I was Summoned as a Hero, but I Became the Demon Lord Instead

by Kira Minoru

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Ruling Class Strong Lead Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Volume 1 Word Count 108K Including Volume Exclusive Content Available on Amazon

"Ah, how I wish I could be summoned to another world."

I’d always thought of such a naive wish of escapism would never be granted. However, shit happened and I was somehow summoned.

However, in some strange twist of fate, I was no longer needed and disposed of, but that’s okay because I didn’t want to be a summoned hero to begin with. My new beginning may have been abruptly cut short, but even so, that is fine. There is a path I’m much more interested in.


Cough cough cough.

Though, my sinister laugh may still need some practice.

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Kira Minoru

Kira Minoru

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Wish fulfillment story that needs heavy work.

Minor Edit (on Aug 4 2019). So I had 2 up and 2 down votes since posting this on Jul 29 2019.  I don't mind if someone dislikes my opinion or review, but please post your opinions as reviews as well.  An author survives off readers, and many readers judge a story by the reviews.  If you disagree, have other to add, or just love the story, then post it.  On this site, no reviews often lead to no readers, while I may have issues with story (listed below) others may love it.  I have personally seen a decent story that had few readers jump up a lot just because ppl could have an idea of what they would read.

Not a rant at author, but honest review and some personal opinion (as all reviews are anyways).  Detail of my criteria rankings is in the Spoiler tab as I reference content of the story with some examples that can be spoilerish.

Overall a wish fulfillment story that is further ruined by horrible sentance, paragraph, and chapter structure.  Many plot points don't have any actual build into them and seem tossed in to move on to the next part of a personal fantasy.

To make into a viable story, would need a full rewrite and clean up converstion jumps, info dumps, and skip arounds that don't fit.  Unlikely as it is now at least partially published.

Book is Amazon Published at an excessively high price of $5.00 for 14 chapters of content that a lot of it can be condesed and smoothed out to a much better flow and quality at a much lower word count.

Spoiler: Spoiler