Hi all! Book 2 is being published as a separate entry. You can grab it over at:

The plan is similar to last time. I'll be dropping a chapter or two per day until about 80%, then pause for editing and feedback. Once that's done, I'll figure out if I do a republish here first, or just publish.

Assuming Amazon lets me pull off the same thing, I'll drop the finished works on a few free days and let you all know here so you get the completed works for free. That way, you all get to be my beta readers and get a permanent copy of the finished book. Sound good? Great! Catch you over on the other link. Wink


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Bio: Joe travels the world each week defending today's corporations and the mega-corporations of tomorrow from hackers. He's got over 20 years in the IT field, much of it centered around security and cutting edge technology. In his spare time he plays far too many video games and reads far too many pulpy books that either involve the world going to heck, stories with complicated love lives, or a bit of both at the same time.

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