The Crows and the Plague

by Nicholas S. Casale

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

As the Black Death ravages Medieval Europe, the ominous Plague Doctors (commonly called "Crows") may be the only thing standing between Christendom and extinction. There is no cure for the Plague, so all the Crows can do is stop the spread of the disease, even as the monstrous Vermin seek to spread it on purpose.

But not everyone understands just how necessary the Crows and their often brutal methods really are.


This story is an alternate history/low fantasy story taking place in Medieval Europe. Rather than elves, goblins, and orcs, the fantasy elements in this story are generally things people in the Medieval era would have actually believed in, some exaggerated just a bit more for flavor.


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Dark fantasy meets spanish inquisition

Plague is coming the rats are flooding the streets people were looking for miracle, but miracle never came. There is only one way to stop plague. Burn the city kill the sick. The angels of death are coming wearing crow suits, they bring salvation, they bring peace, the pyres are ready.

I really like the story the characters feel real. The people that MC meets are not one dimensional. 

The story refers to black death(that happened between 1347 to 1351, and killed between 75-200 milion people), but adds a little bit of fantasy into the mix . That makes the story more interesting. 

The main religions of those times Judaism, Islam, Christianity are in the main plot of the story. The story  till the last chapter is happening on christian lands.

No one expects the spanish inquisition! (sorry i had to)


Few stories I have encountered have delved deep into the darkness of our own world while also being able to tie in other forms of excitement and action. And to be clear, when I say darkness, I mean the darkness of our past not simply our present. There are plently of stories out there with "realistic fanstasy" or some such where they place magic in our world of today and call it a day. However, this story takes a different approach. It looks at our world centuries ago, in an age of ignorance and fear where religion dominated the world, and asks what would that world be.


Whenever I come across a story like this one, I'm always blown away by how much dedication and effort the author must have put in to craft such a world. And to be clear, I don't simply mean the time it took to write this. No, I mean the historical reasearch into our own world to be as realistic as possible (ignoring the added fanstasy elements). The author ties together history and fanstasy in a seemingly seemless fascinating way, with elements of the Black Death, the power of the Catholic Church, saints, witches, and even the occasional monster (both the human and non-human kind).


The story is extroadinary and I highly recommend giving it a read. While some on this site may be put off at first at the historically realistic setting or simply the fact that it isn't a litrpg, a reincarnation, or a transmigration novel, it is one of the best stories I've come across in awhile. With action, questions of morality and religion, legitimate surprises, and a realistic setting, this story is of a tremendous quality.