Hello readers of The Forgotten Man.

Before you read (if you go for this sort of thing; if not, the story starts in the prologue next chapter) this web-series, I'd just like to introduce it, and myself.

The narrative is a GameLit/LitRPG, which means it's a story about a guy in a game world and, like most of the genre, the main character gets stuck there. I've always been more interested in base-building and army management than super detailed skills and personal power gain. I've sort of aimed for what would happen if you played one of the heroes from Heroes of Might and Magic and experienced it first hand.

This is my first go writing anything long form, and I've decided to overcome my hesitance of whether or not I can sustain a longer project by sort of just going at it every day. I aim to write for about 2.5 hours a day, which tends to be about ~2000 words of writing. This is very much a first draft and it pains me, as a professional, high-school English teacher, to publish anything I haven't meticulously analysed three or four hundred times. I welcome and expect some criticism.

If you enjoy The Forgotten Man, I'd appreciate it if you followed, favourited and commented on whatever you liked and disliked. As many of my readers have likely already noticed, I read all feedback and, if I agree with it, change my story to be better. 

Finally, I'd also like to ask, pretty please, for you to leave a 5-star review if you feel I've earned it. Higher ratings really helps to push my story via the internet's algorithms and I think I'll be more likely to continue if I notice that success.

Hope you enjoy the story!



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Bio: Hi,
My name's Tim and I'm writing Forgotten Man Online, a game-literature light novel web-series that I plan to release here, on Royal Road, and eventually hopefully through Amazon's Kindle platform.

I studied writing at university for three years and then became a high-school English teacher in Australia (6 years in). Hopefully, that means you will find my content to be of a high standard and that you will enjoy it, provided you can stand the British spelling of words :).

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