by tremir

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Harem Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content


Jack had always wanted to be a Shaper, to form pure life-force into obedient beasts and monsters and lead them into battle. Unfortunately, the only way to Shape life-force is through the use of Patterns, and the knowledge of how to make Patterns was lost when the old-world fell. These days, what Patterns remain in the world are closely guarded by their owners, who charge exorbitant amounds of gold from anyone who wants to use them.

It took Jack years of scavenging in the ruins of the old-world, evading deadly traps and ravenous monsters, to gather the gold needed to pay for access to a Pattern and Shape himself a pair of hunting Hounds, and take the first step into realising his dream.


Story will contain unusual/harem relationships!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 01 - Maxed-out ago
Chapter 01 - Maxed-out pt. 2 ago
Chapter 02 - Gerald's Rest ago
Chapter 02 - Gerald's Rest pt. 2 ago
Chapter 03 - Arachnophobia ago
Chapter 03 - Arachnophobia pt. 2 ago
Chapter 04 - Cerulean Swift ago
Chapter 04 - Cerulean Swift pt. 2 ago
Chapter 04 - Cerulean Swift pt. 3 ago
Chapter 04 - Cerulean Swift pt. 4 (Contains explicit sexual descriptions) ago
Chapter 04 - Cerulean Swift pt. 5 ago
Chapter 04 - Cerulean Swift pt. 6 ago
Chapter 05 - The Wilds ago
Chapter 05 - The Wilds pt. 2 ago
Chapter 05 - The Wilds pt. 3 ago
Chapter 05 - The Wilds pt. 4 ago
Chapter 06 - Dwarves ago
Chapter 06 - Dwarves pt. 2 ago
Chapter 06 - Dwarves pt. 3 ago
Chapter 07 - Rukh and Ghoul ago
Chapter 07 - Rukh and Ghoul pt. 2 ago
Chapter 07 - Rukh and Ghoul pt. 3 ago
Chapter 07 - Rukh and Ghoul pt. 4 ago
Chapter 08 - Whitecliff ago
Chapter 08 - Whitecliff pt. 2 ago
Chapter 08 - Whitecliff pt. 3 ago
Chapter 09 - Down to Earth ago
Chapter 09 - Down to Earth pt. 2 ago
Chapter 09 - Down to Earth pt. 3 ago
Chapter 09 - Down to Earth pt. 4 ago
Chapter 09 - Down to Earth pt. 5 ago
Chapter 09 - Down to Earth pt. 6 ago
Chapter 09 - Down to Earth pt. 7 (contains explicit sexual descriptions) ago
Chapter 10 - Raiders ago
Chapter 10 - Raiders pt. 2 ago

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  • Overall Score

both unique and damn awesome

I came to this series when I found out that the author for Phantasmal Party made this series, which is a series that I am completely in love with. However when I started this series up I found to my astonishment that I think I like this series even more then Phantasmal Party (although it's a close compition to be honest).

In this series there are two thing's that just really catch my attention and hold me when reading Shipshape, the first thing would have to be the character's attitude and how he carefully plans everything he does when ruin diving and fighting rather than the boring approach that most author's tend to use being "me thump charge real good". The next thing that really catches me is the unique power in this world called shaping that can only be used if you have access to a tapestry and will give you a shape depending on the tapistry.

In total I would have to put this series up there with my most favorit's such as Phantasmal Party, Arcane Emporer, Void wolf, and Lament of the Fallen. Great work Tremir I can't wait for the next update..... no really I can't wait I NEED ANOTHER ONE

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I love original magic systems

I have grown sick of the overdone elemental magics in fantasy where the characters sling fireballs and icebolts like it's no big deal. Magic is being trivialised and rehashed. Authors do the same things over and over again instead of trying to make something new and fantastical. Tremir isn't one of these authors. He has thought outside the box and used his imagination to create something different. 

Initially, I checked out this story because it is on trending and I thought it might be a comedy about a living ship. Boy was I wrong and glad for it. I carried on reading because my story has a school of Magic called Shaping as well. I wanted to make sure there wasn't too much overlap. Instead, Shipshape has inspired me to improve on the school.(the similarity ends at the name and the use or blueprints which will no longer be called patterns. The author need not worry about me stealing his IP)

Over all, the story is very well written. The style is simplistic and monotonous at times but doesn't take away from the prose. I'm still waiting for the plot to take off, but love the characters.

  • Overall Score

The story is very good. The sex scenes are unnneded and detract from the story. 

  • Overall Score

I see we have a fellow Geneforged fan!

 Damn, but it's been a while since I last thought about Geneforge. This novel is really a blast from the past. I can tell this novel has potential, and look forward to reading more! 

  • Overall Score

Unique World Building

As with other fictions of the author, this fiction has quite the unique world mechanics, which makes it quite an enjoyable read.

After the first 13 chapters (i.e. at the start of "chapter 05") there is not yet much that can be told about the characters, and I hope the chance to OPness the MC just got will not manifest and destroy the story, but I'm optimistic and looking forward to see how the story will unfold.

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This is one of the few fantasy gems on Royal Road. A fantasy novel that, while keeping magic and monsters, actually incorporates an original idea without falling into the standard, boring tropes. The fact that it's very well written is a bonus. My only criticism is that you start right as the plot picks up, with the MC already pretty mature and smart, so there doesn't seem to be much room for character growth.

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Great characters, worldbuilding, grammar and story, nothing to complain about. There is also a pretty unique magic system which is always nice.

The protagonists cluelessness is funny, hope you don't overplay it.

Overall it's pretty great, looking forward to the rest of the story.

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unique concept with solid implementation

(as of "down to earth 5", i.e. the 31st post)

I saw this story on trending and the unusual concept caught my interest, so I binged it to my great delight but also to lack of sleep. The shaping concept is an interesting and unique idea: the shapers can create so-called shapes (think magical constructs) from energy only when they have access to the tapestry-like patterns, which are tight-fistedly guarded by their owners. Those shapes can later evolve with more energy but getting there is difficult and leads to an adventurer story for us to read (yay!). 'Shipshape' tells us the story of Jack, a young hopeful shaper who for years only barely scraped by but that changes after a discovery (*cough* title *cough*) in ancient ruins.

Style: The story is told in first-person style from the MC's point of view with good descriptions of the scenery. Word choice and the flow of the story are fine and make for a good reading experience.

Story: As written above the unique concept sets the story apart from many others on RRL. The pacing is good so far, after an introduction to the worldbuilding the reader can soon see the MC's progress and the widening of the story scope. The plot so far is only "I want to get better and stronger" but as the journey just began there is still room for more to come.

Grammar: Good, the few errors are quickly corrected when pointed out.

Characters: So far we met a handful of people and they all feel pretty solid. The MC Jack has the intellect and perseverance to pursue a better future but he also has his share of troubles. His non-human companion is depicted interestingly with their own motivations and the other side characters act in a believeable manner for their positions.

In total, I can clearly recommend reading this story.

  • Overall Score

The setting and magic remind me of the game Masters of Anima in a lot of ways but is different enough to make me think its just refrense material. The world building in this very nice makes it feel like the world has real history, and the charactors are not one dimension like some storys on this site but arn't at the point of full flushed personalitys yet. All around its a good read.

  • Overall Score

good story ok characters

I can see some character behind the characters but it feels like they react independent of the situation.... like

Spoiler: Spoiler


 the story is great, love the concept and the vim system feels structered but with enough left open and... magical, with enough room for interpritation to not feel like a half assed rpg element and instead feel like a part of the world. 

world building is at a good pace and with some exposition dumps from characters but in moderation and at the right kinda moments to not be really imersion breaking. 

all in all it's readable read worth reading to read