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So. I would have had a chapter for yestarday except I had to go to a birthday party (no, it wasn't mine) and that took like the whole day (or at least the time I usually use to play games/read/write). Have I mentioned social interactions are a pain? As is getting hit in the face with a PiƱata. Anyway, here's the chapter!

As much as the learning and seeing new things was good, it liked eating - and growing stronger by doing so - just as much. So it didn't feel any problem with going from wolf to wolf - without any wolves ever seeing or doing anything to it - and eating. Just repeating the same thing over and over. It did that all the time. The very-before, the bugs, and now the wolves. 

And that was fine. Except the sun was being annoying. He kept 'saying' things, like:

"I'm bored."

"Think something more interesting to listen to."

"Hey, hitting the occasional wolf that gets past the line is boring, but I'm too tired and stupid to do anything else."

"Oi, I never said that! Stop adding stupid to any descriptions of me!"

That last one in particular.

"I literally said all of those once each! Except maybe that first one. And the last one was literally right now!"

Well, it was basically the same thing. In that case, even the other ones were 'right nows' at a different time.

"That's a horrible argument!"

Just because he couldn't come up with a better one?

"Your heads so messed up that there's no point in reasoning with you is there?"

No there was much reason in it. Like eating, because it made it stronger and not dead. That was a reason. Silly sun.


And now it was silent again. The sun was bad at "argumenting" too. He was always useless. Now he was silent because he couldn't argument properly. That was just sad. Like not killing the wolves without its help.

Now as it looked at the wolves, it wondered which one to eat. There were only so many it could eat before the battle ended, and just going to the nearest wolf seemed...boring.

"What, now you're a wolf-taste expert? Struggling to decide between ash, ash, and also ash?"

As if he knew. The mana didn't "taste" much different usual. The big-not wolf had, but the other wolves didn't really. Just, a big wolf was better than a big-not wolf right? It was...more than taste. 

"Do you even realize how weird that sounds?"

No, he was weird. He just thought it was weird because he was weird and thought he was normal. Silly sun. He was stupid for not getting it.

"You just have to slip stupid in somewhere don't you? Do you have some grudge against me or something?"

"Slip in" stupid? Stupid sun, it didn't have to 'slip in' stupid, because stupid was just there when it came to him, like how the moon was there at night. It was just how it was. Like black was black and a mountain was just a big rock.

"Nope. I'm taking my chances with the wolves. Talking to you too much is bad for my sanity."

Just because he couldn't reason the for-sure thing. The wolves were better. At least they getted it mana by becoming dead or dropped by it. 

It kept getting the mana. And dropping wolves. And when it looked for another wolf, it seeed that there weren't any. The wolves were dead. No wolf runned away from what it seeed. Weird. It would just run away if it was near-dead. 

It was thinking the fight was weird though. The strong demons, like Ralvath-level were around and could have killed the wolves easily. They hadn't moved. Then again, wolves were levels. More stronger demons was good for all the demons. Just one demon getting stronger wouldn't be as good. Since in the tribe the small imps killed wolves too. With more. 

Now it had to go back to where the sun was. Oh, there he was. He was in the group with Stix and many demons, and it couldn't see him either. But it could tell where he was. How? Was it that the sun's stupid was so strong it became like mana? Mana that it could feel? Weird.


The sun should become normal. It was a "fair" "conclusion" thinking of everything about the sun. 


It not-fast went up to see the group and follow.

Like black was black. It had said it before too. Was he also too stupid to even remember things? It would be sad to be him.

From here, it could see Stix looking at the sun and moving towards him slowly and it went down to find out what it was saying. 

It moved a hand over to his arm-up, "Is it because you almost died? Don't worry, although very few, there are demons who act like that after their first fight too. Don't feel too bad that you're a weirdo." Stix moved his head up and down. 

"W-what, no that's not-"

Stix moved his hand towards the up, "No need to worry. Plenty of weirdos are successful. Most demons have a weird quirk or three. Not like you, but hey, that means you're unique! Kinda. I mean look at Duke Mortimer, he was weird too. But he became a Duke! Too bad he died though. He got poisoned. But, that's not the point you should focus on! It means you too, might be able to become something other than food for some monster or a corpse in a necromancer's army! Maybe. Wouldn't bet on it, but you can! As long as you believe!"

The sun looked at Stix, "Was that supposed to help? Because it didn't."

The sun was so rude. Stix was getting the sun good thinking. The sun didn't even get it though. As expected of him.

"Thanks for the encouragement. Really."

Of course. It would always do so. This was something it should do as his friend.

"I feel so warm and fuzzy inside."

Really? Was he okay? Was he going to become fire and become the up sun? For a time. Then die. Which might actually be good for it. Go sun, be the sun! Be more than he could ever otherwise be!

"Yeah. Sure."

Where was his happy? "Weirdo" was right. Weirdo. 

Now, his usual stupid other, it had more important things to think of: whether or not to evolve. 'Status.'

Unnamed Corrupted Spirit Level: 10/10
Species: Corrupt Wisp (E) Affinities: Darkness, Death, Pseudo-void
Age: 663 years Titles: <Very Underdeveloped Spirit> <Helmet Spirit> <Absolutely Insane> <Go with the flow>
Size: 50 lems Status Points: 19
Health Points (HP): NA Mana Points (MP): 50/50
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12

It wasn't sure, but this was more mana than before? Maybe? So, should it evolve? 

"Wait. Get back to camp first. We should get a sleeping spot. Evolve while I sleep."

Ok. It could wait. It was evolution, but that was all. Not like eating wolves. Now that was fun.

"I will never understand you."

Same sun, same. He was weird and usual crazy. Sometimes it was worried for him. He was like the thing who would become dead by something stupid. 

"Now then. Everyone here can take a short break. The ones who didn't fight, keep digging." 

Oh! It was Odo! Hey Odo! Too bad it couldn't sound-find it.

"Alright," and Stix again moving before the sun, "the beds are this way."

"Ooooh beds!" The sun moved both hands fast up.

Why? Was a "bed" good? Was it a type of club?

It followed after and then they found a down cave. Many down caves. 

"Pick one." 

"...this?" The sun moved a hand towards the down cave. No, bed, right?

"Huh? Yeah? I mean, what'd you expect? It's a sleeping spot. Monster furs can be used for other things. Plus, not my fault you didn't grab a few corpses to stuff the hole with. Furs do make it softer." 

Stix was right. It was the sun's "fault." It always was. See sun? It maked bad a normal bed. Weirdo. 

"Even my old bed was better...." The sun was looking down, at the bed.

Was it that happy for its new bed? A down cave was a good bed. Since monsters couldn't hit you in the sides. And it was very black at the bottom and silent. A good bed. Yes, it would use this to evolve.

It moved to the very down and over to a side. Then, it tried to evolve. A thing came to say evolution after that.

Possible Evolution(s):

Corrupt Wayward Wisp (E+)

Not particularly strong, however these spirits are known to intentionally lead others to their deaths, often indirectly and  by interfering at crucial moments. They are considered malicious. While laughed off by stronger individuals, these spirits have been known to sometimes even suicidaly jump into a battle and self-destruct. While the trigger is unknown, many rookies succumb to these spirits when they underestimate them or don't pay attention to their surroundings. 

Corrupt Greater Wisp (E+)

It is still just a wisp, usually having somehow amassed more mana than should be possible for it under normal conditions. No special qualities except naturally greater mana. 

Pseudo-void Fragment (F+)

An abnormality. A spirit that has somehow formed a pseudo-void affinity. It has interacted with pseudo-void, intentionally, and lived. Whether it's sane or not, this type of spirit is rare.

Corrupt Living Mist (D-)

A corrupt mist's ranking often betrays its real danger. It is able to camoflauge into the normal air like a regular mist, but unlike a regular living mist, it is innately able to poison those who inhale it. Older living mists can release concentrated bursts of posion gas that have even been known to be colorless or odorless. Even a stronger individual may be in danger against one of these.

Oh it liked this. More evolutions were good. It's just, why was the last one a different looking thing in the '()?' Also why was the color different? Was that good? It was a different color.


"I, am living in a hole."


"A hole. When I was told there would be a bed."


"I've seen beds. With furs or soft soil."

Sun. Sun.

"I've slept without a bed. On ground. Under the ground though?"

Sun. Sun. Sun.

"That's like. So weird it's not even funny. I mean, everyone else here has clothes better put together than mine. They have good weapons, materials, training. From a city at least. I expect-I expected more. At least soft furs. Or a warm place. Instead, I get a cold hole in the ground."


"WHAT! I'm ranting, don't disturb me."

It could evolv and didn't know what to evolve.

"Really? Tell me about it."

It could be a "self-destruct" and "suicidal-"

"No. No self-destruct. Remember, no random explosions ok?"

Well, it didn't know what a "explosion" was, but ok.

It could become bigger. 


That's it. It said "no special qualities."

"Ok, no."

It could be different color.


The thingy in the evolution was a different color.

"Uh, what's it called."

"Abnormality." Whatever that meant.

"Huh. Is that all?"

It could also become "poison" and "danger" to strong.

"Oh hey, that last one sounds kinda cool. The third one was...well, I don't know. Though if it's abnormal it's probably good."

What to evolve? The different color or the last one. The last one was last. Which meant it was bigger. Since the up and down were always bigger. The most one way. And self-destruct was no, so the last seemed to be a good evolution. Third was a fragment. What it had been in the before time. What should it evolve?

Spoiler: Status


A note from Dragorule

Yes Agriope. I'm watching you all.


See my eyes. I'd make a meme, except it's too much work for me (I suck at comedy). 

Lastly, this has been mentioned before, but I think I should change the title. It feels like an isekai title but it's not an isekai. Unfortunately, my creativity in such fields is non-existent. Any ideas? I can only think of literal titles like 'The Friendly Spirit (Super Sarcastic btw)' or Spirit something, something spirit, etc., sadlife. 


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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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