Memoires of a Necromancer

Memoires of a Necromancer

by smbg

Greetings mortal

If you are reading this then you have somehow managed to enter my castle, kill my minions, find my hidden room, killed my guardian, found its key, used said key to enter my basement laboratory and even found a way to not get killed by the touch death curse placed upon my memoirs.

My name is Zaltarisch Zinrel, Harbinger, Lord of Zinrel and Betrayer of Mankind. Now that the simple introductions are out of the way it is time for me to start telling parts of my life story.

Let us begin


I hope for the people reading the synopsis that you will like my story. This is the first story I have ever put online so if people wanna give me advice or leave a rating or review behind I would very much appreciate it.

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