The spirit 'woke up' feeling...good. Like it had just eaten lots of food and was relaxing while listening to a story good. Perhaps it should do this evolving stuff more often. First things first, it should -

"The Helmet Spirit has finished evolved!"

Why was the shaman so loud? Why were all the things gathered around it? Not to mention, while this wasn't the first time it had noticed, none of them except the shaman and the chieftain even actually looked at it. The others just stared at the helmet. Could they not see it?

Regardless of what it was the others were all talking amongst themselves and staring fixedly at its helmet, while the shaman and chieftain seemed excited.

And why wouldn't they be? It was now a wisp! Even if it couldn't actually see itself and tell what a wisp was, it must be good right? Now it could slaughter enemies even faster! With the power of eating! That brought it another more important question: could it kill something on its own now? It could check its status. But first it wanted to go back to its spot. Being stared at was...not good.

It wouldn't feel safe until it was back inside the helmet, but something told it wouldn't fit. How would it get smaller? The first time it had done so, it had just tried to...become smaller. Now, it tried but still didn't seem small enough. Not to be comfortable in there. Frustrated it tried to pull in further, feeling pain as it did so.

Intelligence +1


Wisdom +1

This evolution stuff better be worth it, or else all it had managed was getting too big to enjoy its old cave. And now being small hurt. It was not usless now though. It would not run away from bad anymore. No, it was better than that now. A little hurt didn't scare it anymore. Not after...not after that time where it went looking for the things. It still shuddered remembering that. It had been horrible.

It dismissed the bad...stories? Were those stories? What did you call things that were inside and happened...before? The chieftain would know. Too bad it could only wait until words came up when they were all talking to learn them. Not being able to ask was...bad.

The chieftain had put the helmet back on and now, it could check its status.

Unnamed Corrupted Spirit Level: 1/10
Species: Corrupt Wisp (E) Affinities: Darkness, Death
Age: 663 years Titles: <Very Underdeveloped Spirit> <Helmet Spirit>
Size: 30 lems Status Points: 10
Health Points (HP): NA Mana Points (MP): 30/30
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12

That was it? The mana points didn't even get bigger by a lot. It couldn't tell how much since it hadn't appeared one by one in boxes, but it was fairly sure it wasn't a lot. Shouldn't a wisp be stonger? It had evolved after all. It had been under the impression that evolving was very better? Then again, it had gotten more of something without leveling up even, so maybe it wasn't all that bad?

Would the next evolution be better? It sure hoped so. What now though? The chieftain was apparently not going to kill many wolves again, and nothing was happening. The others were all being not loud. Or not talking. Had it missed something? Now that it looked. Why was the cave outside so black? It was not very good at knowing things like the chieftain, but it was pretty sure it didn't usually get that black outside. In fact, it felt like it was very bad out there.


What was that?


That didn't sound like anything it had ever heard before. Maybe the sound when things legs hit the ground. But that sound wasn't this...loud.


That last one sounded a lot...closer? The others were all standing now.


Why had the cave outside changed colors? It wasn't black anymore. Something that looked like rock was there instead. What was that?


It was getting not louder now. Even the outside was very black again.


Now that it thinked about it, wasn't that rock like a big down leg thing?


It would have liked to see that better. Too bad. The others looked...not happy? Why? If they didn't like the big leg, then it was gone, so why -


Loud sounds were everywhere. After the wolves it had been more wolves and sometimes other sounds too. Many, many sounds. Always, loud. It didn't feel too bad, since it was new, but the others looked weird. They were on the ground now and silent, looking with the things on their heads up. They had been for a while now, even if it had no exact undestanding of time. Even the chieftain and shaman were looking at the black and just...silent.

It didn't like that. How was it supposed to learn more if they weren't talking!? Even if silence was also new. And fun. Not as fun as learning. But fun.

Could it have eaten the big leg and gotten more levels? Probably not. It would need one of the others to make a attack first. It also hadn't gotten anywhere with making the suns. Was this the wave? Could you kill it? Would it give levels? Important questions all, and none were getting answered.

A thing! It had come in! Would this be fun! The others would finally move! The chieftain was already moving and had hit the thing with it!

"Bear! Shaman, its eyes! Now!"

It wasn't too sure what the shaman was going to do, other than maybe talk loudly at the "bear." But, now it knew what the things for seeing were! "Eyes!"

WAIT! What was that!? The shaman made rocks go into the bear's eyes! Without using its arms! How!? And why could everyone, even the shaman, do weird things and it couldn't? Stupid bear. It was all the bear's fault. It should die or something.


Oh, it was't bring itself to care. The suns, rocks, and next what? Even wolves would be doing weird things. Like making bones attack them or something.

Had it called them here? Now bones were coming into the cave...could it make them do things!? Bones! Hit yourself!...nothing happened.

No! It would eat! Eat for vengence!

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

Any bones it ate were hitted by the chieftain and died.

Level Up +2

It wasn't leveling up as much? Why?

No matter. It would just have to eat even more!

The "wave" was gone. And many others were dead. It had done its best, eating everything it could. Many things had been died here.

It had gotten five levels. And eaten from bones. Mostly bones. These other things seemed pretty useless, since they were hard to eat from.

Now the chieftain and shaman were talking about stuff. As usual it didn't really understand.

"We lost most of the tribe. This wave was much worse than before. And we haven't even checked to see how many monsters there are outside yet. We can't move safely either. Do your skills say anything helpful?"

"Power not so useful here. Maybe in better land. Here? Lacks spirits to draw from. Lucky have found one. Maybe tribe dies. Us two, find new one. Can probably do."

"We cannot. This is our tribe, not as members, but leaders. Maybe he survive, I stay."

"Fine. Stay. I stay too. If bad, can send him out with helmet. Maybe live, find new tribe."

That wasn't good. Not good at all. What was this about the chieftain and - yes, and the shaman, it didn't really not like the shaman - becoming dead? And what was a 'he?'

Spoiler: Status

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