Shipshape (Now writing book 2)

by tremir

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Harem Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content


Jack had always wanted to be a Shaper, to form pure life-force into obedient beasts and monsters and lead them into battle. Unfortunately, the only way to Shape life-force is through the use of Patterns, and the knowledge of how to make Patterns was lost when the old-world fell. These days, what Patterns remain in the world are closely guarded by their owners, who charge exorbitant amounts of gold from anyone who wants to use them.

It took Jack years of scavenging in the ruins of the old-world, evading deadly traps and ravenous monsters, to gather the gold needed to pay for access to a Pattern and Shape himself a pair of hunting Hounds, and take the first step into realizing his dream.


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 Cover art by Amarihel

Story will contain unusual/harem relationships!

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* Contains mild spoilers


The story has a really cool concept for a magical system with vim (basically another name for mana) and shapes (could be taught as summons). I love the setup with shapes, leveling and vim management. The story started out good too.

Unfortunately, other than the magic system, the story is just not very entertaining to me. The story and the characters are disappointing. My interest has been slowly waning, and with this latest plotline about abduction and warped, I think I've given up on this.

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Western Xianxia + Pokemon elements + anime girl.

Review as of record 29/51


Xianxia Magic System:

Living beings automatically generate life-force ("Vim"). With access to the right techniques, this can be challenged into supernatural abilities or accumulated into gaining special abilities. Animals that accumulate enough "evolve" into bigger monsters. Cultivators go out in the endless wilderness and slay monsters to siphon their power, in turn getting better at fighting stronger enemies. Typical exponential growth mechanics.

Unusual elements: "Evolutions" from extra power are inherited. Humans don’t have a good evolution system, so most are still baseline and instead infuse their gathered vim into "Shapes", which are basically pokemon, including having distinct evolutions once they have gained enough exp/Vim through fights.

The exponential growth is stunted by clans/families hoarding "Patterns" which are essential to these shapes and requiring money for every single use, effectively keeping everyone else from advancing at any appreciable speed.


Xianxia Setting:

Typical sparsely populated fantasy medievalism with treasure filled ruins and monsters all around. As ist convention, the MC starts in a backwater region, the local Clan (noble house) is lording over the others etc etc. More European fantasy than Asian, though.


Xianxia Protagonist:

Young isolated teenage male dreaming of becoming a great cultivator (=shaper) who wants to keep his head low, but doesn’t. The only noteworthy "aquaintances" are the one semi-friendly noble™ and the local barmaid/prostitute he cannot afford.

As is expected, he finds some legendary treasure which frees him from the clans, allowing him to begin his uncapped exponential growth. As is also a common trope, the treasure keeps ignoring how shapes/patterns were established to work to the point that I would not be surprised if the ship decided to talk or grow more elemental crystals one day.


Beautiful Blue Haired Big Boobed Anime Legal Loli (Majory/BBHBBALL)

Physically, she is a bit over a meter tall, has boobs that are described as being ridiculous in size, but somehow not looking ridiculous on her and is of an undefined age. Also, she is the only one with blue hair (explained as her basically being a shiny version of dwarves, but with extra special power).

Mentally, she has the attention span of a gnat and emotes like a cartoon character. She goes from a desperate fight for her life, to wide-eyed amazed gushing, to sinking to the ground in despair once she is reminded by the MC that the bodies of her brothers still lie right beside her- to basically teleporting into an enthusiastic hug one after another, any new emotion completely replacing the last one. It literally seems as if she can only think about what is directly in front of her, with no thought or consideration to the past, future or anything outside her direct sight, be it her brothers or potential dangers the MC tries to remind her of. She is extremely enthusiastic about everything, and decides on things without any hesitation.



Rating-wise, I’ll keep the 3 stars. It’s mostly generic and the anime tropes (including the MC being clueless about the BBHBBALL wanting bone him while it’s obvious to the reader) are not for me.


Old review in spoiler:

[spoiler]So far I have read until chapter 06 (dwarves), which felt so jarring I had to write this review and may or may not just drop the story outright.

The beginning was interesting, if somewhat bland. Generic post-post-apocalyptic outpost in a fantasy setting. MC is introduced as a young ambitious treasure hunter who, surprise surprise, finds some legendary treasure to start of his adventure. Not much to go on that far. Decent worldbuilding so far, and good sprinkling in of a few background characters and worldbuilding. The first chink in the story is that the treasure soon reveals that it breaks a number of very basic rules about how "shapes" work, but nothing that could not be explained later.

Chapter 6 starts fairly normal. While flying around, he found a band of dwarves ambushed by raiders and decides to intervene as the need to save lives trumps his need to keep his treasure hidden. There is a very specific point where everything changed:


>"A few seconds later, the dwarf abruptly took of his leather helmet."

Even while reading it, my first thought was why!?, why did the last remaining dwarf, in the middle of a tense standoff while wondering whether they were rescued or just seen as an easy target take off the helmet?

Apparently it’s to show off her gender and allow the author to spend the next paragraph describing what an exotic beauty she is. You may guess what follows. The dwarf is instantly tranformed from badass fighter into a socially awkward young overly emotional anime-esque airhead who is in absolute awe of everything around the MC. He, of course, can immediately take charge around his newest follower.

He reminds her that they are literally standing besides the unconscious bodies of her fallen comrades, whom he examines while she stands around awkwardly and awaits further instructions (or sits down in helpless despair as she cannot imagine how she could get them to the nearest town despite the flying ship right besides her). He immediately recognizes the specific poison used against them etc etc.

It follows this pattern for a while. There is also a bit where the ship shape decides to break yet another rule of how shapes work by eating the girl’s cannon and she immediately decides she will now become part of the crew, without even being asked. Then he breaks character again to promise her "half share" which is not only absolutely ridiculous for a simple employee, but also goes directly against his prior decision that he specifically did not want to hire anyone because of the monetary cost.[/spoiler]

(As an aside, no thought was spent on abandoning the other dwarves. Or did she want them to hire on, too? Actually, who are the other dwarves?)

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It was nice but then it went to ship

It is very unique in some parts but incredibly dull in others.

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MC to overpowered no real crisis

This is not a full review just my opinion.

I just have one huge problem with the plot, the power progression is just to clear, there is no logical setback, the main character only has to farm for a long time and he has all the problems solved, all crisis are forced and artificial,  or even better just get a bunch of friends and make a flying armada, the MC is just to overpowered.

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I liked this when it started, used to have this at around 3-4 stars. But it turned stale. Shelved it

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both unique and damn awesome

I came to this series when I found out that the author for Phantasmal Party made this series, which is a series that I am completely in love with. However when I started this series up I found to my astonishment that I think I like this series even more then Phantasmal Party (although it's a close compition to be honest).

In this series there are two thing's that just really catch my attention and hold me when reading Shipshape, the first thing would have to be the character's attitude and how he carefully plans everything he does when ruin diving and fighting rather than the boring approach that most author's tend to use being "me thump charge real good". The next thing that really catches me is the unique power in this world called shaping that can only be used if you have access to a tapestry and will give you a shape depending on the tapistry.

In total I would have to put this series up there with my most favorit's such as Phantasmal Party, Arcane Emporer, Void wolf, and Lament of the Fallen. Great work Tremir I can't wait for the next update..... no really I can't wait I NEED ANOTHER ONE

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The story is very good. The sex scenes are unnneded and detract from the story. 

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Wish i could read it

I am a man that likes uniqe magic system and a good story, howverer this one has an excellent magic system and the story is all togheter mediocer, but this is straight form the reddit subreddit menwritingwomen. It is like, there was a petite young woman who had beautiful flowing golden lock of hair that reached down to her peach shaped ass and heavanly thighs, she had a body that a man who kill for and a face worthy of a holy maiden, and beside her was an old man who was of great importance.

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It's good, like cheese with holes.

This story and characters are engaging enough to hold my attention. It doesnt have poor spelling and grammar. There arent huge info dumps.

Why i dont give it a higher rating is because it has some deus ex machina moments that are unimmersive. And wile the magic mechanics seem normal on the surface when thought a bout logicaly there are massive holes.

For example, the ship patter happens to have sailor patterns on it to sail it( by the way, a shape within a shape has never been see before) + it has a super convenient captains outfit that that gives him super convenient knowlage on how to sail the boat. AND the same ruin just HAPPENS to have the air orb to make the ship fly and not be a usless because its trapped in an underground ruin. 

The MC is an experienced scavenger and is cautions and makes sure he isnt followed to his ruin by other scavengers, as he mentions before that it is a hazard of the job to have your find stolen by others. Yet, he convenientely forgets this and boasts to multiple people about how much whitesteel he found( which bites him in the ass, duh) going as fas as showing off his shapes to a persob he has said he doesnt fully trust.  It was jarring to read that part in the story because it was contrary to his established character and was so poorly integrated in the story.

Correct me if im worng, but do the shapes have to be allways in physical form? Is there a stand by phase? It was never explaned. Later in the chapters the MC goes to a pub and leaves his shapes outside. What if there were 4 other shapers in the pub and they left their shapes outside? Is there now a massive crowd of shapes blocking the road? Also if you can reshape destroyed shapes why cant you shape new ones if they are the same type? Whay does he have to buy new onesif he unshapes them, isnt that the same as destroying one? 

If you can get past some mechanical and plot holes then the story isnt bad. And since it has just started there is hope for improvement in the tightnes of the story.

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Solid 3 out of 5 but sadly another fallen Story.

through the story is quit good a silid 3 out of 5 ( i dont easily give 5 stars)

its sadly another story fallen to Amazon.

As someone who worked for amazon i can say that they are not mutch better then accient slave drivers. So i detest them with pasion and never buy anything from them.

I also encoure everyone to do the same.


Seeing as another author choose to go the easy Amazon route instat of using Panteon like many other successfull Authors is a shame and with this i have to sadly unbookmark the story.

Ah i wish i could continou with chapter 7 ( stoped to wait for the full 1st volume) Shame really.