Relevance and A World Flying Off The Tracks

by AweksLear

Trapped in a world not my own. Facing a destiny never meant to pass. Dealing with a hero doomed to defeat. Which will end first, this world or my life?

The Transmigator, a being deployed from beyond the boundaries of this reality, must undo the will of Fate itself, to save both himself and the world.

There will be no fluffiness. No OP cheat abilities. No waifus. Just one man. And The Voice of a god.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Where It All Begins ago
Schrodinger's Smart Phone ago
The Man and The Voice ago
A Mission From God ago
The Relevance of Irrelevance ago
Mission Launch ago
Tactical Stealth Action ago
Tactical Stealth Takedowns ago
Demon vs Machine ago
The Unwilling Listener ago
The Crossroads of Reality ago
This Is ANN ago
Confidential ago
The Bartender ago
Baptism ago
The Crimson Web ago
Rebirth ago
A Message From The Author ago
A New Day ago
Our Mutual Friend ago
Heart To Heart ago
The Nature of The Voice ago
The Price ago
The Siege ago
Putting Theory Into Practice ago
Mr Greer ago
A Necessary Bargain ago
The Birth of The Hero ago
The Making of A Friend ago
A Matter of Honor ago
Officer of The Law ago
Highwayman ago
The Miracle ago
The Aftermath ago
Being In Control ago
Private Session ago
The One Who Was Left Behind ago
A Possible Lead ago
The Tragedy of War ago
The Pied Piper ago
Administrative Issues ago
Moving Day ago
The Foundation ago
Journey To The Underworld ago
A Bond, Not Forgotten ago
The Meaning of Heroism ago
Final Preparations ago
An Unwilling Partnership ago
Showtime ago
A Reunion ago
A New Route ago
Small In Frame, Big In Power ago
The Guardian ago
The Howling ago
The Mystery of The Disappearing Sister ago
Night Drive Discussion ago
Year Zero ago
Many Meetings ago
Powerful Determination ago
Under The Shadow of Heaven ago
Priority Alert ago
Party In The Streets ago
Weapon of Murder ago
The Price of Freedom ago
The Archmage ago
Easy Kill ago
Point of No Return ago
Lust For Life ago
Confrontation ago
Alter Ego ago
The Reality of Fantasy ago
The Latest On UNCBC ago
Relevance and The Running Man ago
Conversations In The Dark ago
A Man of The Arts ago
The Enemy Within ago
Declaration of Intent ago
Back In Action ago
Restricted Access ago
Man In Uniform ago
Urban Jungle ago
An Unexpected Meeting ago
Strangers In The Monlight ago
War of Words ago
Way of Life ago
Dinner and Conversation ago
The Way Forward ago
An Unusual Assignment ago
Master and Apprentice ago
Dinner Date ago
The Director ago
Our Proper Place ago
The Comrades ago
Pay and Benefits ago
The Power of Friendship ago
The Beast ago
Demolition Man ago
Police Brutality ago
The Jaws of Disaster ago
Stoking The Flames ago
Senior and Junior ago
What The Future Holds ago
An Unexpected Guest ago
The Immortal ago
The Transmigrator's Worries ago
Breaking and Entering ago
Intensive Care ago
Research and Ethics ago
Out of Bounds ago
The Getaway ago
Of What May Be ago
Legacy Of The Past ago
Teachings of The Prince ago
The Page of Swords ago
Proof of God ago
High Society ago
Eye Of The Storm ago
Sins and Sinners ago
Body and Soul ago
The Getaway Redux ago
Into The Fire ago
Race To Oblivion ago
The Knight and The Blackguard ago
Pit Fighter ago
The Awakening ago
Earth, Wind and Fire ago
Purpose and Desire ago
Relevance and The Third Wheel ago
Doctor's Office ago
Against All Odds ago
Year 1999 ago
The Cradle ago
Spirited Away ago
Urban Camper ago
Faith of The Faithless ago
Rolling The Dice ago
Under An Indifferent Sky ago
Sole Proprietor ago
The Burden of Love ago
The True Challenger ago
Forbidden Aspiration ago
Snatch ago
True Form ago
The Mornning After ago
Jumping The Gun ago
The Scales ago
Oaths and Promises ago
The Watchers That Watch ago
Love and Consequences ago
Betrayal of the Heart ago
Consequences and Outcomes ago
In Sight and Unseen ago
Lost and Found ago
Exhibition Match ago
Road Rash ago
Past and Present ago
The Emperor's New Clothes ago
Best Friends Forever ago
Back To School ago
Mental Breakdown ago
Double Life ago
The Sincerest Form of Flattery ago
Waking Dream ago
Kingdom of Love ago
Guidance From Above ago
Communal Loving ago
Family Love ago
Love Slave ago
Escape From Castle Love ago
Rooftop Rumble ago
Buyer's Remorse ago
True Rebirth ago
A Change Of Heart ago
Path and Destiny ago
Fact and Fiction ago
Finalizing The Script ago
Mother and Son ago
Grand Arrival ago
True Hero ago
The End of History ago
Brother and Sister ago
Relevance and A World Flying Off The Tracks ago
Hero of Justice ago
The Game Changer ago
Shadows Of The Future ago
A Crimson World ago
The Eternal Slave ago
Rooftop Ruminations ago
Unprofessional Liaison ago
Pushing The Buttons ago
Road Trip ago
Back In The Saddle ago
Divine Intervention ago
Shadows of The Past ago
Heart of the Matter ago
Year Present Day ago
Club Land ago
Beginning of the End ago
Prelude to Confrontation ago
The Beast Within ago
The Chosen Under God ago
Ascendant of the All Father ago
Welcoming Party ago
Battle of the Gods ago
Greater Than Infinity ago
Men and Women ago
Pieces of Infinity ago
Happy Family ago
The Final Round ago
The Truth ago
Final Destiny ago
The Moment of Destiny ago
Fate of The World ago
Epilogue: Homeward Bound ago
Epilogue: Natural Law ago
The End ago
Afterword ago

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If you were looking for competent gods in isekai, you found it

Reviewed at: Epilogue: Homeward Bound

If you read this, you realise that the majority of isekai that involve Gods, literal forces of reckoning and rapture, somehow always get trumped by a mortal they summon? Not here. 

Here you have a god that knows exactly what he summoned, and is an absolute God about it. Theres already a hundred chapters here, and never once have I doubted the godliness of these gods. 

And the Transmigrator isn't some teen with a cheat that somehow beats a god. He's just a guy trying his best.

And the characters. By golly, does the author manage trope use wonderfully while somehow making them all seem so real and personable.

This book isn't a breath of fresh air for isekai but hurricane. 


Not gonna ruin the story by telling you about it but I advise you read it as it is a really good book

The Bus Lurker

Similar Vibe To Simulacrum

The first four or five chapters are a little janky, and somewhat confusing, much like Super Minion or Simulacrum. However, once you get past that, and the mc starts to find some of his footing, the story really begins to open up. 

The story is an off meta "save the world" type of deal. There are many familiar tropes, but the way that they're executed is new and fresh. The mc reminds me a bit about the guy from hitman games, agent 47. With a surprisingly intereesting voice to help him along. (Obviously he's not a trained killer, but a mix of stealth and over the top violence is the mc's go to for solving problems)

Typically I HATE HATE HATE when a godlike entity aids or assists the mc. However, it's done in a manner that the mc is relatively balanced for the world, and creates a good mix of shenanigans, serioussness, and drama. I also enjoyed how the mc had an interesting dialogue about morality. It's something most SI's/Transmigrators/Isekais never think about. Very cool. That said, the only weakness I want to point out is that the mc's companion tells the backstory of every character of any importance, and this can be jarring, and immersion breaking, hence the 4 stars on style score. 

Overall, you should read this story. I never thought Simulacrum or Super Minion would get as popular as they did when I first read them. This story, this author has the same feel. IK it's a RR cliche, but I sense great potential in this one. 


Way too much telling, not enough showing

I didn't end up reading all the current chapters on this, and there's no numbers listed on chapters, but I made it through ~40 chapters before I decided it wasn't worth me continuing. So maybe there's improvements past that point that make it better, but I think 40 chapters is as fair a chance as i'll give a novel.

There's two main things that killed my motivation to keep reading:

1. The author insists on telling the reader about the world instead of showing it.

The author has built a rather detailed fantasy world with a long and deep history. And I hope you love, history, because that's exactly what you're going to be buried with. Extremely long, uninteresting recounting of past/historical events. There are huge parts of chapters that read basically the same as a history book would. Not a fictional novel.

I'm not even joking, an entire chapter is written as a police report. Same boring recounting as you'd expect from a real police report. And it's talking about events that the reader has already read about, only offering a small smidgen of new information/different perspective.

As the author starts introducing the heroes and heroines, you get... another boring historical explanation of their backstory, written as if for a school essay.

The MC basically just gets told long winded explanations about from the Voice about everything. Told. Never shown, always told.

2. Basically every character in the novel has the same depth as a cardboard cutout. Including the MAIN CHARACTER.

I honestly can't really tell you much about the main character, because there's nothing to tell. I don't know his name, where he's from, what job he had, if he has family. I can't even tell you about his personality, because as far as I know, he doesn't have one. Or not one I can discern from the chapters i've read. His only real character motivation seems to be 'I want to go home' and 'I don't want to die', which is a really boring motivation and not one that's likely to create any real character growth in the future.

The only real character traits I can say for sure he has, is he's indecisive, hypocritical and weak-willed. Which are terrible character traits for an MC when they're the only 3 he has.

All the heroes/heroines/villans are boring generic tropes who act almost entirely predictably. The novel seems to push the idea that this is on purpose, and it's some kind of satire/reverse trope attempt, but it just really falls flat how uninteresting every single one of them seems to be, considering how much time the novel spends telling you their stories and perspectives.

Not all the characters are horrible, the Voice is probably the single redeeming factor in the entire novel. He's a complicated character with complex motivations and unlike almost every character, the author didn't completely spoil his backstory in the most boring way possible which kept me interested in learning more about him.

Oddly enough, Mr. Gallant, the guy the MC ends up possessing happens to be my second favorite character because he actually has a mildly interesting backstory and character motivations. A non-mage born into a magical family, put through hell because he couldn't live upto his family's expectations, gets possessed by a transmigrator and drawn into a conflict where he can finally make a real difference, and make use of all the magical training he was forced through. Still curious about what exactly he's seeing as a stallion and why he percieves it that way. But Mr Gallant only pops up for all of 1 1/2 chapters in the 40 i've read. And 1 of those chapters was mostly a very dry reading of Mr Gallant's backstory.


Aside from those two main points, there were a lot of little things that kept bothering me.

The novel is told mostly from a 1st person perspective, but swaps around the POV from the MC to various other characters. Which wouldn't be terrible, but the perspective swaps are handled really poorly. A chapter will end from the MC's point of view, with him talking like 'I walk over here', then the next chapter is 'I go over and look at this', but doesn't mention this is an entirely different 'I', and you have to infer who it is from reading 1-2 more paragraphs. Which is really jarring.

The fantasy side of the story feels really undercooked. It really tries to hype up this whole Angels VS Demons VS Humanity thing, but angels and demons seem really mundane in this novel. Honestly, if you went over and changed every mention of angels to 'Generic Human Mage Kingdom/Family #1' and demons to 'Generic Human Mage Kingdom/Family #2', nothing important about the story changes at all. They might as well just be superpowered humans. The magic system itself feels boring and uninspired, not really feeling any different from a Dragonball Z fight.

The synopsis promises 'No OP cheat abilities.'. Well that's a lie. From the start, the MC has the ability to hide his presence, which makes it hard for anyone to notice him. So Psuedo-Invisibility off the bat. Gets given extremely powerful combat senses which make it hard for him to basically ever lose a fight, plus the ability to sense nearby people so he can't be ambushed. The MC gets a magic core that gives him basically infinite mana, and powered up magical abilities to match his infinite mana output. The author tries to handicap this ability by saying using too much mana will break down the MC's body, but in the two fight scenes I read, they both ended the same way: He mopped the floor with everyone, then afterward he starts whinging that his entire body hurts, so he goes home and gets a heal back to 100% health in like an hour. And if that isn't enough, he has a LITERAL GOD watching over his back and helping him out (who is still mildly handicapped from helping for story reasons, but it's still a GOD watching over him).


Anyway, TLDR:

Story is boring because the author Tells us what happens instead of Showing us

Lots and Lots of Worldbuilding (great if you're into that sort of thing, but gets excessive IMO)

Characters are mostly boring and generic, including the MC

The Voice is the only reason anyone should read the story.


Another, Better Way To Tell The Classic Story

Reviewed at: Relevance and The Third Wheel

Man nearly dies, man lives, man has to engage in over the top violence to save the day with the help of God. A classic story of an isekai protagonist done right. No more over the top fireballs or harems, just over the top C-4 and making sure all that ends well is best for the powers that be. 

It's a great way to breathe life into a nearly dead horse and the fast-paced action keeps the story going without becoming exhausting.

Grammar is great and I've made more spelling errors writing this review than I've seen from this story.

The story itself has no inherent flaws or prurient disregard. It's a bit of an action flick that'll be the one movie you bring home this year, brilliant and fun.

The only weakness are the characters, who by the nature of their existence, are pawns in the hands of God. Real fun though to see the typical, clueless protagonist party be played like this though. Obvious and blatant to contrast the games being played behind the scene.


All in all, you should at the very least give it a day's worth.

Moses Lambert

Strange, Peculiar, and Interesting

This is a very odd story - the premise is original (AFAIK), the characters are believable, the plot is... well, strange. I'm enjoying it.