head-bone became the big-not-not things and some big-not mores of it stayed in big-not groups.

Level Up +3

A thing went up out of it, but feeling the mana, it moved its arms to get it. And moved it back to it, eating it. Trying anyway. The thing went in and out again, going back up. It could use its arms to get it, but not eat it. Were the arms different from the rest of it? Whatever. The thing got not-faster every time and finally it stayed inside. 

Max Mana +4

Soul Eaten. Prepare.

What? What was a-

Hurt. Hurt, hurt, and more hurt. That was what a "prepare" was. Next time it was sounded to be prepare, it would be ready for hurt. 

After the first hurt, the hurt...did not become more-not. It did become more-not after a time, but not fast. It was not-fast and hurt. Something it would do again though. 

Soul Assimilated

It was not knowing what that did. But it made the thing appear, and even was the usual color. Usual color things were usual good. So, this was good. That, and max mana was good. It hurt, but after the hurts it had so many times, this wasn't that bad. 

If it ever had to fight the things that made it shattered again, it would have to hurt again too. Eating bad maked it hurt. Getting hit sometimes hurt. Not eating hurt. Friends becoming dead was hurt. Most things hurt. The world was a place where it got hurt. But, it felt more-not to be still thinking the now-times getting the bad than the before getting bad. 

Hurt was everywhere, and getting more hurt maked it more-not hurt. This was hurt too, but it was max mana more. This was good hurt. As weird as that was. Then, more hurt would be good. So that bad hurt would hurt more-not too. 

Those other things it could see coming towards it? They would become die. And it would eat their "souls." All four souls.

It would be a long time, but it could and so it would. That and it was fun. The thing dropping, getting up and dropping again was fun. Wouldn't the other things be just as fun? And what if their arms or both legs or both arms or one leg and one arm or body things were became black? What would the things do? It had ever-not thought killing was so fun. 

So. Killing was fun. Yes. 

Making the things be fun was also fun. Yes.

Long time happening was also ok. 

Level uping? That was good too. All three of them. 

Max mana moring? Also good. "16" mana was like more than four, right? So that was good. But.

Remembering-not that it had to go back? That was bad.

Remembering-not how to go back? Also bad. 

So it was, that in the now-time, the things were all becomed dead. More hurt and many souls, and head-bones becomed more. It had be fun. Until the things were no more and the things to do were also no more. Then it remembered that it should go back when it thought of something fun to do. The sun wasn't always fun, but sometimes was and most of the new things were there while following the sun. Also the new-not here place was new. The two-leg wolves and fires inside caves were still there to be knowed. 

Which could not happen if it was not in the place. Which could not happen if it was not knowing how to go back and the whump thing making it very not-here. Which was why it was thinking all of these things now. 

When not knowing what to do, doing whatever usual was good. That was how it maked it to here. Or even killed the weird thing that shattered it in the new-not time. It didn't know what to do, it just did and it was good. Then, this time would be the same. And the sun would come looking for it. Some time. Probably. He was useless without it, so of course he would. 

The up was no. That was not-new. Down was not happening. No holes or down caves here. The sides were...well, the things it killed came from that way. So maybe it could find and kill more of them while it waited? 

Also that whump was happening again. More more-not-not-not, but it could feel it. And now that it wasn't going everywhere it could know the whump was that way. The way where many moving not-bones-but-bones were coming from. The way food was coming from. More souls was always good. 

Now, this time there were three of the things and one moving bones (usual things were good, less weird). Too bad for these things they didn't know how good it was now. The things dropped when the legs became attacked. But, when it happened to black-make a place on the leg, near the place where a leg becomes two, the thing just dropped. It didn't have to black-make the leg. Just the place on the leg, and it would dropped.

Wisdom +1

This was good. More stats was good. So, with that knowing it dropped the one thing and then tried to black-make the head. Not just like before though. Sometimes the things had more-not thing on top of the head-bone and it could go to the head-bone instead of also the thing on top. Like this thing, near the back of its head, there was a place like that. First, move the arms into the place, move around the arms, and let the place become not there. Then, move more arms in and black-make the head-bone from the inside. The arms were long enough. Sure enough the thing went up, and down

The next thing was weird, it had a thing on it. Not like the ones before. Though it had that too. It was different. Like what some clubs were like but not in its hands to hit things with. It was also not black-making thing. When it tried, the mana became very not there. So it had to just not black-make the weird thing. Not too easy-not. Except the thing was looking at it.

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

Hmmmmm. I don't like the enthusiasm for the pitchforks and torches. I feel threatened. But I have the spirit with me. Fear my insane death blob! FEAR IT! Spirit, I choose you! Use eat! It's super effective! 

Yeah so titles are hard. Still thinking. Soon though, more polls. Soon. Chapter tomorrow for sure too. *Nods*

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