The spirit had contemplated the notion of blue until the chieftain woke up. After all, it had no reference for what blue may be. In fact, the only color it had actually learned was black. The sky on the other hand clearly referred to the up, so as long as it knew what blue was, imagining a blue sky wouldn't be hard. Not for the first time it consdered moving around to find more things. And with the new added goal of finding not just blue, but blue skies too.

When the chieftain started moving again, the spirit remembered what it had decided on during the night. It would seriously pay attention to what was happening around it now and see what the things and chieftain talked about.

The first thing the chieftain said was actually addressed to nothing, "Good morning."

Oh! Was it talking to it? That was...not new probably. Maybe it just never payed attention before. It felt kind of bad, but the chieftain probably didn't know that it didn't know. It couldn't talk so it had never said anything that might reveal its guilt.

Right now it was seriously considering how talking worked and if it could learn to do it. Maybe first it should learn to throw the sun so it could help its new friend. Even if that friend didn't know it was a friend yet. Not that the friend's decision mattered. It said so and so it was.

It quickly snapped back into focus as it realized it had done it again. It had gone off thinking and not noticed what was going on. Again. It really had to work on that.

"Are the food reserves still fine?"

"Yes, chieftain! Three moons. Can beat others, make listen, become four moons."

"No need. We can go hunting again by then. This place isn't as dangerous as the old one. You can go back to training."

The thing didn't respond, just moved its head up and down and left. Why were they talking about moons? There was only one moon, right? Unless there were more and it couldn't see them...were even its eyes useless!? Also, the other things didn't sound as...good at talking as the chieftain. Why was that? Was bigger better? The chieftain was bigger than the other things it knew that much. Was it very evolved? It was a different color too.

When it once again came to, it was in the middle of an argument again. But, they seemed to be talking about it?

"Hert not listen! Helmet spirit need blood!"

"No you! Dumb! Spirit need bones! Good strong monster bones!"

"Calm down."

Yes, the chieftain was the reasona-

"Blood and bones, both will be sacrificed to the spirit! We will make it stronger and use it to slaughter our enemies!"


Reasonable. Very reasonable. If that was what the chieftain said, it was probably right. Only, it didn't have arms or a club so it didn't think it could kill enemies yet. It was fun to think about killing things. It could already see itself, hiding in the most bluest hat and throwing suns and bones at the enemies. Indeed. The bones would throw more suns and bones, and those bones would also throw suns, indeed. It was an excellent plan. The enemies would be slaughtered (whatever that meant; was it like splat or more like crunch killing?)!

"The time for a wave is coming. We will go hunting for more food now, all of you over there, come."

Then the chieftain walked out with the things following. Where were they going, it didn't know. What a wave was, it didn't know. What it did know was the outside was fun, even if it wasn't blue. Sadly.

Everything seemed to move around as the chieftain slowly took off the 'helmet' it was in (it was still a cave in its opinion, but if that was what the chieftain said...) and held it out in front. It turned and moved around in every direction. Finally, it was moved back to the chieftain's head and it looked in the...direction.

"The spirit is glowing more when we go this way," was all it said and then started walking that way, and the others didn't even say anything different!

The chieftain was using it to choose? Why? And it was glowing? What was glowing and why was the everything so dumb? No, its friend was ok. And blue skies. And blue. But it couldn't see itself! The things could at least look at their arms and legs! Still, it glowed when food was around? How come it never noticed it did that? Then again, it did feel like food was that way. Whatever it was, its friend was probably better at this than it, so it wouldn't think too hard.

Relaxing, it observed the land (was it using that right?) around it. There were still many black rocks (it hadn't ever seen those things again), but there were deep caves in the ground, and they went straight down instead of to the sides. They were very small too, the chieftain's foot wouldn't even fit in it.

Yet, when the things went close, many small black things came out of the small ground caves and two of the others were covered very fast. The chieftain "RAAAAAAH"'ed and moved fast, but away from the small things. The others moved even faster than the chieftain and made weird noises loudly.

The spirit felt somewhat betrayed, as the chieftain who had crunch'ed the bones with suns was not winning! It had never seen the chieftain lose! Why was it not winning!? It was like the sun turned black instead of whatever color it was now! No, its friend knew better than it surely, so was not winning ok? They weren't, sometimes not winning was also okay?When it did get around to moving itself, it would have to be careful of the small black things. Unless it could throw the sun. Then it would come back and kill the small enemies.

It malovently glowed dark purple even if it hadn't noticed and the chieftain looked up briefly before taking off the helmet. The chieftain silently repeated the thing with its helmet and then went off again.

This time there were no small black things and only the four legs things.

"Corrupt wolves. You, you, you, you, you, you, and you. Go around and attack there. Lead towards us. Rest of you, wait silently, attack when they pass by."

These wolves or whatever were dead now that its friend said so. It had never made a bad decision yet in the spirits opinion. Not to mention, now would be a good time to practice the eating thing. If it could eat the wolves it could level up and get stronger and then evolve and then talk and then walk and then blue!

As the spirit silently hyped itself up, the others "attacked" and the wolves made loud noises before heading towards them.

It didn't want to wait but remembered the orders and when they were passing by it attacked! It went and stuck to its side and ate desperately, like it had never eaten before! It pulled on the food, but it didn't seem to work, until an other hit it with a rock. The wolf howl'ed and a cave appeared in its side that the spirit felt the food start to come out from. Inspired it threw itself into the hole and pulled the food to itself.

At first the wolf and the imp looked at each other, waiting for one to make the move. It would likely be the imp who seemed very worried about the chieftain saying the helmet spirit was in the wolf. Just as it seemed to resign itself to leap at the wolf, the wolf angrily snarled and threw itself onto the ground, scraping its side against the ground. Its snarl turned higher pitch as the blood flowing out increased and the horrible itch, now a burn, continued unabated. It focused back on the wolf just in time to see an angry chieftain slamming a fist down towards it. There was a wet squelch and the wolf died.

Level Up +4

The spirit on the inside of the wolf was internally celebrating seeing the level up box. Now then, it was time to find another wol-

Max Level Achieved. Evolution possible.

Evolve? It could evolve now? Well. The other wolves needed killing too, so it could deal with that first, right?

Satisfied with its level, and now more for fun it went and did the same thing to four more wolves before the battle ended. It had gotten another two to "mana points" and had fun. Moreover now it could evolve. Overall, a productive day.

After the wolves, the chieftain had gotten some of the others to go back for more others and bring them back to carry the wolves. The spirit wondered why they didn't just bring everyone everywhere everytime. Still, it wasn't the chieftain, and now it could evolve!

Possible Evolution(s):

Corrupt Wisp (E):

The corrupted version of a wisp. These spirits tend to live and form in places of violence and bloodshed, possessing an increased affinity to darkness and death. Not to be confused with lifeforms subjected to corruption, these are a fairly normal type of spirit and do not have any ability to propogate or control corruption.

It didn' know what a "corrupt" was, and its status already told it it was a species and a spirit. This box was not however telling it whether a "wisp" could club things to death or not. Since it couldn't pick anything else it happily picked the only option there. Then, everything seemed to go black. It's last thought was whether this would might make it miss a story or not.

Spoiler: Status

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