Land of Ilragorn

by NotaR0B0T

Sam Avem goes hangliding for the first time and accidentally spins, causing him to lose control and give the ground a kiss. Luckily, he wakes up, but not in his old world, but in a world filled to the brim with creatures like dragons, behemoths, and krakens. Of all the smart, strong, and bluntly overpowered creatures he could have turned into, he turned into a wild baby chocobo, in the Land of Ilragorn.  

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1- What the heck is a Suvunkta????? ago
Chapter 2- They get fat ago
Chapter 3- Divine Beast Suvunkilbub ago
Chapter 4- The Duel ago
Chapter 5-The Boar ago
Chapter 6-Evolution ago
Chapter 7- My Family ago
Chapter 8-Pride Taking Over ago
Chapter 9-The Stables ago
Chapter 10-What the heck is this? ago
Chapter 11-"I did" ago
Chapter 12- Did I do something bad? ago
Chapter 13- Outclassed ago
Chapter 14- Dungeon ago
Chapter 15- Death Run ago
Chapter 16- Cyko Generals ago
Chapter 17- Cyko Brawl ago
Chapter 18- Goblins and sad stories ago
Fifth Anniversary Character contest thing- My first character contest- Incha ago
Chapter 19- The normal way ago
Chapter 20- Dungeon Dojo ago
Chapter 21- Back to the Filolials ago
Chapter 22- The Chase ago
Chapter 23- Bird mentor. ago
Chapter 24- The start of a battle ago
Chapter 25- A death that means something ago
Chapter 26- Goodbye Forest ago
Chapter 27- Convictoni ago
Chapter 28- Just a day at a tavern ago
Chapter 29- A raccoons stealing the pumpkins... ago
Chapter 30- It's 10-5 ago
Chapter 31- Boat ago
Why there's no chapter this week/ Update/ The worst Crossword ago
Chapter 32- Battle with a lion ago
Chapter 33-A goal... I guess. ago
Chapter 34- I'm famous ago
Chapter 35- A big mission ago
Chapter 36- IDK what to call this one ago
Chapter 37-Underground Fight ago
Chapter 38-True Vision ago
Chapter 39-I feel weak ago
Chapter 40- Don't want to see ago
Chapter 41- Rejection ago
Chapter 42- Father Son Brawl ago

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Redeyes Eclipse

Arise chicken, chicken arise

Reviewed at: Chapter 39-I feel weak

Got to love the witty jokes and the hilarious cliche duologues. A monster of a chocobo not even on its final form killing dragons making dragon hunting look like a hobby. Anyways I adore this story cute mc and very innocent plot. Ty

Mister J.A

If you like overpowered main character, you hit the right door. Good style, average story, surprisingly good grammar and average characters. Go for it I recommend it for some detente.


I like this one. Pure adventure story. A little bit stiff in th beginning but better with time. This one is great for a beginner author, but readers will get bored if MC only running around without goal. Dialogue needs improvement, but battle scene pretty nice. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler



Read up to middle of chapter 3, before stopping, as there are no feedback at the moment, I'll spare some thoughts.

Premise promises "cute little chocobo in a big bad scary world of dragons and such", but our Mc is broken gamer with no character, or morals from the start.

Kill this thing and eat it's meat? Sure. Get + stat + skill for every thing you kill, with no upper limit? Sure.

On top of that there is strange choice of color scheme (looks decent, if you read in "night mode", but really meh in the standard white).

On top of that there is lack of descriptions, of what is happening. It is like you hear voices in the room next to you, and try to imagine what is happening on them alone.

Main character is a insufferable gamer protagonist, without any remorse, or feelings, that make you cake about him/her (dunno).

On top of that autor stacks MC "deck" so much, that "mythical beast", that is passing by ask almost freshly hatched chicken for help (to move some rocks, that it could move itself), and gives rewards like MC did some legendary lvl quest.

All in all, based on the start, this is promises to be standart OP MC Gamer story, without any good scenes in sight. (which probably devolves into "I see the king, I slap the king, I am the king" down the line).

Don't want to poo-poo the story I read like 20% of, at the moment of the rewiew, but just don't care enough to read more.

P.S. To autor, don't be discouraged to write more, I am just picky, and compare this to the best of the best, that I know in the closest genre. (like Azarinth Healer and Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? in this case.)


The story is basically just okay fun. The author is young and it's about an OP bird but it's enjoyable overall. The writing is brisk and it's really obvious that it's the first time the author has wrote anything. On top of that, it really lacks substance. 


But it's a nice calming read.