Defiance of the Fall

Defiance of the Fall

by TheFirstDefier

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

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Zac was alone in the middle of the forest when the world changed.

The whole planet was introduced to the multiverse by an unfeeling System... or God. A universe where an endless number of races and civilizations fought for power and dominion. Zac finds himself stuck in the wilderness surrounded by deadly beasts, demons, and worse. Alone, lost and without answers, he must find the means to survive and get stronger in this new cut-throat reality.

With only a hatchet for his weapon, he'll have to seek out his family before the world collapses... or die trying.


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Table of Contents
299 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Welcome to the Multi-Verse ago
Chapter 1 - Roll For Survival ago
Chapter 2 - A New World ago
Chapter 3 - Battle Tactics ago
Chapter 4 - Alone ago
Chapter 5 - Stranded ago
Chapter 6 - Born for Carnage ago
Chapter 7 - Outpost ago
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Chapter 601 - Next Step ago
Chapter 602 - Crowdfunding ago
Chapter 603 - Monochrome ago
Chapter 604 - Anchor ago
Chapter 605 - Missive ago
Chapter 606 - Inner Layer ago
Chapter 607 - Unmarked Boxes ago
Chapter 608 - Divine Guidance ago
Chapter 609 - Conflicting Truths ago
Chapter 610 - Looming Threat ago
Chapter 611 - Lab 16 ago
Chapter 612 - Betrayal ago
Chapter 613 - Helping Hand ago
Chapter 614 - Gifts and Reciprocation ago
Chapter 615 - A Different Sky ago
Chapter 616 - Blood for Blood ago
Chapter 617 - Like Moths to a Flame ago
Chapter 618 - Path to Freedom ago
Chapter 619 - Despicable ago
Chapter 620 - Sankhara-Dukkha ago
Chapter 621 - Ripples ago
Chapter 622 - Upheavals ago
Chapter 623 - Benevolent Shepherd ago
Chapter 624 - Island Hopping ago
Chapter 625 - Under Attack ago
Chapter 626 - Denizens of the Void ago
Chapter 627 - Hunger ago
Chapter 628 - Resisting Fate ago
Chapter 629 - Final Stretch ago
Chapter 630 - Foothold ago
Chapter 631 - Judgement ago
Chapter 632 - Asura ago
Chapter 633 - The Gift of Life ago
Chapter 634 - Seals ago
Chapter 635 - Bad Omens ago
Chapter 636 - Shortage ago
Chapter 637 - Treasure Mountain ago
Chapter 638 - Perfection ago
Chapter 639 - To Eat ago
Chapter 640 - Force of the Void ago
Chapter 641 - From the Void ago
Chapter 642 - Infighting and Finishers ago
Chapter 643 - Wresting Control ago
Book 1 out on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited/Audible! New bonus chapter goal! ago
Chapter 644 - Bloodline Resonance ago
Chapter 645 - Sever Karma ago
Chapter 646 - Clan Volor ago
Chapter 647 - Weight of Sin ago
Chapter 648 - Paradise ago
Chapter 649 - Ember of Glory ago
Chapter 650 - Prison ago
Chapter 651 - Overbearing Truth ago
Chapter 652 - Inner Chambers ago
Chapter 653 - Mad Ambition ago
Chapter 654 - Overpowering ago
Chapter 655 - The Key to Life ago
Chapter 656 - Ticking Clock ago
Chapter 657 - Barter ago
Chapter 658 - Ragnarök ago
Chapter 659 - On the Horizon ago
Chapter 660 - Anniversary ago
Chapter 661 - Peak Performance ago
Chapter 662 - Deviant ago
Chapter 663 - Tribulation ago
Chapter 664 - Destiny ago
Chapter 665 - Power ago
Chapter 666 - Powerless ago
Chapter 667 - Einherjar ago
Chapter 668 - Cycle of Life and Death ago
Chapter 669 - Grasping for Perfection ago
Chapter 670 - Alternative Paths ago
Chapter 671 - Vilari ago
Chapter 672 - Skill Fusions ago
Chapter 673 - Departure ago
Chapter 674 - Equanimity ago
Chapter 675 - Bloodwind ago
Chapter 676 - Zanda ago
Chapter 677 - Big Axe Coliseum ago
Chapter 678 - Tyrant ago
Chapter 679 - Terror of the Twinruins ago
Chapter 680 - Big Boss's Big Wall ago
Chapter 681 - Buyout ago
Chapter 682 - Attendant ago
Chapter 683 - New Horizons ago
Chapter 684 - Guide ago
Book 2 out on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited/Audible! ago
Chapter 685 - Old Friend ago
Chapter 686 - Lies and Propositions ago
Chapter 687 - Pursuit of Eternity ago
Chapter 688 - Stocking Up ago
Chapter 689 - The Value of Money ago
Chapter 690 - Inheritance Crystal ago
Chapter 691 - Suspicions and Auctions ago
Chapter 692 - Flaunting one's Wealth ago
Chapter 693 - Bumpy Ride ago
Chapter 694 - Oppressive Might ago
Chapter 695 - Breaking Shackles ago
Chapter 696 - Aethergate ago
Chapter 697 - Coming Alive ago
Chapter 698 - Perennial Vastness ago
Chapter 699 - The Twilight Ocean ago
Chapter 700 - First Culling ago
Chapter 701 - Clashing Seas ago
Chapter 702 - Trove ago
Chapter 703 - Marked for Death ago
Chapter 704 - Cork Island ago
Chapter 705 - Profane Exponents ago
Chapter 706 - Opposing Sides ago
Chapter 707 - Mothertree ago
Chapter 708 - Turn of the Seasons ago
Chapter 709 - Agent of Chaos ago
Chapter 710 - Detour ago
Chapter 711 - Traitor ago
Chapter 712 - Truths and Conspiracies ago
Chapter 713 - Young Monsters ago
Chapter 714 - Unplugged ago
Chapter 715 - Ripples ago
Chapter 716 - Relegation ago
Chapter 717 - Radiant Temple ago
Chapter 718 - Hollowtongue Mountains ago
Chapter 719 - Mixed Meanings ago
Chapter 720 - Seclusion ago
Chapter 721 - Runebinder ago
Chapter 722 - Marked for Death ago
Chapter 723 - Into the Abyss ago
Chapter 724 - Profiteering ago
Chapter 725 - Information Exchange ago
Chapter 726 - Ventus Kalavan ago
Chapter 727 - Order ago
Chapter 728 - Dao Branch ago
Chapter 729 - Raksha Shrimp ago
Chapter 730 - Upgrades ago
Chapter 731 - Minefield ago
Chapter 732 - Twilight Chasm ago
Chapter 733 - Repercussions ago
Chapter 734 - Crushing Pressure ago
Chapter 735 - Mountain Formation ago
Chapter 736 - Limitless ago
Chapter 737 - Grand Origins ago
Chapter 738 - King of the Mountain ago
Chapter 739 - Reciprocity ago
Chapter 740 - Dark Horse ago
Chapter 741 - Gathering Strength ago
Chapter 742 - Mind's Eye ago
Chapter 743 - Catching Up ago
Chapter 744 - Uninvited Guest ago
Chapter 745 - The Last Laugh ago
Chapter 746 - Ascent ago
Chapter 747 - Dissenting Views ago
Book 3 release and December Schedule update! ago
Chapter 748 - Imprints ago
Chapter 749 - Folly of the Boundless ago
Chapter 750 - Seal ago
Chapter 751 - Pillar of Desolation ago
Chapter 752 - The Spider and the Fly ago
Chapter 753 - Reef Forest ago
Chapter 754 - Return ago
Chapter 755 - Parting the Clouds ago
Chapter 756 - City of Ancients ago
Chapter 757 - Second Set ago
Chapter 758 - Magmatic Core ago
Chapter 759 - When Fates Align ago
Chapter 760 - Golden Canopy ago
Chapter 761 - Eruptions ago
Chapter 762 - Changes in the Ravine ago
Chapter 763 - The Price Paid ago
Chapter 764 - Blood and Soul ago
Chapter 765 - Gathering at the Gates ago
Chapter 766 - Incursion Owner ago
Chapter 767 - Depths of Madness ago
Chapter 768 - The Rules of Madness ago
Chapter 769 - Sneaking Inside ago
Chapter 770 - Out of Time, Out of Options ago
Chapter 771 - Madness Made Real ago
Chapter 772 - Web of Ancient Madness ago
Chapter 773 - A Seed of Fear ago
Chapter 774 - Overwhelmed ago
Chapter 775 - Overextended ago
Chapter 776 - Ripples on the Lake ago
Chapter 777 - Greed and Chaos ago
Chapter 778 - A Little Bit of Chaos ago
Chapter 779 - Company ago
Chapter 780 - Marvellous Beyond Compare ago
Chapter 781 - Linked ago
Chapter 782 - The Trove of the Ocean ago
Chapter 783 - One Shot at Eternity ago
Chapter 784 - Collapse ago
Chapter 785 - Fertilizer for One's Path ago
Chapter 786 - Rip and Tear ago
Chapter 787 - Stronger ago
Chapter 788 - Trapped ago
Chapter 789 - Doubts and Schemes ago
Chapter 790 - The Final Twilight ago
Chapter 791 - Leviathan ago
Chapter 792 - Orom ago
Chapter 793 - Experience ago
Chapter 794 - Freedom's End ago
Chapter 795 - Unboxing ago
Defiance of the Fall Book 4 now out on Amazon/Audible! ago
Chapter 796 - The Pursuit of Completeness ago
Chapter 797 - A Thought to Change the World ago
Chapter 798 - The First Clue ago
Chapter 799 - Depths of Death ago
Chapter 800 - Perfection ago
Chapter 801 - Singular Unity ago
Chapter 802 - Dao Manifested into Law ago
Chapter 803 - Journey ago
Chapter 804 - Waking Up ago
Chapter 805 - Ancient Dread ago
Chapter 806 - Darkness Perfected ago
Chapter 807 - Adamance ago
Chapter 808 - Cat and Mouse ago
Chapter 809 - Hubris ago
Chapter 810 - Opportunity ago
Chapter 811 - Entangled ago
Chapter 812 - Formation and Integration ago
Chapter 813 - Technique ago
Chapter 814 - Mastery ago
Chapter 815 - Vivi ago
Chapter 816 - Shadewar ago
Chapter 817 - Raising the Stakes ago
Chapter 818 - Transition ago
Chapter 819 - Bargain Hunting ago
Chapter 820 - Gunking Up ago
Chapter 821 - Celestial Clay ago
Chapter 822 - Calamity ago
Chapter 823 - Kalpataru ago
Chapter 824 - Culmination ago
Chapter 825 - Path of Oblivion ago
Chapter 826 - Harmony ago
Chapter 827 - Heart of the Empire ago
Chapter 828 - Words Spoken from the Heart ago
Chapter 829 - True and False ago
Chapter 830 - Sublimation ago
Chapter 831 - Gathering Storm ago
Chapter 832 - Mounting Threat ago
Chapter 833 - Little Chaos ago
Chapter 834 - Ripples in his Wake ago
Chapter 835 - Furnaces and Troublemakers ago
Chapter 836 - Stacked ago
Chapter 837 - Ensolus ago
Chapter 838 - Impossible Choice ago
Chapter 839 - The Oriole Behind ago
Chapter 840 - A Storm Descends ago
Chapter 841 - The Path Forward ago
Chapter 842 - Prelude to War ago
Chapter 843 - Ensolus Mines ago
Chapter 844 - Three Options ago
Chapter 845 - Baron of Conquest ago
Defiance of the Fall Book 5 now out on Amazon/Audible! ago
Chapter 846 - Unordinary Luck ago
Chapter 847 - Call to Arms ago
Chapter 848 - In the Flesh ago
Chapter 849 - The Atwood Empire ago
Chapter 850 - Paint your Path ago
Chapter 851 - Blueprints ago
Chapter 852 - Determination ago
Chapter 853 - The Nature of Duality ago
Chapter 854 - The Oriole and the Orchid ago
Chapter 855 - Upgrades ago
Chapter 856 - The Final Frontier ago
Chapter 857 - The Future of the Empire ago
Chapter 858 - Salosar Seven ago
Chapter 859 - Gaun Sorom ago
Chapter 860 - Into the Void ago
Chapter 861 - Mission Compound ago
Chapter 862 - Tasks ago
Chapter 863 - Examination ago
Chapter 864 - Teo Kastella ago
Chapter 865 - Zenith Vigil ago
Chapter 866 - My Heart Belongs to the Dao ago
Chapter 867 - A Seed Returned ago
Chapter 868 - Ultom ago
Chapter 869 - Landing ago
Chapter 870 - Lucky Day ago
Chapter 871 - Professional Unit ago
Chapter 872 - Waystation ago
Chapter 873 - Treasures in the Depths ago
Chapter 874 - Flamebearer ago
Chapter 875 - The Will of the Ancients ago
Chapter 876 - Negative Spiral ago
Chapter 877 - Spatial Cortex ago
Chapter 878 - In-between ago
Chapter 879 - Uzu ago
Chapter 880 - Stranded ago
Chapter 881 - Worldeaters ago
Chapter 882 - Black Heart ago
Chapter 883 - Double the Trouble ago
Chapter 884 - Deeper ago
Chapter 885 - Primal Garden ago

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Real struggle and tension in this survival litrpg

Reviewed at: Chapter 644 - Bloodline Resonance

Update: this story pretty quickly becomes your standard "Dao of Luck" xianxia fare, with the MC stumbling into treasures and powering up from near death experiences (that should have killed him). You better believe there's a settlement that he wants to protect at all costs and his motivations for becoming stronger are "because I need to". Biggest bummer is his fighting style devolves into "I hit the other guy harder, so I won". I'm still reading, obviously, but I'm definitely less enthused, and my earlier review may create unrealistic expectations.


I really like this story. Here are some bullet points of the things I like about it.

  •  Survival- The MC is lost in the woods during a system apocalypse. Always like when a character needs to survive and acclimate to dangerous surroundings, both when it's happening and in the future when the MC gets compared to other people. That seems a long way off, though.
  • Realistic Knowledge- Related to above, this story actually has an MC who doesn't know how to immediately game the system. There are a lot of functions of the system that he doesn't know, and even more that he doesn't know he doesn't know, simply because he missed the tutorial. Rarely, you'll see him do something and say, "what an idiot that's clearly not the optimal choice", but all his choices are rational given the amount of information he has. He's super ignorant of what's going on, but using context clues to help himself rather than an deep knowledge of "What to Do when the System Arrives for Dummies".
  • System- Its a cool system, fairly background, and kind of sentient. He doesn't immediately get skills and upgrades, it's honestly him surviving as a (albiet super strong) human.
  • Struggle- The power creep is good, he struggles for a while, figures out ways to overcome those struggles, and then new stuff pops up to struggle against. Not in the "he'll never see or get hurt by level one mobs" way some xianxia stories do, more like they're there but no longer as much of a threat due to training.
  • Plot- Seems like there's some depth to the plot, he's got semi-manditory quests to complete and that may take awhile, day to day survival offset with hints of all the other pieces of the multiverse.
  • Realistic Knowledge- The MC is doing fairly well for himself considering, but is by no means a Mary Sue. He's bled for every step forward he's taken. He doesn't immediately know bush craft or how to make armor or anything, it's refreshing to see someone struggle this long. He actually may be at a disadvantage compared to other humans, but is finding a different path to strength, helped in part cuz everyone else is stuck in the tutorial whilst he suffers. He uses his limited resources pretty well, spear stake traps and such.
  • Human Emotions- The character actually seems to have to deal with the fact he's stuck alone in the woods forced to fight for his life, rather than just being a mannequin devoid of human emotions. I stress, it really sucks for him almost constantly for the first 30 chapters, but that makes it better IMO cuz there's actually stress when he gets in fights. He actually behaves and feels and thinks in a way that a guy stranded alone might.
  • Consistency- All the system stuff is real consistent. The way skills and classes and items work all make sense in this universe.
  • Enemies- The monsters are pretty cool

Those are some of the things I like about the story, so far I only have a couple minor negative things to mention

  • Lucky- his initial luck in the system, literally a rigged dice roll he shouldn't have won, but that's over and done with by chapter 2 and the plots gotta happen somehow. There really wouldn't be another way to make the same general character and story in a more believable, less lucky manner.
  • Town Building I just generally don't like settlement/town management stories, it's nowhere close to getting to that point yet but it seems like a mechanic that's gonna pop up eventually. That's just something I personally don't want to see happen in any story, and it's barely present so far in this one, I just like to whine.

*Edit: new complaints added here as the story continues*

  • Overly Expositional its a kind of take the good with the bad situation, and as much as I like reading about a guy figuring out a System, we gotta read through his every thought process for what the system is an does. Sometimes there are multiple paragraphs in row of him just thinking through what he knows, doesn't know or assumes about the new world's physics.
  • Overly Introspective - similar to above and also a kind of "too much of a good thing", but the MC will also think through about 4-5 actions he wont do before every action he does do. It just kind of drags the story down at times, I don't really care why he decides not to buy 4 different things if he ends up getting something else, ya know? To me this writing feels like a defense mechanism to shield the writer from RRL comments.
  • Weirdly Competent MCs getting real good at murdering demons with an axe/throwing knives for a guy with a pretty hands off system, real quick.

All in all a very well done survival litrpg, with some wuxia elements blended in.


Narrative Escalation is Hard

Reviewed at: Chapter 477 - Meteors

This novel suffers heavily from a lack of planning.

It definitely feels like TheFirstDefier started out with an interesting premise and just kept writing from there. 

Things constantly keep escalating and because of that the characters, their characterization, and the world building start to fall by the wayside.

All of this along with the xianxia trappings of cultivation and conflict reminds me of the author I Eat Tomatoes.

For example: things like the coins having grades could've easily been introduced at the start of the story, instead they're only mentioned when Zac becomes insanely rich so that money can still be a driving factor for conflict.

There've been hints at a larger story surrounding Zac and his sister and their place in the universe, but 300 chapters in its still too early to say.

Each new arc introduces many characters that are, in the moment, interesting but rarely matter going forward. The result of this is a very large cast with relatively little characterization.

In one of the recent chapters Zac joked about Emily being a mascot for Port Atwood. Funny, but I had actually forgotten that character was even a part of the story to begin with. I had to go back and reread to jog my memory because she's been such a non-factor.

The power structure, a mix of cultivation and system rpg, is another aspect of the story that feels a little slipshod. The RPG system starts out understandable but becomes bloated over time with the addition of percentage bonuses and bonuses that apply to the effective value of the stat. Zac being mortal and not a cultivator is only really relevant for the first arc of the story. Now he's cycling energy, forming cores, and exploring the Dao with the best of them. Speaking of, it's probably my own bias but opening nodes in the body being more difficult than grasping fundamental truths of the universe just doesn't feel right.

All that said I still think it's a good novel.

The amount that TheFirstDefier puts out is really commendable. It also gives context as to why some of these issues popped up. 
Overall I think that once this is finished and we know where we're going a good editing pass would easily smooth out these issues and make this go from good to great.

TLDR; Do you like IET? Then this'll do ya just fine.


The story really hasn't progressed far enough to rate the characters but from what I've seen it seems like they're gonna be somewhat better than in the average rrl story.

Other than that, the story is a pretty basic New World/Ghosthound style deal. Everyone gets a system and is teleported to a tutorial while the earth gets fucked up by monster hordes and stuff. Everyone except for the protagonist of course, he doesn't get a tutorial (lol).

Other than that I am fairly impressed by how the story is relatively gritty (and sometimes defies logic, like how the guy used the same hatchet for over a month swinging it with superhuman strength against monsters that are definitely tougher than your average tree, considering they can break them apart by running into them... without breaking the hatchet) the protagonist is powerful, but at least so far he is not overpowered (he has the promise of becoming overpowered later tho if he plays his cards right). He has to survive by the skin of his teeth, he'd die on a daily basis if he didn't have the system giving him a 'sleep and your fatal injuries will be healed' trope. The author basically hands the protagonist everything he needs on a silver platter like in most stories like these, what he has not done however is give him anything more than what he needs, he's given him exactly the bare minimum and nothing more and I like that. It's pretty decently written too so you can feel the protagonists struggle as he suffers for not getting to do the tutorial like everyone else.

Unlike him however, we do get a tutorial, we get all the basic RPG stats eplained to us as if everybody doesn't already know it and the story is chock full of wordy explanations about the most mundane things. This was my gripe with the story, the pacing feels like it's snailing along because sometimes entire chapters are devoted to just seemingly meaningless exposition. Hell the last chapter I read (37) was one such chapter (edit: and 38 was the same. And 39.). Literally nothing happens in the entire chapter.

This kind of stuff is a huge pet peeve of mine, when authors do too much exposition, spend too much time on explaining or detailing things that don't really warrant that much text.

Good writing is a balancing act between colorful wording and effective pacing, this author leans a bit too heavily on the former for my tastes. The only reason the story even progressed anywhere for the past 30 chapters is because the author at some point went 'fuck it' and did a month's time skip. (Thankfully, or we would have had chapter upon chapter of the protagonist doing the exact same thing)

Like others have said I share the opinion that this story has potential, it's too early to tell if it's worse or better than the works it seems inspired by, but I'm worried it will never be finished with this focus on overly detailed explanations.

I would advise the author to show more, and tell less. Not everything needs to be explained in full detail, let the readers imagination work out most of the things and focus on what's important to the main plot progression instead. If you look at some great artists (like say wlop for an excellent example) if you look closely at their artwork you will find that sometimes up to  80% or so of their pictures may end up being just blobs, anything that isn't the main focus/character of the picture is only vaguely defined. And it works, your brain will fill in these details when you look at the picture as a whole, but zoom in on it and all you'll see are blobs.

With the decreasing attention spans of humanity as a whole in our current society, it's vital for writers to adopt a similar strategy in their writing to keep the attention of readers.

Update: Now I'm at chapter 278.

Characters are, in line with my original impression, decent. They're better than in most stories in that they have actual personalities of their own, even if it's mostly template personalities, at least they're not full blown template characters. I should warn you though that if you're into good characters, you probably won't like this story because 90% of it is just focused on the protagonist. Other characters get defined personalities, but they don't get much further fleshed out than that, you won't be finding many tragic backstories or any character development in this story. There's a few interesting characters spread around in the novel, and you might actually be able to feel invested in some characters (hopefully at least the protagonist), but I doubt you'll be singing the author praises for good characters. Suffice it to say that he makes characters that work for the story, rather than a story that works for the characters. The story is centered around the protagonist mostly, other characters are in the end mostly just extras, so far most of the story is still the protagonist going solo, not that I dislike that at all, but it is what it is.

What I do dislike however is that unlike my original impression of the story being similar to new world and randidly ghosthound is that this is actually a xianxia story, I can see the tag is there now but I don't think it was when I started reading; what I do like however is that it's much better organized than any xianxia I've ever seen, namely that the power scaling of everyone is rather properly defined here thanks to the litrpg system, e.g. we pretty much know at all times where the protagonist stands on the global scale of power. Maybe not how powerful he is compared to others on the same scale, but just which scale he's on (i.e. the ratings of A, B, C, D, E and F essentially, and of course the levels). Everyone can be a bit of a wild card since their final power output depends heavily on their class and equipment and their 'daos' (a thing I really dislike in this story, the 'daos' create an undefined power scaling system within a decently defined one, tsk tsk.), but it's usually a fairly safe bet that a rank D warrior will not be able to defeat a rank C one with exceptions (exceptions like plot shields and overpowered daos!)

On that note, now that the story has progressed a bit, the protagonist is now overpowered, but only overpowered within his power scaling category (I don't remember what it was but I mean it's pretty down there like E or something) if you want specific, here's a lil spoiler:

Spoiler: Spoiler


As another review said, this story suffers a bit from lack of planning, but I somehow always end up coming back to it, I first dropped it at ch 36 or so, but then came back to it a good long while later when it had 100+ chapters. Then I had enough of this stupidity but eventually came back when it had 200+ chapters, now I'm coming back to it again when it has 300+ chapters.

The faults of the story being as they may, I have to give the author credit where credit is due. I have never on this site seen another author that's as consistent in his publishing rates as this one. I've seen it on other sites mind you, the chinese mass produced trash wuxia/xianxia novels in particular over on sites like do have this, it's just that they're always trash with absolutely no pacing, this story is similar I suppose (xianxia right?), but orders of magnitude better, has actual pacing (even if slow) and the plot is actively developing (even if slowly). So kudos for that!

I stand by my original ratings for the story, although I always end up dropping it at some point because of either pacing issues at some stretch of chapters, or some stupid things going on, I always come back to it fresh and mildly excited to keep reading it months later, which means there's some kind of rare quality to this story, because there aren't many stories I come back to after dropping 'em, and yet for this one it's happened 3 times.

(Update, now at ch 376; pacing issues have gotten worse, not enough happened in the last 100 chapters, dropped style score by half star for how ridiculously reduced the pacing has now become, but as I said earlier, the bad pacing is largely mitigated by the consistently fast chapter release rate, so the real major downside to this really is the amount of filler text, or like I said in the original review, this author should really show more and tell less, rather than listening to my advice however, he seems to have gone the opposite direction, telling more and showing less, sometimes having entire exposition dump chapters just to explain things that were already thoroughly explained in earlier exposition dumps (chapter 375 for instance))

So you know what? Go ahead and read it, it's no masterpiece, you will probably enjoy some of it and get frustrated at some of it, but it is at least so far somewhat worth your time, especially if you can't find anything else good to read. It has a few decent plot twists, and passably good worldbuilding too, I doubt you'll be head over heels for the story but I also doubt you'll hate it, unless you're super picky.


This story exhibits all the "standard" flaws of this generic type of story which would be called forgivable in most versions of it:

- the protagonist is a mary sue to the absolute maximum, with the plot straight up handing him everything with no effort 80% of the time: sure, cool. Typical, to the point it's treated as a joke and lampshaded with a "luck" stat.

- The stats and other litrpg elements are utterly superfluous and in many cases just outright lie to the reader instead of providing information (e.g. a character with a lower strength is notably stronger than one with higher in direct tests), many states appear to do nothing, etc. Ok, fine, a litrpg that would be substantially improved by just... not being litrpg, see also 90% of this website.

- The physics of the universe are ill defined, and casually violated whenever they'd result in the MC losing, causing the time and effort of the reader spent learning them to be insultingly wasted: pushing it now, but still typical of this kind of novel.

Standard so far, fairly forgivable? Sure. But the reason we forgive these kinds of stories for those kinds of things is that they're dramatic, action-packed thrill rides where something is always happening. Energy always maintained, whether it's a fight breaking out, family drama, angst, shiny loot being revealed, whatever.

In this story... nothing happens. Like, I don't mean nothing "of significance" I mean actually nothing. The author composes somewhere between three sentences and three short paragraphs of characters taking actions or events occurring, then hides them randomly in five god damned full length posts per week, the rest of the text so completely devoid of actual content that calling it filler is an insult to filler.

We've seen two thousand word posts where the event promised by the title is as much of a non-event as Zac reading a text box... and he hasn't read the one-sentence text box by the end of the chapter. Just stood in place and thought vaguely about how theoretically interesting it would be if he clicked the mouse once to press the button his cursor is already hovering over.

We're not reading a cultivation novel. We're not even reading about a boring accountant doing a spreadsheet. We're reading about a lazy accountant trying to consider starting a spreadsheet that won't even be useful when completed... and never actually entering any data in 80% of chapters.

So all of the bad parts of the genre, with the twist that it also doesn't have the one thing the genre usually does well. Skip.


It Was Great, Till It Wasn’t

Reviewed at: Chapter 523 - Jungle

My main gripes with this story is the lack of character development or any sort of growth as well as the forgettability of some of the side characters. People like the fisherman and the pet shop employee turned beast master get mentioned every now and then, but is then tossed aside for a couple chapters before reappearing again.

They have so much potential to become interesting characters to have at Zac's side! It's such a shame that I have to go back a couple chapters to remind myself who these people are and what they do on the rare occasions that they get brought up.

My second other main problem is the character development and their goals. Zac literally hasn't changed in any way for 300+ chapters since the incursions began. He still acts like a brute with a misguided sense of ethics and morals. I'm personally not invested in anything to do with Kenzie, Zac's mom, The Mystic Realm and all the other subplots as they feel more like a nuisances that get in the way. 

All in all, it's been a very average read though I do have to commend the author for churning out chapters like a mad man! Good luck. :D

Carlos Sal

OK, this novel has a really good start and some funny moments that can get a few good laugh out of anybody, but I'm just tired to be honest. Not a simple thing happens to the MC without struggle. Absolutely nothing without an earth shaking struggle he miraculosly win with a treasure or a dao epiphany....

Of course I'm exagerating becouse let's be honest, thats the fun part. but I had read this novel for 500 chapters and sincearly it's just one fight after the other, une struggle after the other, one apocalyptic crisis after the other... and Zac just do nothing more than fight, get stronger and fight. I just feels that the story is good but the mc spends 99% of the time either fighting or geting stronger and nothing more.

The story advances by how strong is he more than how the characters advance in the story. "Zac is stronger, now he can defeat the next enemy..." repeat the formula and that is the whole first 500 chaps. Nothing happens in the middle, Zac has no chance to do anything but fight or try to use the System to get stronger and i gets repetitive.

Lets avoid the "Luck" component. He just have to much... just so much luck it's not funny. 


Overall a good storry with some flaws

Reviewed at: Chapter 681 - Buyout

Great start, great world builduing, character development is flat and needs work, and interactions are weak. MC has  inconsistent follow through on his thoughts and ideas.

Important characters are underdeveloped.

the story is however one that you keep reading despite this, as the overall is quite good, and worth the read, If the author works on his character interactions and growth, it will become a great read.

as it is now, it is above average on RR and is most definitely worth reading.


There's not much to say. I don't think I can honestly say it's great. Maybe enough to chow down on but the story kinda grows to be boring. Unrealistic characters, lack of description, descriptions of personalities vs actions being based on what the author wants to happen rather then being believable to gradual. Plot conforms to the main character without actual strife. Strife introduced isn't focused on enough so it feels flat and falls short. Plus the author plops benefits in his lap left and right instead of building off the benefits he's already gained. The characters are mildly consistent yet entirely unreasonable or unrealistic at times. Maybe should've made the main character ten years old instead you touch greatly on that personality type but I don't think that's what you were aiming for. 


Mediocre story but okay enough to chow down on. Wish I could read more but there's a lot of other stories just like this and the lack of originality is making this a struggle to read even if it isn't actually bad. Just unoriginal and definitely just... Okay? I mean it's a cut above most power-fantasties, maybe it wasn't intended to be one... But it is. That disappointment also contributes to me dropping it. I'm sorry and I wish you the best of luck.  


Strong beginning but petered out

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Class

EDIT: A kind reader has pointed out that some of my nitpicks and issues I had with the story have been fixed. When I wrote this review, the story was around chapter 35. With over 100 chapters now the story is different then when I reviewed in the beginning. I'll give the story another read in the future and I'll update my review to accurately reflect how I feel about the story then.


The story had a good start despite it being somewhat of a cliche. Apocolptic-litrpg where the MC is off on his own trying to survive in this new dark and gritty world. The author blended a few elements of eastern fantasy books with western litrpg and it came out pretty well. I did enjoy the story a lot, which is why I'm more disappointed as I got my hopes up. The story started to take a dive in quality when the MC made poor judgements and out of character decisions and the author started to handwave details too big to ignore. The problems I had with the story are pretty spoilery, so I wouldn't recommend clicking it if you're a new reader.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 There's a bunch of minor issues that just keep piling up and it's hard not to be nitpicky about it when they're so glaring. It's not allowed me to fully enjoy the story and after writing this review has soured my taste for this story even more. I rated this story as a 3.5/5 stars, but as I wrote this review and looked more indepth in the issues I had with it, lowered it to 3/5. I imagine many users on this site can overlook these problems and rate it 4-5 stars easily. I would recommend this story to readers very familiar with royal road, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who mainly reads published books.


The story moves along very slowly, until it finishes the build up for that part of the plot then it moves very quickly and unsatisfyingly to the end of the plot so another can be started. Bad guys are built up for hundreds of chapters, and then are dealt with as if they were filler to be forgotten about a chapter later.