A note from Dreadwizard Siegfried

What? You though it would end there? Hah!

In the deep shadows of a desolate stretch of road just before morning, while the stars still danced in the sky, the shadow of the lonely bus stop moved. It shifted back and forth, eventually climbing into three dimensions. The amorphous blob bubbled and writhed, taking on the form of the handsome Brian. He looked at his hands, frowning, then shifted to Amber, Gregor, Will, Cross, Scott, and Harvaste among others. It finally settled on a tall, thin, plain blond man in a long coat.

“So this is what only three dimensions are like.” he said aloud, tasting the air on his tongue. “How limiting.” He reached into his coat and pulled out a phone, dialing a number without pressing buttons.


“It’s me.” the man said. “It worked.”

“Wonderful news, my lord! Is it time, at last?”

“Yes, it is.” The stars foretelling his forthcoming were as bright as his eyes.

“Praise by your name, Lord Riepaimva! I trust there were no issues with your plan?”

“No. These mortal children are so foolish. That Brian actually believed he was necessary, a part of my actual plan! He thought him ruling the world was the plan! Pathetic.”

“But I see you are free of the shackle his form put on you.”

“Yes. That cheeky little necromancer played his part extremely well, even if he didn’t kill the brat first.” A chuckle escaped past his lips. It was easy to use mortals as pawns, if you knew their desires. And human desires invariably fell down to power, preserving the status quo, or wealth.

“And does he know of your presence, my lord?”

“He will eventually, I guarantee it. So will everyone else. But no, that little show of banishment I put on has pulled the wool over their eyes. After all, that’s what you’d expect when you kill the avatar of a superior being, correct? But by severing Brian’s link to me, I’m now totally free in this realm. I love it when a plan comes together.” He leered at the sky.

“Wonderful, my lord. Shall I send a car for you?”

“No need. I feel like taking the scenic route today. I wish to see this world as you do. I want to stir my hatred, set it to simmer and let it boil. We can begin production when I arrive.” Riepaimva said.

“As you wish, my lord.” His servant hung up. A few moments later, the bus came and he climbed aboard. He saw he was the only one there as he took a seat.

“Morning. It’s unusual for somebody to actually be here, this early.” the driver said.

“Well, it’s a bit of an unusual day.” the man said, smiling. “I’m headed downstate for a book signing.”

“Is that right? The book any good?” the driver asked curiously, driving through the dark morning mist.

“I should hope so. This’ll make my first appearance in a long time. But,” He reached into his coat and pulled out the Libris Malefactorum Arcana. “I’ve always believed an author should sign his own work.”

The End…

A note from Dreadwizard Siegfried

HA HA HA HA HA! The end!? It's just getting started! Behold! The story The Lost Tomb of the Necromancer!

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