The Forgotten Man -- Platinum Online

by ForgottenManOnline

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Ruling Class Strategy Virtual Reality

James Cartwright was robbed of his life and left to rot in long-term care after a devastating stroke. Then, after 20 years as a forgotten man in bed 6 of the Royal Albert hospital, James is digitised by a mysterious company looking to capitalise on untapped digital resources in the online game Platinum Online.

Jim will work with the company's erratic AI 'System' to overcome the grief he feels at his own death and being forgotten by the people he knew. James has only one real option: Sell valuable materials in-game to pay for his continued existence while System finds a way to break him out and bring him back.

Will Jim find a way to escape the digital world and reunite with the daughter that abandoned him? Read The Forgotten Man to find out.


This GameLit/LitRPG novel is inspired by games such as Heroes of Might and Magic, Eador, and the RPG and economic systems of various MMORPGs. The story will take a few chapters to get into the action, but you can look forward to small group combat that increases in size to small army combat as the narrative progresses.

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Thibaud De Montagu
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Smooth take off for a swift ride !

Great story ! And nicely written...

A new variation of the «MMORPG novel». Kinda makes me think -quality and style wise- of the sci-fi novel «The Gam3» (which is good !), but with more fantasy & actual social interactions and cooperation.

Unlike rebirths, the main character is not (yet) completely cheat like. He actually takes time to think, and that's welcomed. He will not save the world alone every 42 minutes with both hands sealed...

If I had to summarize the novel, it's «discover the game as it comes, where the MC makes do with what he's got».

With the quality of the story so far, i'm eagerly waiting for future interactions with «the Matrix»...


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Great Story. Well written.

The author is an English teacher, and it shows.

Of course, there are small grammar errors, even professionally edited novels that have been released by publishing houses, contain small errors.  But the errors are so few that they are barely noticeable, and never so glaring as to break continuity.

The story itself?  Rain, is uploaded as a Digital entity, without his permission.  He has been in a coma for decades and has no one to care or protect his rights.  But this upload allows him to live again.

Unfortunately, nothing in life is free, even digital life, and Rain must work to pay for his new life.  Not interested in teaching anymore, he is given the chance to play the newest MMORPG, and that's where things get interesting.

One of the interesting and unique points to this story is Caracter Creation.  The new Raid doesn't get a new, young body.  His beginning age and stats reflect his real-life circumstance.  It gives his beginning leveling adventure, just that much more difficult.  

Talk about starting on hard mode!

Mister Bill
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Good and different story!

Good story so far. It has elements of town building and good worldbuilding. Certainly worth a read. 

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This story appears like it may have some interesting things to look forward to, but the beginning seems weak in some aspects important to me, so I gave up on the story.

1: The protagonist starts off very passive. He goes where the NPCs tell him and doesn't seem to have anything to contribute. This does not seem to be changing quickly, and I don't care about the protagonist anymore.

2: The story enters some interesting regions regarding personhood, rights, and AI. But it seems to ignore all the troublesome ethical implications about the nature of Jim's afterlife and brush over these topics.

3: The plot about the daughter has me feeling incredibly apprehensive. I am afraid that it will end up with her treating him like crap and de-personing him, and him not hating her for it because family. This is something I have encountered before on this website and strongly dislike.

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27 chapters in and I'm looking forward to reading more! Good story to it, interesting character with a powerful backstory and motivation. I'm excited to see where this story goes!

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An interesting premise..

That unfortunately is let down by a lacklustre story.

I was totally drawn in by the premise of this story, he's a digitised human, and it costs money to keep him alive so he must pay his way. Furthermore, it was implied that he would be acting as an agent of profit for the gaming company, thus providing an explanation for the unexplained extreme AI that is so prevalent in game novels.

Unfortunately, it turned into just another game story - a well written one, if you're looking for one - which itself falls victim to the trope of unexplained extreme AI. The MC also seems to lose track of his original goal, and seems to be just playing the game for fun. I'm sure that changes as the chapters progress, but the early chapters are just a bit disappointing after a strong first two chapters.

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A Very Enjoyable Read!

This book has been very enjoyable so far. It’s definitely worth the read. There is strong character development throughout, with plenty of room to grow and a great storyline. I can’t wait for more.