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"Wait we don't have weapons on us right now."

The sun was right. No clubs with Stix. Not even the club-like thing the sun getted from the trench when they runned past it.

"You have your shovel don't you? And I don't need a weapon. Didn't I tell you? I'm, from a Duke family. What kind of noble needs a weapon to harvest some food?" Stix very easy-like made it sound. The spirit wasn't sure what a "Duke" was and why they thought something as strong as a "shovel" was useless, but this Stix thing was right. Why worry about that? It had seeed the chieftain kill things without a "weapon." The sun was a good-not compared to that.

"Yeah, go Stix! Violence!" Another thing said loudly as it went past Stix. Except it was big-more than Stix. Were all demons better than the sun? See sun, why couldn't he be that good. Useless.

"Yeah dude! See ya there!" Stix also sounded loud, probably to make the other demon sound-find.

"Yes. And what about you? You're basically dead-weight here! WORSE than useless."

But it could move through the up. And was called good by Ralvath.

"Uh, should we really be so happy for this? Isn't normal hunting better?"

"That's boring!" Stix seeed like it wanted to go fight when it started to run faster, but the sun also went faster. Why? Wasn't he fine on his own?

The sun had sounded very ready when he told it he would be fine. Right now, he was trying to stay with Stix, who was stronger - something it could think, as Stix was fine after the digging and the sun was like dead.

"Hey, so, uh let's stick together okay?" The sun looked around before turning back to Stix as he runned near again.

"Yeah yeah. Though, I have my own underlings to worry about." Stix was running before-of the sun and faster too. It wondered what would happen if the club-thing it was moving around was not in its hand. How far would it fly?

"Wait, what? Come on, we're friends right?"

"Yeah, but this is a fight and I am a leader. I have to stick with my minions. So, just follow my group and you'll be fine. Don't get stranded though. Or else," Stix did not fast-not for the sun and hit a wolf with its leg as it moved straight into the monsters. The wolf it kicked went splurch and fell back into the other wolves, which as it seeed, ate the dead wolf, then went straight for Stix.

"Or else?" The sun also hit down with the shovel, making a bang and the wolf dropped.

"You die." Stix hit a wolf with its hand and it splat, going everywhere. "See ya." More splats and splurchs were sounded as Stix killed his way through the monsters, moving towards a lot of demons it could see further ahead.

"Wait-!" The sun sounded very loud and hit another wolf with a shovel, but still wasn't fast enough. He was behind but not dead. Other demons kept coming from the camp and hitting into wolves, moving for the big "group." It was scary how good they killed the wolves. And fun. As the sun was slow and it did want to see, it went up, leaving the sun where it was.

As far as it could see - which was almost the whole fight thanks to it going up - the demons were hitting the wolves and making many corpses. It found the whole fight mostly boring, because the dying were mostly the monsters. It was no fun with monsters as they didn't really have the same...fear, that the demons showed when being killed. Admittedly, the sun was weird as he showed more fear than most of the other demons. Even now, he was trying - and not killing - a big-not wolf. Just one. And he was not able to. Instead, he was even getting scared.

When he hit to one side, it went to the other side. And when he hit the other side, it went back to the first side. Except it was very faster than the sun. But, it kept trying to run away instead of just killing him. Which was dumb in it's opinion. If it was the small wolf it would have hitted the sun's throat by now. It was too obvious.

"Do you want me to die!?"

What was bad about seeing? Since it could see, it could say what the wolf should do. Better than the sun anyway.

"Help me then!"

"Help" how? The sun was not fast enough.

"Do the thing!"

Couldn't. It didn't really have the ability to do that now. It was big-not and weak. Very die-able. A level-up would be good of course, but not for becoming dead.


It could do that!? Since when? 'Status.'

Unnamed Corrupted Spirit Level: 10/10
Species: Shattered Corrupt Wisp (E-) Affinities: Darkness, Death, Pseudo-void
Age: 663 years Titles: <Very Underdeveloped Spirit> <Helmet Spirit> <Absolutely Insane> <Go with the flow>
Size: 5 lems Status Points: 19
Health Points (HP): NA Mana Points (MP): 5/5
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12

Oh. It could. When had that happened? Oh. Right. Before. Somewhere. Wait, but it said no then, so while it couldn't fully remember must have been important? So it shouldn't evolve? But, evolving was fun. And it couldn't level-up until it evolved. But it was a 'shattered.' Would that change anything? It had had more mana when it evolved before.

"Hurry up," the sun said loudly, barely running back up to the not big wolf, hitting other wolves away with his shovel.

It didn't want to evolve right now. Not enough mana. But, if it could get more by eating, there was many wolves here. It may not have tried when it was big-not in the very-before time, but maybe now...?

For the killing! It went down, seeing Stix at the front of the big demon group as it did, making one big wolf become two by moving its hands in different ways. It didnt know wolves could do that! Next time, it would get the sun to do it so it could see better. The big-not wolf with the sun could work!

The sun! Make it become two!

"What are you on about? Hurry up and attack this one!"

But! The two!

"I don't know what you're on about, but if you kill this I'll make sure to do whatever, ok? Deal?"

Yes! Kill! "Dealing!" DIE WOLF!

It was of course weird-feel when the big-not-wolf's mana was not-many where it was normally for a wolf. Instead, it finded the mana in the legs. Why? Still. It only had to eat.

As the mana went towards it, it realized that it could eat the mana even from outside easy-more. Why? It didn't really know, but it made it easy-more and it ate more and more mana. The wolf had a lot of mana for how big it was. Weird. Much weird.

Max Mana +1

Max Mana +1

Max Mana...

Max Mana +1

The wolf became not fast and stopped. It looked up, at the weird called the moon, and then fell when the sun's shovel finally hit it with a loud crunch.

He moved the shovel out of the wolf's head and talked, "That was a pain. I thought I would never-"


All of the wolves became more-die and hit into the demons. Not to kill, but to make a way for other wolves to get to...the sun. Run! NOT-DIE!

It moved up, enough so the wolves couldn't go, and then moved after the sun. He was already hitting wolves everywhere and moving towards not-wolves space, but it could feel the wolves moving around the demon group and towards the space. The sun would not not-wolf if he went that way, so it told him to move to the group.

"There are even more of them that way though!"

There were more demons that way too. And, it could see. He should do it.

"Alright, just like usual."

"Usual?" They didn't fight wolves like this. Before-ever. And "usual," wasn't it the one fighting.

"Details details. Don't stress the details, just cooperate ok?"

Ok. Kill stuff. Maked sense. 

There were only five wolf spaces to the group.


Same thing.

It just had to eat wolf. If many mana in legs was in fast wolf, was no mana in legs for not-fast wolf? There was also the head-inside, but it didn't think it had time for that. The sun could kill these wolves-

"No I can't!"

And it could make them not-fast. Probably.

"I don't like probably!"


"Alright wolves. Move it or else. I'll uh, kill you like that guy!" The sun moved his hand towards the fast wolf.


"That didn't work at all."

The wolves went towards the sun, and it went to the wolves behind, eating mana from the legs. It could only eat one at a time, but the first wolf went down after the mana-leg eat and other wolves hit it. So it could just eat the first wolves and the behinds would hit the firsts! A good plan. 

Splat. Splat. Splat. Crunch. Snap. 

It could hear the sun killing wolves and its wolves becoming down.

Thump. Thump. Thud.

Not winning was easy-not now. Unless the sun not-winned. Which was very happen-able. 

"Oh come on! Why am I always getting insulted! Even when you're thinking to yourself!"

For fun. And he was useless.

SPLAT! The sun hit a wolf head and it down went.

"For the last time-!"

CRUNCH!  Another wolf was hit in the not leg or arm or head place and side went.

Only two wolves. It made many more become down.

"I killed them! You only dropped them!"

It was weaker and not-bigger. It could still same to him. The sun was really weak. Also, there were still many wolf spaces to go.

"Hey! It's Stix! We're saved!"

"We?" It was always fine. Now, to eat.

Max Mana +1

Max Mana +1


"Nice, you killed the alpha's pup!"

Wham. Stix's hand hit the sun's "back" and he "dropped." 

"Oops. Uh. Are you alive? If you're dead I'll sell your corpse to a good necromancer. Not a bad one. I have that much respect for a friend at least." Stix was moving the sun by moving his arm.

"...I'm alive. I think."

"Good enough." Stix maked the sun up and moved him after it.

Drag. Drag.

"How's your level looking?" 

"Good." The sun moved his head to look at the wolves. 

The other demons comed with Stix and killed the wolves that moved after Stix. They were all moving back to the group.

Stix looked back at the sun. "How did you kill it anyway? Last I saw, you were struggling to even graze it."

"I had help," the sun looked at Stix. "You ditched me out there."

Stix looked at the sun and then moved his hand towards the group, "You're not more than them though are you?"

The sun looked at the group too, and it could see the demons still killing. The demons looking like Ralvath and Argin were very easy to see. They maked many wolves die with one hits, and were fighting bigger wolves too. The bigger-not and weak demons killed wolves too, but even as it seeed, one got hit in the arm by a wolf mouth. It moved the arm down and the wolf became nearer and then the other arm hit, and the wolf dropped.

"...No," the sun moved his head side to side, "I suppose not."

It seeed the sun move into the group with Stix and then started to move wolf to wolf, away from the group, killing wolves and getting more mana. It would be a fun time.

Spoiler: Status
A note from Dragorule

I cringe internally with the lacking descriptions I can give with the spirit, but I don't want to change the POV.


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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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