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Phantonics: The study of the phanton.

Phantons are tiny particles that make up the soul of each and every person. They are responsible for things such as the existence of ghosts, as well as "Concepts," which are mysterious powers one can unlock upon "awakening" their own inner phantons.

Adam Grayson, a boy mysteriously lacking phantons, meets Charlotte Ouderkirk, a ghost of the royal family of his country known as Requiem. He miraculously awakens what seems to be a Concept, which Charlotte recognizes as power stemming from the "World Mirror," something closely connected to her family. With Charlotte's memories wiped of important information on the matter, Adam begins to explore for the truth behind his unique Concept. He, along with many others in the story, will soon come to a painful realization:

Do they know anything at all about the world they live in?


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Phantastic! (Couldn't Resist)

First off: congratulations on getting your story published here! I know this was a huge step for you and I would love to see Phantonics flourish on this site!

Style: What some people may not know is that the story is better thought of as anime going into it. Flat out, everything can be pictured better that way when imagining the character's facial expressions and scenerios which makes it a  really fun read.

Story: It has a unique, sci-fi-esque twist with what has been called "Phantons". As I read I find it to be an original and intriguing concept that the author builds upon and shares with his readers at a good pace. You are not overwhelmed, but you are kept informed as the author shapes his world for us. It has some great hook points that make you want to keep reading and provides questions to the plot that you feel like you NEED answers to.

Grammar: Not at all bad, just might need some look-overs each chapter which can easily be edited!

Characters: As I said earlier, when you think of this story as an anime, it really makes the characters pop with their personalities. Each one is different and I find it hard to pick favorites (although I fell in love with Alexander immediately lol). There is growth and development through the chapters as well as room for so much more as the story goes on!

Overall, Phantonics is a story worth reading and following. The author is dedicated and hard-working so I am very excited to be able to make the journey from chapter one and onward!

Nova Girl 93

I love the concept for this story.  I think it's great.  I also like the MC's friends.  This has long chapters so if you get frustrated with shorter chapters that leave you wanting more, maybe you should check this one out.