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I'm back! Still not done everything, but I actually have free time once more! Too bad I'm not a shounen protag, else I would get stronger after overcoming adversity...or at least a comedy gag character who never dies. Would be nice. 

Oh well. Here's the chap! 

Well. Though it had no idea what a jinx was...

"You jinxed it! You caused this! I blame yo-nfbjkaec!"


The sun suddenly threw his head down and barely avoided the thing's arm.

"I! Will! Have! My! Revenge!"

Wouldn't it have to live past this first? Silly sun.

"Do something!"

It am. It was moving with him. See?

"...I will learn magic! Just to kill you! Traitor!"

Traitor? No. It was a learned spirit.


Desperately the sun threw himself to the side again. Why he had to scream though, it could not understand. This was also not its fault. No, it was the sun's fault.

"No you!"

What? It wasn't the one who wanted to hunt.

"You agreed!"

Actually it just didn't say no.

"Same thing."

No it wasn't.

"GCKFJGKH! So help me. I will tear you to..."

Good. The sun was talking to itself now. It was proably coming up with a plan to kill the thing chasing them. Probably.

It looked again at the weird thing. It made no sound as it chased them. Even when it used its arms to attack or mouth to attack it didn't make any sound, the sun was the one who made sound when he moved.

Which was weird. Things made sound when they moved. Even the bugs. This thing was even bigger than a wolf but it made no sound? It didn't even do that growl sound like wolves did when they attacked. Worst of all, it could feel some kind of bad mana in that thing. Like the bad that hurt it but different. Weaker. It would still hurt that much it could tell, but not as bad as the real bad.

So would it be better to try and eat it? Since it needed to eat sooner or later too. Not to mention if the thing did hit it then it would probably die. Its arms and whole body had the probably bad all over it. Then the only reasonable thing to do was to take the first attack!


BJbfjvrc35tgj! That hurt! A lot! But now it was in! The probably bad! Would be killed by it! Die thing! DIE!

"Helloooooooo! aRe yOu aLiVe?"

Ye-ouch-s. Why ouch did it ouch sound ouch so weird ouch?

"I cAn'T rEAcH yOU pRoPErLy. THiS iS tHe bEsT yOu aRE gOiNG tO gEt. sO wHaTeVEr it Is ThAT yOU ArE dOiNg, iT's wOrKiNg. I tRIeD tO sEe If i cOuLd kILL iT. I tHiNK i cAn. jUSt hOlD oN."

Do or ouch don't. Trying w-ouch-on't help ouch. Well it ouch kind of ouch did.

The thing ouch struggled every now and then and now it could guess that was the sun's fault. Which was good. Thanks to that it had forced itself deeper into the thing. Here, the probably bad was less. The probably bad probably hurt it too. So it was ok now. Kind of. Not really actually. But fine. As it was though, the probably bad was moving in too. Was the thing also getting ready to fight properly? A the sun was made with mana. So, if it was making so much probably bad which was probably mana become a lot, was it like a probably bad the sun, that would be bad for the sun outside? The sun. Was that funny? Sun. Sun. Lots of suns.

The question now was to hurt or not to hurt. Hurting hurt. Not hurting didn't hurt. However, not hurting might mean dead sun, and next it too, if the thing tried. Which it probably would. Then, much hurt it was.

It carefully moved closer to the probably bad. Closer. Closer. It was right next ouch to ouch it ouch now. Much ouch pro-ouch-bably ouch bad ouch was a-ouch-ll near ouch it. It ouch ouch hurt ouch a ouch lot. ouch Near ouch it ouch even.

It was going to eat that? Maybe not the best plan...but it was too late. It had moved into the probably bad sun thing. Then everything went black.

Next time. It would have to plan better. Very much better.

Unnamed Corrupted Spirit Level: 10/10
Species: Shattered Corrupt Wisp (E-) Affinities: Darkness, Death, Pseudo-void
Age: 663 years Titles: <Very Underdeveloped Spirit> <Helmet Spirit> <Absolutely Insane>
Size: 5 lems Status Points: 19
Health Points (HP): NA Mana Points (MP): 5/5
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12

That was...bad. Probably. Also, the thing had died. The sun evolved.

"Uh, are you ok?"

Oh no. It was fine. Not depressed at all. As if losing mana hurt it. Oh not at all. It was perfect. So good that words couldn't even be used to explain. It was still a wisp after all. And it had another "affinities." Yes. Good. Very good.

"O-ok. I'm just going to uh, yeah. Do something."

The sun ran away fast. Back to the thing it killed. After everything went black the sun had used the helmet to bring it back to the old cave and leave it there.

Now it was alone. Weaker than it had ever known. Or remembered to be exact. It vaguely understood it had been weaker than even this. But couldn't really remember. Not that that made it feel better. had been weaker than this before right? Then in only 663 years (whatever that was) it went from whatever it was before to "E-!" In other words, this just meant another 663 years! Probably faster this time even.

Yes. Everything was ok after all. Now it could wait. Its mana need even lower than before and full from the thing thanks to that, it could wait. Until the sun came back. Until he came back.


It wasn't sure how long it had been. The sun still wasn't back. Was it dead? Oh well. Maybe it could find another sun after another 663 years.

"Don't just kill me off randomly!"

The sun was alive!?

"Don't sound shocked!"

A moving weirdo thing!

"That's just mean!?"

It was happy now!

"Well tha-"

How was it going to eat things without the sun to fight them!

"...what did I even expect. Sorry though. I got lost."


"Yeah yeah. Anyway. So the thing that I killed. Yeah uh, there's more of them. Like a lot more."

Oh no.

"That would be a lot more convincing if the link didn't also tell me you could care less."

No, it cared very much. Very very much. He could trust it.


"Also we gotta run. Those things were all over the dead one's corpse. They probably came looking for it and if they decide to find the killer...we gotta move now."

Makes sense. Moving!

"If only I had your stup-enthusiasm. I meant enthusiasm."

Was that good?


Ok. Which way?

"Isn't that your job?"

The sun was giving it a 'look.' Something it had discovered recently. Non talking things also meant things. Right now it was the 'is something wrong with you' look. Or that was how it understood it anyway.

"Look, don't you usually say which way is safer?"

Well, right now every way is not safe so the sun could choose.

"Wait, what. None safe? And you only thought to tell me this now!? Ok, ok. No. I got this. Uh. Right! Go, trusty and rusty sword! Point to the best direction!"

The sun threw the "sword" up and then it came down.


"Ok, we go north."

That was where the things were if what the sun said was true.

"Ok, south it is."

What about the-

"South. It. Is."

Sure. Ok. The south. But wouldn't the things also come straight south?

"Did you have to point it out? You had to didn't you? Jerk. But no. I don't care. We go south. If something hapens. I stab it in the face. I don't even care anymore. Hah! We killed one thing we can kill mo-"

Oh, the things are movi-


Don't run! Wait! It was still not moving properly after the everything turned black time!

"Get in!"

The sun thrust the helmet in front of it, bottom up, and it slid in. Now small enough to fit easier.

"If I survive this. I will hunt those things. Their grandchildren - no, their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren will be told stories about how I killed them and why they shouldn't even enter in 100 - no, within 1000000 terons of me. They will have myths of me and stay silent, wait they already do that, oh, they'll cry loudly at the mere mention of my name! They will...learn....explosions!...lightning...rainbows!...death!....."

The sun was talking to itself again. And what was this about stories? If there were stories it should be in them. It liked stories. It would be a story thing too! Known and, what was it? Feared? All over the world! It was learning so much from the sun!

They were running away from things that wanted to kill and eat them, and maybe not in that order. It was the same as before almost. Running away that is. This time though, they were talking, not it listening to the sun talk. Proper talking. Or well good enough talking. And they hadn't left any friends to die. Not this time.

Which was easier when they didn't have any other friends with them.

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A note from Dragorule

Well, that was fun.

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