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After some rather strenuous thinking on the spirit's part it had decided to accept that the chieftain and the shaman were discussing their own deaths. And that it did NOT like that. And that it would go and put an end to such dumbness one way or another.

The most obvious solution to it appeared to be going away from the many, many, things on the outside that could kill its friends. Which was seeming more and more...not happening the more it thinked about it. For one, its friends could not go up like it could, and were also apparently seeable when it...wasn't. Secondly...they were also very become deadable. Even now, it had yet to really fight something that could hit it. Except the sun. That would have hurt it, it had been able to tell that back then. It didn't though so it was fine. And it knew how to eat bones now. A dumb bones would never kill it now.

The last and most important thing was that...well, it didn't know how they did it, but the other things like wolves sometimes found the things on their own! Like they knew where they were already. But then other times they didn't. Like at the attacking of the wolves that one time. Maybe they were - no of course they were, they were dumb, like all things. Except its friends. They were ok.

Also what was this "he?" It had never seen a "he" here before. They did talk to an other a lot. Weird things. Like calling it a "sun." How was it a sun? It wasn't big, or the right color. Perhaps it was like "training." What even was training anyway. They did it to get better at fighting apparently, but it was quite sure it shouldn't be that hard to hit stuff. It would probably be able to do it when it had arms. If it had arms...

But it was still an other. An other was not a sun or a he. So confusing. Why wasn't everything in life like food? At least food had never talked to it before. Or changed. Much. Even eating bones and wolves was like eating food from...not in the things. When it came outside. Still, a friend of its friends was also its friend, right?

So it had to also find and help this unfindable friend. The things it had to do...

For now, it would see if the chieftain had any way to do this.

"...and so I think if we have any chances it's back North. We know the monsters and land around there. Better than here in any case."

"And how do you suggest we..."

No. This time the chieftain was useless. But that was new. Things could change to useless or useful. Things to remember. Still, one thing it knew was that the food, and so the monsters, were everywhere. No 'North' or borth or whatever was good. It could still find a way without monsters. How to tell them was the bad thing.

First, it tried flying out of the helmet and going over to the chieftain. Then floating towards the outside.

"The spirit is leaving! Quick! Follow it!"

It didn- it worked? It could come up with ways to do things like chieftain too? Of course it could. Yes, it was a wisp after all. It had a word for itself. What couldn't it do? Noth-it couldn't hit things with clubs. The newfound 'confidence' was gone as fast as it came. Indeed. It wasn't the same without arms to pick up and use clubs with.

Right, whatever. Everyone was following and so it should move. Faster? Faster.

"Spirit wait! Wait!"

What was that?

"We need to rest!"

"Rest?" What was rest? Oh. They stopped moving. Well that was...fine. There were no monsters around.

"It stopped. Thank Azaraath."

The shaman was making weird noises. Was it fi-it fell! It was dead! How!?

"You need to go out more. That was pathetic."

Yes! "Pathetic!" The shaman had scared it!

"Really? The imps look half-dead too. I'm just a shaman. You're the weird one."

"Imps?" Was that what they were called? Why did it not call them others now?

"Well, anyway. The Spirit seems to have avoided any monsters so far. We may actually make it."

Yes. Of course they - why was the food everywhere becoming...weird? There was a lot of it. The sky was crunch'ing?

"Run. Run. RUN!"

The imps started "running" and the sky was becoming more...crunch.

"Listen. Take this. And go. We can hold them for a while."

Why was the chieftain giving away its helmet?

"NO! I refuse to run from enemies! I can fight too!"

So this was 'he' then. Since it was getting the helmet.

"Not anything that comes through a rift. Go, son. Don't forget the creed."

"Rift?" The sky crunch? It wasn't making the sound though...go!? Go where!? AND WHAT WAS A "CREED!"

"It's all that damn spirit's fault! You would have been fine if we didn't follow it!"

"It was just bad luck. Don't blame the Spirit. Go. Take it with you. It can help find food and avoid monsters. Just follow it."

Yes, the chieftain was right. Follow it. Just...follow it. So why-why weren't they following it. Why weren't they coming? Why were they trying to die? It didn't care about the imps! Imps died! Others died! Things died! But chieftains and shamans didn't die! Friends didn't die! THAT WASN'T HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO WORK!



"Hurry up you stupid bastard!"

What was this dumb thing doing? Running away from friends? Why would it do that? They had to-!

"Please run Spirit. Watch over our son like you did us."

This shaman was also dumb! Why were its only friends trying to kill themselves? Why were they...leaving it alone?

"@#$%! $^&* &*^&!"

Things were coming out. The chieftain looked at it. It didn't know why...but it moved. It went into the helmet. Somehow the helmet went onto the sun's head. The sun was running. When did it start doing that?

The imps were back. It hadn't seen them. 

"Go, run. Chief's son. Best. Survive for us. For the tribe!"


The imps were going into the fight. The things were fighting. They looked like the things from back then. An imp fell. A thing fell. A club hit a thing in the head. It grabbed the imp and crunch'ed it. The imp fell. The thing fell. An imp was behind it with a long club-thing. A thing hit it with a big club thing. The imp fell.

The chieftain was hitting. And hitting. Things went up and down. They were loud. And...dumb. It didn't like them. Surely, it could just rip their words out somehow right? It didn't need to watch them. Oh, now they were hitting the chieftain. It didn't work. Their clubs broke. They died. A different looking thing threw a sun. And died. The shaman used rocks. They were useful. Now the things were attacking the shaman. The imps came and surrounded it, and hit everything. The things hit everyone. There were dead things and imps everywhere. A big thing with colorful thingies on its head fell down. The chieftain took off the colorful thingies. Head attached. The chieftain was becoming smaller. Its 'head' hurt.

A thing was coming. It was behind the chieftain, and it couldn't see it. A club went forwards. Through. And out. Then pulled back. What was that color in the sky? It looked strange. So small. Oh, it was falling back down. It was from the chieftain. The chieftain was saying a "battlecry." The shaman was falling. A sun hit it. The chieftain was trying to hit the thing that threw the sun. The thing with the club was still there. Behind the chieftain. Hitting it over and over again. The imps were dying. There were enough for it to count now. One and one and one and one that was all. Another one fell.

The sun was making weird noises. There was something coming out of its eyes. The sun in the up looked darker. It didn't wonder why. The things from down probably just went up to the sun. Since the ground back there was definitely darker. There was too much of the things from inside on the outside. Like what was coming out of the sun's eyes, but darker. Or like rocks, but different colors.

The chieftain probably fell down too. It didn't manage to see. They were too far away now, and its 'head' hurt. Everything was...getting darker?

It 'hated' everything. Now, it wanted to rest...

The spirit fell. Deeper into the darkness. Of rest and mind.

The boy, now orphan, ran. Further into the night.



Spoiler: Status (Before battle. Can't show full with edits yet. That would be actual spoiler.)
A note from Dragorule

No proper fight scenes yet. Didn't seem like the place to start for me. Not enough expertise from the spirit to describe it either. 

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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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