"Hey. Not saying I don't appreciate what you've done, really. But. I-I think I'm full."

"Full?" It could understand that. More or less. However, it wasn't as if it expected the sun to eat all of the bugs. Couldn't it just kill the bugs without eating them?

The sun was looking at the other bugs that were still down. The sun had gone into the down cave when he couldn't get his arms to the bugs. It looked...uncomfortable.

"Ugh. My stomach hurts."

Well. If a "stomach" was where food went, it would probably hurt. However, he said that already, so why was it repeating itself?


Now he was just being weird.

"I think...they're coming back up. Wait but! NO! NOT IN HERE! IT'LL GET ALL OV-blargh."

What was that? It had small bug parts in it. It was coming out of the sun's mouth. Was that what happened when the food fighted back? How unpleasent. It was a good thing it couldn't do that.

"...I'm done. I want out of here. Just geh, my mouth tastes horrible. They taste even worse the second time through..."

It wasn't as if the food was gone right? Couldn't he the thing again? Or no, he could eat more bugs now! He could just repeat this whenever he was full! As expected of the chieftain's sun. To find a way to fix the problem this fast.

It was a bad thing that the bugs were getting back up. They seemed to have filled with mana again. All it meant though was...more eating!

Eating, eating, eating, eating, eati-graaaah. What, was, that? It hurt. Whatever it was...made it become hurt. How? That hadn't happened before...


Again. Again! It was hurt again! But this time it saw. It was the big bug. It cut it. When it closed the long mouth thing, it was hurt. How though? That had never...


"Hey! Silent disappearing spirit guy! I'm here! Where did yo-oh. I uh, I was just leaving. Have fun or something! By-geh!"

The sun had come in after killing the bugs to...follow it? Why? Also, what was the point of it coming here if he was just running away? Well, he didn't look like he was having fun dodging the bug mouth thing.


No, it was talking loudly. Was it actually having fun like this? Weird. It didn't matter. The bug was only big compared to other bugs and the sun was not getting hit, so it could take its time eating the bug. More importantly...eating the bug was hard when it kept moving after the sun, who was moving away from the bug very fast. How was it supposed to help if the sun wasn't doing its part? It needed the bug to stop moving or move slowly or else it would be unable to eat it!


DIE!? Was it that bad? It looked like the sun was not becoming dead very well. Still, it wasn't a fighting thing. It was a eating thing. Eating bugs specially. Since they were easier to eat. Right now the bug was moving faster than it. Also the hurting from before had also had mana lost with it. It could tell since it felt smaller than before. Now, the best way to eat the bug was to follow it exactly.

Which was hard since the bug went everywhere and so did the sun. Why was the down cave bigger inside as it went down anyway? Well, whatever it was, somehow it would have to just know how to do this.

As it looked at the fight, it saw the sun standing. The bug went towards it, and the sun went...some way and the bug went after it! It went past the two as it hadn't changed directions when the bug did. Again, it followed the bug and when they went towards a wall, the sun went back towards it. However before it could eat it the bug went through it.

Now this annoying! It had never felt like this before! Except the time its friends died! Why wouldn't the bug! Make! This! Easier! It swooshed around, back and forth trying to eat the bug, but the bug barely went the way it thinked it would.

Of course, not big eats every time it did reach the bug made it slower and weaker, until it stopped. As soon as it did, the sun moved to the bug and raised its leg.


He picked up the bug and crunch.

"Wanted to eat me, huh? Thought you could eat me, huh!? Now who's the prey? Who's getting eaten, huh!? That's right! You! Hah! Stupid bug!"


"This is for my leg!"


"And this is for my other leg!"


"And this is for my arm!"


"My other arm!"


"For making me tired!"


"And for emotionally hurting me, leader of my tribe!"


"The only member of my tribe...but the best! Actually, you, spirit. Join my tribe! I'll give you half the world! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

What would it want with a world? World's were stupid. As was mostly everything. It had learned this recently but felt it true enough, not to mention did the sun even have half the world?

"Then, I'll burn the stupid wolves and bears in piles! An all-you-can-eat buffet of my enemies! HAHAHAHA! Then, I'll make an army, and you, I'll let you follow me around and carry my flag, right behind me. Yeah, we'll burn my name into this world's history! EVEN IF I DON'T HAVE ONE YET!"

What was an "all-you-can-eat buffet?" Was it different from a regualr buffet? How would it even carry a flag, whatever that was, and...what was a "history?" Also what was the sun sad about? It didn't have a "name" either and it wasn't sad. What was a name anyway? A word? It knew plenty of words. That's why it didn't need a name.

Was the sun done yet?

"And also!"


"I will find tasty food! Somewhere out there, the good food is waiting for me to discover and devour it!"

Why would the food be "waiting" to be "devoured." That would be stupid. If it was ever considered food it would try to learn to kill everything else. 

"Anyway, I think I can get some rest down here, compared to up there, it's still safer. Hey, next time let's do this again. I can get some levels from these things too. And eat them. If I have to. I would really rather not, but I can."

Rest? He could rest. It would have to go attack anything that tried to come into the down cave.

Like other bugs. Already, it could feel small bugs that were in smaller places in the walls and ground coming into the down cave. This would be a annoying night.

Max Mana +1

It was not the first time, but also not that much. It had only came once before this time. Also, the sun was getting up.

"Good morning."

No. Not good morning. Just move!

"Rela-wait, what. I...felt that?"

Felt what?

"That. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"


"We can communicate now!"

"We?" "Communicate?" The stupid sun was being weird once again.

"Hey! That's rude!"

Why? It's true.


Why was the stupid one not talking now?

"I was better of not knowing..."

Not knowing what?

"That we could communicate, but now...I regret that. You're not a kind and experienced spirit at all!"

Was too.

"Was not."

Was too.

"Was not!"

Was too!

"Whatever. Anyway I just checked my skills list. Looks like it's true. We can talk now."



Fine, it would go not faster!

"That doesn't even make sense. Well, I mean it does in your head but like, it doesn't really."

No. He was the one not making any sense. What did that even mean?

"No, well, you see, gramatically-"

Oh. They needed to go.

"Go? Go where?"

Not here.

"What's coming?"

Why would it know? 

"You just said-I mean thought, that-"

It felt something coming, so it told he, why was he being annoying now?

"We can talk about your...horrible grammer later. If something's really coming I suppose we should go now."

No. No it wouldn't work. It may be better to stay down here.

"What? You just sai-I mean thought- darn, this is annoying. Shouldn't we be leaving?"

It was fast. Very fast. They couldn't move faster. Then, the down cave hiding would be better. Plus, it could always leave on its own.


It was starting to dislike being able to communicate. If it had to get somebody to talk too, couldn't it be a more...intelligence thing? The sun certainly wasn't the most...intelligence thing that came to mind when it "thought" about intelligence. 

"I hate you. You know that?"







The fast thing had stopped above the down cave and stopped. However the sun talked. The stupid thing talked. The thing had immediately pushed its head down into the cave and looked at them. It had been too big for the down cave near the up, so it had...broken inwards when the thing pushed past the not big place. Its head was nothing like a normal head, even before the squelch and had too many eyes and teeth. A skinny neck attached to a body it couldn't see from its place. Even if the eyes were broken and not seeing anymore, the mouth was open towards the sun and was moving closer very very not fastly. 

It did not like the looks of its teeth, because the bug had hurt it with its long mouth part too. If a bug could do it, a big not good thing could too. That was no reason to be afraid though as the thing couldn't see. Not anymore. As long as the sun didn't make any noises they were fine. 

Maybe the sun felt its thoughts, because it held still as the mouth came closer and paused there. The eyes places were already starting to look like eyes again, but not fastly, the thing pulled its head back out as a hooooooowwwwl came from the up. 


After the head was out, the thing suddenly moved very fast towards the soon-dead wolf and the sun fell down.

"...Hey. This stays between us, yeah?"

What does?

"Good attitude."

No, what? Was it about how it had so much fear in it? It could feel that through what it thought was probably the talking-not-talking way. But, what was the problem? Wasn't fear normal for things? 



"So. I think we should stay here. Because whatever that was is not here. Any place that that thing isn't is where I want to be."

What if that place was worse? What if it had many many other those things but not that thing? Would that really be better?

"Shut up. I don't need your technicalities! Plus, this is not the time for that!"

Again. Whatever.

"So arrogant for a wisp. You're so wispy, you're-you're, uh, weak. And stupid. Hah. Take that."

It really didn't care. At all.

"You're no fun."

You are not intelligence.



"...good night."

It wasn't night though?

"Just remember you're the one who rejected the truce."

What "truce?"

"So that's how you wanna play it, huh? Fine by me."


"You better be ready! I was the third best at insults! I hope you knew what you were starting. Heh. Poor fool. Ye shall suffer!"

What, what, and what?

"Good morning."


"So lets go looking for stuff to eat, eh?"

Well, it was fine right now. But the sun had a point. The mana from the bugs was gone and the bad was everywhere still. It could feel some mana from the ground, probably how bugs got any, since it wasn't from the bad as far as it could tell. 

How the wolves and bears got mana was a mystery to it though. Still, it meant that now it also had to worry about food. Annoying. Not the worst, but annoying. 

As it was, the sun seemed to get mana from eating things too, so if it took too much mana the sun would also have problems. Strangely, it had noticed that when it wasn't trying to eat mana, it didn't need too much. Probably why even after so long in the tribe place, none of the imps or the chieftain had been hurt. 

Still, unlike when it had been in the very before, it could feel out where the mana was and use that to hunt, rather than the chance it had to use before. Looking back, would it have died if even one of those big fights didn't happen? Probably.

Another thing to look into. It remembered seeing other imps before. Maybe it should find them for its useless friend-not-friend. Whatever it was going to do later, and very later, now it had to lead the sun in that way to reach the food. 

It just hoped it wasn't that thing from before. That would be very...unpleasent.

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