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Warning This fiction contains:
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Most people think having powers would be amazing. Not Nate. If he had it his way, he’d never use them and pretend they weren’t there. His powers, though, seem to have other ideas.

Uncontrolled powers sound problematic on their own, but when people can destroy entire city blocks with a wayward glance, they become a whole new issue entirely. Nate has always felt like he’s had wary eyes watching him, waiting for him to slip up. So far, he’s managed to just barely keep his head down, but when his powers force him to step into the spotlight, he finds himself caught up in the one life he never wanted; heroism.

Now, will he find a way to accept the powers he blames for all his problems, or will he crumble under the pressure? 

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Tofu is an interesting character, don't insult him

Boronzinc has no idea what he's talking about.  Tofu is both amusing and interesting.  No comparison.


I liked it until 1.09 then the whole tone of the story changed out of nowhere. it just did not make any sense to me.


The protagonist's an extremely bland idiot. The writing's pretty decent, but it can't make up for not having reason to give a shit about any of the characters.


Not sure what these guys are complaining about

Cranium9 said the tone of the story changed out of nowhere in chapter 1.09 and that didn't make sense. That's like saying the tone of spidermans story changed out of nowhere whne he put on a suit and started swinging around like a monkey in a concrete jungle to hunt down criminals. Of course it changed throughout the first arc, it's an origin story, like any other.

And I don't know what Boronzinc and Munch are talking aobut either, the protagonist isn't bland, he's just not some gung ho moron too edgy to be an actual adult. The author does a good job of portraying him as an actual human, an average joe with the twist that he has superpowers and hates it. Then gets dragged into some bullshit hero vs villain conflict he never wanted any part in because he can read between the lines and actually see that it's all bullshit and he's better off as a janitor than risking his life in a thankless dead-end hero job.

This apparently is 'bland' to them, but contrary to their words, he's quite unique, most stories of this kind have hero worshippers as the protagonists, hell, even the chick in Worm was a hero worshipper, all the others are either hero worshippers or hero haters, whereas in this story, the guy just doesn't want any part in any of it, heros, villains and vigilantes, it all seems like a pain in the ass to him compared to just living a regular life.

Now I haven't read that much of the story, I'm just at 1.11 when I write this but so far I've been reasonably impressed. The quality is a notch above the average 'decent story' on royalroad.

That all said, Munch did have a point that we haven't been given much reason to care about any of the characters besides the protagonist yet, a common problem for writers but in this story it could prove fatal if this doesn't improve. I've seen worse though, it's not a crime if the characters aren't instantly loveable.


Main character is as bland as tofu

Protagonist doesn't have anything going for him other then his lack of spine and being a little bitch. I'll probably try and force my self to read the rest just to see if he becomes something. Other then that the writing is well done and no glaring grammar issues.

Seth Jakill

Good first book but its time for a hiatus.

Reviewed at: Dilate 3.01

Your first 2 books worth was a good read, but its time to take a step back and look at where you are going. I would personaly pull book 3 Dilate down for now. The new villian feels like a tackon to fill space like this is a procedural drama. You already have 1 shadow group walking around with enough active threats. Your heros side has some of the same issue, I have started to loss tracking on who is who and why I should even care. The fight scene you just had was so full of moving parts that it was machanical and not engaging. You have also set up a world where with this many powers no fight should drag on for the 7th hero to arrive from 4 countries over with his super flight to some how change the tide of battle.(almost like this sentence and just a pointless) 


 All the mc has done is complain, btch, and be a psy when he came to he was more worried about his arm not the fact that he was just threatened with his family and had part of his arm bitten off overall the mc is just a whining little btch



Well written superhero stories are rare, but this is a good one. Yeah, the MC is reluctant to use his powers, but that only makes him bland if you like massively overpowered Ooh, Which of His Ten Thousand Powers Will The Hero Use This Time stories. Perfect grammar, interesting if a little whiny protagonist, action scenes I can actually visualize, what more do you want?

  1. I don't like the MC. his monologue is so confusing and down right deppresing. Trauma or not, you can't stay mentally unhealthy after living with a loving foster parents.
  2.  The theme is so dark. It only state the worse of humanity. For me. "Being hero is a thankless job" kind of story atmosphere.
  3. I find the fighting scene hard to follow. I need to reread many phrases to vaguely follow who's fighting who.
  4.  The action of the MC is conflicting for my taste. Is he really sane?

an experienced writer

this work displays far superior quality to many of the other stories on this site. this is clearly the work of an experienced author and will likely end up as a book at some point.