Defiance of the Fall

by TheFirstDefier

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi LitRPG Magic Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead Supernatural Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

As Zac was alone in the middle of the forest the world changed. The whole planet was introduced to the so-called multi-verse by an unfeeling System or God. A universe where all races and civilzations fought for power and dominion. 

Seemingly forgotten by the System, Zac found himself stuck in the wilderness surrounded by deadly beasts. Alone, lost and without answers, he must find the means to survive and get stronger in this new cut-throat reality. 


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Welcome to the Multi-Verse, v.2 ago
Chapter 1 - Roll For Survival, v.2 ago
Chapter 2 - A New World, v.2 ago
Chapter 3 - Battle Tactics, v.2 ago
Chapter 4 - Alone, v.2 ago
Chapter 5 - Stranded ago
Chapter 6 - Born for Carnage ago
Chapter 7 - Outpost ago
Chapter 8 - Abby the Eye ago
Chapter 9 - Forced to Fight ago
Chapter 10 - Preparation ago
Chapter 11 - Upgrades ago
Chapter 12 - The Warrior-Route ago
Chapter 13 - On the Hunt ago
Chapter 14 - Zombie Hound ago
Chapter 15 - Desperation ago
Chapter 16 - Choices ago
Chapter 17 - Eye of Discernment ago
Chapter 18 - Cosmic Energy ago
Chapter 19 - Vul ago
Chapter 20 - Fighting the Herald ago
Chapter 21 - Hurt ago
Chapter 22 - Scouts ago
Chapter 23 - Do you Understand My words? ago
Chapter 24 - Class ago
Chapter 25 - Stronger ago
Chapter 26 - Demons ago
Chapter 27 - One Against Many ago
Chapter 28 - Melee ago
Chapter 29 - Inscriptions ago
Chapter 30 - Experimentation ago
Chapter 31 - Infusion ago
Chapter 32 - Vanity ago
Chapter 33 - Infection ago
Chapter 34 - Conspiracies ago
Chapter 35 - The Fourth Beast ago
Q&A – Not a Chapter ago
Chapter 36 - Determination ago
Chapter 37 - Monstrous Power ago
Chapter 38 - Insight ago
Chapter 39 - Guidance ago
Chapter 40 - Chop ago
Chapter 41 - Apex Predator ago
Chapter 42 - Exodus ago
Chapter 43 - Stone Monkeys ago
Chapter 44 - Peak ago
Chapter 45 - Monkey Captain ago
Chapter 46 - The Hunt for the Herald ago
Chapter 47 - Collision Course ago
Chapter 48 - Simian Haranguing ago
Chapter 49 - Spelunking ago
Chapter 50 - Crystals ago
Chapter 51 - Stench ago
Chapter 52 - Odor ago
Chapter 53 - Blitz ago
Chapter 54 - Luck ago
Chapter 55 - Hey There Buddy ago
Chapter 56 - Ill-gotten Gains ago
Chapter 57 - Dressing up ago
Chapter 58 - Quest ago
Chapter 59 - Now or Never ago
Chapter 60 - Entering the Fray ago
Chapter 61 - Pitched Battle ago
Chapter 62 - Crescendo ago
Chapter 63 - Purple Haze ago
Chapter 64 - Taking Stock ago
Chapter 65 - First Contact ago
Chapter 66 - My Dinner With Ogras ago
Chapter 66.5 - My dinner with Zac ago
Chapter 67 - Diplomacy ago
Chapter 68 - Progenitor's Advantage ago
Chapter 69 - Rewards ago
Chapter 70 - Town Shop ago
Chapter 71 - First Impressions ago
Chapter 72 - Thayer Consortia ago
Chapter 73 - Foundations of a Capital ago
Chapter 74 - Classes, Cultivation, and old Hegemons ago
Chapter 75 - Gaming the System ago
Chapter 76 - Business Tactics ago
Chapter 77 - What is the System? ago
Chapter 78 - The Apostates ago
Chapter 79 - The Lifebringer ago
Chapter 80 - Loamwalker ago
Chapter 81 - Subjects ago
Chapter 82 - The Hordes ago
Chapter 83 - Wolves ago
Chapter 84 - Super Brother-Man ago
Chapter 85 - Four Fates ago
Chapter 86 - Ladders ago
Chapter 87 - Spectral Wolves ago
Chapter 88 - A day in the Wolf Horde ago
Chapter 89 - The Final Four ago
Chapter 90 - Worsening Conditions ago
Chapter 91 - Lightning Punishment ago
Chapter 92 - Fiend Wolf ago
Chapter 93 - Verun's Bite ago
Chapter 94 - Humans ago
Chapter 95 - Winterleaf Village ago
Chapter 96 - Terror of the Mountains ago
Chapter 97 - Freedom ago
Chapter 98 - Fort Roger ago
Chapter 99 - Emily ago
Chapter 100 - Travel Companions ago
Chapter 101 - First impressions ago
Chapter 102 - The Day before the Storm ago
Chapter 103 - The Second Horde ago
Chapter 104 - The War Council ago
Chapter 105 - Into the Hive ago
Chapter 106 - The Descent ago
Chapter 107 - Assault ago
Chapter 108 - Fighting the Royals ago
Chapter 109 - The final push ago
Chapter 110 - Exploration ago
Chapter 111 - Wave Whisperer ago
Chapter 112 - Back to the Scene of the Crime ago
Chapter 113 - New Washington ago
Chapter 114 - Intelligence ago
Chapter 115 - Going home ago
Chapter 116 - Family ago
Chapter 117 - Judgement ago
Chapter 118 - Recruitment ago
Chapter 119 - Army ago
Chapter 120 - The Return ago
Chapter 121 - Thomas Fischer ago
Chapter 122 - Homecoming ago
Chapter 123 - Neighbors ago
Chapter 124 - The Zhix ago
Chapter 125 - The Dominators ago
Chapter 126 - Ibtep ago
Chapter 127 - Setting the Course ago
Chapter 128 - Excursion ago
Chapter 129 - Final Preparations ago
Chapter 130 - The Motley Crew ago
Chapter 131 - The Marshall Clan ago
Chapter 132 - New Friends ago
Chapter 133 - The Auction Begins ago
Chapter 134 - Emma ago
Chapter 135 - Mystery Stones ago
Chapter 136 - Joint Ventures ago
Chapter 137 - Clearing the Air ago
Chapter 138 - Consequences ago
Chapter 139 - Heaviness ago
Chapter 140 - Dao Seeds ago
Chapter 141 - Forming Factions ago
Chapter 142 - Heading out ago
Chapter 143 - Assault ago
Chapter 144 - Gaining Reputation ago
Chapter 145 - Craftsmen ago
Chapter 146 - Home Sweet Home ago
Chapter 147 - Roads to Lordship ago
Chapter 148 - Cogstown ago
Chapter 149 - Reinforcements ago
Chapter 150 - The Third Wave ago
Chapter 151 - The Three Forces ago
Chapter 152 - Wallbreakers ago
Chapter 153 - Gambit ago
Chapter 154 - Diversion ago
Chapter 155 - Full Frontal Assault ago
Chapter 156 - Life versus Death ago
Chapter 157 - Wounded ago
Chapter 158 - Betrayal ago
Chapter 159 - Infiltrators ago
Chapter 160 - Long Time No See ago
Chapter 161 - Rewards ago
Chapter 162 - The Great Sage Brazla ago
Chapter 163 - The Eight Inheritances ago
Chapter 164 - Waiting ago
Chapter 165 - A Thousand Faces ago
Chapter 166 - The Frontier ago
Chapter 167 - Purifier Wang ago
Chapter 168 - Healing ago
Chapter 169 - Nature's Barrier ago
Chapter 170 - Conquest ago
Chapter 171 - Shamelessness ago
Chapter 172 - Balance ago
Chapter 173 - Disrupt the Call ago
Chapter 174 - Sui ago
Chapter 175 - Changes ago
Chapter 176 - Ghosts ago
Chapter 177 - Ravenous ago
Chapter 178 - Monks ago
Chapter 179 - Divine Mountain ago
Chapter 180 - Invitation ago
Chapter 181 - Abbot Everlasting Peace ago
Chapter 182 - Black and Gold ago
Chapter 183 - Kingsbury ago
Chapter 184 - Trial ago
Chapter 185 - Reunion ago
Chapter 186 - Return ago
Chapter 187 - Hatchetman's Rage ago
Chapter 188 - Secrets ago
Chapter 189 - Leandra ago

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  • Overall Score

Real struggle and tension in this survival litrpg

I really like this story. Here are some bullet points of the things I like about it.

  •  Survival- The MC is lost in the woods during a system apocalypse. Always like when a character needs to survive and acclimate to dangerous surroundings, both when it's happening and in the future when the MC gets compared to other people. That seems a long way off, though.
  • Realistic Knowledge- Related to above, this story actually has an MC who doesn't know how to immediately game the system. There are a lot of functions of the system that he doesn't know, and even more that he doesn't know he doesn't know, simply because he missed the tutorial. Rarely, you'll see him do something and say, "what an idiot that's clearly not the optimal choice", but all his choices are rational given the amount of information he has. He's super ignorant of what's going on, but using context clues to help himself rather than an deep knowledge of "What to Do when the System Arrives for Dummies".
  • System- Its a cool system, fairly background, and kind of sentient. He doesn't immediately get skills and upgrades, it's honestly him surviving as a (albiet super strong) human.
  • Struggle- The power creep is good, he struggles for a while, figures out ways to overcome those struggles, and then new stuff pops up to struggle against. Not in the "he'll never see or get hurt by level one mobs" way some xianxia stories do, more like they're there but no longer as much of a threat due to training.
  • Plot- Seems like there's some depth to the plot, he's got semi-manditory quests to complete and that may take awhile, day to day survival offset with hints of all the other pieces of the multiverse.
  • Realistic Knowledge- The MC is doing fairly well for himself considering, but is by no means a Mary Sue. He's bled for every step forward he's taken. He doesn't immediately know bush craft or how to make armor or anything, it's refreshing to see someone struggle this long. He actually may be at a disadvantage compared to other humans, but is finding a different path to strength, helped in part cuz everyone else is stuck in the tutorial whilst he suffers. He uses his limited resources pretty well, spear stake traps and such.
  • Human Emotions- The character actually seems to have to deal with the fact he's stuck alone in the woods forced to fight for his life, rather than just being a mannequin devoid of human emotions. I stress, it really sucks for him almost constantly for the first 30 chapters, but that makes it better IMO cuz there's actually stress when he gets in fights. He actually behaves and feels and thinks in a way that a guy stranded alone might.
  • Consistency- All the system stuff is real consistent. The way skills and classes and items work all make sense in this universe.
  • Enemies- The monsters are pretty cool

Those are some of the things I like about the story, so far I only have a couple minor negative things to mention

  • Lucky- his initial luck in the system, literally a rigged dice roll he shouldn't have won, but that's over and done with by chapter 2 and the plots gotta happen somehow. There really wouldn't be another way to make the same general character and story in a more believable, less lucky manner.
  • Town Building I just generally don't like settlement/town management stories, it's nowhere close to getting to that point yet but it seems like a mechanic that's gonna pop up eventually. That's just something I personally don't want to see happen in any story, and it's barely present so far in this one, I just like to whine.

*Edit: new complaints added here as the story continues*

  • Overly Expositional its a kind of take the good with the bad situation, and as much as I like reading about a guy figuring out a System, we gotta read through his every thought process for what the system is an does. Sometimes there are multiple paragraphs in row of him just thinking through what he knows, doesn't know or assumes about the new world's physics.
  • Overly Introspective - similar to above and also a kind of "too much of a good thing", but the MC will also think through about 4-5 actions he wont do before every action he does do. It just kind of drags the story down at times, I don't really care why he decides not to buy 4 different things if he ends up getting something else, ya know? To me this writing feels like a defense mechanism to shield the writer from RRL comments.
  • Weirdly Competent MCs getting real good at murdering demons with an axe/throwing knives for a guy with a pretty hands off system, real quick.

All in all a very well done survival litrpg, with some wuxia elements blended in.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story really hasn't progressed far enough to rate the characters but from what I've seen it seems like they're gonna be somewhat better than in the average rrl story.

Other than that, the story is a pretty basic New World/Ghosthound style deal. Everyone gets a system and is teleported to a tutorial while the earth gets fucked up by monster hordes and stuff. Everyone except for the protagonist of course, he doesn't get a tutorial (lol).

Other than that I am fairly impressed by how the story is relatively gritty (and sometimes defies logic, like how the guy used the same hatchet for over a month swinging it with superhuman strength against monsters that are definitely tougher than your average tree, considering they can break them apart by running into them...) the protagonist is powerful, but at least so far he is not overpowered (he has the promise of becoming overpowered later tho if he plays his cards right). He has to survive by the skin of his teeth, he'd die on a daily basis if he didn't have the system giving him a 'sleep and your fatal injuries will be healed' trope. The author basically hands the protagonist everything he needs on a silver platter like in most stories like these, what he has not done however is give him anything more than what he needs, he's given him exactly the bare minimum and nothing more and I like that. It's pretty decently written too so you can feel the protagonists struggle as he suffers for not getting to do the tutorial like everyone else.

Unlike him however, we do get a tutorial, we get all the basic RPG stats eplained to us as if everybody doesn't already know it and the story is chock full of wordy explanations about the most mundane things. This was my gripe with the story, the pacing feels like it's snailing along because sometimes entire chapters are devoted to just seemingly meaningless exposition. Hell the last chapter I read (37) was one such chapter (edit: and 38 was the same. And 39.). Literally nothing happens in the entire chapter.

This kind of stuff is a huge pet peeve of mine, when authors do too much exposition, spend too much time on explaining or detailing things that don't really warrant that much text.

Good writing is a balancing act between colorful wording and effective pacing, this author leans a bit too heavily on the former for my tastes. The only reason the story even progressed anywhere for the past 30 chapters is because the author at some point went 'fuck it' and did a month's time skip. (Thankfully, or we would have had chapter upon chapter of the protagonist doing the exact same thing)

Like others have said I share the opinion that this story has potential, it's too early to tell if it's worse or better than the works it seems inspired by, but I'm worried it will never be finished with this focus on overly detailed explanations.

I would advise the author to show more, and tell less. Not everything needs to be explained in full detail, let the readers imagination work out most of the things and focus on what's important to the main plot progression instead. If you look at some great artists (like say wlop for an excellent example) if you look closely at their artwork you will find that sometimes up to  80% or so of their pictures may end up being just blobs, anything that isn't the main focus/character of the picture is only vaguely defined. And it works, your brain will fill in these details when you look at the picture as a whole, but zoom in on it and all you'll see are blobs.

With the decreasing attention spans of humanity as a whole in our current society, it's vital for writers to adopt a similar strategy in their writing to keep the attention of readers.

  • Overall Score

Strong beginning but petered out

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Class

EDIT: A kind reader has pointed out that some of my nitpicks and issues I had with the story have been fixed. When I wrote this review, the story was around chapter 35. With over 100 chapters now the story is different then when I reviewed in the beginning. I'll give the story another read in the future and I'll update my review to accurately reflect how I feel about the story then.


The story had a good start despite it being somewhat of a cliche. Apocolptic-litrpg where the MC is off on his own trying to survive in this new dark and gritty world. The author blended a few elements of eastern fantasy books with western litrpg and it came out pretty well. I did enjoy the story a lot, which is why I'm more disappointed as I got my hopes up. The story started to take a dive in quality when the MC made poor judgements and out of character decisions and the author started to handwave details too big to ignore. The problems I had with the story are pretty spoilery, so I wouldn't recommend clicking it if you're a new reader.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 There's a bunch of minor issues that just keep piling up and it's hard not to be nitpicky about it when they're so glaring. It's not allowed me to fully enjoy the story and after writing this review has soured my taste for this story even more. I rated this story as a 3.5/5 stars, but as I wrote this review and looked more indepth in the issues I had with it, lowered it to 3/5. I imagine many users on this site can overlook these problems and rate it 4-5 stars easily. I would recommend this story to readers very familiar with royal road, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who mainly reads published books.

  • Overall Score

My Kind of Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG

The post apocalyptic litrpg has been over done on Royal Road in my opinion. There are a few that stand out but this one has got to be my personal favorite.


The main character isn’t god almighty and has to fight to survive. Nothing new there. But the way people and landmass is tossed about by the system is, for me at least. 




Spoilers below:


Being the only human on a giant island full of demonic monsters and mutating plants and animals is quite cool. Him being deemed worthless by the system along with the achievements (called titles here) has coupled together a story that fits the title. He is literally defying the fate that the system gave him.


I like this story a lot because the Mc isn’t a weak person and he has adapted to the situation how I imagine a desperate rational being to do. Especially his reflections on his girlfriend. I’ve seen too many stories where the MC’s goal in life is to get back to his girl. After an apocalyptic event like that can you really expect a girlfriend of two whole months to stick with you? No, you can’t. I also rather like lone wolf type characters.


Over all I’d rate the story a solid 4. But with how rankings work here I’m giving him a 5 because I want the story to do better. It deserves some spotlight and hopefully this will motivate the author to keep going until a satisfactory ending.

  • Overall Score

Good start, bad intro, story gets stagnated arround chapter 100.
lots of holes, there is a girlfriend that is never mentioned again.
It had promise but then it just another meh story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story is pretty nice. One of the better apocalypse into system stories out there.

Grammar's decent, though with frequent minor errors. At least the punctuation is mostly good, which for me is the most important part besides semantics.

The story is fluid, and stays interesting thoroughly, which is good. The author also decided to only do POVs when strictly needed to the story, which is a very wise decision. I personally think that changing POVs multiple times just messes with the story flow and makes you bored in the transition. You should never do it if you're not confident in your writing, so it's a good thing to see an author who knows when to do it.

Currently the story only has Zac, Abby, and a couple demons really fleshed out, but those who did get exposition are presented organically. The Spoiled Young Master, a trope so common in cultivation stories, actually has a brain, instead of being seemingly autistic for no reason. Zac actually takes sensible choices most of the time, and that's it I guess.

I might update my score later, depending on how this goes on. Just wanted to push it out now to help with Trending.

  • Overall Score

The First Defier has written a new RR cult classic in this fast-paced, axe-wielding madness, that is system apocalypse done right.

Follow along for the ride our MC kills bigger and bader enemies whilst slowest building up his town and trying to locate his family!

This is released 3-5 times per week so there's always more to read!

  • Overall Score

Review as of chapter 119: A murder hobos wet dream

Reviewed at: Chapter 119 - Army

The title says it all. We've got a glorified murder hobo who wonders why people arent like him. Theres nothing new here, we've seen this cookie cutter formula a thousand times. System comes in, promotes killing, and everyone loses their damn minds. 

The action is dull, the characters are dull, the plot is nonexistent, and I'm honestly tired of reading a story that's going to fizzle out here in a bit or become the next xianxia that decides the next best thing after super saiyan is super saiyan 2. 

This is a novel equivalent of a Michael Bay movie. But instead of seeing some awesome explosion, I get words. Gets pretty boring

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Like the other reviews say, chapter 100+ is downhill.

Reviewed at: Chapter 118 - Recruitment

I like the premise, I really do. At first it was a great read, sure it was full of loopholes and luck, but it was still pretty good. Grammer was good pretty much the whole way, or at least until chapter 100+ where all the annoying bits of the story began to add up and suddenly you get really nitpicky. This seems to be the general consensus among the reviewers. Good early, bad late. I feel like it's largely because early in the story there was very little character interaction. Irrational/unrealistic choices weren't very noticible until you got interaction between characters. The interaction between the demons at first didn't really bother me but the further it went on the worse it got, it makes no sense, the Mc himself says he doesn't trust the demons, yet he let's them do whatever they want pretty much. Then the interaction between the 15 yr old girl - very unrealistic I feel. Seems more like a 10 yr old, her actions and speach just don't mesh with her actual age.  And then the New Washington arc around 100 chapters completely ruins everything. Very unrealistic dialogue and strange choices by the Mc. Then of course the last chapter that I read, Chapter 118 I think, the harem introduction. In previous chapters he already had the flirty demon and now he seems to aquire a bunch abused women who practically throw themselves at him (only one woman, but she seems to represent the entire group). The moment I read the part about binding I noped right out of there. I don't actually know what happens after that, but it's not a very difficult leap of logic and it seems that the other reviews reinforce that leap. 2 and a half stars, might seem harsh, but I feel like good Grammer should be a given in any story and as such doesn't really affect my rating. What does affect the rating is character interaction and story. The style wasn't exceptional but it was easy to read, no problems there. The story was a little illogical, I feel like it went in depth into things it didn't need to, and too shallow in things that needed more depth. The demon situation, for example, especially after Zac, the Mc, handed over the reins to the demon leader. I feel like that was an important bit that was glossed over, kinda like "the demon leader was brutal, but I don't really care, it seems to work." this seemed to be the whole thought process of the Mc. It was enjoyable until the straw that broke the camels back, the harem, brought out all the worst in the story. I hope the author works on his dialogue especially.

  • Overall Score

Fun with monkeys 🐒 and gremlins

I found this a nice fun ride, yes the apocalypse gaming system has been done before but I found this fresh and interesting enough to keep me reading.